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  1. An impossible cast

    Book is on its way to a new owner.
  2. An impossible cast

    If anyone's interested in this paperback for sale. I'll charge you what i have in it. Great reading. Glad to pass it along. pm me.
  3. Tuesday trip

    Two of us caught 14 today with 5 keepers from 9 to 3 between eagle rock and big m. Nothing over 16 inches. We caught them on the booyah multi blade spinner, rage blade blaster and a plastic worm . Most fish were shallow and on wind blown banks.
  4. Big M 1-16

    I'll add a couple pics when i figure this out.
  5. Big M 1-16

    attachments_2017_01_17.zipattachments_2017_01_17.zipattachments_2017_01_17 (1).zipMy buddy and i got out yesterday to start the new year off right. We saved this kentucky floating on the surface with the oversized shad in his mouth. He swam off hopefully to learn his lesson about eating something so big. Overall we caught 10 on a 7/8 war eagle spoon, drop shot, pbj ned and this nice keeper on a berkley cutter table rock color jerkbait. Beautiful day to be out 63 degrees 45 wt. Caught everything in 20 to 30ft of water on the edge of creek channels.
  6. Rock Bass/ Goggle eye

    I caught two in in the white around pt.25 a few weeks ago.. One had 2 big eyes and the other had one big one and a normal one. I should have taken a pic.
  7. More fishing Memes

    Some of us can use this. Beverage type optional.
  8. More fishing Memes

  9. Bed Fishing

    Hey, don't forget about us "Kings River Gangs" down here. We wear dark green to match our water color.
  10. Needing help with a ned rig problem

    Dave, you're right on the 6lb. I put some on a lews baitcaster and my bites almost tripled on the little guy. No more spinning reel for me.
  11. Boat numbers?

    Williams brothers ski and sports in shell knob. They'll make them up for you there if they're not busy.
  12. Big Bass Tour - Table Rock April 2/3

    What's the chance they bring all those keepers and release them on the kings? Haha I wish
  13. Wind was dead this morning so i thought I'd go out before they'd pick up. I should have got out before sunrise. About 730 they were tearing it up. Water temps were 55.3. In the area I'm in is about the size of a football field. I caught them on a war eagle spoon, the rage blaster, spinner, jerkbait and the bigger loon plopper. The bigger plopper caught 4 spots and the big white. That white in the pic just knocked it out of the water close to a foot. He was mad at it. I should have got out before sunrise. Very rare around here they hit 2 days in a row this early in the year. I'm still waiting on the 2 to 3 lb. schools to show up. I've got into them here before but maybe it's too early for them. I'll take 13 to 14 inchers and occasional whites mixed in for now. I would guess i caught close to 20 in the hour and a half. I will be out before sunrise. There were some larger fish in the schools by their splashes but they could have been whites. I'll have a spook and a popper on deck along with the ploppers tommorow. I hope it's calm tomorrow.

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