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  1. Been using this grease here on the farm for everything from bearings to wear points on farm equipment. It’s doesn’t mix with water like some cheaper greases so I really love it on wheel bearings. Haven’t used it in my jet pump yet but I’m out of the marine grease as of last time I greased it. Think this would be fine on a jet pump to?
  2. Put in at lobo Landing and you can fish 2 or 3 miles of river just take it easy, it’s a deep stretch of river with tons of grass beds. Pretty good fishing round there. Anywhere else in the trout water section of it would be Risky. Plenty of good water at Lobo to have a great day fishing
  3. Here’s one of my favorites. We took my jet up a local farm drainage ditch known to have some bass and had a good little trip chasing some kentuckies
  4. It was. Local river here are blown out still. Our southern mo ozark rivers here are staying fishable pretty soon after a rain. They giving. 2-4 inches here this Tuesday again.
  5. Took the future son in law fishing today. He hung with me pretty good and taught him a few things about river fishing. I had taken him once before and when I mentioned staying close to Home and trying some crappie or heading back to the river, he immediately said he loves that river bass trip last time He didn’t twist my arm much for that and off we went. The fish are for sure coming out of there winter stage here, did best on a crank in some pretty good current in what I call staging areas above holes. We had a pretty good hour then the wind and clouds moved in and the fishing slowed, great afternoon however I brought him back home so guess he gets my approval 😛. She had a couple BF’s in the past that might had disappeared. Ha ha
  6. Thanks man. Yeah kinda makes you ready for summer
  7. Pete if restrictions aren’t a problem I’d go with the 90/65 bit the 60/40 HO option fits for 60/40 rivers. I can tell you there is a noticeable difference from my old 60/40. Seth is right about the tourqe it jumps out of the water fast with the extra weight I carry. I love it. Starts up great on cold days to I think Seth is right on the displacement specs.
  8. I run a 60/40 HO on mine Pete. My old 60/40 would run 27to 28. This one will run low 30s. I have an 18/52 now as opposed to 17/52 on the old motor. I didn’t really want the extra speed as much as the ability to plane out better with more weight. I believe the HO does that better for me. With 3 batteries, gear and trolling moter and if I wanna take 2 guys with me. My boat will still plane good and run high 20s. It’s more weight on the back being a 90hp head detuned or whatever but love it after 2 years of use
  9. Here’s another one I uploaded from last season. Always love the ones with me and Landen. Two part show with some catfishing here at home on the St Francis and some trout fishing up on white river with some white river zig jigs!
  10. Not one of mine obviously but ran onto this recently. Thought I’d post it in honor of Forrest Wood. Enjoyed this one from the good ole days were Orlando fishes with Forrest on the White River.
  11. I need to fish more so aging process will slow down. lol
  12. Richard, Ham and I from 2014 Richard doing his thing with a dandy brown
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