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  1. We would drop it back at times or just undo one strap on the side he was fishing. I personally would not have had it on but with heat index of 110 I wanted it for him to get under. For most part we stayed comfortable enough. He hung with me pretty good out there a lot thanks to the cover when needed. I work in the heat daily so this was just another day at the office weather wise for me.
  2. Thanks man. Look forward to fishing again with ya someday
  3. Oh no we will get some trips in soon. I’m still kind of the hero still but the older he gets that will fade. After that day still have some hero status with him. Lol.
  4. Not often we get to break away on a weekday, but tropical storm Barry gave me some time out of the field, so my son and I decided to head to the cabin for a couple days and take a day to white river. I had not been on the white since jigfest, so I was itching to go to God’s country once again. It was hotter than the hinges on the gates of Hades, but the 56 degree water helped a little with a light breeze. We put in at reds as it’s one of my favorite spots and closest drive from the cabin. We Immediately starting nailing some fish, and some good ones. After the first hour we realized this was going to be one those patented zig jig beat down days Ham experiences most of the time. I have to say I’m impressed in recent trips of the quality of some of these rainbows compared to when I started fishing the white in the 90s. Seems to me the quality size average is better? Landen got the hang of the zig jig last year and he picked up where he left off. I got a brown before we left and a fiesty smallie. Just a great day! It started to really get hot round 2 so we left but some great memories where made! Got to make them when you get the chance! Bret. Being away from the white to long can age a guy, this was me when I first got there, glad I reverted back to my old self after a couple fish!
  5. Yes sir. Some certified dandies there Pete!
  6. Best theme song ever for a fishing show to. Quantity of fish was impressive for what I followed of the event.
  7. Thanks my friend. We need to go chase some again!
  8. Yes sir. The memories outweigh anything we caught yesterday!
  9. Down here water was perfect yesterday. Actually clearest I’ve fished since December
  10. Had a fantastic afternoon yesterday’s with my son chasing a few bronze warriors! He caught his first smallmouth when he was 5 on the current river, and has been hooked ever since. Had him throwing a 7 foot spinning rod at 6 years old! I’m hoping his love for fishing with ole Dad continues as he’s getting closer to the age most early teens think old dad isn’t as smart anymore. Ha ha. When or if that happens soaking in some more “dads still the hero” years while they last. I love chasing these early spring smallies, they are starting to transition and found them in some spots I was expecting yesterday. Hope we can get back out there again soon!
  11. @Johnsfolly I sent it to you on the PM. Or here it is again lol.
  12. Ill start off saying that 6 years goes by in a hurry, it seems like a couple years ago we started meeting up for our winter gathering in God’s Country. The first year it was the OA winter trout trip or something like that, that year somebody in the group joking called it jigfest and it has stuck. DJ did a great report that says a lot about the fishing already. I really enjoyed fishing with DJ @JestersHK he’s a great fisherman especially with his 4 foot rods. His little jerkbaits he was throwing was whacking even the rainbows. Glad we got to fish together brother! Friday was a great day in the water, especially that morning! Day 2 got to fish the DJ again and John @Johnsfolly fishing was a little tougher but managed to have a good morning, both of them boated more trout than I that morning, John put us in a run of bedrock in middle of the river he and Ham had hit the morning before and we always hooked up on that stretch. The food and fellowship was great as always, great group of good dudes fun to fish and fellowship with. Thanks @duckydoty for one of your signature jerkbaits! At one time Saturday we’re going to fish a stretch of river and saw Duane and Phil fishing it and knew a bunch of fish had been sore mouthed, fishing behind the human seines is tough. Lol. Thanks Phil for the forum, without it all this wouldn’t have been possible. Looking forward to next year fellas. Bret
  13. I heard you holler across the river as well!
  14. All ham will want is to go fishing again Marty
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