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    Most important to me is God and my family. I love farming, fishing, hunting, and anything to do with a River!!

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  1. LittleRedFisherman

    River jon boat owners

    Yes I bought the ultrex specifically for river use. Spotlock will hold in mine in most places on current river which is swift and the cable/ power steer is a huge safety factor with the foot not getting away from you and slinging you out of the boat at high speeds. I’d vouch for the trolling moter
  2. LittleRedFisherman

    You cant buy these memories

    That’s awesome!
  3. LittleRedFisherman

    Christmas Eve Smallies

    Ha ha ha Arkansas Hammer. He’s gonna like that.
  4. LittleRedFisherman

    Christmas Eve Smallies

    Can’t say ive ever fished on Christmas Eve but with the rest of the family festivities set for Christmas Day my son and I decided to make a trip to the river for a few hours. Didn’t spank them by any means but found some good size ones scattered here and there. My little buddy showed he’s still got the knack!
  5. LittleRedFisherman

    River Smallmouth Revenge! 12-20 & 12-23

    Great day in the water. Congrats. I love fishing in the winter, love the challenge and love the occasional rewards
  6. LittleRedFisherman

    Nice day yesterday!

    Leave the crank in helps with the charge ha ha
  7. LittleRedFisherman

    Nice day yesterday!

    Use the timer on your phone camera prop the camera in the seat gives you three seconds to pose before it takes the picture LOL
  8. LittleRedFisherman

    What are your fishing goals for 2019??

    Prayers Stinger for your journey to kick cancers butt! My goal is about the same as usual to fish more than I did the prior year. I’ve got a trip set up soon with a local river walleye guy, I’m wanting to learn more about catching and finding them in the local rivers here.
  9. LittleRedFisherman

    Nice day yesterday!

    Got back out on the river yesterday on about as good of weather you could ask for in December. Down here the rivers have been gin clear making fishing tough, the recent rain from last week put a little color in the water and some places made them murky. The fishing was slow but better than when I tried it a week or so ago. Had to finesse them with small baits. When I got home a had a package of those helgramites that came in would like to have tried those. Anyhow was a great day to be out and caught a few dandies!
  10. LittleRedFisherman

    February Jigfest?

    Far as I know I should be good to go
  11. LittleRedFisherman

    River crappie

    Rivers were low and clear where I like to do some smallmouth fishing this time of year so been after crappie lately on the rivers down here. Kinda figured out a pattern last week and got in a few. Also caught a few nice Kentucky’s. Hoping the rain we just got gets some stain in the water. However I’ve been enjoying having a good supper lately with a fish I’ll actually keep a few of.
  12. LittleRedFisherman

    Tackle HD Hellgrammite

    Plan on trying mine out next week!
  13. LittleRedFisherman

    February Jigfest?

    Looking forward to it. Sure missed it as well.
  14. LittleRedFisherman

    February Jigfest?

    I’m in! I can’t go Feb 8-10 open all the other weekends
  15. LittleRedFisherman

    2019 Taneyfest

    Way to go John!

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