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  1. Told my wife it’s the best money I didn’t need to spend I ever spent. Lol. Anyone running one of these yet?
  2. LittleRedFisherman

    Rivers fishing good but low

    Good to be able to give a report! I’ve done worse on my old boat but breaking th new one in properly lol Hope to see The BilletHead again at jigfest!
  3. LittleRedFisherman

    Rivers fishing good but low

    Went fishing wensday and took a friend of mine from Church the hadn’t chased any smallies in almost 30 years. I had a meeting that morning, and after that we went to the river and got there round noon. When we got there I had some of my plethora of poles I bring tangled and I was setting up a camera. Mr JD kept it simple with two poles one with a gitzit and one with a Ned. He said he loved gitzits 30 years ago fishing current river. While I was untangling my mess he nails one on on the first cast. Then another, then a goggleeye, he chuckled and said the ole gitzit still gets it done. Ha ha. Once I got goIng finally I started catching some on the 3 inch craw, plus a 21.5 inch walleye that was a treat instead of a treatment as my grandfather used to say. Only negative was the low river gave navigating a little pucker factor, and I nailed a stone going back down steam miss reading an old stone dam you have to navigate properly when low, so got the first battle wound on the new boat. Great day all in all. I have most of JD’s fish on a video camera as we didn’t take a lot of pictures. He’s still got it, quite an angler.
  4. LittleRedFisherman

    Made some memories!

    Biggers Bluff in Hardy
  5. LittleRedFisherman

    Made some memories!

    Thanks my friend!
  6. LittleRedFisherman

    Made some memories!

    The wife and daughter had some college stuff going on, so my son and I took a trip to the cabin. We lived like kings for a couple days! Ate well and fished well. Took my son trout fishing for his first trout trip, he managed to catch a trout in his first cast with his zig jig. We caught 30 or so together in 4 hours before the storms rolled in. He came close to matching what I caught, fished steamboat shoals. They grow up fast, moguy just had a new one I saw up the threads and before you know it they will be grown up. Spend the time with them whenever you can, especially in the great outdoors. Side note : the Georgia Peach coke is awesome
  7. LittleRedFisherman

    Hauled in a 20”er today

    Congrats for sure a keeper!
  8. LittleRedFisherman

    A check on the Bucket List! Alligator Gar

    Yes they go on some good runs when they get close to the boat. Big gear yes for sure.
  9. LittleRedFisherman

    A check on the Bucket List! Alligator Gar

    Thursday we could have it was a little slow… Wednesday about the time we would sit up and wait I was already taking it, they were biting fast.
  10. LittleRedFisherman

    A check on the Bucket List! Alligator Gar

    We did not they were all alligator gar, we did also see some actual alligators that are also in the river… We were using bait it weighed about 2 pounds
  11. LittleRedFisherman

    A check on the Bucket List! Alligator Gar

    More pics
  12. Haven’t been fishing a while this summer and farming with irrigation in a drought has been tough on fishing time. However, Max and I had a trip planned months ago down in east Texas to try out hand at an alligator gar. I had watched Doug Stange on Tv on Saturday morning 10 years ago fish with this guy named Kirk Kirkland, they boated a 240 pounder which is the largest recorded while filming. I never thought years later I’d have the chance to fish with the same guy. Trinity river is not much bigger than the 11pt I love to fish in the Arkansas stretch. It’s unreal to me the amount of fish these sizes in this river. Fished for 2 days and boated 12 fish, one of which was 167 pounds and another that was 135. Bucket list checked and got it on film as well, I’ll try to share some of th footage when I have time to edit it. It’s not in the Ozarks but since I haven’t been fishing much this summer thought I’d share! All these fish are caught and released. He tags them for the TDC and routinely catches fish he has released years earlier. They have interlocking scales and are air breathers with two set of nostrils which make Picture taking pretty good. When they swam off they meant business, absolute freshwater beast. Pretty cool. I wouldn’t swim in that river. Ha ha
  13. Most of these bass you think being the water so warm?
  14. LittleRedFisherman

    Had to find the pattern

    Yes sir busy time of year However I do need to get on here more often
  15. LittleRedFisherman

    Had to find the pattern

    Hit the river early yesterday morning at daybreak with the intent on the success Scott had below on topwater. That Didn’t prove to be true, so tried some different things and did not have any luck until I picked up a crawdad pattern patterned square bill crank bait, That is when the action started. My partner immediately picked up his jig with a crawdad pattern and started hammering them, then I picked up a tackle HD crawl and started hitting some as well. That bite on the craw pattern Lasted for a couple hours then it shut down. Picked up a few more finessing around with Stick worms and Ned’s. Turned out to be a great day on the river…Turned out to be a great day on the river…

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