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  1. That a certified dandy right there guys. Awesome. Hate I missed it looks like another good time!
  2. I’m with quillback on this one. It’s been one of the safest baitS on bass I’ve used for me personally. I can’t even recall one being hooked in the gullett. If your not paying attention and loose contact with your line I’m sure it’s more prone to happen.
  3. My goal is to fish more in 2020 than I did this year as is with most I’d say. I slacked this year on my Flathead fishing I wanna get back to chasing them in 2020. Plan on fishing for more river walleye after the new year as well as crappie. Would love to hit the big lakes more my lake fishing was pretty good this past year, want to keep expanding on that and not just the rivers that I dearly love. Taking my son fishing more in 2020 my most important goal.
  4. Glad you made it Nick! We had a banner day Saturday for sure! Looking forward to chasing some lake and river bass soon Welcome to the forum!
  5. Would love to as well but will be in Nassau with the fam. Looks like Ham and Richard have same tropical idea. Lol
  6. It’s a blast Scott. We fish and eat well then when not doing that we talking about fishing ha ha.... win win
  7. Glad you guys made it safe. Hope we can go fishing again before next Jigfest.
  8. Ordered a new bracket tonight. Got crappie to catch! Norfork can be hard on boats looks like but was totally worth it!
  9. Well the 7th Jigfest was another success and not just because of the fishing, it was good seeing old friends made as well as new ones during these gatherings. The fishing wasn’t great my first day, the high water flows of the white had dingy water and trash on Friday and the fishing was rough as Phil stated. I invited my friend Nick to join us for his first experience on white river, it wasn’t I was hoping for his first experience there. However the gatherings that evening and the Eric’s BBQ where awesome as usual. Today was a different story, with the advice of Ham and ZigJigMan aka “the human seines”, some of us made a trek to the Norfork as the flood gates flows where at a decent level for fishing. That decision turned out fantastic. Nick fished with me till 2pm and we had 83 boated by the time he had to leave, and I mean some fat fiesty rainbows with several cutthroats mixed in. Nick started the day with an 18 inch bow on the Second cast of the day, I knew then it was gonna be a good day! DJ “JestersJK” joined me soon after and we continued to lay the smackdown as my son says on some heathy trout. After my dismal day Friday fishing I stayed with the zig jig most of the day as I was shooting for 100 boated fish, DJ did well throwing jerkbaits as well. My boat ended up boating 114 trout and my last fish of the day was a 19 inch Cut that fought like a smallmouth! Hooked it right before a sketchy shoal and things got interesting as we where trying to keep the boat out of it and fight the stout fish! This was actually my first ever fishing the Norfork, so was highly impressed and looking forward to going back soon. The last pic is for Johnfolly, I hate he couldn’t make it this year but thought I’d do some micro brown trout fishing in his absence! Another great gathering y’all, looking forward to more reports here! God Bless!
  10. I love it when a plan comes together lol. We are gonna eat good!
  11. Im Bringing roughly 10 pound of catfish fillets Richard
  12. I'll have room for 2 in my boat. My friend nick might come fish one day with us but not sure yet it's 50/50. I'm fishing Friday and Saturday.
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