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  1. Hey guys put me down for thurs and Friday nights. I can bring fish again as a usual and cooker if needed. My dad 70th birthday is that Sunday and my sisters are wanting to plan something so Thursday and Friday night probably work for me. I will bring my blazer again as well room for 3 including me
  2. Sounds like a great trip Pete. I've used some of that flex tape patching poly pipe I irrigate with. Works pretty good
  3. Been fishing the past couple of days and it’s been good. When there’s low pressure and dodging rain like we have it means two things for me. Work is slow round here and fishing is good, plus a third aspect it allows me time to sneak off and go. Saturday my son and I got on some fish in the lower spring river and also caught a PB walleye, that was a thrill it put up quite a battle. I finally got Landen his own baitcaster and at 10yo he throws it quite well. He had a blast catching some small bit fiesty smallies on it. Yesterday I snuck off to current river after work for a few hours and with thunder in the background the smallies where after the top water. Curious how many of you make an extra effort to fish when the barometer is low. I just go when I can but I usually can when it’s wet around here and that usually means low pressure. Lol. Anyhow a front is finally coming in down so higher pressure coming, still gonna go if get the chance! Bret.
  4. Thanks guys. Yeah DJ it’s time I bring the boy to jigfest, he loves trout fishing
  5. Three years ago on a warm day in March I took my son Landen to the River. We were fishing and filming that day and catching some pretty good fish. He was 7 but I already had him throwing a 7 foot spinning rod. Had him rigged up with a grub just trying to catch some numbers. Then low and behold he hangs into a beast, it fought so hard he wanted me to take the rod but I told him he could do it. After a 10 minute battle or so he landed a Certified Dandy! I was most proud that he willingly wanted to release that fish back into the river. Last year after sharing the video that aired on local TV of Landens catch, one of our sponsors Shawn Winters at SNT Taxidermy contacted me and said if I got him some pics and fishes length he’d be glad to do him a replica of it. So 3 years later, tonight I got to surprise Landen with it and my wife recorded it. Can’t help but grin as I watch his excitement! I was most proud of him that day for not even hesitating to release that Ozark Dandy back into the that beautiful river, now he has a replica to remind of of that great day with ole Dad! God Bless my friends, I’m a happy dad tonight! Bret
  6. We would drop it back at times or just undo one strap on the side he was fishing. I personally would not have had it on but with heat index of 110 I wanted it for him to get under. For most part we stayed comfortable enough. He hung with me pretty good out there a lot thanks to the cover when needed. I work in the heat daily so this was just another day at the office weather wise for me.
  7. Thanks man. Look forward to fishing again with ya someday
  8. Oh no we will get some trips in soon. I’m still kind of the hero still but the older he gets that will fade. After that day still have some hero status with him. Lol.
  9. Not often we get to break away on a weekday, but tropical storm Barry gave me some time out of the field, so my son and I decided to head to the cabin for a couple days and take a day to white river. I had not been on the white since jigfest, so I was itching to go to God’s country once again. It was hotter than the hinges on the gates of Hades, but the 56 degree water helped a little with a light breeze. We put in at reds as it’s one of my favorite spots and closest drive from the cabin. We Immediately starting nailing some fish, and some good ones. After the first hour we realized this was going to be one those patented zig jig beat down days Ham experiences most of the time. I have to say I’m impressed in recent trips of the quality of some of these rainbows compared to when I started fishing the white in the 90s. Seems to me the quality size average is better? Landen got the hang of the zig jig last year and he picked up where he left off. I got a brown before we left and a fiesty smallie. Just a great day! It started to really get hot round 2 so we left but some great memories where made! Got to make them when you get the chance! Bret. Being away from the white to long can age a guy, this was me when I first got there, glad I reverted back to my old self after a couple fish!
  10. Yes sir. Some certified dandies there Pete!
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