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  1. Can anyone tell me where to put in on the North Fork for good floating for browns and how many hours it takes to float it or is it an over night trip? I use a Fish cat 9 pontoon boat I just got and don't really know what to expect. Would like to partner up sometime but don't know how to make it happen.
  2. Is there trouble camping below Hwy 8, canoeing and fishing. Tried canoeing it before and didn't get to fish much and got to Scotts Ford right at dark. I'd rather just camp.
  3. I've been wondering if my Sage XP 590 will handle big streamers with a standard 6 wt. line. I have been using it ith an old XPS 6wt. line and it works good. Just have never tried to cast big streamers yet. I do use it to cast full sink type 2 and type 5 line. Just have been using them with cracklebacks and that stuff.
  4. Is there any kind of boat motor hp and jet boat regulations from tan vant on down thru the trout area on the upper current?
  5. Better look again, Catalog don't have any and website only has #700 hooks.
  6. Whats up with Dai-Riki, why are they hard to get right now? Are the going out of business?
  7. I am building a new boat, trying to do it as cheap as I can. I have an '83 80hp merc. I bought new on a small bassboat and it has hardly been used but the boat is mostly gone. Wood floors. Still I wonder if the motor is good. Was when I parked it 20 yraes ago. Also I have a brand new mini cota trolling motor that was mounted and never used. Hand controlled. Also 2 Lowrance flashers and an x15 graph. I am looking at Lowe Roughneck 1860sc boats. NO WOOD. Also in BPS they have the Lowrance Hook 5 splitshot for $329 to replace the x15. So what do you guys think? Will the motor be good
  8. I've never fished Council Bluff but want to try the crappie there. How is it there?
  9. I want to fish the Big Piney and other rivers in the area but I don't know where the public boat ramps are. Is there a Conservation map with ramps marked? Don't know what my next move is.
  10. I just mean not slow enough that it is at an idle. At speed I just want to read depth. Could in my old boat with a in dash flasher. I know he has to slow down to get good fish readings. Anyway, thanks for the conservation.
  11. I will let my buddy know. It is his boat.
  12. But does it work at full speed pass overs?
  13. Is there anyone in the Lake area that knows how to install a transducer the right way for a thru the hull type transducer? Or is there a better way for today's electronics. Just want to install a basic fishfinder like Lowrance makes for a couple hundred bucks. Want to be able to read it while moving. Also have the old style flasher units I want to be able to use.
  14. Wondering if the lake gets too bad for a canoe on it or is it safe? Anyone know if it has walleye in it?
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