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  1. Nice Job, making the best of what you've got!
  2. Have you tried a tenkara rod for micro fishing? Great "Blog"!
  3. Thanks for the HD Craw and pizza, I'm placing my order for craws and jigs tonight.



    1. Pat Magee

      Pat Magee

      Paul (mosmallies) sent me your comment, you will love the new and improved HD Craws. They really have the mixtures and colors dialed in now.  

      If you ever need some company on a float, give me a shout.  I have a trailer that can hold multiple boats and like to get out as much as possible in the summer. I am looking forward to doing a Upper Meramec with Green's this year!

  4. Has any one heard from the Tenkara Ambassador? Not sure of his real name, but I know he fished Montauk and blogged but he hasn't posted anything in quite some time. http://www.tenkaraambassador.com/ Rick
  5. Great reminder to check the back of your license, I just realized I never checked my new license. Happy Holidays!
  6. Check out http://dragontailtenkara.com I have the Shadowfire and Tatsu360. Love them both. Been fishing them a couple years now Shadowfire for trout. Tatsu360, I have a caught 16" large down to minnows.
  7. I was in an auto parts store last weekend and over heard 2 guys discussing their fear of Mountain lions while deer hunting. One guy truly believed that MDC stocks them near Bonne Terre.
  8. I use cut stick on magnets to line the inside top and bottom of the Altoids box for small flies and midges. It works very well.
  9. We'll nothing to report...Stayed home and worked in the basement. I've got a bad case of cabin fever but I figured it would be better to get the honey do list worked on and hold out for little nicer weather.
  10. Does anyone know if the stream is fishable right now? Looking at going tomorrow morning but I didn't know if it freezes over. Thanks
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