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    Family, Fishing, Camping, Boy Scouts (leader), small game hunting..... OUTDOORS
  1. Just funny stuff

    I enjoyed them. I tell a Lot of dad jokes. Just ask my kids. They just come out of my mouth, no rehearsing those gems.
  2. Farm pond action...

    I'll bring chips, and green onions.
  3. Just want to thank....

    All who have posted anything productive over the years. I have read things on this site that have helped me spiritually, mentally, and especially with my fishing ability. Fishing is a great hobby, and produces amazing people. Many who have posted here. 1 time or many times, thank you for posting.
  4. Another Adventure by the BilletHead's UTAH!

    Marty, Excellent as always. Great pictures, and narration. Thank you for sharing this with us.
  5. Banner Day!

    For me 10 fish landed is an excellent day. 50, that's what dreams are made of. Thanks for posting.
  6. Stupid otters!

    We had many, many frogs in neighborhood the first few years we lived there. Now, they are sometimes tough to find. A pay neighbor told me, per her exterminator, the chemicals used may kill the frogs. Now we get a periodical bug sprayer through the city. That has to have a detrimental effect to the small animals.
  7. Ned Rig Hawg

    Can't be true. Of all the posts on here everyone knows that rig only catches dinks. We know it was a whopper plopper or an A-rig. Lol. Great post, and pic. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Texas Dept Of Fish & Wildlife

    Now you are just poking the bear with a hot poker.
  9. Went out to catch a carp

    I have never caught a grass carp. This was a different looking carp for me. It was long and slender, torpedo like, as mentioned earlier. It was caught on canned corn(no vanilla). I thought from being told by others, grass carp could not be caught with hook in the mouth. It did not fight as hard as I remember carp fighting either.
  10. Went out to catch a carp

    Took my 10 year old son to the local city stocked pond. Decided to give the creek a free day. And there was bad weather possible. I have had an itch to selectively fish for carp in this pond for quite a while. I pass this pond 2-5 times a day and it is very close to the road. In the evening, carp slurp the top of the water. The fishing water all around St Louis region is very dingy and you really just have to have faith that there are fish in the chocolate milk that you drop your hook into. That is another reason I wanted to fish for carp in this pond. I know they are there. My son really needs to go to the restroom, so I pointed to the tree close to us, but he had to sit down to do his business. I told him to go across the way to the restrooms and come right back. Well just before he returned, we had a fish on. It was on my pole, but I really wanted him to bring it in. He still wasn't back. I brought it in, netted it and measured it. Just about 18 inches. It unhooked itself in the net. I released it. Here came my boy, not even 2 minutes later. Nothing else until we left due to the rain.
  11. Kayak/canoe cart

    I built one. They are great on flat hard ground. If you have sand and uneven area, it gets tricky. I also am toting close to 350 pounds boat and equipment.
  12. The need to want

    Just make sure you have a spare area for the drop-ins.
  13. Prayers for Richard

    Sorry to read this. Sounds like he got the second chance at the end, and used it well.
  14. Line for Spinning reel

    That was funny.
  15. PCB FL TR placeholder

    Cool pictures. Thanks for sharing. Would love to see some shark pictures. Good luck to you.

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