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  1. popups

    Never seen it.
  2. Anybody make any money today?

    Thought you were a leach guy Wrench. I do like the idea of letting the snakes find their way home. Point driven home. Unfortunately those who need to read this never will.
  3. Unnatural Selection causing fish to get smaller

    Without being long winded, I believe cnr has made a difference in the size of fish. There are more fish continually fighting for the same things. We all learned that many fish in one pond will keep the fish small no matter the genetic makeup. Fewer fish in the same pond will get larger. 100 years ago, it was common to remove stringers of large fish, the small fish had a lot of opportunity to become larger. Now, we shame any one for removing fish. Sure, many still do, but not on the caliber that used to be. (When the fish were commonly larger)
  4. Trailer repair St Louis

    55 and Imperial on the outer road. Next to the shooting range. My FIL used them. He was satisfied with the results.
  5. First fish from my yak on Friday

    Keep at it. Fishing stories are similar to gambling stories. You generally only hear the positive ones. People get skunked a whole lot more than they admit. You had fun, that's why I fish. I count the tiny ones just the same as the large ones. I take a picture of most all of them. Keep reporting, we all enjoy success stories.
  6. Boat Financing

    Ketchup is a good guy. He will steer you right. I just bought an aluminum canoe. Thought about joining, I think it qualifies me now. Lol.
  7. Boat Financing

  8. Anything new going on up there?

    Ok. Makes sense now. Guess I could have looks at a map. I have passed through Hannibal a handful of times, but usually on a path to a destination. Haven't heard of Florida,MO
  9. Anything new going on up there?

    Brick by brick, Chuck built the house he was born in. Didn't know MT flooded rivers connected to Florida. Or did I misread?
  10. Electrical help needed

    I have a couple ideas, but am no electrician. Need to know what the smoker draws amperage wise. Also need to know what amp rating your gfci outlet is. You are in a kind of catch 22 also. Your smoker has a limit of power draw, the shuts off, then on again. Doing that will wreak havoc on the gfci. Here's the catch 22. You have to have gfci protection on outside outlets.
  11. Ron Kruger passed

    His forum name recently was rfisherk.
  12. Ron Kruger passed

    Very sorry to read this. Ron, I don't know if you will ever see this, but thanks for all the stories. Luckily, I was able to message him a few times after he came back. A good man.
  13. New play toy's

    You win! Whatever the contest was, you just won it! LMAO
  14. Tackle HD New Product

    You..? Make enemies.....? Nah!
  15. Meanwhile back at the ranch

    No, by my older brother.

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