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    Family, Fishing, Camping, Boy Scouts (leader), small game hunting..... OUTDOORS

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  1. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Ocean City Inlet Pier - Last trip for the Season

    Awesome report. One day I will fish saltwater. Heck one day I will fish freshwater... lol
  2. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Homemade Trout Boat and Motor for Sale

    I guess it "came around". Lol. Gonna have to listen to it again. ....you can get anything you want....
  3. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Homemade Trout Boat and Motor for Sale

    Oh yeah, this song is about Alice. Remember Alice?
  4. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Gotmuddy MIA!!!

    I didn't realize it's been 2 years, welcome back. Check in now and again.
  5. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Empty Seats this weekend?

    Dreamcrusher 🤣
  6. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Homemade Tangle Free Trotline Organizer

    Maybe use a piece of foam between the top of the pipes and the lid to protect in case of tipping over. Great idea, thanks for sharing.
  7. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Empty Seats this weekend?

    Very nice build. I enjoyed your post on tinboats.
  8. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Better fishing

    I thought you prederred the small guys. I will be teaching the boy scouts how to micro fish this weekend.
  9. Daryk Campbell Sr

    geese are headed south

    Did you give him a fighting chance?
  10. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Monster Carp

    I second Catfish and Carp YouTube channel. Luke gives out so much information.
  11. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Spots always seem to run in groups

    Gotta do what you gotta do.
  12. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Knapp time.

    Awfully nice offer BH. How can I pass it up? Count me in.
  13. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Jet ski trailer wanted.

    Facebook Chester Illinois buy sell trade has one for 250.00 currently. Not sure where you are.
  14. Daryk Campbell Sr

    I am a kayaker now !

    Probably a good idea to use it for a whole season before using it in the winter.
  15. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Knapp time.

    Marty, thanks for sharing. As do you, I also really enjoy the hobbies mentioned and explained on this forum.

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