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  1. Ew, I could smell that. I know the launch point very well. Never gave it any thought. It would be neat to see it from that view. Way too cold for that risk.
  2. That becomes my issue. My feet are very swollen. Just curious if there is an option for customization, without breaking the bank.
  3. I have really bad swelling in my legs, ankles and feet. I wear prescription elastic stockings. Does any company make them larger in the lower areas? I don't fit into the neoprene waders, and my neoprene stocking foot waders are very tight and stretched. Any tips are appreciated.
  4. The numbers stay with the boat. I believe they are printed on the title.
  5. Those look great Gavin. Looks like a relaxing thing to do in spare time.
  6. Hopefully they do great. Maybe we will get a teaser .
  7. We just have to convince them that fishing isn't cool anymore.
  8. Busch's Wildlife is really a neat place. As Moguy1973 said, it can see a lot of people. There are many good reports from there. I was able to fish one of the handicapped lakes as a teenager. One of my better days. The other lakes I have not done great, but I now have a better arsenal.
  9. I use that exact same recipe. I sometimes expand my recipe to the supreme. I add cool whip.
  10. Um, yeah, you sound kinda overqualified for us. But welcome anyway. LOL. Really, welcome. There are a few of us on the St Louis side also known as the "east siders". Not to be confused with the "East Side 7" or something like that. I was born and raised in St Louis City, and fished a few public ponds growing up. They can be fun. Looking forward to seeing your reports. Show us a few Iowa fish pictures. We like fish from all around.
  11. I'm talking about the Maximum Capacity placard. That is not needed? If not, party on! That has had me worried.
  12. I guess I conveniently overlooked that. Guess I know what I will be doing next. Any advice on removing and reusing the registration stickers? Another question, anyone know how to get a coast guard plaque? Mine was painted over multiple times and is not legible.
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