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  1. I'm a Senior, and I approve this message. I can tell you by being a Sr, some will believe you are older than you are, right @Quillback? Lol. I somehow usually get laughed at when I ask for the Senior discount. ( I'm 42 for those who haven't met me). Seniors rule!
  2. Got to do some Easter fishing. Lucas didnt want anything to do with the egg hunt. So we got our rods and went. He has a lure he really likes, but its not a cheap one. He didn't want to use it, as he is afraid to lose it. I explained that he would never know if it would catch a fish if he never tried. I said, it's a lure, made to catch fish. Cant be afraid to try. He tried, and succeeded in skunking me. Lucas 2 Dad 0. There is a fish, it matches his hoodie.
  3. From my daughter who is 11, Dont trust Atoms, they make up every thing. Have you heard of the mathematician who hates negative numbers? He'll stop at NOTHING to avoid them. I broke my umbrella in half today. But it's ok, there's only a 50% chance of rain.
  4. Had a great time hanging out with all of you guys. As mentioned above, I rode in Mike's boat @liphunter. Ultra nice guy. We fished hard, but neither of us know Tablerock very well. We worked the water we covered very well. Just could not get them to bite. The food and fellowship was as great as always. A bit of a cold start, first time I had my guides freeze while fishing, but, I earned a sunburn also. Had a little mishap while setting up camp. I camped out at Roaring River State Park, I accidentally took someone's reserved site. I returned Saturday after the tournament, there w
  5. I am on my way, forgot my charcoal chimney lighter. If someone can bring one, or some charcoal starter, I would be grateful.
  6. I often unintentionally click on others' profiles. I wonder if there are notifications, or how often people view their own. Been a while since I have.
  7. I have a couple pairs of Glacier Gloves I found a pair when I was a teenager and lost them. A couple years ago at TaneyFest I found another pair at Lilley's Landing. 100% waterproof, thin neoprene and warm.
  8. Ethics, it what separates good people and not so good people.
  9. I have a 10' topper, and a van with a trailer hitch I can hold equipment, for a shuttle. I would be interested in a flotilla. Not sure how those waters would hold that kind of pressure. We have One Bass Tournament Match 20, so I'm out for that weekend.
  10. Yours look great just as well. Its psychology with fish. One person will tell you, they only bite on specific things. The same person later on will tell you the fish are all used to seeing those same specific things, and wont bite them. The best thing that I've ever figured out, is to have a line in the water. With a lure of some type of course.
  11. Welcome. I have a 14' Landau. Its tight with 2 adults and I preteen. Many of us around St Louis. I'm in Festus.
  12. You know, the guy who developed that rule was mentally ill, right? Lol. I'm gonna start a new thread, password protected. OAF SS. "Secret Spots". You gotta be "sworn to secrecy "
  13. I thought the "flap deal at the back" was referring to a 4 barrel carburetor. But if its Vortec, that would rule out my thoughts.
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