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  1. Daryk Campbell Sr

    TR place holder for next week!

    When I was a teenager, I fished the city parks often. There were many ducks and geese in those ponds. We would often have slow days and spend hours fishing. Well of course those bird became targets. We never could seem to hit one, no matter how hard we tried. We finally quit trying. One day I was there, casting out as usual, and a swan flew by to land. It tangled in my line and got the hook. That was a mess I hope to never experience again. All ended well, but it was loud and thrashing a lot. There was an adult who knew to extend the leg and it would slow down the thrashing so we could proceed to remove the hook and line mess.
  2. Daryk Campbell Sr

    TR place holder for next week!

    Excellent reports. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Daryk Campbell Sr

    7-10 crappie

    Now I do. 🤣 There are people on this site who are claimed to be able to read a picture by the landscape and background, and go and ruin the spot. I'm just looking out for you. LOL
  4. Daryk Campbell Sr

    7-10 crappie

    I hope no-one recognizes the landscape around your house. They may try fishing there.
  5. Daryk Campbell Sr

    fly-fishing small rivers in Ireland?

    Thanks for the report. Glad to hear about your success. Kind of surprised that you didn't mention the beer.
  6. Daryk Campbell Sr

    More fishing Memes

  7. Daryk Campbell Sr

    More fishing Memes

    Golden^^^ 176Champion
  8. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Nice day out on Stockon Lake

    You look very pleased.
  9. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    Very well said.
  10. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    I'm curious about how would you estimate the size before you harvest?
  11. Daryk Campbell Sr

    TR place holder for next week!

    Great report. Glad you and that stranger got to meet back up. Hopefully you get to meet Harris. He's a good guy.
  12. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    Huntingducks117, I appreciated your post. I believe most on here do. We are an excellent group of people who each have a select passion. Some are more likely to complain, than compliment. Your contribution to the forum is what keep it growing. I would love to see you continue. Daryk Campbell Sr.
  13. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Underwater drone?

    Considering what some people pay for fish finders, this is a bargain. Still extremely out of my range, but I'm sure they will explode on the market soon.
  14. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Large and Small on the Upper End

  15. Daryk Campbell Sr

    More fishing Memes


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