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  1. I wont be going into white water (on purpose anyway). I plan to use it on ponds small lakes and creeks. I have a medical condition where I can catch nasty infections in my legs and feet from "dirty" water. I have to be extremely careful around the water. I usually bank fish, and I'm hoping this will make it possible for me to be able to get places average guys can wade to. I have more options than money, so I think I will go with the foam, wrapped with 1/4 inch luan coated in resin. I think I can make it look decent, and be functional. I worry about the toons, and hooks. Thinking of how I can wrap a plastic FRP board around them in the cover. I got some time before fall. I will pick through trials and errors. Kind of thinking about cedar stripping the foam toons, but the fiberglass gets pricey for a cheap project.
  2. This is the frame, it has a sliding casting deck. Also is the possible donor raft. I got the Creek Company pontoon along with the Fish Cat.
  3. Funny you say that as I believe Gavin has 2 for sale. I did consider that. I would hope someone who has kids would take his deal though.
  4. So he's not really a bad guy? It's all a mask?
  5. I'm not interested in becoming a rower but I do respect those who can. Hargroves may be an option for OEM, or aftermarket equipment. Good to know. Just a toy for me. More so interested in the powered option. @BilletHead's picture is close to what it would look like unfinished, but I plan to enclose them similar to catamaran style as @tjm mentioned. I've checked YouTube, seen many options, but with my A.D.D. I will keep watching, and never start doing. I have a side plan, with a 10' blow up raft, Zodiac style. I believe the side and front bladders are 1. The benches are separate. I may strip/cut the floor off of it and use the main hose shoe bladder as the float for the tube. It is a small sacrifice, the raft doesn't get used often, picked it up at a garage sale for cheap. Got my money out of it.
  6. 75? I wouldn't have put you over 73 last time I saw you.
  7. But they did. Not instantly, they were allowed to complete the tour. Willy Wonka was kicking them out when Charlie gave back the Everlasting Gobstopper (he felt he did not earn it). Because Charlie gave it back, willie had a change of heart. I've seen it a few too many times. My kids range from 20 to 10. With nieces and nephews added in.
  8. I just bought a Fish Cat personal inflatable pontoon frame. It did not come with pontoons. I plan on using pink insulation foam, with 1/4 inch skid plates to make pontoons. My question is why use 1 over the next? I estimate them to be 10 feet long, 8-10" wide 8-10" tall.
  9. Glad you are ok. I was wondering about you.
  10. Anyone have or remember the commercial with the two old men trying to catch a fish called BUBBA?
  11. Released so others can have a chance.
  12. I'm not fond of catching Turtles and snakes. I really have no interest in gators.
  13. I am in the market for a bimini, trying to decide 3, or 4 bow. What are your thoughts between the two? 14' Landau. I'm a wimp, don't want all the sun.
  14. This was today. Had a great time minus the heat. The heat was fine, the perspiration was not. Thanks for giving me motivation to get out. It is I believe official, I have caught my first smallie. Dinks, but I finally got into them. The snake, it tried to take my lure more than once, and one of the fish I caught. The last one was obviously not a keeper, but I wanted to post a pic.
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