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  1. The campground there is primitive only as it is out of season. Roaring river state parks is near there, and offers most if not all amenities.
  2. My boat isn't running and hasn't in several months, your welcome to fish with me again but as of now I can't guarantee anything. 



    1. Daryk Campbell Sr

      Daryk Campbell Sr

      Thank you.  I have accepted an open seat with Macsimus.   Hadn't heard from you, figured you had it filled.  Hopefully you can get it fixed and come down.  

    2. dblades


      Good deal, look forward to seeing everyone  again

  3. • 5 foot rods, baitcast only. • 3 inch or shorter plastics • 1/4 oz. Tungsten LOL.
  4. I always wondered why the bare hook was wrapped. Good info.
  5. I really like the maroon and the olive. Maybe one with the two together.
  6. Wrench, if you can wait a couple days, in sure I have a couple samples of 303 I can send you. They are somewhere in the garage. I have your card still.
  7. I have preached this one for years. I cant explain any other way people all decide to head to the checkout counter the same time I do. Or how people decide to speed up right before i put on my blinker on the highway. The next song in the radio, i was just getting ready to start singing the chorus, etc. Abstract things I think about, and never say out loud, but someone seems to talk about it shortly after.
  8. In not a fan of diet, other than that, I won't turn it down.
  9. Good on you. That is very cool. I see the picture.
  10. I have been seeing people online who use mud motors in similar ways that I see others use jet motors. I know they are technically engines as they are operating on gasoline, not electricity. What experience or thoughts do you have? I have access to a few shallow creeks, my boat will draft them, but my prop on my 9.8 sits deeper than the boat, and I really dont want to get out and drag. I know it comes with the territory. Just would like to minimize it. My fear, or worry woukd be turning around. Pros, cons, thoughts?
  11. Good stuff. Glad you got a chance to get out. Pretty fish.
  12. As far as a measurable goal. Fish at least 1 time per month, 6 of those times in my boat. 2 times out of state. Prefer two different states.
  13. Kind of late to the game. I had a stellar year last year (for me). I would just like to build on that. I want to get my boat to a "finished" point. And really get the opportunity to use it.
  14. You missed the most important..... ned rig. Still out to the jury on which knot to tie.
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