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    Family, Fishing, Camping, Boy Scouts (leader), small game hunting..... OUTDOORS

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  1. Daryk Campbell Sr

    PS Announcement

    You beat me to it. Lol
  2. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Border Lakes permit

    Speaking with an Illinois conservation agent at the lets go fishing show, he directly stated that the Mississippi River reciprocation applies only to the river itself. Not the tributaries.
  3. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Blown River Backup

    I really enjoy the Aerial video, along with the underwater action videos. Please continue. If this is not so great, I really am interested in your improvements.
  4. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Fishing kayak.

    Think of it like your first car that you paid for. Get what you can afford, that seems to suit you for your conditions. Lost of information to digest, and none is incorrect. Buy used, figure out what works, what you thought would be better, and move up. As Al once said, any boat is better than no boat.
  5. Daryk Campbell Sr

    What's your favorite fish?

    Anything that bites. Honestly, so far, I would have to go with micros. They are hunted down individually, then you have to entice them as you would another fish. I know that isn't one species, but the question is too hard to narrow down. There are so many that I haven't caught yet.
  6. Daryk Campbell Sr


    Peanut M&M' s are the ticket.
  7. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Greenfield CC. Feb 5

    Good day. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Daryk Campbell Sr


    I believe I speak for more than myself when I say, no..., thank YOU.
  9. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Getting Jiggy with it - March Taney Trip

    Stop by Lilley's. They will get you what is working, and tell you where at.
  10. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Trout opener article in the St Louis Post

    Make sure they know to stop keeping at 3 fish. Lol.
  11. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Cox South Hospital 2-2-19

    No idea, but good to see you on here.
  12. Daryk Campbell Sr

    2-3-19 smack down :) .

    I was curious what the cackler was myself. Thanks BH. Looks like a great time.
  13. Daryk Campbell Sr

    2003 Gheenoe 13' trailer and motor

    I was there with it. I spoke to someone, may have been you. I had my silver Dodge Dakota.
  14. Daryk Campbell Sr


    5 hp per the plaque. There is a pic under buy sell trade. I don't know how to insert the link from the phone. Gavin, I would possibly. It's an old Ted Williams motor by Eska. It runs fine, doesn't like the cold with the manual choke.
  15. I can Ollie a skateboard while drunk. Lol.

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