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  1. Excellent report gentlemen. That trip sounds fantastic. Glad you guys were able to do it.
  2. I learned that same recipe, but add wheaties. Old man in Carondelet park. Kind of hard to get past the lindberger cheese smell. I wish I knew about rubber gloves then.
  3. Are you using a 3 prong plug in your power supply? You could use the house ground, the circle at the bottom of most recepticles. Where is the ground on the depth finder? Or is that one of your questions?
  4. Dude, that I awesome! If only there was someone who could verify the catches.... no, really I know you guys will never forget, neither will I.
  5. I'm in. Need lodging and a boat seat. Willing to pay my share on both. Excited to see the White River.
  6. Fro what reports I have seen, it has really improved.
  7. Serie Finales are a guilty pleasure for me. Especially when they have great callbacks. The one that still gets me is when Sam says "were closed" at the end of Cheers.
  8. I enjoy this thread. Maybe, no one is incorrect, and there is a problem with the lake, or habitat. Discussions like this are what get things moving. I appreciate the input from everyone. I "learned" a few things.
  9. I will be leaving from the St Louis area if anyone would like to ride down. I have a mini van, plenty of room.
  10. Count me in. Either works for me. Late Friday arrival. Need a boat seat if one is available.
  11. Honestly, I was hoping you would identify that for me. Believe it or not, one guy tried telling me it was a perch. I disagreed, but he said to verify it with the fishing merit badge counselor. I didn't bother. It really was. I had to do some creative bushwacking to stay out of the water. (I have a medical condition that keeps me out). The fish wanted it brought in fast and quickly shaken. A wise man on here once said, you should never allow the fish to see what the bait is made of. Keep it moving. (Paraphrase) Thanks Ron Krueger, it worked for me.
  12. Missouri Smallmouth Alliance Missouri Tream Teams.
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