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  1. I really enjoy your reports. Looking forward to it.
  2. Being Easter weekend, I hope you have a decent turnout. I would like to experience this once.
  3. Had to look it up: I'm sure you've told me John, I'm certain we discussed it in person, but couldn't remember. A taxonomist is a biologist that groups organisms into categories. A plant taxonomist for example, might study the origins and relationships between different types of roses while an insect taxonomist might focus on the relationships between different types of beetles.
  4. You can tell your grandkids that you 'were there when it all started'. 😁
  5. Just wanted to share my lunch break micros. All caught and released in Arnold, MO. Beautiful fish in the streams.
  6. Nice seeing the different species. Glad you all are getting to fish, and she still enjoys your company.
  7. No guts, no glory. Thanks for sharing with us Bo.
  8. Plenty of carp stocked in Carondelet Park. Looks like Horshoe Lake. I have caught a few there as a kid. I would have thrown it back. It is a stocked pond that is in the middle of the city. No worries at all about that fish being able to go anywhere. The kids probably have seen it, and count on feeding it. The closest river is River DesPeres, which is an overflow from the Mississippi River. It's really more of a sewer drainage. Locals talk about the Brown Trout in there. There is no connection to the lake(pond).
  9. No butterflies in that "man's net". Good job both of you. Thanks for sharing with us.
  10. I really did not consider looking for gills. It was crawling around the rocks away from the bank in the bottom of the creek. It could very well be a newt. The tail was very perforated (for lack of a better word). Yes, they all had the second stripe. I don't see a black spot on the dorsal fin. Except this little guy.
  11. Gonna have to mark my calender. Shucks, guess the fish didn't read the post in time either. Better luck next year.
  12. Here is another shot. @snagged in outlet 3 I'm not sure of the creeks name. It may be Antire creek. I've always just know it as "the creek at Beaumont".
  13. Seen a good size blue racer in the woods yesterday. No morels though.
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