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  1. I said that I was not much of a believer. I dont know my exact quote, too lazy to look it up. Now, I have to eat crow. I still wonder if there is more than meets the eye, if I'm being honest. I am complying with the recommendations, and I will continue to. I am off work, have been for two weeks. My manager called me yesterday to tell me that our building is closed indefinitely. She asked how I was, I explained that although we are being paid, I would much rather be working. I know most won't feel that way, but I do. I truly pray that each and every one of us come out of this unscathed. I enjoy reading and seeing pictures of all of our members antics. Be well. Daryk.
  2. Hunting mushrooms is not literal. 😀 (sorry, had to).
  3. John, that's because your beard needs to be longer.
  4. I enjoy going to a casino every now and then. I really enjoy the Craps tables. The table can come alive with people. Haven't been in almost 5 years. Just no time. I'm sure you have seen the down side, but I have had a great time for the cost of playing.
  5. I hope so. 'Cause I voted yes. Lol. Dont shut down OAF!
  6. How about a virtual one bass tournament. Fish where you are, has to be Saturday, have a time to submit pics by (weigh in time). Submit a picture of the food you are eating, we'll lunch together. Honor system of course.
  7. I'm gonna say count me out. I really dont want to become stranded if gas stations decide to close. Thank you to all who make these outings possible.
  8. Sounds like an outstanding guy. (no pun intended). The world needs more.
  9. Mitch F for President. 🇺🇸
  10. Yesterday, the governor of Illinois closed all schools in the state.
  11. I want to test the water here. Silver Dollar City is closed, people are cancelling events left and right. I am planning on making the trip from St louis, and have vacation days used. Who is all in? I am in, but if we look to cancel, I can recall my vacation time. What are your thoughts?
  12. I agree with wrench. They both fall at the same rate of speed, but the piston has more mass. It is more susceptible to damage such as warping, chipping, or just breaking.
  13. Took advantage of the great weather today. Went out with my younger son, and took the boat out. A bit windy today, even in the lake which is low and has hills all around it. The lake is electric only, so we did not take the bigger motor. Had to suffice with the tiller trolling motor. It did very well with two grown men of lager capacity, and my son. You see, just as we put the transmission in drive I got a text. Wanna go fishing? Is all it said. I haven't talked to this guy in a couple years. I texted him a picture of my van with the boat in tow. He was excited, we met shortly after. As for the fishing, I was using an olive green Montauk special, as it was still on the rod I decided to use. Threw it longer than I should have, but we were talking more than fishing hard. Then I got a bite. Never got to see it, but a great fight was on. I'm guessing some type of catfish, but a fighter. I was using an ultralight setup, and afraid to snap the line. Drag was set medium, and the fish was peeling it. The rod was bent under the boat, and I was fearful of a break off. The net was offered, but I asked my son to wait. I didnt want to spook the fish. After a tense few moments, the line went slack. The hook was released. I had a good two feet of thick slime on my line. Not sure how, maybe the line was wrapped around the fish. Later while I was trying to clear a birds nest my son had in one of my bait casters, he had a ned rig tied on. I cast the line out, was pulling out the knots, and allowed a lot of line on the water. While reeling it in, fish on! It was a dink bass, but it was my first fish on my boat. I didnt realize it until.afer letting it go. But that makes twice I caught a fish with my son's pole/bait in front of him while he was using mine. LOL I'm petty, I know. He does also. 😀 no pictures today, but a good time was had by all. Good time fishing with an old buddy.
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