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  1. Desperate measures part two

    Great read. You are a true conservationist. You reap what you sow, and you are sowing quality seeds. Good job to you both.
  2. Almost!

    55 bridge seemed to be clearing this afternoon.
  3. No smoking near Baxter Boat Dock

    Call the fire department. I bet they coukddo something.
  4. Just funny stuff

    That is why I took the picture and posted it in this thread.
  5. DUI/DWI tickets are a cash cow. While I am against DWI, got rear ended at a red light and spent the weekend in the hospital, I agree that a lot the tickets are issued falsely. I have sold SR-22 insurance for 15 years, and made a good amount of money doing it. But one beer can cost you $15-20k. That is a bit steep for most occasions. Yes, one life saved is worth it. How about the lives lost due to other enforcement that is not given the attention because DWI brings in so much?
  6. Just funny stuff

    Seen this at hobby lobby. Thought I would share.
  7. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    ^^^ That is pretty alarming. That should be front page news.
  8. Shad Kill

    Just for arguments sake, we have armidillo in St Louis. They aren't supposed to be able to survive our climate. But they are here. I have a picture of my son holding the one that was in my garage.
  9. OAF on the Meramec

    How about Saturday April 14. I am not familiar with Frogs, is there a website? I would like to see about availability. This would be open to all OAF members. No cost gathering. Just bring a dish, and stories to swap. Details are open, chime in with suggestions.
  10. OAF on the Meramec

    That would be awesome HW! I hadn't had camping in mind, but that would make it really fun. So how about dates?
  11. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    Slaid Cleaves, Ray Wylie Hubbard Todd Snyder Just a couple more.
  12. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    He was in St Louis a few weeks ago. He played at the "Peabody Opera House" and this was his closing song. I didn't make the concert, but heard this on the radio. There was no commentary per the radio DJ. I can't read the words without singing them. I would hate for someting like that (original post) to create a song abut this area.
  13. Current below Montauk 1/12

    Sounds like you did everything right. You caught fish. Thanks for sharing.
  14. OAF on the Meramec

    I'm thinking a weekend in April. We have a gathering of members meet on the Meramec. Catch and release same as the One Bass Tournament. Or, we could do it in June, but low water is more probable. June means keep, and cook some spots. What is your thinking? We have a gathering of members on the other side, why not here?
  15. The Fresh Start Thread

    My wife got a raise unexpectedly yesterday. That was really nice.

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