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  1. Gonna be a late arrival tonight. What can I bring? I will have my skillet in tow, I seen gotmuddy mentioned one. I have not gotten anything to contribute food/drink wise.
  2. Not sure. I know he moved, I think he wanted to become involved with some kind of farming. Maybe lack of signal/internet? But, yes good dude indeed. @Ketchup, where are you?
  3. I will arrive around 10 Fri night. I am open to bring something. Any needs, or requests?
  4. My first OneBass, I went and stayed the night at some guy named Ketchup's house. My wife was just as worried. I had a blast and still attend. Great site, great people, great times.
  5. I dont know. There was a sign posted in the store upon entry.
  6. I went to Bass pro Saturday night, and seen a sign for 10%off gift cards. I was checking out and asked the cashier if I could buy one and use it on the same day. She seemed confused as to why, I explained I wanted to save 10% on my stuff and would like to buy one and use it immediately. She checked with her manager, and they said yes. She said no one else tried (I was the last customer, at closing). I should have posted this sooner. I hope someone else can takes advantage.
  7. What weight lines and rods is everyone thinking? How about lures?
  8. This one came around. I'm glad to be able to see it play out.
  9. Today I made chicken breast that was seasoned with a Mexican spice from the grocery store clearance. It was fresh, and approaching the expiration date. 3 good size breasts for under 6 bucks. I heated some olive oil, and sliced them into fajita cuts. Into the olive oil. I made a box of beef rice a roni, and fried about half a pound of bacon. Took some leftover pita bread and put the rice, chicken, then the broken bacon bits on top. Spread some Hidden Valley Ranch across the tops, with some shredded cheddar cheese. No pictures, but it was really good. A quick throw together, about 25 minutes total. The wife was happy so was the 13 year old son. (He had dinner at g'mas already. ) I will be adding this to our stash of go to's. This is a cant go wrong type meal. Use as much or as little as you please. Add whatever sounds good at the time.
  10. It would seem so. I would also think they would be interested in many things thrown out there. But also be wary that they could sense you (a person) as you walked to and around the lake, and spook away. Sounds like a good trip none the less.
  11. You blurred the last picture too much. Hard telling what water that could be. Nice effects with the coat and camouflage.
  12. Had a great fishing trip, I got to skunk both of my sons. They had a good time just the same. I caught 6 or seven fish, one sculpin, the rest rainbows. No significant size to mention. My sons have many times skunked 'ol dad. I was very happy to spank them. Lol. My 13 year old was next to me the whole time, as his trout tag confirmation was on my phone. At one point towards the final hour and a half I was trying to teach him what I was doing, I asked if he wanted to switch poles, he happily agreed. I caught a fish within 3 casts with his pole. Lol. The temps were warm, the crowd was small. We arrived at 10am, and left just before the horn at 4pm. I learned that you must have a trout tag during catch and release, they do not sell day tags. The lodge does not take credit or debit cards for trout tags/stamps. Cash or check only. The whole park is "fly only". (Single hook no rubber etc.) Pics to follow. The van broke down on the way home. Had to be towed from Cuba. Bummer, but still a very fine day.
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