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  1. Ness, that was funny as well.... I see the same 'plant' that chief screen shot. I was worried about you wrench.
  2. I don't see a "shoreline protection tax" (or anything similar) really doing anything to reduce the bigger boats. It surely would not be used to protect the shores. You would have to hire a new position to verify the tax was being paid and then you would have to hire engineers to debate whether or not the erosion is natural . Those who can afford the larger boats and fuel to operate them, will be able to pay the fee, and the lakes will still suffer. Create a limit on size/displacement, and those that are currently docked get a "sticker" and once they leave the lake, they cannot return.
  3. Very educational post. Thank you, (although I am eating lunch). Where might one find thise hooks/clips?
  4. Bo, 2 questions if I may. You mentioned a knot that you have been using for braid, but did not name it. If you don't mind, I am considering trying braid, and am curiousof knots that are good. Secondly, on the bladed jig, where does the knot get tied? I have not purchased one yet, but am trying to understand how it works. I primarily fish muddy waters, creeks and small rivers. I know you are a lake guy. Thanks. D.C.
  5. Spying on the female campers.... lol. Good on you Wrench.
  6. I have never been pinched by crawdads. Therefore, I have been hesitant to pick up the larger ones. How bad is the pain when you do get pinched? I am salute it is relative, just curious.
  7. Test from computer.
  8. I am using an android phone, on At&t network. If that helps.
  9. type of file (jpg, png etc) (jpg) How big the file is.( 6.8mb ) When did it happen? Date and time and time zone (13:56 Central Arnold,MO) What page url it was being upload to. ( this page as a reply) IP of the user http://whatismyipaddress.com/ip/2600:387:1:811::b1
  10. How about a fall float? Similar to the OAF one bass tourney. I would love to see more of that side of the State.
  11. I used to lock my phone. I had a co worker tell me that he didn't because then if the phone was found, or if you were in an emergency, no one would know who to get a hold of. Believe it or not, most people are still honest.
  12. I was/am in the same situation as far as boat experience. I rented a pontoon at Lilley' s and they gave me a map and cautioned me where not to go, what not to do etc. Also, another tip, don't worry to much about fuel usage. My first day I was very scared to use the big motor because I was afraid to have a 75-100 fuel charge. Wasn't anywhere close. The next year we went tubing in Table Rock wide open a lot. Still no where near $50. Just my thoughts
  13. Glad you guys got to share this with us. Good times.
  14. Alpine Shop does this also in the St Louis region. (No affiliation)
  15. Sorry I was talking a picture #2. Haven't been to Roaring River since 2009. Rode the big storm out in September 08 in campground 2.