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  1. I find this Interesting agents on their days off

    I'msure the biggest McDonald's execs enjoy burger king from time to time.
  2. I find this Interesting agents on their days off

    I don't see the problem/ argument with the golf tournament fund raiser. If I'm a boxer, and I join my church's bake sale it's ok, right?
  3. Tennesee Tiny Fish

    I am very envious! Great job you two! You have a great wife.
  4. Boat Insurance 101

    I've heard of them... lol it's my agency.
  5. Boat Insurance 101

    Auto insurance only transfers liability coverage. Any damage to your propety would not be covered.
  6. Spring Time Double, Two Seven Pounders.

  7. Cheapskates at MDC!

    I was gonna bid, but it' gotten too rich for my postage budget.
  8. How about this lure ??

    "It is so good, we can't even finish assembly...."
  9. How I create a catalog cover illustration

    Very nice of you to show us your ways.
  10. No luck this past weekend

    I have never been, but always heard good things about it. How far for St Louis is it?
  11. Boat Insurance 101

    Keep in mind, though different states have different laws. That translate into different pricing. Also, your "garaging zipcode" (place you primarily store your boat) will factor into your price also. I learned that the hard way with my first car. I bought it from a friend of mine, we were same age, and lived only a few blocks from each other. We used the same company, as our parents each had the same one. My insurance was $80/month higher. I lived in a higher rates zip code. Ketchup, call an underwriter and ask for a copy of the "policy definitions". It will be the bible of what is and isn't covered.
  12. photo or avatar viewing problems?

    Cool beans. Thank you Phil, for all you do.
  13. photo or avatar viewing problems?

    Some avatars showing incude quilback, slothman, and Phil in this thread. Not the others.
  14. Boat Insurance 101

    I will have to "sharpen my pen" but if memory serves me right, it is the same as auto insurance. Anything lost from the boat that is not permanently attached, would be covered on your homeowners policy, not your boat policy. I.e. tackle, rods,reels. Etc.

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