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  1. I will be at One Bass, are you wanting to meet, or if you are local, I can deliver.
  2. I can pick them up, and bring them to OAF One Bass Tournament .
  3. I'm thinking about the magnet mentioned. Just a magnet, on the inside of the hull, if the transom does not go to the bottom. Then the transducer mounted to another magnet outside of the hull. These would have to be stronger neodymium type magnets, but, I believe the attraction would give before breaking the mount. This would give you the opportunity to make adjustments until you found your sweet spot also. Hmmm. I may have a project for today. Thanks.
  4. I will bring charcoal, and a propane fryer with vegetable oil. I will also have Toasted Ravioli. Anyone is welcome to use the fryer.
  5. Curious about the mailing option. Who holds your boxes? If they arrive before you?
  6. Nice artwork. I've always known it was warmer South of St Louis, but they still have leaves on the trees. Going to Taneycomo tomorrow. Tired of this cold.
  7. Well, all things considered, there is a reason the lake was low. Maybe, the water on was a last chance option? Maybe there is a leak, and they were trying in good faith to salvage the lake. If this was summer, the chlorine could have evaporated due to the sun. Maybe the ones in charge have done similar things and it worked. I don't live in the city anymore. But I know these ponds well. I've swam them. Both parks mentioned. That being said, the water cannons are often used, why the problem now?
  8. '96. I'll be happy to help you all out as needed. LOL
  9. Off the direct topic, but I'm curious about the chair. It is offset, but why use the mounting post? Almost looks as if it is designed for multiple seats in a row. I'm still trying to figure out what setup I want for my casting deck, and I believe I am just going to use a chair, instead of a seat in a post. I seen the base of that was small also. @fishinwrench, I believe he wants camera mounts.
  10. I'm no old timer, but I do long for the days when you could buy your license any day of the year, and it was good for a year.
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