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    Family, Fishing, Camping, Boy Scouts (leader), small game hunting..... OUTDOORS
  1. Glad to see your posts again Hog Wally.
  2. .....your attention please..... will. The real slim shady please stand up? D.C.
  3. I'm excited to have been in a competition that I can possibly win on here.
  4. Or don't care to become a member.
  5. Where are you located?
  6. Good luck JD, take no prisoners. D.C.
  7. Wonderful offer! Please, if you ever have the itch to offer again, don't hesitate. I'm in St Louis area, it's a bit of a drive for me. I am also hoping to take advantage of the high water around here.
  8. This story is from 2011. I am no engineer, butI believe that unless there was a valley directly sending the water spoken about, it would not be anywhere near the doomsday the journalist wrote about. I wonder who paid for the story.
  9. Got my vote. The title on top are the initials P.H. hope that helps.
  10. West City Park in Festus is not Flooded, would really be devastating to very many more if it got that high. I am giving first hand knowledge, passed the lake/ pond this morning. Let me know if you go, may beable to join you. Arnold park is all under. The Elks have a pond if you are a member.
  11. During the new years flood. Telegraph Rd was the only way in and out of the city. It was very close to closing down.
  12. While my most haunting "one that got away" story is nothing as detailed or large as some others. I believe the pit in the stomach feels very similar. Hardest strike I can ever remember, was the one that I never got to see. Fought for a few seconds, then it was gone.....no line snap, or straight hook. Just no fish.
  13. Great report. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Darn shame. I always liked Cabellas better than Bass Pro.
  15. I was half asleep when writing this, it should have been "popper " baits, not "power" baits.