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  1. Never tried it. Looks pretty cool.
  2. We are instate at S-F Scout Ranch. Very cool place. And I do have a great group of scouts. We have a large lake with many fish. Yesterday we caught many bluegill, 2 bass, and a black bulkhead catfish. I also taught another dad how to micro fish. He was just as giddy as a kid. @dan hufferd, we do have a Tom D. From Festus. Not sure if it's the sesame guy.
  3. Extra happy father's day to you John. Dan, from the latest consensus, do not use braid on the new reel. That may change tomorrow, but I have it from good sources, it is not advised. Lol. Happy father's day all. I am celebrating by taking 11 scouts to summer camp for the week.
  4. I plan on it . Friday eve thru Sunday afternoon. Tent camping.
  5. My store.manager is sending mixed signals of me possibly working that weekend. I have a plastic table, Dutch oven, cast iron skillet and a percolator. I have a gas stove, and a netted gazebo also. I am still expecting to be there. If needed I can meet some one to give them needed supplies if I don't make it.
  6. What size boats are recommended? I have a 14' flat bottom with a 9.8hp. I also have a canoe, or my Gheenoe.
  7. My son likes his. He bought it for $200 with paddle on sale at Wal-Mart. I would consider yours, but the price would have to be less.
  8. Are you accepting others? I would like to join and meet some of you.
  9. Not judging by any means. You do you. Lol.
  10. He is doing a routine in St Louis tomorrow. I'm still considering it. I have generally enjoyed his comedy. It's been a while since I've kept up with his material.
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