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  1. Daryk Campbell Sr

    2019 Taneyfest

    My first jig fish. Black maribu. 2nd jig fish peach and olive green from Lilley's. Just a fun pic.
  2. Daryk Campbell Sr

    2019 Taneyfest

    It was COLD. Lol
  3. Daryk Campbell Sr

    2019 Taneyfest

    I went up to fish the outlets this morning, went just to left of Outlet 2. I was throwing the jerkbait that I've been throwing most of the weekend thank you DJ. I caught a decent size rainbow. I threw it for a little while longer, but could not land anything. It then occurred to me that this is jig Fest and I have not caught a trout on a jig. I switched over to a peach and sculpin color jig I got from the marina at Lillie' s. I continue to try to fish it got a couple bites but could not bring them in. I moved up by Outlet one and one of the holes near a tree in the water. I work around the tree to no avail. Near this tree I did find a jerkbait rainbow painted. I got it out it had a lot of line on it. I decided to see what brand it was look underneath it and what do I find but Duane Doty 2018 @duckydoty. After calling @JestersHK to verify he I did not lose one oh, he explained to me that Dwayne broke off. So now I have a cherished lure. After finding said lure, I continue to fish my jig. I landed mine Rainbow on a jig for Jigfest. Upon showing pictures to my family, I seen that I already had caught a rainbow trout on a jig the first day. So therefore I have two fish on Jigs. Thanks so much again to Phil, Duane, and all the others who made this weekend possible. I had an excellent time with all of you all. I cannot wait for February.
  4. Daryk Campbell Sr

    2019 Taneyfest

    Correction to my previous post. @grizwilson caught the cut-bow. Not me. I was using talk to text, and short on sleep. Lol.
  5. Daryk Campbell Sr

    2019 Taneyfest

    Marty-Q Post Marty-Q
  6. Daryk Campbell Sr

    2019 Taneyfest

    It was really a treat to see what happened last night. My first night ever night fishing while wading. DJ promise me at least one fish, but I ended up catching 6 and losing a couple. The food last night was nothing short of Awesome. Everyone chipped in helped out in their own way and the company was amazing. This is my first chance to spend the weekend with a bunch of fishermen. I could not be any happier. Today I went out with Griz, he put me on some fish. I believe I landed 5 rainbows one being a cut-bow. We seen a couple large ones swimming around just couldn't catch them. DJ Brandon and I went out this afternoon DJ hooked into a very nice Brown but it broke his line with it's teeth. I'm going to try to post some photos to follow.
  7. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Jigfest 2018 now Taneyfest 2018 due to weather...

    I have 2 lbs deer burger. Along with a couple baggies of morels. I can bring a cast iron dutch oven, and skillet.
  8. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Jigfest 2018 now Taneyfest 2018 due to weather...

    I have a 14 foot boat option with 9.8HP possible if it would be big enough. I can shop for food. Just let me know what to bring. I am willing to share the cost of a rental boat.
  9. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Jigfest 2018!

    I'm in. For Taney, and Feb.
  10. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Jigfest 2018!

    ABC, 123 I'm good with either. We have to keep in mind any cancellation policy at Riley's and cost at Lilley's.
  11. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Jigfest weather

    I'm not opposed to postponing, nor am I opposed to continuing on. If safety is a factor we definitely need to put that into consideration. I would still be willing to pay my fee if it was canceled and we have to pay.
  12. Daryk Campbell Sr


    Love that middle one.
  13. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Jigfest weather

    I'm leaving out of Festus, I don't mind driving in snow, my van will be fine. I plan on leaving Friday morning, but may adjust if Thursday night looks better. I also will have plenty of room. If someone needs a ride, or storage room.
  14. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Jigfest weather

    That is what im hedging my bets on. I will be in a mini van. If the weather stops me, I am prepared to pay my share.
  15. Daryk Campbell Sr

    Jigfest weather

    Still in.

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