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  1. Omc props

    I just tried to send the pics...I think lol.
  2. Is it possible they still exist?

    You make a great point.But I keep reading about isolated populations of rare species found hiding in plain sight. So maybe.
  3. 45 blackpowder stuff

    Mess sent
  4. 45 blackpowder stuff

    I'll get backto you in a bit
  5. 45 blackpowder stuff

    I'll get backto you in a bit
  6. 45 blackpowder stuff

    I had a 45 cal blackpowder rifle I sold.I need to get rid of all the paraphernalia.There is a complete cleaning kit,caps and slugs in a metal tool box. $30.00 I will ship if you pay for it.I work in Manhattan ks m-thurs then go to KC and from there all over MO if I could meet somebody.Have patience as I only check this in the evening during the workweek.I have a pic but couldn't get it on here.
  7. Omc props

    Raker 14.5 by 24 Renegade 12.5 by 25 $50.00 each. I'll ship if you pay for it. I would bet these have been reworked.They ran fine when I ran them years ago. A Michigan prop I believe fits the old 3 cyl 60/70 horse but not sure.Free to a good home or I'll scrap it. I'm near KC but fish all over if I could meet someone to deliver.I also have a pic if you want to see it.Have patience after the weekend I only get on in the evening. I work in Manhattan ks if anybody is out that way.
  8. Is it possible they still exist?

    Officially there were no bears in MO...now there were a few left.So who knows?
  9. Wanted Lure Duplicator

  10. Share a Lunker Program

    I agree the Texas program isn't the answer.Increased tourism to fish MO is a good thing.Look at how many people from other states hunt deer and Turkey here.I don't like fishing in a crowd either.But I believe the best answer for increased pressure is more fish and habitat. I know its tough to find that middle ground.
  11. Share a Lunker Program

    I've read people used to line up along the Osage river to catch spawning walleye like we do crappie now.Even into the 1900's. The MO department of conservation lists that historical range as the reason to stock them in Truman Lake. I really wish smallmouth bass would get the attention trout do in MO.
  12. PM me with contact info please I'don't like to apply for a job


    Wrench I tried to pm you but can't. I`d like to apply.
  14. New PB on the fly

    Like the JG qoute
  15. New State Park named after outgoing governor

    If it's reclaimed strip mined land I could see it as unfit to hike.Disclaimer: just a thought.I don't know what the truth is.

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