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  1. Wanted Lure Duplicator

  2. Share a Lunker Program

    I agree the Texas program isn't the answer.Increased tourism to fish MO is a good thing.Look at how many people from other states hunt deer and Turkey here.I don't like fishing in a crowd either.But I believe the best answer for increased pressure is more fish and habitat. I know its tough to find that middle ground.
  3. Share a Lunker Program

    I've read people used to line up along the Osage river to catch spawning walleye like we do crappie now.Even into the 1900's. The MO department of conservation lists that historical range as the reason to stock them in Truman Lake. I really wish smallmouth bass would get the attention trout do in MO.
  4. PM me with contact info please I'don't like to apply for a job


    Wrench I tried to pm you but can't. I`d like to apply.
  6. New PB on the fly

    Like the JG qoute
  7. New State Park named after outgoing governor

    If it's reclaimed strip mined land I could see it as unfit to hike.Disclaimer: just a thought.I don't know what the truth is.
  8. Your boat?

    I have a misty harbor set up for fishing.It has 4 swivel chairs up front,2 in the back.2 decent live wells and a rodlocker.It also has the enclosure that we put a porta potty in .One couch and a sun deck.We still do plenty of family and partying on it.It s great for the grandkids.Not what FW described but works great for me.There is a small table that can go between the 4 chairs up front and a tm.We ve caught alot of fish from it on Truman.The model is 2285fs I think.
  9. Will Have To Spend More Time At The Lake

    Looks great!I spend a lot of weekend time in that area.My bro has a cabin there too.
  10. First whites of the season!

    Wow thanks!I got to get ready.Although I go to a river farther north
  11. As much as you two like to argue,I would think you'd both be glad you found each other.Just sayin...
  12. Looking for good new fishing holes

    I've had the same experience.But the other way too - as stated above by snagged.The great thing about fishing,you never know until you go!Alot like dealing with women!Maybe shouldn't say that. This may be one of the best thread hijacks ever
  13. Looking for good new fishing holes

    I have to think right place and right time are pretty much equal.now that I ve thought about it place is first.but it can be hard to know how good a place is until you are there at the right time. To the op: I trade info with my buddies and in pm on here but not for the world to see.after you see places get trashed and fished out after the word is spread maybe you will appreciate my point.

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