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  1. That comment wasn't directed at just crossflows. My experience with old outboards in general. I'm going thru the fuel system on my '93 50hp now. But the starting and ignition have been perfect. More than I could expect for its age.
  2. I believe that was a crossflow but can't say for sure. You have a very valid point. Reliability really should be above all else for a fishing moter. I've had several of these old omc's that did great for a long time. But when things started going it was one thing after another. The crossflows versus Looper really comes into play on the bassboats. Do the crossflows make their power at lower rpm? Do the loopers make more power but at higher rpm and does that help top end? Does it matter to anyone but hot Rodders and tournament fisherman?
  3. I believe loopers are much better engines than crossflows.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Tilt and trim work better than ever now. Can't wait to get out!
  5. Outboard HP is rated at the propshaft +/- 10%. So why do you need to compare kilowatts? More cubic inches generally means more torque to get moving. A lower pitch prop accomplishes the same. Just curious what you are after?
  6. rumrunner


    Just to jump on the bandwagon..Ive had trouble with my last 2 Orvis. The 300.00 pair leaked bad after about 6 months. I had to send them back and for 40.00 they fixed them and have held up for a couple of years. I bought a cheaper pair to use and they leaked right out of the box! Encounters I think. I always carry a spare. Haven't bought any in a couple of years now.
  7. I've read and heard some good ones! A local tv station posted a pic of arrowhead stadium to prove it was empty. The rumor was the national guard had taken it over. Several stories about military command posts being set up in nieborhoods around KC.
  8. Only Meramec springs has closed partially. They are privately run. Edit: I just saw they completely closed.
  9. When I joined this site I had just gotten back from a vacation in the Caribbean. The second in a few years. So I was feeling all island-y. It feels like a long time ago now but I haven't seen fit to change it. What's an avatar?
  10. It's worth whatever you can sell it for! 😀
  11. Here in Jackson County they put out notice you don't have to buy the lake permits. But still follow the rules. Half the boats didn't have stickers anyway. A lot of people believe since there wasn't anyone checking you didn't really need a permit.
  12. I think the MDC does a fine job!
  13. Thanks for the report! Trying to figure out where to go...
  14. Thanks for the report and best wishes for recovery!
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