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  1. Maybe a few shallow spots on the meramec but still had lots deeper spots for the most part.
  2. I'm kind of bummed out about it. I've been discussing it with people at a gun forum I'm on too. I really liked that they carried it. Apart from the rare real sale at 1 or 2 of the smaller sporting goods stores, none of them that I frequent, ever really had any prices as good as walmart does every day on 9mm and the like. The type of 9mm ammo I get I essentially could only get for as cheap as walmart sells it in even small quantities, if I bought me a 1000 round bulk order online instead. I know in some walmarts they had this rule that they wouldn't sell handgun ammo after 8pm or something, which sucked but I could at least understand a little. And the whole walking people to the register and such after 8pm even in some of the other stores, doesn't really bother me. But completely stopping to sell it sucks. I imagine most smaller stores within a few months, will jump at the opportunity to jack the prices up even more, since they don't have walmart to compete with anymore. At the same time dumbasses like the retard in Springfield really didn't help my cause either. I don't know what he expected was going to happen by doing that ignorant monkey dodo, especially that shortly after what happened in Texas. I'm pro gun but even then, I don't really consider it too unreasonable of a request to not open carry in their store.
  3. Wow, no kidding on the extreme low water. What would you say was an average depth there? Hope those fish get some more water soon. Looks to be on the brink of drying out.
  4. I stopped by briefly yesterday too. We were real slow at work so I left early and dropped by there for about 2 hours until the storms rolled in. I got 2 little largemouth, a bluegill, and a little crappie. I lost another bigger fish that I didn’t see good enough to make out after a brief fight. Cool stuff. I really like the flathead. I still never caught one of them yet.
  5. Was definitely a good day, with way more action than I’ve ever seen or had there before. Jim’s jigs worked like magic and it really helped to see him using them. I’m not much of a jig guy but with his tips and jigs there was a lot of action.
  6. I'm planning on joining you there tomorrow for sure.
  7. Not Taneycomo related, but I fish circle hooks with shrimp a lot for catfish, since I usually let them go too, and last time I caught 2 of them from the kayak, and both had essentially swallowed them by the time I brought them in. I even had the barb bent and getting the hook out still took longer than I hoped it would. I would let it fall to the bottom, reel up just a bit, and let myself drift, along with the bait by the kayak. Both times it seemed I had a few probing bites, but I waited until the fish ran off before I started reeling, and I guess that wound up being too late cause it didn't end up in the corner of their mouth. Guess I needed to reel as they were doing the probing bites, but for the life of me it didn't seem like they were picking them up with those, it seemed just like they were nibbling and letting go.
  8. Same here. Looking forward to some pictures.
  9. Took a little perseverance but I did have some luck eventually, thanks Siusaluki. Your advice really helped get me started in some good directions. Didn't pan out the first day, but as we were leaving Monday, dreary weather kind of got them going, and I stopped at another pier for a few more hours again, and lucked into some sort of salmonid. Nothing too big, but decent nonetheless. It was maybe 2 foot, or maybe a bit smaller, but fought pretty good. Especially at first. Did kind of tire out eventually. I kept expecting it to be pulling a fast one on me, and get off close to shore but it didn't. At least until I got down the rocks to it, to release it. At which point it released itself, by thrashing around some more as I had the line tight to get the lure out with pliers. Unfortunately it broke the line before I could remove the lure out of it's face, so hopefully it got it off eventually later on somehow, without much damage. I didn't get a picture of it, but if I had to guess, I would say it was probably a steelhead. Not to familiar with how different coho's look from them, but it was light gray/silvery, with some of that typical rainbow trout green on it's back. Hell of a fight for a good chunk of it. It actually took me very much by surprise when it didn't give me problems getting it in towards the end of it, but it definitely was a hell of a fighter even with that first long burst it had before it tired out. Glad I had braid on the reel, cause I think regular 6# mono it probably would've broke earlier.
  10. I’m going to be heading to Indiana dunes in a few days, and I was interested in finding out some fishing spots while there. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’d most likely be just fishing from shore but I might be able to bring along a kayak if really worth the trouble, though fishing would be limited to one day, so I’m not sure if its worth the more cramped cab as a result on the drive.
  11. Hopefully the bit about the aging population isn't as severe as it seems. Would suck if they're really having that bad of a problem population age structure wise.
  12. I went down there on Monday, but not much to report. It was busier than I thought. The western bank of the spring seemed to have more access closer towards the red ribbon section than I remember. I think they must have cleared some vegetation from portions of it. Fishing wise I mainly threw my usual, roostertails and jerkbaits, without much luck. Made it all the way down to the red ribbon area without having caught a fish. Then couldn’t catch one in the red ribbon section either. Finally on way back up, in the run by the bathrooms, I tossed some sinking jerk/crankbaits into the turbulent water and got 3 decent ones in short succession before the bite died down there too. Lost another one throwing something similar further upstream where the 2 arms of the creek combine back together. That wound up being all the bites I got before I had to head back. I somehow lost my net at one point and never did find it, which sucked.
  13. I agree there was something different. But I couldn’t figure it out, and I tried an awful lot of different things to figure it out. So whatever it was, it was very subtle I feel like. And it sucks that something that subtle can have that big an impact. What baffles me the most is that, earlier on, before the guy came up to the same spot, I had a good amount of bites from them, doing the same thing I did later on. I just figured I try something different in hopes of catching something bigger, thinking if nothing happens, I can always go back and catch a few more later. That’s the part that’s most annoying. He was throwing his roostertail directly tied on, whereas I had it attached to a snap swivel. He was using mono whereas I was using braid. He was throwing his with a baitcaster (I know it sounds odd, but true) whereas I was using a spincaster. But despite all that, I was having almost the same response as he did at first with bites almost every few casts (maybe not as often as him, but still pretty frequent). Then all of a sudden, I could hardly buy me a bite. And as far as watching him, I did that too. He told me what he was doing even, and at one point he even cast my setup a few times, to narrow it down, and he still got bites. He told me to try reeling a little faster, which I did, but it was still a bust for me, no matter how I tried to change my retrieve.
  14. Still a bit high but people were putting in their boats regardless. Even though it was still above the top of the boat ramp by a bit. Lots of activity though. Lots of fish chasing other fish from the looks of it. Of course that was a few days back. Not sure how much the water dropped or activity changed.
  15. Ouch why the hate for roostertail on here. I love those things. I also admittedly don’t catch much but that’s not the roostertails fault. I fished Joachim creek at Herculaneum a few days ago, and the little bass were active. Throwing the same type roostertail, at the same place as me, some older dude had 50+ times that he brought little bass in in the same time frame that I brought in 3. Regardless of how I tried doing it. Made no sense.
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