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  1. Haris122

    Christmas Island

    Oh ok. Well, I think that's still probably a record on here as far as remote places. How long was the flying?
  2. Haris122

    Anything new going on up there?

    Anyone been there recently. I didn't make it up there at all last year, but am hoping to this year at some point.
  3. Haris122

    Christmas Island

    By Christmas Island, you mean the one where a ton of crabs go on a migration across the island? Or is this one somewhere else?
  4. Thanks guys. I like the open bed too, I just feel like it'd be nice to have the camper shell just so I can put stuff in the bed, and not worry about it getting wet, or someone just grabbing stuff out of it. My dad has one of those folding bed covers, I think that would be my 2nd choice. Not as much stuff you could put in, but it's cheaper too. So then I guess as far as the red flag goes when you load the kayak, it doesn't have to be 5 feet from where the tailgate is when it's up, just 5 feet from wherever the tailgate ends if down, before you need the red flag?
  5. I ended up getting me an extended cab truck with the 6 foot bed. To my surprise, with the tailgate down, I'd have almost 8 feet of supporting surface to work with, which i think is going to be plenty for even the 12 foot kayak, once I strap it down good. Still will need a red flag or something, but that's no big deal. This one also has the rectangular tow hitch thing anyways, so if I would need the extender at some point, I wouldn't need to get anything special done to the car before I buy it, but i doubt I will really need it. Now it's just a matter of finding enough room in the back of the cab for all my stuff. Hopefully I won't miss the crew cab option for that aspect too much. I had even found a good deal on a lone crew cab one with the longer 6 foot bed (I don't get why they're so rare compared to the 5 foot crew cab ones but whatever), but opted for the extended cab one instead, cause the monthly payment with that one would've approaching the top of my "ceiling". Maybe at some point I'll get a camper shell for it too, and then I'd be really set.
  6. That's a good point with the dragging up a slope. I guess I just wouldn't extend it far out. Btw how does that work for your kayak, do you put it diagonally across the bed or something? I'm assuming if you strapped it straight back it'd be 5 1/2 of bed, maybe 1 1/2 of tailgate, so would it not stick out about another 4 1/2 feet if straight back? The problem with the track rack is weight. My heavy kayak weighs like 100 pounds and is kind of cumbersome to get leverage on. A big reason I wanted a truck is so I don't have to bother with lifting it all the way up on the roof any more. How far is the canoe sticking out of the back? I figure with my smaller one it won't be an issue, but my bigger kayak is like 12' long, and if the truck I get is 5 foot bed, or even 6 foot bed, there's still going to be like 6-5 foot of kayak sticking out of the back. Seems kind of like more sticking out than is really safe, even if it's well secured. How far would you guys be comfortable with a kayak sticking out of the bed without the extender? Also, would it be feasible to use one of those combo ball hitch/rectangular piece extensions to instead of attaching it to the main tow thing, just use it the reversed way, to where the hitch attaches to near the license plate, and the metal piece sticks out away from the car, so the extender can attach to it? Btw, what i consider the extension might be the hitch receivers you guys mention. I don't know the proper terms for it.
  7. I had a question on truck hitches and kayak/load extenders. I was looking at some light trucks, and one of the better deals I've come across, doesn't have the traditional rectangular tow package hitch thing going. There's basically just a cutout section to install a ball-hitch, near the license plate, as opposed to that. Now granted I know that means it can't haul as much, which is not as much of an issue for me since I don't think I will be hauling much. But I do have one long kayak, and it would stick out quite a bit out of the bed. So to remedy that, the extender bars would help and make things still pretty nice and affordable. However, my question is, if I can only attach the hitch through that cutout by the license plate, are there truck bed extenders that I can actually use, or am I SOL with that style.
  8. Haris122

    Maramec river and park, 5/10/18

    I've been meaning to get back out there lately.
  9. Met up with Mike H on Tuesday to fish lake 35. We fished it from mid afternoon to near closing time. It was way too windy. I got 4 bass, but only 1 was of any decent size. Mike H was throwing flies for Musky and towards the evening saw one follow too, but it didn't commit.
  10. Haris122

    No luck this past weekend

    Ok, I just found the rankings on midstate illinois bass anglers facebook page, and you're right. Is it normal there's that many boats that don't catch anything either though? I saw 48 teams listed, only 18 of which had any weights listed. Does that mean the rest of them didn't bring anything to the weigh-ins aka didn't catch any?
  11. Haris122

    Boats out yet?

    Cool, thanks.
  12. Haris122

    No luck this past weekend

    The technique itself is a tried and true crappie tactic, how I applied that might be a different story, but it worked for me on a good number of occasions in the past. Not that crappie was all I was targeting. Do jighead and tube under slip bobber in the 8-15 feet or more range work a lot less effectively than they do shallower in general or something? As far as it being on fire, that's hard to buy. All day Saturday, there was only 1 time we saw anybody catch something. And I can't say we saw anyone slaying any crappie either. Where do they have the weights and rankings for that tournament posted? I'd like to look that over.
  13. Haris122

    No luck this past weekend

    Not all that far. Feel like it was a little over an hour and a half from where my buddy with the boat lives, from Festus it would be even closer if you go the way we went. We crossed the Mississippi near Chester Illinois, so it was pretty much straight down south on 55 for a little under an hour, then get off around St. Mary's, take some smaller roads to the bridge, and then drive down south along route 3 for another half hour, basically.
  14. Haris122

    No luck this past weekend

    I went to Kinkaid along with two of my fishing buddies this past weekend and it sucked. It's been getting more and more difficult for us to find days when all 3 of us can go, so despite the poor forecast weather-wise, we decided to follow through with it that weekend. I think both days we started out from the main boat ramp (the one by the Marina). First day we went a little bit all over, the 2nd day we mainly stuck east (wrote west at first) of that ramp. Neither day was any good to be honest. First day I finally got an average sized green sunfish well into the afternoon on a crappie tube and jighead, and then my one buddy that owns the boat later on got a 12" crappie on a minnow. The next day the wind was much calmer which made things a little easier. The same buddy that got the crappie the day before, got another, small one on minnows by some docks, and then my other buddy that didn't catch anything the day before, got 2 nice ones, one a 11", and the other a 14", on minnows, and lost a black-nose one by the boat. I completely struck out that day. Given the reputation of the lake, I was expecting somewhat better fishing despite the weather, but that didn't happen.
  15. Anyone know if the boats are out yet at Busch?

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