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    Haris122 reacted to Daryk Campbell Sr in 2021 MO Fishing License   
    I'm no old timer, but I do long for the days when you could buy your license any day of the year,  and it was good for a year. 
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    Haris122 got a reaction from Johnsfolly in Fishing Goals 2021   
    I imagine I’d have more things I’d think of at a later time but currently got a few things that are very easy to think of for next year’s goals. 
    1. Fish more than this year.
    2. Actually go on a fishing float. 
    3. Take the waders out more and wade fish in general a bit more, in some nice scenery. 
    4. Take the kayak out way more than this year for fishing outings. 
    5. Just in general be out in some nice natural scenery more, fishing or not. 
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    Haris122 got a reaction from laker67 in Fishing Goals 2021   
    I imagine I’d have more things I’d think of at a later time but currently got a few things that are very easy to think of for next year’s goals. 
    1. Fish more than this year.
    2. Actually go on a fishing float. 
    3. Take the waders out more and wade fish in general a bit more, in some nice scenery. 
    4. Take the kayak out way more than this year for fishing outings. 
    5. Just in general be out in some nice natural scenery more, fishing or not. 
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    Haris122 got a reaction from FishnDave in Fishing Goals 2021   
    I imagine I’d have more things I’d think of at a later time but currently got a few things that are very easy to think of for next year’s goals. 
    1. Fish more than this year.
    2. Actually go on a fishing float. 
    3. Take the waders out more and wade fish in general a bit more, in some nice scenery. 
    4. Take the kayak out way more than this year for fishing outings. 
    5. Just in general be out in some nice natural scenery more, fishing or not. 
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    Haris122 got a reaction from BilletHead in Fishing Goals 2021   
    I imagine I’d have more things I’d think of at a later time but currently got a few things that are very easy to think of for next year’s goals. 
    1. Fish more than this year.
    2. Actually go on a fishing float. 
    3. Take the waders out more and wade fish in general a bit more, in some nice scenery. 
    4. Take the kayak out way more than this year for fishing outings. 
    5. Just in general be out in some nice natural scenery more, fishing or not. 
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    Haris122 reacted to Devan S. in Fishing Goals 2021   
    I think 2021 is going to be simplified:
    Catch a single Arkansas Master Angler fish.
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    Haris122 reacted to moguy1973 in Fishing Goals 2021   
    My goal sounds like a skipping record:
    To actually get out and fish more.  Seems anymore all my time is taken by an 8 year old’s soccer practices and games and the rest by a 2 year old. Somewhere in there I need to find some time to fish. 
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    Haris122 reacted to snagged in outlet 3 in Fishing Goals 2021   
    I made that my top priority last year.  Physically that is.  I'm getting close enough to envision retirement now and I don't want to sit on the porch reading the paper or worse yet.....  Reading fishing reports on here without going.  I have a couple buddies who retired in the last 5 years and they fish less now than they ever did.  I don't get it and I'm not going there.  Good luck @Ham!!!
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    Haris122 reacted to Ham in Fishing Goals 2021   
    I’ve waited as long as I could. Most years I make it Christmas and some years closer to New Year’s Day, but this year nahhhhhhh.
    Goal #1 Is a result of my relatively recent unhealthy obsession with species variety and my #LifeList. Goal #1 is catch 100 Species for the year.
    Goal #2 @FishnDave and @BilletHeadhas inspired me to pick up the long rod more often. I want to catch 25 species on the fly rod.
    Goal #3 I hope to live long enough to retire and still be  healthy enough to fish , a lot. I hope to fish 4 days a week once retired. So, this year I hope to fish half as often as I want to. 104 trips.
    Goal #4 2500 fish caught 
    Goal #5 Catch fish in 10 states with 3 states being new to my list of states fished. 
    The 40 in 40 fiasco continues. The 2021 silliness will start 1/1/21.
    Good Luck and Good Fishing in 2021
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    Haris122 reacted to Phil Lilley in Exciting, Fulfilling, Awesome Hunt - but no Meat   
    This is the only picture I took. It’s off a pond I say by Monday morning. 
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    Haris122 reacted to Phil Lilley in Exciting, Fulfilling, Awesome Hunt - but no Meat   
    Last Sunday 11/15, I headed to Arcadia, MO to hunt with long time friend, Paul Crews.  He has a nice, small spread and a "hunting cabin" in the woods.
    I only wanted to kill a doe.  I'd take 2 if given the chance.  But I didn't want to kill a buck.  It was Paul's land and he was hunting a big buck.  I don't care about horns.
    Sunday evening, Paul had me sit on the ground inside a wooded area.  Saw nothing.  Monday morning, we hunted the opposite corner of the woods because the wind had shifted.  I sat on the ground again looking slightly down a dip -- very brushy conditions which I'm personally uncomfortable with.  I like open fields but Paul said they were holding tight to the woods.
    I had 2 does run by me at about 30 yards... way too quick for a shot.  Then another - in and out of sight.  Then 2 more does came in on my left, about 50 yards, but laid down in a thick cedar grove.  They'd get up and mill around but lay back down -- no shots.  Too much brush.
    It was getting to be about the time to meet Paul -- 9:30 am.  He had already shot a doe and had it back at the truck.  So I pulled out my grunt call and gave it a couple of quiet blows.  Nothing.  A few more, louder.  Nope.  Then one last blow as hard as I could.  Didn't sound much like a grunt.  But nothing was moving them.  
    I was sitting there thinking about what to do next when I caught some motion to my front left.  A buck came out of a thicket and was headed right at me.  70 yards - I got my gun up and had a front-on shot but I could only see 3 points -- big points -- on each side.  I could not see brow tines because of the brush.  He came on, looking around for the buck he had heard, stomping his front hooves.  I'd look down my scope, then over the top, trying to identify him as a legal buck.
    He came within 30 yards, turned slightly right and showed me his side.  You couldn't ask for a better shot.  But was it legal?  Did I want to take it?  It was a big bodied deer for sure.
    I decided to pass.  He turned away a little -- that's when I saw his tines.  It was a nice 9 point.  He saw me move and he bolted on, blowing at least 8 times as he went.
    FAST FORWARD to this past Sunday, 11/22.  Back up to deer camp for another try.  I went back to the same corner -- where all the action was, but this time I sat in a ladder stand.  I was up about 15 feet. There was a bar extended from my right to left to keep me on the stand and it was a nice gun rest.
    About 7:30 am, someone just to the west of us shot 4 times.  It was obvious he was shooting at something running and chances are he didn't hit it.  Ten minutes later, I heard a crash and saw a big buck enter the brush from the west.  I could see plenty of points on this one so no question I could shoot it.
    He paused long enough at 70 yards for me to get the gun around and on him, but it was a straight on shot which I didn't want to take.  He trotted from there right at me, not stopping till he was directly below me.  I could spit on him!!  He stopped, looked to the ladder, then his head and eyes followed the ladder up right to me!!!  What's the deal!  His tongue was hanging out so he'd been running -- probably the same deer that had been shot at.
    He started at me for I bet 4-5 seconds.  My gun of course was still pointing from where he came, above the bar!  I couldn't move.  And I thought for sure he was going to blow and go... but he didn't.  His tail flickered, he dropped his head and turned and trotted off to my front right.
    This was my only chance.  yes I'd kill it because it was by far the biggest deer I'd ever seen in the woods... body and rack.  He was majestic and I know Paul would be proud to see it down.  I had to lean back as far as I could to get the gun barrel below the bar... and as the point of the gun passed the metal bar, it ticked it ever so slightly.  And yes, he heard it and yes he bolted - like he'd been shot at.
    I really don't feel cheated at all.  I loved the experiences equally and wouldn't trade them for any successful hunt anywhere.
    We left the next morning for some crappie fishing.  We are very blessed!
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    Haris122 reacted to Daryk Campbell Sr in Stopped by Lilley's while in Branson.   
    Picked up some jigs for jigfest, and a signature series jerkbait.  Oh and I found some micro jigs.   Kinda excited about that.  Also picked up my plaque.   Thanks @Phil Lilley AND @duckydoty Duane. It is fantastic.   

    So, left to right, micro jigs I believe 1/256 oz,  micro magnet, trout magnet, 1/8 oz Lilley's Jig, Ned Rig with Dave's Ned Head half ZinkerZ.   

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    Haris122 reacted to Jadesjigs in Upper / Middle Fishing Report   
    My father and I were able to get out last weekend on a 2 night 3 day float / fishing trip on the upper-mid section of the Meramec.  The fishing was great, the weather was perfect, and the fall foliage was gorgeous!  The quantity of bass wasn't huge, but the quality was fantastic.
    I caught about 32 bass total, but at least 11 of them were 12+ inches with several in the 14-16 inch range.  It was definitely an early morning and evening bite.  The fishing was pretty difficult during the day with the low water and bluebird skies.  Even though the water was low, we had minimal difficulty with dragging through the riffles while hauling camping gear.    
    I'm so used to fishing the James River where it is pretty easy to locate the prime spots where fish like to concentrate.  There were so many good looking spots on the Meramec that I had major fishing ADHD!!  I would use a shad colored whopper plopper size 90 as a search bait and then pick apart the prime areas with Ned Rigs.  The leaves made it almost impossible to throw a squarebill.  I caught quality fish on both the Plopper and Ned.  I had some major blow-ups on the Plopper that didn't quite connect; however, they still took my breath away! 
    Nothing beats landing one of these beasts on finesse gear though with Ned Rigs.  Many people pass right by the prime spots and they would catch so many more fish if they would slow down and concentrate on "finesse fishing."  I also strongly recommend using the lightest weight Ned Jigs and smallest hooks that you can get away with for the conditions.  This gives the baits so much more of a natural presentation and they get hung a lot less.  The light weight also lets the Ned skitter along the bottom contours naturally through the current seams, current breaks, and eddies.  I usually use a 1/32 - 1/16 size jig with #4 - #2 size hooks.  The plastic of choice this weekend was a Robo Ned in Green Pumpkin Perch color.    
    Most of the smallmouth were found near the end of the riffles where they drop off into the beginning of the pools.  I can definitely understand why some are concerned about managing the spotted bass on the Meramec.  Approximately 1/3 of the fish I caught were spots.  Most of the spots were located in the deeper bends around structure.  
    I was talking to another fisherman on the river and we discovered that we were both OA members!  He was wonderful and gave me so much information and support.  There is a lot of bad that can come from technology; however, I believe an amazing community of respectful fisherman with shared knowledge has also formed due to this.  Thanks again GL for taking the time to talk with me on the river! 
    My dad is mainly a crappie fisherman.  Even though he grew up on the Meramec, he never truly understood the significance of the natural resource that the native smallmouth hold in these pristine waters.  I'm so happy that I had the privilege to show him first-hand!  He finally took his crappie jig off the last day and tied on a Ned and immediately caught a 10" smallmouth.  He could not believe how hard such a small fish could fight.  I think he's hooked!     

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    Haris122 reacted to Daryk Campbell Sr in Wind and leaves.   
    The water was clear, the temps were great.  I found a new section of creek to wade fish.  The fishing was great, the catching not so much.   I did have one take on a orange craw crank bait.   Was not able to set the hook.  I seen it, but I believe I was too quick to try to set the hook.   I did not see any fish freely swimming, but I can only imagine the creek has to have many residents.   I will be back.  

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    Haris122 reacted to Flysmallie in What trips your trigger?   
    Just going somewhere, anywhere does it for me. I chased the tournament stuff and had a lot of fun doing it but I'd rather just go fishing now. I chased the big fish, big ego thing and had a lot of fun, but I would rather just go fishing now. Love the saltwater stuff, but I would rather walk the beach than go out on a boat most days. 
    I've been fortunate to get to fish in a lot of different places. But anytime I'm outside I'm enjoying what I love. Nothing to prove to anyone. Nothing to prove to myself. Now I just relax and enjoy all of it. 
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    Haris122 reacted to fishinwrench in What trips your trigger?   
    For me it seems to be all about figuring out the right location and technique for the moment.   Once I'm locked in on the where's and hows and can pretty well call my shots, then I can put down the rods and just enjoy being out there.  
    If I go all day and never really figure it out.... I'll need to go again immediately, and my thoughts are about nothing but what I SHOULD HAVE tried. 
    I guess I find comfort in just knowing that I can catch them.
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    Haris122 reacted to Al Agnew in What trips your trigger?   
    JesterHK's post about fishing near Cabo in the salt got me to thinking.  I've done a certain amount of saltwater fishing, from halibut in Alaska to redfish in south Texas to striped bass near Montauk to bonefish, tarpon, and permit in Florida.  And I've caught my share of fish big enough and mean enough to take 15-25 minutes to get to hand...And I can say that for me, it just doesn't do it.  For one thing, I don't particularly enjoy being out of sight of land.  Not that I'm scared, or get seasick, I just find it boring. For another thing, I get tired of the "battle" long before it's over.  It's just not too important to me to be able to subdue a big, powerful fish.  After a few minutes, I'm ready to either get the thing in or hope it gets off.
    It's been said that the evolution of a fisherman is first, to catch a fish, then to catch a lot of fish, and finally to catch big fish.  But that's not my evolution.  I started out liking to catch bluegill and sunfish when I was just barely old enough to remember it, but I quickly graduated to the big fish stage; by the time I was 8 or 9 years old I was regularly catching 5 pound plus bass from Wappapello fishing with my dad, and at about the same time I also graduated to catching stream smallmouth on my own.  I sought big smallies for quite a while before catching one, but I caught a ton of 12-16 inchers before that ever happened.  
    But early on, it was the setting as much or more than the fish for me.  Wappapello back in the 1960s was a paradise.  It was held a couple feet lower back then than it is now, and the lower half of the lake had a bunch of low islands, covered in willows and buttonbush.  It was an absolute zoo for birds.  Mom bought a bird identification book and I carried it in the boat, identifying scores of really cool water and shore birds.  And the shallow lake produced amazing topwater fishing through much of the summer, and I quickly fell in love with topwater lures, a love affair that has continued ever since.  And as for those stream smallmouth, they eventually became my greatest love.  But by the time I graduated from high school, I'd realized it wasn't the fish that I loved the most there, either, it was the beauty of Ozark streams.  And then there was one more thing...early on, I began to make some of my own lures, and fooling bass regularly on a lure I made myself became one of my greatest satisfactions.
    I didn't start seriously fly fishing until 1996, when I got to know an avid fly fisherman who invited me to go to Montana with him.  It was the beginning of my third great angling love affair, but again, it was not the fish.  I've caught as many big trout since in Missouri as I have ever caught in Montana.  But it was the rivers, like the Yellowstone, that called to me.  I still don't enjoy fly fishing as much as I do baitcasting and using topwater lures, but I would feel sacrilegious to fish for Montana trout with anything else.
    Thoreau said that "Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."  I don't entirely agree with that.  I AM after fish.  I still love the thrill of fooling a big smallmouth or trout.  But I think it's as much because I have rivers in my blood, rivers that hold bass or trout, as it is the fish themselves.  I'd rather catch a big rainbow that jumps twice and comes to my net after a 2 minute struggle, than a tarpon that takes an hour to boat.  Why?  Because that rainbow will be living in a gorgeous river, and I may be catching it on a streamer I invented myself.  I'd rather see the explosion of a nice smallmouth, or even a little one, taking my topwater lure, even if it escapes.  I've caught plenty of smallmouth but I never tire of seeing them attack.  And then there is the challenge of finding and fooling them in the winter--again, more because of the winter river setting than anything else.  If I hook a really big one, then I get all excited and the adrenalin rush begins, and I WANT to get it to hand and measure it, because it's a rather rare thing.  
    There are other attractions, other things I love.  I love running rivers.  I've paddled and rowed a lot of different kinds of boats, and I never tire of it, of running fast water competently, of just feeling the response of my craft to my strokes.  I love fishing with like-minded buddies.  I love gravel bar camping, snorkeling, climbing a bluff just to see the view from atop it.  I love fishing a tiny mountain creek full of native cutthroat, so small and choked in timber that you never make an actual fly cast, you just figure out some way to get your fly onto the water before you spook the fish...and all the while you're keeping your eye out for ol' griz.
    So yeah, you can have your saltwater, or your big reservoir, or even your remote Canadian fly-in lakes.  They don't do it for me.  Give me a river and a casting rod or fly rod and some lures or flies I make myself, and put me in a canoe or a driftboat.  Give me some wild trout or smallmouth, or even some nice river largemouth--or NATIVE spotted bass, with maybe a native river walleye possibility.  Let me catch a few longear sunfish or one of the rock bass species for variety and just because of their beauty.  I'll happily do it all alone, or with my wife, or with a good fishing buddy.  And I'll remain just as deeply in love with the whole experience as I was when I was a teenager.
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    Haris122 reacted to ColdWaterFshr in I thought I had "it".   
    Last I checked, Cuomo isn't the POTUS.  Every state is dealing with its own variety of problems and challenges from this and Cuomo certainly has made some mistakes, no doubt about it.
    However, if you really have been following it . . . Bunkerboy's only TRUE concern hasn't been the health and welfare of this country's citizens . . . . . his only concern has been getting re-elected.  Daily press briefings of lying.  We all knew it granted,  but the Woodward tapes are proof that he has been knowingly and intentionally lying to all of us since at least Feb 7th.   And now he isn't denying he said those things,  and with a straight face he says he was worried that you might've panicked, Ham.  How thoughtful.  He was protecting you from yourself.  🤣
    As for Wrench, no panic there, because Marlboro Reds have made him all but immune.🤣
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    Haris122 reacted to gs63105a in Never been to Truman   
    We stayed at Bucksaw and fished nearby in the spring.  We hammered the crappie although I am sure the bite has changed.  There is a LOT of timber in that area.  If you have a good GPS and lake map on it, you should not have a problem.  If you don't, buy a paper map and go slow.  Bucksaw has nice enough rooms and a diner on the dock.  Bait, ice and slips as well.  You would not have to leave the resort but you will need a car to drive from the lodge or cabins to the ramp.  
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    Haris122 reacted to Seth in 8-9-20   
    Water was up slightly and pretty dingy. Caught 7 in a few hours on a black/yellow 1/16oz marabou jig just above the next dump below the bathroom hole. Missed a lot of bites since I had to detect bite by feel alone. Bait definitely works better in the dingy water but didnt have any treble hooks handy to try it.
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    Haris122 reacted to Ranger Dave in Never been to Truman   
    There are several places to stay around the Warsaw area.  Sterret Creek and Osage Bluff have motels.  Not sure of their pricing but you can check online.   There is also a motel in Warsaw that is somewhat reasonable.  It is called Lakes Inn (previously Truman Lodge).  It is next door to Sonic close to Hwy 7 and 65.  Just a little south of Warsaw at the Hwy 83 exit (White Branch area) there are a few reasonable motels.   Headwaters is the cheapest around $50 a night.  It is older but relatively clean.   There is Rivers End at $56 per night but I think they charge $5 person above that price.  Hidden Lake is about 8 miles west of Warsaw on Hwy 7 around $55 per night.  
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    Haris122 reacted to Bgctrading in Never been to Truman   
    Osage bluff.marina and motel.
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    Haris122 reacted to top_dollar in MDC   
    It's a good thing I can walk/bike to a few of my local fishin holes!
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    Haris122 got a reaction from snagged in outlet 3 in Lower Meramec   
    Not to hijack the thread but met up with a fishing buddy and we kayaked around George Winter last Friday. I got skunked but he hooked into a real nice Longnose gar with a chatterbait I believe. Probably a 4 footer. I tried to unhook it without getting cut by it as it thrashed around, but just as I got some actual leverage with the pliers, it thrashed around one more time and I guess the pliers gave him enough leverage to break off the line and take off, unfortunately with the chatterbait still attached. Hate to have them swim off like that but it was a hard fish to calm down enough to not get cut up bad, even though by that time it had to have been pretty tired. 
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    Haris122 reacted to Seth in 6-7-20 Report   
    Got down about 9am and landed four decent sized fish in the first 30 minutes on the orange wacky power worm and a white trout magnet. Those fish were cleaned and put on ice in a cooler and then I went and walked around the hatchery for a bit with the fiance. After that was done, I went down to the bathroom hole. White trout magnet was getting lots of interested again. I caught 4 or 5 more and then let the fiance catch one (free fishing weekend so no tag required) and then we headed out. I thought the fish bite was decent, but saw very few trout caught by others. You had to keep the bait near the bottom or you didn't get bit. Water had just enough stain that it was hard to see the fish tight to the bottom, but they were there just ahead of the dumps.

    People asked me if I was being forced to wear a mask due to Covid-19. Nope, I'm just a white boy who burns easily and sheds like a snake!

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