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  1. Lock is a gamer that’s why he is playing. He also turned down going to the NFL last year. Decided to stay his senior season. Said he owed it to his teammates and coachs. My GUESS at the time he decided to stay he might not have been drafted as high with the other QB’s being drafted. Thus he will drafted hiigher and more money. The Oregon QB staying another year does nothing but help Lock in the draft. Educated decision on his part.
  2. Saw one today soaring around Branson Landing
  3. I will be down there the following weekend. Leave some fish in the lake for me!!! LOL
  4. Nice job and some good fish there.... coming down the end of April hopefully have some luck like you have....
  5. Thanks for the report and way to stick with it. Coming down the end of April myself, can't wait. Staying in Aunts Creek.
  6. Thanks for posting. I also like that area of the lake.
  7. Never done it myself but a buddy of mine uses deer hair on some of his flys and some jigs.
  8. Thanks I will definitely check it out..
  9. Smallieguy87, What rivers do you fish? I am in St. Louis and wanting to do some smallmouth fishing in the smaller rivers and I see you are from Washington county. A buddy of mine used to go down Highway 21 years ago but doesn't really remember enough to give me directions. Are these public areas? Thanks Albyfish
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