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  1. go here tomorrow at 4:30pm and you'll know whether its fishable. http://www.swt-wc.usace.army.mil/power/hydropower.html#TENK Just a guess but I would say it will be atleast for the morning and mid day. Also this isa helpful site too. It tells you the lake level, and there is are links to gore, and the upper illinios so you can tell how much water is coming in and how much is going out. http://www.swt-wc.usace.army.mil/webdata/gagedata/TENO2.current.html
  2. You'll want to fish at watts parking lot, or below the dam. I fished the lower end a few weeks ago and it fished poorly. As far as flies go you'll need some zebra midges (black, olive, pale yellow have worked the best for me), cracklebacks, copper johns, and hair and coppers all work good. If you don't mind slinging junk flies (I don't mind) micro jigs can be deadly. You will want to watch the release schedule to make sure you don't show up when they are releasing water. If you hear the horns sound when your on the river its means they 'may' be releasing water so keep an eye on the water level. You don't want to get caught on the wrong side of the river when it comes up. here is a link to the release schedule: http://www.swt-wc.usace.army.mil/power/hydropower.html
  3. Update: Fished sat. morning up at watts from daylight until 8:30am. Went down to Gore landing and managed to fish half way to marvel. Didn't catch a single fish on the lower section, and no signs there were any trout even there. I will give it a try agin when the temps cool down. The fishing was subpar up at watts too, but did manage to catch some small rainbows up there.
  4. Anyone fished between marvel and Gore landing? Was thinking about fishing it tomorrow, thanks
  5. I wouldn't count on it being fishable. Looks like rain this evening and tomorrow in the forcast and that will probobly bump the inflo of water into lake tenkiller up even more. Even if the schedule say's they wont be releasing water this weekend I would be suprised if they actually stuck to that. I wish they would take a couple of days and just blow it out, I'm having serious LIR withdrawal!
  6. I will be heading up to branson for a week at the first of June. Thought I would do some wade fishing one morning, and might even try my hand at some night fishing. I've been reading the taneycomo forum, but wanted to see if anyone around here has any experience/tips to fly fishing it. Thanks in advance.
  7. And now we beging the slow painful crawl down to 632ft. A bummer for sure, I was hoping they would go ahead and blow it out for another day or two.
  8. Looks like they are going to try to get it up to 12500 here shortly. Hope this doesn't make the river a muddy mess like it did a couple of years ago.
  9. If they are releasing around 4,000 cfs its unfishable unless you floated it, with 1 unit going it will flow at around 1800-2000 cfs still be fishable in a few places, but I have never had much luck fishing it then. When they are just releasing a small amount and the flow is at 100-200 cfs the fishing is the best imo. If you look at lake tenkillers water levels, 632ft is where they like to keep it at. If its above that, like it is right now they are more likely to release water, they are also alot more likely to release even when its not scheduled. the opposite is true when the levels are below 632ft. You can also look at the inflow cfs and see how much water is coming into the lake, i think right now its around 3000cfs which is alot. It is usually around 500ish. With the rain that we just got overnight I would imagine it the inflow is going to go up quite a bit higher. So probobly no fishing for a couple of weeks or more until they get the lake level down to 632. Anyway just a couple things that I have noticed over the last few years.
  10. dead drifting, zebra midges and buggers. Nothing too creative, they were hitting good so I never got to deep into the fly box.
  11. Thanks for the report, I was out there the same day, and your right the fishing was good. I noticed that yesterday they were releasing water, so hopefully that washed some of the moss out.
  12. Does anyone no what cfs the minimum flow will be at? I miss the days before the dam was fixed, and it would run at about 100 or cfs.
  13. I was out there this morning, not much in the way of flow. Fishing was a little slow, but ive seen it worse. You'll catch fish if you don't mind staring a bobber while it drifts painfully slow down stream. midges, and buggers. Might be better tomorrow, looks like a warm up. My guides were icing up on me all moring.
  14. There"s a strip of land between where the road ends and the water is. Its marked heavily, with no trespassing signs, and even a gate if i remember right. I checked it out one day, but wasn't willing to risk leaving my vehicle parked there.
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