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  1. I made it this year and had a great time talking to evryone and eating some awesome food. Weather wasn't bad either. Was good to see you all again and will try to remember it next year also.
  2. I made the Meatballs today and they are all reay. Will be down about 10:00am. Missed it last year no excuse really just forgot about it until it was to late.
  3. I forgot about it last year until after the first. Will try to remember this year and show up with some Meatball Sandwiches.
  4. Gary Lange


    Wayne and the boys at HydroTec are great people to do business with and the Customer Service is next to none. I have know wayne and the boys for a bunch of years now and they are very good at what they do.
  5. Minn Kota 70 Troller Elite 5x Graph on Bow Elite 5/GPS on Console Lowrance Flasher Custom Cobra Cover Custom Cobra motor Cover Three Bank Charger Batteries 10" Manual Jackplate Tandem Trailer with Spare This boat is offered without motor and I am asking $13,500.00 or best offer. Contact me at glange@cebridge.net
  6. It was a good time and glad those that came had a good time also. Hope to see more out next year eating, fishing, and supplying some good old conversation.
  7. I am going to be there and will bring the Meatball Sandwiches. Been busy doing something I can't remember what and almost forgot about this. Thank goodness for a organized wife.
  8. I have two in new condition Cabela's Depth Master Model DR-86M 8'6" Down Rigger Rods both have Cabela's DT-300 Depth Master Tournament Line Counter Reels. I am asking $100.00 for all. Contact me at glange@cebridge.net.
  9. If you want it fixed right then take it to HydroTec Performance Marine, on Enterprise in Nixa, Mo. Wayne and the boys are experts with the Yamaha Outboards and will get you going fast. Call Matt or Wayne at 417-725-5746.
  10. It seems that for some reason we never like to read the Manual. I know I am guilty of it big time. Then again the Manual for the HB 898 that I have is 160 pages.
  11. I spend a lot of time on a Bass Boat site and interact and with the guys for about the last 6-7 years so I have picked up some knowledge of the subject.
  12. The two Legends are completely different. The Legend Dominator is a splash off the Bullet Bass Boat and the Legend built today is a design that started as the Hawk from John Storie. It is similar to a Cobra or Viper Bass Boat but has had the bottom redone and runs better now. The new ones are a high quality and very well built boat. The Legend Dominator is no longer built but is still a nice ride.
  13. Walleyes in the River systems move upriver to Spawning sights in late November and early December. This on most is below dams and they will move up stream as far as they can until something either man made or natural stops them. Theey will stage in deep holes downstream from spawning grounds and they use the same spawning grounds all the time.They will move from deep water holes and feed below the dam at night and then head back to the holes which are usually in the 30' range. When the water reaches about 40-45 degrees they move up at dark and usually spawn unil about midnight with some depositing all there eggs in about four hours and some doing it over several day and hour at a time. Once the eggs are deposited they will move back down stream to the deeper holes. They don't stay to protect them at all. I have caught River Walleye in shallow water but this was a shallow water river and the water was darker and stained. I usually used a 1/8oz. yellow bucktail jig for these. When I fished the deeper rivers I used a 1/4oz. jig tipped with a minnow in a vertical presentation bounced along the bottom.
  14. Take it to HydroTec Performance Marine in Nixa and Wayne and the boys will fix it for you and it won't drive you crazy and take as much time to find. HydroTec Performance Marnie 865 Enterprise Lane Nixa, Mo. 417-725-5746
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