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  1. fishinwrench


    Me too! I'm not going into details either, but every time you assholes make it back to the ramp without breaking down it's because I secretly fixed it while you were running down the lake. You don't even realize how close you were to being stranded miles from nowhere with nothing to eat but some BBQ chip crumbs and a few gummy bears. I'm preparing all of y'all's invoices right now, and I'd appreciate it if you'd pay before tax season. Thanks. 😊
  2. fishinwrench


    How does driving on expired plates tie you to a truck full of explosives ? That's some crazy profiling. 😂
  3. The release capability of Bagnell depends on the level of the lake at that given time. They can drop 12 floodgates 5' below the elevation of 660 msl So dropping them 2' at 659 is gonna pass the same amount of water as dropping them 1' at 660 The water breeches the floodgates at 667 (I think)
  4. fishinwrench


    I get it! That's why I said "some rich disgruntled basturd". You and Mitch were the ones that said you didn't have to be rich to do it.
  5. fishinwrench


    Sure, building a bomb is one thing. But being able to deliver it somewhere and detonate it (anonymously) while sitting in your living room watching TV is a whole new level of destructive retaliation. How would they ever be able to determine who did it, and why? I mean YIKES! Gotta admit though, it would be pretty cool to coyote hunt or thin down feral hogs with a drone 😃
  6. fishinwrench


    Really? Why would an Emergency Management office be at risk for any kind of terroristic threat ? Y'all deal with things AFTER they happen. What's the security protocol when a heavily armed drone comes out of nowhere, pinpointing the office computers WiFi connection, and comes busting through an office window at 80 mph ?
  7. Pffffft! I'm always the last to go to bed and the first to wake up. 😊
  8. I thought skunks were born dead on the road. I never see a live one.
  9. fishinwrench


    It's only a matter of time until some rich disgruntled basturd takes out a county courthouse or a DMV office. I'd hate to work anywhere like that with the kind of evil technology available now. Scary stuff.
  10. Yeah right! You probably just farted.
  11. Yeah I was on the verge of spilling some extremely helpful late Winter/early Spring river smallmouth knowledge, but then it hit me....I don't fish for river smallies in late winter-early spring EVER, I'm always busy chasing something else then. My window of serious river smallie fishing typically begins when the water first becomes warm enough to wet wade in, and ends when it becomes unbearable to wet wade in.
  12. During the meeting they said "We can't release any more water at this time because LO can't take it", and at that time LO was at 658.6 (over a foot below full pool...but it was still on a slow rise from tributary inflow). When Bagnell can't drop a flood gate, allegedly because of the St.Thomas level, and LO is near their 660 panic level....then Lake O DOES MATTER and it is absolutely a factor that the ACOE considers before dropping flood gates at Truman. It shouldn't be, but it is. It's BS that the Lake O economy and the threat of some dock damage trumps dam safety, Truman area economy, and Truman's ability to do what it was designed to do in the first place, but that's an undisputable fact. Lake O didn't have a problem maintaining 660ish year round even before Truman dam existed.....but now they act like it's a giant hurdle to overcome. Just seems rediculous to me.
  13. I remember 49.9 and my parents saying that if it ever got over .50/gal. that they were going to stop driving. Yeah right 🙄 They said the same thing when cigarettes hit 1.00 a pack.
  14. Oh STFU ! Nobody bitches and whines more than you. 😁
  15. The new battery powered LED Coleman lanterns are the greatest thing since the creation of the sun. Did a 2 night, and then a 3 night camping trip, and then used it during our last power outage. All on the same handful of D batteries. And they still aren't dead. Check out the reviews on YT
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