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  1. I fished (practically lived on it) MT during its early years and it was fabulous. I moved to Georgia for 4 years and when I returned it was immediately obvious that something had went bad wrong. Even though I was a better fisherman with a better boat I couldn't even come close to the success we enjoyed before. Eventually I just gave up on it, and a few years later moved to Lake O and haven't been back but 2 times for reassuring butt kickings. So what is it taking these days to win a derby there ? Back in the day you were getting a check with 14, and would undoubtedly win with 17+. I don't ever recall anyone showing up to the scales with 20#.
  2. The more "amateur" the event, the easier it is to do. The question I have, that nobody wants to take a stab at, is that IF no harm is being done at the current rate of fish relocation (almost 60 tournaments per month on Lake O).....Then WHEN could it be considered to be too much ? If not now, then when do we say "ok it's time to cool our jets here, or change our ways"? Whether it hurts anything or not the constant relocating of fish is unnecessary. So why keep doing it? Tournament participants should jump at the opportunity to eliminate the need for fish care during the day, as it takes away the headaches of culling or pampering a fish that is not doing so well, keeps the boat lighter, saves on battery use, ect. I just can't understand why this change is being so hardheadedly resisted, it makes no sense to me.
  3. Why Ike, whatever do you mean?
  4. Gotta call BS on that one. For the most part the White bass should be in the upper reaches of the tributary arms still. There is plenty of lake available to escape an algae bloom and White bass are more than willing to migrate whatever distance it takes to find suitable water conditions.
  5. Carp are just Carp. Anytime you have to work so hard to convince people how great something is.... there is a problem. Folks that are into chasing carp are always working to convince others why they should too. It's as if they'd feel more at ease with their passion if more folks felt the same about it. Given the choices I have in fish species to persue I place carp only a notch above gar, who are also plentiful, tasty, and fight like hell.
  6. I certainly don't support it getting as big as BASS TOURNAMENTS currently are, that's for sure. We pay a group of allegedly brilliant people to "manage" our fisheries, but sadly all they do is throw down a set of (one size fits all) rules and only lightly punish the ones who don't follow them. There is no way on God's green earth that one specific set of regulations is best for all bodies of water, but I guess that reviewing them independently is just too much work.
  7. Yeah I get that, but Buffalo on this lake have only one place to hang out and do what buffalo do. Much of the lake has been disrupted so much that they overpopulate in the few areas where big boats and the hoards of people don't go. They are spooky solitary critters for the most part, and don't become pets like carp do.
  8. I could certainly be proven wrong but I don't get excited about the WP or buzzbait bite until late Fall. To me, Springtime topwater stuff needs to move alot without traveling very far, or sit still. Poppers, Spooks, Hollow bodied frogs....stuff like that.
  9. The bowfishers did a good thing here. The Buffalo population was definitely out of hand, and they thinned those suckers out in less than 3 years. If you've ever tried to sneak up on shallow LM bass/whites/hybrids when there are 200 buffalo between you and your targeted species you'd fully understand how too many buffalo can ruin your day. They are gone now, and I'm glad. They have put a noticable dent in the gar population too, which needed to be done (I think).
  10. Sometimes the screen freezes if I stop in the middle of typing a post. Not sure if it's my device or not but it doesn't happen anywhere else. Usually if I hit refresh and wait a bit it will straighten out. Other times I get tired of waiting and decide that what I was about to say wasn't important anyway.
  11. The only true niche I've found for the WP is being able to make a really long cast parralel to the bank and keep it coming at the speed that makes the most noise, no pauses/twitches. The fish tend to follow it for a ways, sometimes until yet another fish begins to follow it also, then one of them will get anxious and hammer it. IMO the only thing that makes it better than anything else is the fact that you can cast it 1/4 mile.
  12. It's a mental illness. The fish aren't biting the way you think they should and you are temporarily lacking creativity and independent thought. Pick a cove or small creek arm and don't leave until you have figured out where some fish are located in it, and what technique(s) will make them bite. Take plenty of food and a sleeping bag just in case it takes more than one afternoon.
  13. Looks like a 308 with a weak bail spring. 😀
  14. Everybody wants to be me!
  15. It drives me crazy when people refer to all guns as "weapons". Some, like that snub nosed revolver and short barreled pistols, truly are good for nothing but killing someone at close range, so I guess the term "weapon" is appropriate. If a gun has any other use at all though I really wish people would stop calling them that. Don't know why, it just bugs the heck out of me. Those shows on the Outdoor network are among the worst. You're turkey hunting for Christ sake, that thing in your hand is not a WEAPON, you tactical warriors, it's called a shotgun !