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  1. True! And I haven't been out to confirm....but when it is backwatering in the Gravois the bite is typically pretty tough. So my advice is: If you aren't getting bit where you think you should then run out of the Gravois and fish closer to the dam.
  2. If it is ignition failure then it just has to show up on a DVA test. You can pretty much rule out the trigger, but you can't rule out the rectifier, stator, or power pack. I would start by hooking up the peak reading voltmeter to the ignition primary leads (orange) with peircing probes and see if voltage falls off before it dies. If it does then hook up to the stator (brown and brown/yellow....or whatever CDI uses) and see if voltage falls there too. If it does then you have a stator problem. If it doesn't then you have a power pack problem. Pull that flywheel and check to be sure that all magnets are in place solid and that none are cracked. If it stays running when you terminate the rectifier then it just has to be either the rectifier or stator. And since you've tried numerous good rectifiers then bygod it just has to be a bad stator. I never go by stator resistance tests....but maybe this is the time to use them. The stator charge coils could possibly be failing after the stator warms up.
  3. After it dies will it start right back up, or do you have to wait a bit? Just for kicks see if you can save it from dying by blipping the choke/primer a few times. Also, just for kicks....pull apart all of your amphenol connectors and inspect all the little pins and sockets housed in them. One of your pins or sockets may have gotten pushed out partially.
  4. I'm bugged by this. That would not be possible with ignition failure.
  5. Wow, this is a fun one. We are both gonna learn something here. Your CDI stator......are you sure it is the correct one? Gimme your model #
  6. Just for clarity and to help understand the system.....Your charging circuit and your ignition circuit are two totally separate systems.....kinda. The only thing that the two systems both share is a common ground. A bad rectifier or voltage regulator can dump AC voltage into the ground and THAT is the only way that the charging system can cause problems with ignition primary voltage. You can bench test this by hooking a voltmeter to the black/yellow wire and turning the key switch on and off several times. At no time should there by ANY voltage on the black/yellow wire. If there is then the key switch or regulator/rectifier is bad.
  7. Side note:. If by chance someone hooked up the battery backwards then your new rectifier is probably toast, regardless of what your diode test are showing. But.....that alone should not kill fire to all cylinders and cause the engine to die.
  8. Hook up a voltmeter to your battery, run the tilt/trim several times to draw the battery down to about 12.5 volts, start the motor and watch the voltmeter....it should climb to 13-14v and stabilize. If it doesn't then shut the motor down. If it does then keep watching it until the motor dies like you said it would. Any crazy voltage crap going on right before it died? If not, then disconnect the black/yellow wire from the power pack, start the motor and see if it still dies.....If it doesn't then your problem is a short to ground somewhere in the kill circuit (possibly a bad key switch, or kill switch) and you'll have to pull plug wires to kill the motor (DO NOT TOUCH THE BLACK/YELLOW LEADS WHILE THE ENGINE IS RUNNING, cuz it will knock the piss out of you). Report back with your findings.
  9. An aerator and a wet towel over the bucket is about the best you can do. You really don't want to ice them or make them too cool or they'll die immediately when you throw them in the 80°+ lake water. As for the crappie....Throw them on ice as soon as you catch them.
  10. The streets and lake roads here don't. No problems finding my way to the highway and back home. I'd like to see you navigate Truman or Mark Twain.
  11. I can see him, and everything around him clearly. Can you not? I can even see behind him.
  12. Assuming it's Mercury. Gimme prices on.... Lower unit Tilt/trim assembly TPS sensor Vapor separator and hp fuel pump
  13. There's this physics thing about setting the hook on a fish so small that it takes more effort to penetrate his lips than the fish weighs. There has to be enough mass to the fish so that when you pop him it doesn't just flick him over your shoulder. How do you pull that off? Seems like it would be like trying to set the hook into a lady bug. You aren't gonna stick him.... you're just gonna flip him over.
  14. I think you're stoned. And you've forgotten that highways aren't always dry.
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