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  1. I always thought it would be a shrewd move for Ameren to lower LO about 14-16' and put all these lakefront homes on second tier .... Then they could resell lakefront property all over again. 🤣
  2. They'll herd a female to the surface and try to knock the eggs out of her, but I've never seen a white get air.
  3. You know what's more boring than spoonbill snagging reports? Your elementary one-liners. 😋
  4. Yep, that was as boring as I anticipated.... but, like an idiot, I DID ask. Thanks. 😅
  5. The worst flooding (most substantial rainfall) we have had here at LO in recent memory have been during October, early December, and on the 4th of July. So why are they only preparing for floods during the Spring ?
  6. There's an experience I've never had.
  7. If so then it's a win/win. Because not only do I not want anyone's spoonbill meat overflow, I also would rather not have to stand there and politely listen to their boring snagging stories. Not even sure why I asked how the snagging was going..... cuz I honestly don't even care. So nevermind. 😎
  8. Is the snagging a little "off" so far? Usually I have a dozen guys by here raving about it and offering to give me buckets full of meat by now. I haven't heard from a single one yet.
  9. Dam operators always "prepare for spring floods" but there aren't anymore Spring floods than there are Winter, Fall, and Summer floods. They aren't preparing for Spring floods, they are using up water during increased power generation times.....but saying that they are "drawing down in preparation for FLOODS" makes them sound all kind and caring. 🙄
  10. I ordered replacement breech seals when I got the piston seals, but so far I haven't needed to replace mine. I dumped a little pile of talcum powder over the breech area and fired the gun ......no leaks, so I'm saving the seals for later. The blue Gamo seal also works on many Crosman/Benji applications....but not all. The overall diameter and the diameter of the inside hole are all you need to verify, if they are the same then your golden. The taper on all seems to be consistent on all makes. Shipping time takes about a MONTH !
  11. As long as you don't mind keeping up with the added maintenance it can only increase the value of the place.
  12. Typically Minn Kota makes better motors and control systems, but Motorguide makes better mounts and shafts. If you run alot of rough water, or you are routinely bumping into stuff.....go Motorguide.
  13. You might wanna think again. There's an outfit in Australia (Custom Air Seals) that are making replacement piston seals for most spring and gas ram guns that not only boost your velocity by 50-75fps but also dampen the recoil. They take the original seals that look like this And make replacements that look like this... No idea why manufacturers haven't adopted this seal design (patent infringment maybe?) but I swapped out the ones in my Gamo Swarm and my Benjamin Prowler with the Australian seals and I promise you it is something you definitely wanna do to any break barrel gun you plan on hunting with. Talk about waking up a sleeping lion!
  14. You've kinda lost me but it sounds like a brown wire on the trailer harness is shorted to ground. When damaged wires aren't obvious and easy to find I just replace the whole trailer light harness. It's only 14.00 and once replaced you shouldn't have to worry about it again for another 7 years. When you plugged it in and it sizzled, it likely blew the tail light fuse on the truck.
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