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  1. Or maybe that's just the way fishing stories work. They do seem to grow by a factor of 11oz. per month. If I had never had it mounted I would be the self proclaimed current world record holder. šŸ˜Š
  2. This one weighed 10lb.10oz. at the marina on Okeechobee. But weighed 11lbs.7oz. dead and frozen when I got back home. Whaddya think, almost a pound of frost? šŸ¤”
  3. No it's a 25XD Merc. Just an all around poorly designed outboard, and I knew that when I bought it.....but was in a hurry and couldn't find anything else at the time. Slapping a jet pump on it just made it worse. I wouldn't sell it to anyone for fear they'd tell someone they got it from me. Anybody that's had a 25XD knows what a piece of crap they are. And Mercury has made sure that most of them "go away" by seeing to it that every part that typically fails is NLA. Just for an example there is a foam lower cowling seal that immediately self destructs if a single drop of fuel comes in contact with it, and when that seal goes it allows exhaust under the cowling.....then the motor won't run unless you leave the top cowling off so the POS can breathe fresh air. Everytime you tilt the motor up the carb bowl emptys itself out the carb vent, into the lower cowling, and the seal starts melting. The only reason I'm capable of keeping it running is because through years of experience working on them have figured out all of the shortcomings and know how to kiss its @$$. (like turning the motor all the way to the left before tilting it up.....crap like that). I promise that I was doing you a favor when I pretty much refused to sell it to you. āœŒļø
  4. Any woman wearing a bra during the quarantine should be fined or jailed for being weird. Nobody cares, grow up!
  5. Ya know, the reason I wear Spiderman underwear is because I learned that I could leap out of the water like Spiderman to avoid being attacked by a beaver. My ex who witnessed it said that my palm went up, like I was shooting an invisible line....then I miraculously levitated 24 feet to dry ground. There's a superhero in me ! šŸ’ŖšŸ˜
  6. 37N dad-blamit carn-sarnet ! šŸ˜‚ That's within sight of the mouth of the LN, right?
  7. I wasn't grouchy when I moved here either. You've got 23 years to catch up, and then we'll see what you're attitude level is like. šŸ˜‚ As you leave the Niangua arm what mile mark will you be? (No map checking!) Bet you haven't a clue. You're headed from your 54 bridge to the other 54 bridge (21mm). How far is it? See? It matters. Having to look at your fuel guage, then getting out a pen and paper (or calculator) to do some crazy math.....makes me cranky. It was one way for 60+ years, then all of a sudden we have to have new maps and be mathematicians. šŸ™„
  8. She's fishy alright! Been holding out for a wide 16' but I really like that, and me and the dog could be happy in there I think. Where's that stimulus check, Nancy ? šŸ˜Ž
  9. Did you not raise it any since the original mounted pic? If not I think you should go up a bit anyway. At least to where the leading edge of the intake is level with the hull. Seriously. If you clip a rock with the forward side of that intake you're gonna break something or knock the motor off the transom.
  10. Speaking of USMC boot camp...... They've got it. Entire platoons are down currently.
  11. I also think that something to consider is that the majority of people worldwide do not eat healthy or exercise healthy. There's way too much poor diet and laziness going on. Aside from my enjoyment of cigarettes I am about as healthy as any 50+ person can be I think. If COVID19 takes me out then I can't imagine what I could have done to prevent it. Therefore I'm tired of worrying about it on a personal level. I'll sure do my part to keep from spreading it to those that might have weaker body's though.
  12. Because I'm into mountain biking and several other physically demanding activities.....and I'm also a SMOKER (Gawd forbid) I do deep breathing excersises every single day, multiple times a day. It's just a habit for me to do lung stretching excersises while sitting around, or when I'm doing paperwork or making phone calls. For someone that smokes I have some pretty good lungs. I feel like I can beat the COVID19, but I'd surely prefer to not test it. Besides there's a possibility that having it does permanent damage to your lungs.
  13. The back and forth thing is me wondering if me and Sugarbritches has already had it and gotten over it. Both of us, at different times, were down for several days. Her worse than me, she actually got scared and went to Urgent Care to get checked, but this was before COVID19 tests were a thing. I suffered through what I assumed at the time was a wicked chest cold, low grade fever, coughed until I thought I was going to pass out multiple times and walked around wheezing and trying to hack up loogeys (unsuccessfully) for over a week. We both thought it was extremely odd (and lucky?) that neither of the girls so much as even suffered a runny nose. I don't go to the doctor unless I'm on the verge of preparing a will, so who knows. Regardless if I had it or not, I sure don't want IT again, or anything even close to it, whether it be milder or worse. So I am taking full precautions, as much as reasonable. I still have stuff that I have to do either way. So as for doing my part in the social distancing program and wanting this threat to be gone.....hell yes I'm on board. Just because I have temporary moments of doubt doesn't mean I trust my judgement, or want anyone else to. Today I'm more concerned about the bungee bite on my face that won't heal than I am about COVID19, but tomorrow I'll be more concerned about Corona probably.
  14. Oh I'm watching and absorbing all the info daily, I'm definitely stressed out about it and being as careful as I can. The wife and kids are harder to get onboard because they have uncontrollable shopping habits that are worse than any drug depedancy I've ever seen, and there isn't a day goes by that they don't "NEED" something. My only point is that I can't blame anyone for brushing this off as just another crock of bull. Chicken Little has made multiple visits to all of our livingrooms. šŸ™„
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