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  1. fishinwrench

    Hey wrench check these numbers out

    This is gonna be a fun one 😃 I've never seen a switchbox that produces sufficient voltage at cranking speed...but won't at 3k+. I almost wanna say it's impossible for anything in the switchbox to cause that. I'm still leaning towards a VR problem, or possibly a bad shift interrupt switch (if so equipped). The shift switch is designed to momentarily kill the spark to one bank, which helps the motor shift more smoothly. Put a timing light on each plug wire, run it up, and verify for 100% certain which cylinder(s) are loosing spark.
  2. fishinwrench

    Where have they gone?

    😂 Stealing that one. 😊
  3. fishinwrench

    Hey wrench check these numbers out

    Test the voltage regulator before you haul off and buy new switchboxes. That one primary falling off at higher RPM's is kinda odd. Not a typical switchbox failure by any means. Might not hurt to swap coils around too, just to be sure that one isn't arching to ground.....which would also show up as a dropped primary on the meter.
  4. fishinwrench

    Hey wrench check these numbers out

    The one I "bolded" is out of spec. If there is an additional green wire from the advance module on that terminal then disconnect it. You need 140v minimum on that green primary wire. If it has the "High Speed Advance Module" mounted on top of the port cylinder head then get rid of that thing and don't look back. You'll have to study the difference between it and an "idle stabilizer". You can leave the idle stabilizer, but definitely terminate any HS advance module (they look alot alike, but are identified either by part# or wire colors).
  5. fishinwrench

    Water Temp?

    Another "old guy" I knew swore by a tomato-red Gene Larew worm during the dog days of Summer. He bought them in bags of 100. I throw red crankbaits in late Winter/early spring, but then I put them away for the year. That might be a mistake.
  6. fishinwrench

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    Peacefully? Madison? 😂 Only when you leave her alone and give her what she asks for. Everything is a fight.😏 Her sister's nickname for her is War Pig, but we can't call her that in front of mom anymore. ☠️
  7. fishinwrench

    Got the .25 dialed in .

    I watched it on YT. He was somewhere in MO. ripping McCaskill a new one, and pimping us a new senator or something. MAGA baby!
  8. fishinwrench

    Got the .25 dialed in .

    Yeah, the "American Classic", or so they call it, with a plastic breech and a rear sight that can't even be adjusted enough to zero. Because at the time that was the American way. So how was the Trump rally ? 😎
  9. fishinwrench

    You buying this?

    Yeah well, school was a drag. They always went out of their way to say Hi and wanted to chit-chat after the graduation (that I didn't attend), so I must have done something right. They made the mistake of mailing our diploma to us weeks before the actual graduation ceremony. So with that already in hand a float party on the Meramec sounded like a way better plan. There were 12 of us that didn't really care if we had a tassle to hang on our rear view mirrors, or not, so graduation night was spent at the Finn's motel. 😁
  10. fishinwrench

    Got the .25 dialed in .

    If you add the steel breech and be sure that the transfer port seals up good and straight they hit plenty hard. Mine when stock would not blow completely through a bean can, but after the steel breech and port sealing rings it's ballistics look like this...
  11. fishinwrench

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    The kid FINALLY caught one ! OMG if you only knew all the crap we've been through... This is the child that "doesn't like to fish". 🙄 Funny how she wouldn't put the rod down afterwards. 😃 So there's still hope!
  12. fishinwrench

    You buying this?

    I hated school with a passion. Our faculty was a bunch of wanna be drill sergeant's, and I've always had issues with authority.
  13. fishinwrench

    Got the .25 dialed in .

    Loving that group at 50. Excellent !
  14. fishinwrench

    Got the .25 dialed in .

    Good stuff, man ! You are making it harder and harder to resist diving into the PCP arena. How many shots can you get out of the Marauder's before POI is effected?
  15. fishinwrench


    What makes it the "last word"? If I say "what good are chiggers" do I cease to say ignorant things ?

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