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  1. Bulkhead Deciever. Use a no-slip loop knot when tying it on. Hands down the best streamer pattern I have ever found, I love it. It's a little tricky to tie, you'll trash the first 2-3 until you get it right....but it's worth it.
  2. This Fall.... beginning about NOW, a #2-#4 white Sneaky Pete is real REAL hard to beat. 2nd choice is a Club Sandwich Hopper about 2 1/2" long. And always work your way UPSTREAM if you can.
  3. If I can help YOU do it....then why can't I do it myself? 😂
  4. I'm not so sure. I had one write me a citation for expired plates while inside the boundaries of BSSP. I turned the ticket over to my lawyer, and a week later my lawyer called and said "it's fixed, keep your money, the officer was out of his jurisdiction". 🤔 I wouldn't have thought he was OJ while clearly inside the park....but that's 100% what my lawyer said.
  5. If you go back and read the whole thread, you were clearly talking about it being a striper. 😃 Whichever, who cares. 😊
  6. I have experienced the same, but it isn't to MDC's credit. They are doing what fish do NATURALLY.
  7. I'd also like to point out that the story of this fish has gained 10 pounds in 5 years 🤣😂😅
  8. Notice that even in this species discription that MDC specifically mentions that they stock HYBRIDS, but no mention whatsoever of stocking STRIPERS. https://nature.mdc.mo.gov/discover-nature/field-guide/striped-bass
  9. It ain't worth arguing over, but I think when y'all speak to these "biologists" you need to verify for sure WHICH fish you are talking about. MDC folks probably get used to folks calling hybrids "Stripers" and just roll with it. Seriously though, Stripers have not been intentionally stocked in Lake Ozark for well over 20 years. I promise you that if MDC was spawning, raising, and stocking STRIPERS...... they'd be crowing loudly about it. They aren't.
  10. I bet that once they get about 24" they could show you your backing, but yeah at 15-16" they aren't all that sporty.
  11. Actually not as much fun as a White of the same size.
  12. What else does the park ranger have to do when the park is closed. 😄
  13. Every October a good number of these make their way up onto the flats in Indian cr., Soap cr. and the big & little Gravois. I've never hung into one much bigger myself, but I did help a bank fisherman ALMOST land one that was as long as my leg. He gave it slack and lost it with less than 6' of line out.
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