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  1. fishinwrench

    Interesting listen on today’s Bass Talk Live

    No I didn't read it. And Yes I realize that the GUESS is based on some alleged "scientific study method". It always is. That changes nothing. It's innacurate by a long shot, and should actually be embarrassing to claim that it isn't.
  2. fishinwrench

    Please help me price a rig

    A used fishing boat in that price range? Right around tax return time.
  3. fishinwrench

    Interesting listen on today’s Bass Talk Live

    What a rediculous thing to even pretend to have figured out. I hate to just keep roasting biologist's on here, but for crying out loud....... 😒
  4. fishinwrench

    Interesting listen on today’s Bass Talk Live

    I'm sorry but any percentage you choose to claim is unfounded and simply a guess, and not even an educated one. There's no way to know. Not even tournament mortality alone can be determined, much less the mortality from the entire lake....and then assuming the percentage per "causes"????!!! 🙄 Absolute BS if you ask me....Which of course you didn't. 😁
  5. fishinwrench

    What's Cooking?

    This non-gourmet OAFer had leftover Million Dollar Spaghetti and toast for dinner. Always better after being reheated the second time. Not the toast though. 😊
  6. fishinwrench

    2019 Garden Thread

    What has a head, but no feet ? Wait.... don't answer that 😏
  7. fishinwrench

    2019 Garden Thread

    At least it won't get athletes foot, right?
  8. fishinwrench

    Chiefs - AFC championship game

    Let's concentrate on the pass/received ratio here. At least SOMEBODY could catch it 😁
  9. fishinwrench

    2019 Garden Thread

    Naw I'm pretty sure we did something wrong. It sprouted right away and seemed really healthy. It stayed healthy until it was about the size of a softball and the outer bedding leaves were huge. Then it turned hot summertime and that sucker just gave up.
  10. fishinwrench

    2019 Garden Thread

    Hey, we are supposed to teach our kids to follow the rules ! 🙄
  11. fishinwrench

    2019 Garden Thread

    Of all the things you could challenge kids to grow .... Why CABBAGE ? 🤔
  12. fishinwrench

    2019 Garden Thread

    The seeds are provided, she is supposed to use the ones given to her. Sugarbritches has a very green thumb but that pathetic specimen we nurtured last year just refused to get very big and was constantly drying out and loosing layers. It didn't respond well to niether sun or shade and showed signs of over watering, so finally we just quit fussing over it and left it alone. In the end it was pitiful in comparison to ones in the produce isle at Save-a- lot. 😅
  13. fishinwrench

    Chiefs - AFC championship game

    I'm not a big football fanatic, rarely even follow it at all.....but I certainly noticed that the Chiefs hot new quarterback punk threw some pretty unstable and "headed into the cornfield" passes, while Brady's passes were like bullets directly to the chest of his receivers.
  14. fishinwrench

    2019 Garden Thread

    Our youngest is entered in a cabbage growing contest. We're starting it in early February. We tried last year too, but failed miserably. One kid had a cabbage so big it had to be brought to class in a wheelbarrow. Any tips on how to help my little muffin succeed ?
  15. fishinwrench

    Had this issue arise this past year

    My Mamaw used to raise hell with my Papaw for not wearing his glasses, and one day he said "Listen here Ol'woman, if my eyesight was any better I'd probably kick you to the curb". 😂

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