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    My dad's rule was "until you can whip me you will live by my rules". At 15 I thought I could take him, but I was wrong. He pulled some crazy Air Force Ju-Jitsu stuff on me and mopped up a gravel driveway with my hide. My point was that those type things would happen more often if the school and the law would let it.

    "Parents haven't changed, schools and rules have". Alot of parents would make a more effective impression on their kids if school counselors would stay out of it.
  3. Anyone else see this?

    What ya got against COOKIES ? I wish I had some cookies right now. I don't even care what they are shaped like, I'd straight up eat a penis cookie, I don't even care.
  4. Anyone else see this?

    That's kinda the point of ads, isn't it? To direct you to someplace you weren't aware of. My daughter never knew she wanted a hermit crab until a Petco ad popped up during a video she was watching. Seeing a weiner cookie cutter might make you realize "hey, they make all kinds of cookie cutters".... so you might go look for fish shaped cookie cutters.
  5. Five Questions On Crappie Fishing

    Last couple years that place was only open "by chance", so I figured they were on the way out. Are they up and running dependably once again? That's good to hear.

    The same generation was also pro ☮️ peace. Anti-war, and anti-violence....to the extreme that now you can't even swat a mouthy disrespectful kid. How did that morph into the worst display of violence among citizens in history? Ricky Ricardo used to put Lucy over his knee and bust her butt. The Three Stooges used to knock the living crap out of each other. And the Skipper used to take off his hat and knock Gilligan cross-eyed every day. When women would get hysterical the closest man to her would slap the spit out of her mouth. This is what we grew up watching. We may not have had violent video games, but we had Rock'em Sock'em robots, played some wickedly violent Dodge Ball at school (better known as Smear the Queer), and the teachers would let a fist fight continue until it was obvious who won. And they still thought it was a great idea to give us Lawn Darts Bullying was rampant! Yet nobody ever went into school and opened fire, even though there was an arsenal of guns in unlocked vehicles right out in the parking lot. Honestly there's no way to make any sense of this. Must be the chem-trails, the vaccinations, or the fluoride. Or maybe it's the single parent thing? I have to admit that every kid I knew when I was growing up had both a mom and a dad at home.

    Hmm, I need to chew on that for a bit. Not sure if it's fit to swallow.
  8. Five Questions On Crappie Fishing

    The tackle shop owners around here will tell ya that Crappie gear is where the money is at. The only decent bass gear around here is at Dick's, and one other little shop in Osage beach that is the most miserable unfriendly place in the whole state. They say "Bass guys won't spend any money, they think everything should be given to them at cost".

    The grandest thing we did to worry our parents when we were 8-10 years old was being Evil Knievel. We'd go around the neighborhood stealing (borrowing) everyone's trash cans, line them up, build a ramp at the bottom of a hill, and launch ourselves over them on bicycles. We got extremely good at it and really wanted to be famous, so we built a giant ramp and hauled it piece by piece to the IGA grocery store parking lot and reassembled it....We were gonna put on a show We started off by jumping 4 grocery carts and had worked our way up to 7 before my buddy landed hard, broke the front fork on his bike and ate the asphalt HARD, broke his wrist and tore his face and shoulder up real good. Thinking back I am blown away that they just sat back and allowed us to do that. If a bunch of kids started building a ramp and rounding up grocery carts in a grocery store parking lot now, the managers and every lawman on duty would attack them like they were a group of terrorists. And the parents of the kids would be arrested for child neglect.
  10. Anyone else see this?

    Call me whatever ya want, but women in camo undies is not something I am disgusted by. Who are you guys pretending to be anyway ? "OMG, a naked female, RUN!!!" Seriously ? Y'all are so full of poop that your eyes are brown and your ears are stinking.
  11. Five Questions On Crappie Fishing

    Now THAT is worth getting excited about
  12. Bass Tournament- Cold Water Challenge

    Oh god, if you're struggling then I might as well stay here and work ! I was hoping to drag an A-rig around and at least have something to walk to the scales with.
  13. Five Questions On Crappie Fishing

    I pretty much ignore crappie until the big ones start piling up along the shorelines in April-May and I can have a few fish frys and then put a possession limit in the freezer. Then I forget about them again until next year. No elaborate techniques to master, just run down the bank and throw little jigs at pea gravel transitions until the livewell is full. It's about as exciting as picking mushrooms. Crappie don't excite me enough to spend thousands of dollars on specialized equipment and sit out over 40' of water just to feel a little "tick". They don't fight, they don't jump, they are just food. Marginal food at that.
  14. 1st Blown engine

    No prob. I'd feel like a jackass if I kept it to myself.

    It is a sweet little story. But in reality I can remember my days in school, and the results in Science class would have showed totally different patterns than the results in Math class. Earlier than that, when we all spent the whole day in the same classroom with the same teacher, there was no "wondering" who was the goofball/freak/weirdo that nobody wanted anything to do with. It was blatently obvious, no NASA level psychology degree needed to figure that out. And as I think back, yes, it carried on from gradeschool all the way through high school. A few quit as soon as they hit 16 but none ever did anything destructive to the masses, but one did put the vice principal in the ER for a day. He deserved it though, the kid showed up at school with an ear ring and the VP attacked him in the hall and almost ripped his ear off. That was a bit excessive and uncalled for. The kid ended up in prison for arson before he was 25, but is now a business owner (concrete construction) and is a fairly productive member of society. If I needed concrete work done I wouldn't hesitate to call him. The other "outcasts" that I can remember (except for one) all found their happy place as soon as they got a job and could afford their first Harley. The other huffed some Pam cooking spray and didn't make it out alive.

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