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  1. Fishing Report 4/15, 4/16, 4/17, 4/18

    I was fishing a little club derby on Pomme years ago and as I was cranking in a 12 incher my partner suddenly says "GOOD GOD!". I looked back and started to say, What? and at that moment a HUGE musky T-boned my little bass and almost jerked the rod out of my hand. From his angle in the back of the boat he had seen it coming but I didn't. It let go of my dink and I let it swim around for a few seconds to see if it would take another swipe at it... but it didn't. (Kinda mean, I know). That's as close as I've ever come to catching a musky.
  2. Big Bass Bass

    The old East wind phenomenon.
  3. Lots of parts are NLA on a 1983 80 Merc. You can get water pump parts, carb and fuel pump kits, and seal kits for the lower unit. That's about it.
  4. Check this out

    If they dumped 130-280 copperheads across the street from your house every day, do you think you'd have a better chance of getting bitten than me?
  5. Release boats?

    I bet the live release trailer dumps them in a golf course pond. There ya go.
  6. Big Bass Bass

    It's up to you and your partner. I know some groups (bass clubs, ect) all pool together and split all the winnings. Some guys even pay for an entry but don't even fish.
  7. crappie goods

    If the plan was to share the pic and tell everyone how long the fish was....why not just leave the dang "Lufkin" right there next to it? Either way that Slab is bigger than any I have ever caught I think. I can't remember ever catching a crappie over 14". Pretty sure I'd remember it if I had.
  8. Big Bass Bass

    If I was to take a shot at it I would turn the sonar equipment and livewell pumps off, put the trolling motor on it's quietest setting, and methodically toss/pitch/skip a 1/2oz. jig around the last 3-4 docks in the very backend of every cove I could, until I ran out of time. I wouldn't waste a single minute doing anything else.
  9. Big Bass Bass

    Well there's a lot of it going on. Process of elimination. Here's a productive explanation. Let's say you plan to fish the upper Gravois during the event, so you prefish in Indian cr., Soap cr., Mill cr., just to get a feel for how the fish are biting and what kinda areas the bigger ones seem to be hanging out around. So you've done 2 things....you learned a few things about what kinda spots you need to concentrate on, AND you sore-mouthed some fish in OTHER creeks, making it harder for the poor basturds that fish there to catch any. I'm guessing that none of the 200+ guys in the Gravois today will be in the Gravois come Saturday-Sunday.
  10. crappie goods

    Oh come now! Settle down before I report this to the moderators. You're throwing a fit over 1.5" of tasteless crappie meat. Rediculous!
  11. Why not to buy Mercury

    @aarchdale, Fuel pressure and air pressure (make sure they are within spec), then pinch the return lines and make sure the pressure spikes. After that (if all checks good) fire it up and do a "cylinder drop test" by removing one plug wire at a time. What you are looking for is a cylinder that isn't carrying as much of a load as the others.
  12. Big Bass Bass

    Went out for a test run today in the upper end of the Gravois and you'd have thought the Bash had already begun. Access parking lot was full, and Bass boats... friggin EVERYWHERE ! Totally insane.
  13. Bass Fly Swap 2018

    Little FYI:. If you look at the label on a bottle of Zap a Gap, and then look at the label on the Super glue they sell at Dollar General you might notice that it comes from the same place. Bob Gaston pointed that out to me years ago.
  14. Why not to buy Mercury

    I catch enough flack from the stuff I say....I don't need anybody adding to it.
  15. Check this out

    That's 2.5 minutes more than I could take.

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