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  1. Do y'all get to hear the Steve's Pest Control ads on the radio, or is that just a local thing here at the lake? The folks that run that biz have a stellar sense of humor ! 😅 Almost makes me wish I had a termite, rat/mouse, or ant problem.
  2. I have cameras on the boats around here, and a few gaggles of crackheads fairly close, but all they ever do around here is be helpful. One of them told me awhile back that someone asked him about "that place with all the boats" and he told them, "That guy stays up late, has a dog, and is about 1/2 crazy....I wouldn't be messin'round there!". I'd say that's about the perfect reputation to have here in Gravi. 😊
  3. I love those motors so much! Keep her tuned and maintained and she'll run forever. 👍
  4. I tossed that idea around. It would look really cool but I'd never actually use it. I have a hand operated TM on a ProControll mount and a 50amp 12v plug up front. I have a brand new black Bimini top that I found laying in the road and nobody came back to claim it. I'm thinking that might be sweet to have on there while searching and waiting for the white bass blitzes to happen.
  5. These ads make it really hard to follow a post. This is probably why so many posts get hijacked around here. How can we learn anything about carpsuckers and COVID19 with distractions like that? 😋
  6. Well I think there are way more possibilities than those two, but ok 😅 All that bleeding heart crap about: "Nobody cares what happens to a non-conformist jackass like YOU... but for the love of God, PLEASE shelter your children", is so.....so...... what's the word I'm looking for here? Ugh! 🤮 If there were only two possibilities then they'd have to be either this... Or THIS... 😂
  7. Oar lock pins are pretty standard, and bushings are used whenever they aren't. Lot's of different designs.
  8. IMO this thing has reached unbelievable levels of stupidity. Now we have places locally that are not accepting cash because "that's just another way to pass the germs". Numbers of positive cases in my area are reportedly skyrocketing.....yet I don't know of a single person that has it. I'm in awe of what's going on here. 🙄
  9. I can see why snakes would wanna be in a blackberry patch, the woodpeckers and bluejays were working our patch over real good this morning. We still got 4 cups of ripe ones a little bit ago, which is about what we've been getting every for the last 5 days.
  10. For whatever reason, mosquitoes are never bad here around Lake O. Years ago, when I was a kid, they would spray diesel fuel along the shoreline to combat the mosquito hatches, but they quit doing that a long long time ago. The skeeters just don't like it here I guess. I'm thankful.
  11. I was looking through old school pictures awhile back and was quite taken back. My kindergarten teacher was HOT! 😲 Apparently you don't notice such things until 2nd grade.... because I remember being excited about my 2nd grade teacher who was also a real looker.
  12. I don't believe in him either 😋 His existence, if real, would kinda debunk the whole importance of having "faith" wouldn't it?
  13. We have a horsefly here that violently attacks anyone that gets in the pool. His name is Gerald.
  14. What does the sheets on your air mattress have to do with it ?
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