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  1. That white 'deer hair & marabou bulkhead wannabe'.....will outfish all the rest. 👍
  2. He doesn't even need to do that. He has magnets that will pin a 12 y/o kid to the refrigerator. Just swing one of those suckers around over the floor and it'll find it.
  3. I see it. It's 8" from the trash can on the right. 😊👍
  4. How much does she get from the government monthly?
  5. That sounds like a Gunner Brammer fly. If he hasn't claimed that name yet, then I want it for my next streamer concoction. 😊
  6. I don't know, but I do know that people are having too many kids. And the less able/capable the couples are of raising and supporting them, the more kids they spawn. The ongoing continuation of this is not going to benefit society. We're headed downhill fast, y'all. 😳
  7. When I was a kid we fished the Salt river all the time, and there was a stretch from "Condemned Bridge" down to the confluence of the Mississippi where you'd catch these gray catfish with no adipose fin that the commercial fishermen called "Fulton's". I'm guessing that they were a cross between a channel and a blue..... but I dunno. I've never seen one anywhere else. We caught them fairly regularly in the mid 1970's, some up to 15-16 pounds, but mostly 3-5lbs.
  8. It's one thing if you're just making crap up as you go. It's a whole-nother thing if you're regurgitating the flawed information that was taught to you. I mean like...you had to answer the quiz THAT WAY in order to pass the training course. I honestly don't know which is worse.
  9. I've got nothin'. 😅 It does no good for me to read scientific literature because I'll invariably come across something that (in my mind) is hogwash.....and then I then I lose trust in ANY and ALL of it. About 80% of what I have studied in regards to fisheries biology, in my lifetime, has either been completely wrong, or at the least "generally inaccurate". So much so that it has given me such a frustrated attitude, that I now lack the capacity to just politely ignore it. I'd rather they say... "we just simply aren't sure at this time".....instead of filling in the spaces
  10. I thought that 652.3 according to the Bagnell guage was the lowest I've seen. But they are saying it is 653.10 right now, and there is at least 3 FOW over things (like edges of boat ramps) that I've seen bone dry in the past.....So I don't know what's accurate. Let's just say that I've seen it about 3' lower than it is today. This is my beloved flat right now, and I've seen it completely dry, short of a trickle running down the middle.
  11. What's awe inspiring is: Why on earth a goose would prefer to live in the arctic ?
  12. Yes, but go very slowly backing in and try another lane if it looks like the wheels are falling off a ledge.
  13. Fix whatever is making it "unreliable", take it to the carwash and shine it up, and then keep it. Sell or trade it in at closer to 225k
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