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  1. I watched an AIA (Anglers in Action) weigh-in back in early April, and it went like this: If you were a nobody and didn't have a heavy sack of fish then your fish got back to the water soon enough that they likely survived ok. But if your were a "somebody" that had sponsors to thank, or you had a heavy bag of fish, then they kept you and your fish on stage to talk about things and gave plenty of time for 6-8 cameras to capture pics of all your big ones to put on Facebook, and say prayers for everything and everyone involved in the event...... except the fish of course. Then they'd FINALLY say something along the lines of "ok let's get these fish back to the water..... Who's next?" Uh, YEAH LET'S !
  2. If only 30% of anglers agree then it will definitely change things. I think at least 40% already do, but they aren't ready to admit it yet. They'll come around.
  3. I don't think so. Truman is going to pull the plug late Saturday or early Sunday, and Stocton probably will also.
  4. Twas a tense night around here. We were apparently right at the line where all hell began to break loose. It would get dead still and sweaty hot. Crazy lightning. Everything threatened to sit down right on top of us, one right after another, but all came down just north of us and ripped Its way northeast from there. What a wicked line of storms that was!
  5. Well they sure enough did. A couple of my buddies were like... Hell, let them pay you if they want to ! But I know better than to sign anything government related, especially any kind of assistance that requires a signature. That crap will hang in the shadows and jump on your throat later in life. When my wife and I hooked up she was getting EBT and energy assistance. Before our wedding I made her put an end to that business right away. She likes to play the lottery, and I always tell her that if she ever hits a big lick the state will be at the lottery office to get a big share of it because she lived "assisted" for several years. I don't help the government any more than I have to, and I darn sure don't want their help. Ever.
  6. From what I could tell, FEMA is the biggest scam ever. They were here after my place got destroyed and even though I was fully insured and had no need for their assistance whatsoever, they absolutely wouldn't get the hell out of the way and leave me alone. It was obvious that they just wanted to be here so they could log in their "much needed assistance" and get my signature on a few things. They didn't get it so they hung around for days hassling me about it. They even called me late one night on my cell phone from the motel.... obviously drunk. Finally my adjusters showed up and after they had words with the FEMA guys they finally left. I'm just a little guy in Gravois Mills, Mo. that had his house and shop destroyed. Not a FEDERAL EMERGENCY by any means. 😅
  7. Well the ambulance or fire truck SHOULD be coming from the other direction anyway, so naturally they would come in the other entrance, or from the O Rd. station. They seem to have some piss poor management decisions going on. They spent a LOT of money updating and upsizing the hatchery.....and they don't even use it to anything close to it's potential.
  8. That place brings in plenty of money. I can't imagine a valid reason for all this "going cheap" and "cutting corners" attitude.
  9. We have one of those crackhead Facebook hero's 3 houses down the road, that loses his mind everytime a cloud blows over. He has this car horn honking code.....that we all ignore. 3 long honks/twice means that he has seen "rotation". And he sees rotation about twice a month all year long. I wish he would OD.
  10. Yeah, the big comma had passed through earlier about 5:30pm, the twister hit at 10:15pm. No sirens, no warnings, nothing. Had I not heard and felt it coming we might have gotten killed or injured really bad. Had about 20 seconds to brace for it, and it lasted about 8 seconds. Sounded like a 747 crashing into the house.
  11. Oh BS ! After the F3 ate my first life I gathered radar data records from NWS and NOAA so I could see what it looked like as it hit. Just some scattered green and yellow splotches like you see every day on there, and a straight line SW breeze with a 2 minute long smattering of hail between Sedalia and Warrensburg.
  12. I hate when the weather radio says....."Blah-blah-blah and head for cover, blah blah blah...This is a radar indicated threat". Makes me wanna steal the batteries out of that thing and put them in something useful, like a pencil sharpener. 🙄 Get your butt out on a hilltop and point your face at the western sky, ya lazy bastards !
  13. So the deal is......They are still going to catch some small fish.... y'all are just pissed because they take time to weigh them? Go grab a beer, pee, check your text messages, and stop being whiny bitches. 😆 I told my partner one day, I wish I could catch some of those fish like you are catching, ya know, the ones that you can just swing in. Because I'm tired of having to get down on my knees to lip these big sonsabitches. 😊
  14. Yeah you gotta take a minute and realize who they are actually selling to. The reason for the whole thing is not to see who is the best angler in the world, it is to sell products to guys with the mentality of FatCat Newton. Us "hotshots" don't need advertising cuz we know what's coming before it ever hits the shelves. They are selling to people that IF 4-5 pounders were constantly being caught they'd accuse them of fishing private Bill Dance ponds.
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