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  1. Ok, I have panty free panties now. Just needed a nap I guess. 😊 Headed to a new stretch of river here in a bit. I hate these days when you can't decide whether to wear waders or wet wade. 🤔 I'm either going to freeze or sweat today.
  2. The Chubby Chernobyl is the one I'm hearing everyone from out there talking about. The sloppier the better. Imagine pulling a Hopper off the grill of your truck..... that's the look you're going for.
  3. I've planted pines, they don't like it here. Tried all sorts of trees after the twister ridded me of all the big pretty ones. One lonely catalpa made it, and one redbud, everything else dies. Oaks, Hickorys, sycamores, dogwoods, and Mimosa's..... that's the only thing that wants to live here.
  4. I'm chainsaw, chop saw, and sawzall certified......I got this.
  5. Yeah, ain't that sumpthin'? Hoooo, boy! 🙊 Guess that's a checkmate, because if I respond the way I want to, for that jab..... I'll lose a friend for sure. So I'd best stand on my fingers and not answer the phone for awhile. 🙄
  6. Wait until you spill some oil on it. Slick spot forever. I hate that rino liner crap, or any other spray on coating for that matter. Looks cool, but sucks.
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  9. Yeah it really is. They do ok at Bennett for only utilizing 1/4 of the hatchery system they built. I'd sure love to see them ramp it up though. The park and river both fished much better back when they had less tools to do their jobs with, and less guys doing it. I can't even imagine what those guys do all day long now. Cut grass I suppose.
  10. The backend flats are loading up with fish big-time right now. Water temp got down to 74° for a few days but was back up to 81° this evening. Lots of activity in the shallows. And the best part......No oak mites out there! 😊
  11. Yeah I wonder which chair holder-downers pet project that was? "Rather than tending better to what we already have, let's bring in something else that we can fail to keep track of". And while we're at it, let's do nothing with the trout program but raise the price of a trout tag anyway. 🙄
  12. I goofed on the White action too. Was out a bit early for the blitz, so started throwing poppers for green bass. Ended up having so much fun that I stayed with them until dark. Let the Whites have a pass tonight. Caught about 15-20 shorts and 2 decent ones.
  13. I wish they'd go to half as much trouble to bust smallmouth giggers. We paid to have those stupid elk brought in here.....and now they are going to make our lives miserable about them. I'll gladly testify in writing that she has MY permission to shoot that one, and 2 more. Now, go find something worthwhile to INVESTIGATE.
  14. Me too. It's early yet though. Of course I only have to drive 1/2 mile and boat another 2 miles. 😊
  15. It's worth a try I guess. I tried both of these last year, to no avail.
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