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  1. Tonight at the Vise: Share Your Creations

    Oh my goodness! I'm a little excited about this one... You bobber guys should jump all over this!
  2. Recent Observations

    Now THAT I find interesting. I had no idea.
  3. Meanwhile back at the ranch

    I don't think C&R of walleye will ever become a thing. I know that I myself only get excited about a good sized walleye in the sense of...."Oh, this one is gonna taste GOOD !" If I did much C&R of walleye I probably wouldn't have any fingers left. It's a good thing that I don't catch very many.
  4. Meanwhile back at the ranch

    Does anybody here know about the Truman "back pump disaster" back in the '70's? I don't, but I've heard about it from the old-timers. Apparently they did some kinda back pump thing to help clear debris at the dam during the walleye migration and ended up hauling out dead fish by the dump truck loads. Lots and LOTS of Walleye. People were outraged and all the old timers HATE Truman dam (and the lake) after that.
  5. Meanwhile back at the ranch

    No they didn't, or they wouldn't still be stocking hybrid stripers into lakes that have a native White Bass population. Once you jack up the gene pool of native fish there's no fixing it.
  6. Tonight at the Vise: Share Your Creations

    I meant to say *stalking* but auto correct apparently doesn't like that word (took me 4 trys to get it THIS time). So anyway... What kind of fish are you persuing? Reds? Tarpon? SHARK!!!?? or just whatever gets ahold of you?
  7. Just about finished with my little river scooter

    Right on my man! 😀 Here's where the old 25XD resides now Water pump was in great shape but all the water passages in the powerhead were clogged with sand. Cooling water couldn't circulate. Throttle pickup timing and linkage syncronization was off a good bit, so when in the "in gear" WOT position the throttle plate was over-traveling and actually closing off the Venturi on the back side. What that means is that when you were at WOT at the carb the ignition timing hadn't advanced yet, and when timing was fully advanced the throttle plate was going closed again. All is straightened out now. She fires right off with 1/2 a pull and we have her on a 1542, it planes out fine. Everybody is happy on this end. Thanks a bunch.
  8. Tonight at the Vise: Share Your Creations

    What are you talking out there? I know nothing about salty fish.
  9. There was one early fall low water year I remember doing pretty good swinging a soft hackle between Sand Springs and the concrete boat ramp. That was before the riffles there were all choked with gravel. Pic sucks, but it was this one right here, I did real well on it for a couple weeks. The thorax is peacock Ice Dub. #14
  10. The ridge bend at Barclay might be good for a couple if Oneshot hasn't already eaten them all. The other 2 places I wouldn't have much faith in unless a good rise happens this week (not looking very likely). Maybe drive down to Corkery and hit that?
  11. Spend the majority of your time with your line in the faster water areas where it's hard to see the bottom. #14 and bigger hotspot nymphs, leeches or buggers. Where you find one you'll usually find several. Are you floating a stretch or just wading in?
  12. Tackle HD New Product

    My grandpa was a fly fisherman/fly tyer, not exclusively but he did it alot. I sat beside him and prepped his materials when I was a little bitty guy, and he started me on it at very young age. My Dad never fly fished even though I think he actually wanted to, but here was this THING that I could do....and he "couldn't", and he was awesome enough to just let me have that. I didn't have another fly fishing buddy (besides Papaw) until I was 14-15 and then I met a 20 year old dude that was into it pretty good, he and I formed a bond and really tore into it. Along the way we got a couple of other friends hooked on it and together we built a pretty special thing that I give total credit for saving the 4 of us from becoming hopeless drug addicts, alcoholics, and knocking up every girl in town.
  13. Tackle HD New Product

    Good movie. And I like the after effects because those of us that were fly fishermen before it came out suddenly became way cooler. Prior to the movie we were just weirdo's. I'm a little sour because there was nothing cool about being a Trout Bum when I was one. I was just "a loser that skipped school alot and wouldn't get a job".
  14. Gotta love buying parts for a Merc

    Where it all goes bad is when emmission management takes over. A computer can't fix a mechanical problem. Let's say an injector sticks open (or becomes plugged).... The O2 sensor tells the computer that there is an overly rich (or lean) condition so it then alters injector pulse width and ignition timing in an attempt to keep EMISSIONS in check. This is the only thing that matters now....Gotta keep that exhaust clean. If there is a minor failure on one cylinder and the engine continues to run well enough to get you home YOU ARE LUCKY. This crap of designing engine control systems to run CLEAN or not run at all is BS. If I'm paying that kinda money and I need to outrun a storm or get out of a barges way then piss on some clean exhaust....I want that SOB to start and run ! I refuse to pay thousands more than necessary for an engine system that is designed to sacrifice ME AND MY PASSENGERS for the sake of cleaner air. My environmental concern side only goes so far. 4-stroke outboards have the least amount of tolerance in that regard, and that's yet another reason why I will never own one. This is why they refuse to let guys like me have access to the programming side of those ECM's, because I'd change that crap right quick if I could.
  15. Tackle HD New Product

    Well I like to at least appear that I know what I'm doing. If I huck a plastic worm/craw/fluke on a flyrod I'm not gonna look like I have my $#*+ together at all.

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