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  1. Netflix Show - Ozark

    I lived in Buford, Ga. for over 3 years, Lanier was way cooler than LO.....until you wanted to catch fish. The biggest bass I caught there was barely over 2 pounds. The night time striper fishing around the lights is kinda cool, so I hear.
  2. 17' Paddle Jon

    Sounds about right.
  3. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    They will just take the same "size restrictions" as LOZ has, in the sense that size is limited by the roads.... If the roads are big enough to haul it in then it's not too big for the lake.
  4. Trolling motor problems...

    Genuine, meaning that it is going to require some disassembly to see what the issue is. Best case scenario= 200.00
  5. Trolling motor problems...

    Nope that's not normal. You may have a magnet loose in the motor.
  6. Topwater Flys

    Good deal! Will be giving them a try in the morning.
  7. Trolling motor problems...

    First check voltage at the plug to make sure you have 24v to the motor controls. If so, pull the prop and make sure there isn't a buildup of fishing line/rope/ect. and that the drive pin is intact. If everything is good there then you have a genuine problem. I'd be happy to look at it for you....but I'm headed to the river and won't be back until Monday AM.
  8. 17' Paddle Jon

    Sounds good.
  9. Another weekend of...

    He might be, but I have yet to tell a lie. I don't believe I've even exaggerated.....about ANYTHING. So yeah, whatever. I'm not assuming that I'm always right, but I know dam well that I'm not wrong near as often as you guys say I am.
  10. Another weekend of...

    I can say the same about you and the gigging thing. I have seen more dead bass behind gigging boats than I have seen hanging on a stringer tethered to a yak or canoe. It's true. Guess it depends on what river you're on. Is Sugar cr. big enough to float a gigging boat? If not then maybe THAT is the reason they were able to have that good of a day in their yaks.
  11. Ozark

    I'm perfectly happy as a silly hillbilly livin' in my shack. I prefer that City folk think I'm slower than I really am, works out great for me. 😉 I think the correct term is "sandbagging".
  12. Another weekend of...

    Kinda like Musky fishing, ain't it ? No it's worse. At least when casting your arm off for a Muskie you might get a follow, some genuine interest in what you're trying to sell. With the MDC all you're likely to get, if you're lucky, is a pretentious refusal.
  13. Ozark

    I'm one of those that just can't sit in front of a TV for more than a few minutes unless it REALLY captures me right away. So as soon as it isn't going to bother someone I'd love to hear/read some spoilers.
  14. Another weekend of...

    I seldom if ever see kayak/canoe anglers with a stringer of bass or trout. Goggle-eye more often, but even that is rare. Bank fishermen and guys in Jon boats are a whole nother story, as they often are toting a few. I haven't spent much time in a yak (maybe 4 hours total) but I would think that keeping a mess of fish while yakking would be a pain in the butt. Tried paddling back with 2 limits of white bass on stringers and it was like dragging an anchor, we finally had to just lay them inside the canoe so we could get back to camp.
  15. Another weekend of...

    The argument about gigging that you always dismissed was that gigging doesn't just get a bunch of 12 inchers....it typically results in a bunch of dead 15-20 inchers. Not to mention that it is totally illegal but very seldom policed. Your position, as I understood it, has always been that it doesn't happen as much as we say it does so there's no urgent need for investigation. I always figured that for every illegal gigger I've seen (or seen evidence of) there are probably 4-6 that I don't. I think that's a pretty safe assumption.

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