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  1. Lop-headed dog ????

    You would assume that is the muscle that causes his ears to perk up....but he can still do that just fine. Damnedest thing I've ever seen. I dunno.
  2. Lop-headed dog ????

    It hasn't. If you feel the actual skull structure it is the same on both sides. Above that on both sides is muscle tissue. The muscle on one side of his head has just suddenly, and for no apparent reason, just collapsed.
  3. Thanksgiving fishing

    I'm actually leaning towards a 7 footer that has just enough tip to cast it good but is otherwise pretty darn stiff. When I pump the rod with my wrist I really want the bait to pulse hard with as less forward movement as possible (if that makes sense). Long sweeps aren't where it's at in cold water, it's those short but violent bursts that seem to trigger the most bites. Plus I'm fishing it with a high rod tip so a slower more flexible rod (like most consider a good crankbait rod) just doesn't get the hooks stuck good right away. In warmer water when I'm smacking rocks and stumps with it I like a faster 6.3-1 reel, but in the cold I've gone back to the old 5.3-1 round reel, and line just heavy enough to cause a hesitation on the fall rate when I give a pause.
  4. Lop-headed dog ????

    If you have one to spare I'll gladly try it. My oldest daughter suggested a silicone implant, and I told her the same thing. "Got one you'd like to donate?"
  5. Lop-headed dog ????

    Yeah I dunno. It isn't sore or even tender. He hasn't lost any coordination or anything. He can still perk up both ears, his eyesight and eye movements are still normal. Apparently the breed that it is most common in is Boxers, but it has happened in all kinds of dogs. Occasionally you'll look at him and his head will look almost normal again, then he moves or something and it goes right back down. Makes me wonder if eventually the issue will correct itself as fast as it happened.
  6. Thanksgiving fishing

    I've been kinda quiet about this, but I am beginning to realize that a lipless crankbait can be a real game changer in cold water. Last January - early February I had 2 weeks of fantastic success throwing one. And right now it seems that the bite on them just keeps getting better and better. Might just be that I am getting better at using them I'm actually starting to get a little fanatical about it.....just spent 77.00 on lipless cranks and now I'm experimenting with coming up with the perfect rod/reel/line combo for slinging lipless baits in cold water. I used to always put them away during the cold water months... but I have woken up recently.
  7. Fine then. Don't go looking for us lowly civilians to help bail you out when you go broke.
  8. Lop-headed dog ????

    This hound has been the biggest PIA of any dog I've ever had. Love him to death but boy-oh-boy there are times when I'd like to kick him off a cliff. Ya know how all dogs have that spot where if you scratch it they start thumping their foot? Well this jackass does this thing where he goes to do a little scratch, hits his funny spot, and totally locks himself up. If you don't get up and go physically stop him he'll set there and scratch non-stop for HOURS ! Seriously, the freakin' idiot will lock himself up and sit there scratching like a madman and look at you like "Help Me, Help Me, can't stop, I'm stuck here!". It's like caring for a retarded kid. The kids adopted a stupid cat and all Orion wants to do is lick the cats butthole, and it makes my wife wanna beat him. Of course the cat LOVES IT and is always walking past him with her tail straight up in the air like "Oh please, big yellow dog, do that thing you do!". This is becoming a rather weird place to live. If it wasn't for my incredible sense of humor I'm pretty sure I'd have to leave.
  9. Air Rifle

    I ordered the Gamo Swarm and it's on its way. Dick's had some Crosman 14.3gr. hp pellets in .22 so I grabbed some of them while I was there. I'm probably gonna need to order some others to test after I get it broke-in good. I assume that I want to go heavier, no? I'm hoping to be able to dispatch small critters out to 35-40 yards. Any pellet recommendations?
  10. Ok here's one for ya. I pull in the other day, hop out and my best buddy, Orion is there to greet me. I look at him and something doesn't look right, his head is crooked. It looked like somebody bashed his skull in with a shovel.... but yet he is acting like everything is just peachy. I holler at my wife to come look at him and she almost passes out. Rush him to the vet where they rack up 450.00 worth of x-rays and tell me that his skull is fine but the muscle that goes over that side of his head has just gone flat. What? Just like that? One minute it's fine and 20 minutes later.....Poof, muscle just goes flat? I Google it and I guess this really is a thing. Has anybody ever seen this before? Because I haven't. Orion seems fine, it hasn't effected anything about him as far as I can tell, other than his appearance. Crazy!
  11. Most noticable increases in animal activity are the result of breeding, not eating. Animals already live close to their food supply so there's no need to go walkabout to find it. February is "dead skunk in the middle of the road" month because that's when the peak of their breeding occurs.
  12. If it pops out and is rubbing against the prop then that's not good, but the worst thing that can happen is it will make your hole shot sluggish. It's purpose is to divert exhaust gasses into the prop hub during acceleration and help keep the bubbles under control. If it is popping out of position then get a new one. One of the ear snaps has probably cracked or broken off.
  13. Hooks for senko type worms

    No they aren't a "circle hook" but they are a style of hook that you have to let bite before you set. I just reel into the fish and when I feel like the hook has taken a bite I give it good stab. I whip some 30# mono on them for a snag guard just so I can fish them around dock cables and boat hoists.
  14. This weekend?

    That's a nice one. Definitely would have made it to my table as well.
  15. The sound of that big block Chevy gives me wood.

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