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  1. When C&R first started it was Sat.& Sun. only. Then they added Friday and Monday after Larry Peace requested it. They were kissing his butt and doing everything he requested for awhile because they wanted him to sign off on some property by the spring that they wanted.
  2. The only purpose it serves is to incourage the mishandling of fish. Nobody can wade there, so kids, women, and guys with no fishing skill stand there and catch fish after fish, drag them up on the dry slab rock to unhook them....and then kick them back into the water. It's the overflow from the egg holding tank in the new lower hatchery building. They could have more easily just let that water dump into the nearest raceway and go out the main chute with the rest of the exhaust water....but it is likely contaminated with "something", or of low oxygen content so I guess they felt it was best to keep it out of the raceways. Either way, yeah, it would have been less trouble to cut a ditch alongside the raceways than to bore the road and push a pipe. πŸ™„
  3. I desperately want to shove something into that pipe at the highbank so those fish will get back in the riffle where they belong. Putting that thing there was the worst decision ever.
  4. It was a blast. Made a pass through the high bank hole and we both caught 8-10 apiece on various nymphs, then went up to Z1 and put on a genuine dry fly clinic. The ol' 9mm Wrench coaxed a bunch of risers, several of which nosed up to the fly, studied it for what seemed like an eternity....then slurped it in. Amber had a solid 20+ incher that got out of her hands while I was digging out my phone to snap a pic. It was her biggest dry fly fish to date. We were getting a lot of steady risers when the whistle blew. I wish they'd blow that sucker an hour later, 4:00 is right in the middle of prime dry fly time. Tons of little celery flys in the air.
  5. See if the shift cable end is moving. Might be the shift detent in the control box, or a broken cable.
  6. fishinwrench

    What's Cooking?

    We need to fire up the restaurant review thread again A new pizza place just opened up in Versailles less than a month ago, and on Thursday they allegedly provided poor service to a First Responder. Now, thanks to Facebook, the whole town is boycotting the place because...."how dare them not kiss the butt of a FIREMAN". The wife went by there Saturday about dinnertime and sure enough not a single car in front of the place. πŸ˜…
  7. If didymo or zebra mussels have decimated a fishery I haven't heard about it yet. I bet a million+ was spent on propaganda about each, signs, stickers, magazines ect., and probably 3x that spent studying each. All quiet now, and ready for the next big scare.
  8. Went down today and started at the river access, up a bit and pretty cloudy, I swung a few streamers and hit some pocket water with a leech....no takers. Headed up to zone 3 and worked a 100 yard stretch, caught 2 little Smallies and one really pretty rainbow down there, but the bite was reaaaally slow so I headed up to zone 2. It was on up there, plenty of decent sized rainbows with most of their tail gone.....but it kept me busy until the whistle blew. Caught 20 or so. Ran back down to the river for the last hour of daylight and managed to catch 2 pretty nice ones in the high fast water swinging a muddler. That's all I have to report. The kid and I are gonna hit the park again tomorrow I think. Lot's of leaves.... but seems to be a good amount of slightly better than average fish with ratchet tails.
  9. This year, weather permitting, it just might be deer sausage, cheese & crackers on a gravel bar. ☺️
  10. MDC pays them? Or does MDC run that operation?
  11. Cuz a group of scientists, the ones everybody wanted to hear from, jumped to a conclusion....and then stopped further research. There's no going back now! The funding for THAT ONE has ended.
  12. Absolutely. A lot of the stuff my ex-wife did was awesome. I've been done buying her gifts and singing about how much I love her for quite awhile now though.
  13. It's cuz they are out of their 5 county area. Severe culture shock.
  14. Have y'all noticed how all the Roaring river guys are being all quiet? πŸ€” I bet they've got all the pigs!
  15. That just sucks. They usually dump a load of Browns in the river right around the beginning of firearms deer season. I wonder if we'll get them this year? Browns were totally non-existent in the spring Branch this last year I think. I only fished in the park 3 times but I don't recall seeing any brown trout at all either time.
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