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  1. fishinwrench

    High Pucker Factor Morning on the Upper End

    It didn't short to ground or overload the circuit then, it simply got hot because of a poor connection at the plug splice.
  2. fishinwrench

    High Pucker Factor Morning on the Upper End

    They are covering their six. If a circuit shorts out in their TM control and burns down your house they don't wanna be held liable. By putting that in their instructions even if it is a result of shoddy engineering their butt is covered.
  3. fishinwrench

    High Pucker Factor Morning on the Upper End

    The installation of the plug itself constitutes 3 "splices (places where corrosion can set in, and/or contact area can loosen from the ongoing hot/cold cycle). No such thing as being too OCD about electrical circuits.
  4. fishinwrench

    High Pucker Factor Morning on the Upper End

    This! In all actuality, on a TM like that where you have no intention on removing it regularly, those plugs are nothing but bad news. Better to hardwire the motor in and eliminate 2 splices.
  5. fishinwrench

    FOUND: Spinning rod and reel

    Psychologist's say that if your wife stands on your right side then she's feeling frisky. If she stands on your left then you might as well go night fishing.
  6. fishinwrench

    FOUND: Spinning rod and reel

    Retarded to do one opposite of the other. Do you hold your fork in the right hand to eat meat, and the left hand to eat veggies? I'm probably gonna get in trouble for this one but I just have to share it..... A buddy and I was having the right/left discussion at a restaurant one morning over breakfast, and I said "well then why are you holding your fork with your left hand?". Without even a second of hesitation he goes.... "Because I jack off with the right". Spit coffee into my biscuits and gravy, and had to go outside to collect myself.
  7. fishinwrench

    Lyric's heard wrong

    Excellent strategy my friend! The next time I do something that pisses my wife off I am gonna blame it on Aerosmith. 😂 The time I wasted tossing spoons the other day I blame on all of you guys here, because if y'all hadn't been singing about THAT then I would have started slow-rolling a spinnerbait earlier and definately would have caught more keepers. Don't be putting bad ideas in my head, you devilish basturds!
  8. fishinwrench

    Got a Good Woman

    Well if the virus comes from snails then it's there for good. The Niangua is totally ate up with them, and always has been as far back as I can remember. Moreso below Bennett than above. I'd say the river just needs a good rise to clear out the nasties. Send it down here to Lake O where bigger-badder microbes can take them down.
  9. fishinwrench

    FOUND: Spinning rod and reel

    Why do you crank a baitcaster with your right hand, and a spinning rig with your left? That's retarded! 😋
  10. fishinwrench

    Got a Good Woman

    Well hell yeah! Can't let a potential case of Pemphigus vulgaris put a damper on the party.
  11. fishinwrench

    Got a Good Woman

    Whatever you do don't get in the river! According to Riverfront's FB page nearly everyone that played in the river last weekend has turned up with a mysterious rash.
  12. fishinwrench

    Real Good Year

    I just got word that Bob Burns (NRO) passed away. Things might get a little shakey around there without his foot on everyone's tail anymore.
  13. fishinwrench

    New FLW rules

    Can't fathom why anyone would choose to participate in a sport where they had to cheat in order to do well. If it's about MONEY then there are way easier avenues than competitive fishing to be shady and make money. Maybe there should be a NO RULES tournament circuit. Allow everyone to do ANYTHING and see who can stay alive, out of jail, and come in with the 5 biggest bass before the sun sets. The only rule is the fish have to be alive.
  14. fishinwrench

    SAFETY while boating

    A tab washer comes in the kit with SeaStar systems (works like the tab washers on Mercury props). Some boat riggers don't know what it is and don't bother with reading the instructions. The steering arm is actually not a high vibration area since it is buffered by rubber mounts on all 4 secured fasteners. Vibration from the powerhead and gearcase is almost non-existent at the steering arm. My guess is that the bolt broke, or somebody didn't tighten it up (or used the wrong bolt) when they installed the steering system.
  15. fishinwrench

    SAFETY while boating

    Oh I know! I was ejected into 42° water at well over 60mph and had to swim with coveralls on. No fun at all. Adrenaline kicked in and I didn't realize I was cold until after I got back to the boat ramp. The boat was over-powered (225 on a 17 footer) I made a trim adjustment, the boat bow hooked and did an immediate 90° turn. Busted my face, fractured a rib, and put an end to my "need for speed" in one milisecond.

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