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  1. fishinwrench

    Paddlefish poaching article

    The only reason I can think of for MDC being all S.W.A.T. about eggs from paddlefish is that it cuts into their side-business. The dead paddlefish that line the banks during and immediatly after snagging season aren't the result of mass poaching, they are the result of their imposed length limit. Who cares if somebody snatches the eggs from them, unless you are part of a cartel that is selling them yourself? I challenge the tales of paddlefish carcasses, minus the eggs, being found along roadways. That's the biggest crock of bull I've ever heard. If you were just harvesting eggs then you wouldn't leave the lake with the whole fish..... you'd take the eggs and loose the fish before ever going back to the ramp. And if you were smart at all you'd leave them on ice at somebody's dock and go get them later. I ain't buying any of this BS. It's fake news.
  2. fishinwrench

    Paddlefish poaching article

    I wish they would have quoted ME ! 😄 If you think nobody from the MDC has ever trafficked any spoonbill eggs.....😏
  3. fishinwrench

    Our new Foxy yard pet....

    We have had a fox den in a big rock pile about 70 yards from our back door for about 6 years now. Oddly enough we seldom ever see them. I only know they are still there because of the footprints in the last snow we had. Very VERY sneaky critters.
  4. Nice! Now to get busy dying squirrel hides. 😊 Cuz natural only works about 20% of the time.
  5. fishinwrench

    Trout opener article in the St Louis Post

    Yup, less people = less trash. Wanna make a bet that most trash comes from those spincast totin' boneheads?
  6. fishinwrench

    I might go try to catch a trout.

    Whiskey season is almost over. I'll grab some the next stop at the liquor store.
  7. fishinwrench

    I might go try to catch a trout.

    I just now picked up on that handle. 😄 That's a goodun.
  8. fishinwrench

    Air Rifle

    Food good ! Nice weather would be good too. Who all here is interested? Let's decide on a WHERE, then we can haggle over the WHEN.
  9. fishinwrench

    Couple Hours on Little Patuxent MD

    Beautiful 😍 Where did they come up with the names for those eastern rivers? Heavy on the Indians I reckon.
  10. Bob Gaston made a clamp from popsicle sticks, a clothespin and a big O-ring. Worked better than the Petitjean tool. The wood made working with the fibers easier than the slick clear plastic stuff. He'd rub a bit of wax on one popsicle stick edge (or just lick it), tap it down on the material to pick it up, then clamp it and put it into split thread. He called it "Lickety Split". 😃
  11. fishinwrench

    I might go try to catch a trout.

    If they are raising those fish for the purpose of people catching and eating them, you'd think they would put their highly educated biology brains together and develop a feed that doesn't make the fish taste like slaughter house leftovers.
  12. fishinwrench

    I might go try to catch a trout.

    Hmmm. Good stuff?
  13. fishinwrench

    I might go try to catch a trout.

    That's some pale bourbon. What is that?
  14. fishinwrench

    Fishing kayak.

    Yeah I don't get the kayak thing either. Nothing about them appeals to me over a solo canoe. Not a single thing. I don't even understand why they were ever invented. Where's the actual niche?
  15. fishinwrench

    Wiggle Wart

    If you have an old sacrificial Wart you can take some 80 grit paper and make a pile of dust, then mix the dust with some 2-ton epoxy to make a paste and fill in the missing area.
  16. fishinwrench

    So, I need an outboard.. or, boat for sale lol

    There's a ton of 9.9 and 15's out there. Get one bought for 4-500.00 and put a couple hundred into freshening it up. I'll have a good 20hp Merc tiller for sale as soon as I have time to go through it.
  17. fishinwrench

    Air Rifle

    I ordered a tricked out 2300KT from the Crosman custom shop and I sent that sucker right back. It was a 10 yard indoor paper puncher at best. Loud as hell.... but not even close to the power I was promised. That's what led me to build my own 1322. Honestly my 1322 is just as accurate, and is more powerful with 3 pumps than that POS was on a fresh CO2 cartridge. I'm doing another 1322 in a camo carbine configuration with 14" barrel here pretty soon. That's gonna be my porch plinker and truck gun, and will go with me on bike rides/canoe floats. I'd love to get a few of us together for some target shooting. I'm plum ate up with this stuff.
  18. fishinwrench

    Are you prepared ?

    Yeah we had a "Come to Jesus" meeting while you were gone. I ate a cracker and the whole 9.
  19. A giant apocolyptic winter storm is coming!!!! Hope everyone is prepped and survives ok. Don't worry about us here, we just got a new broom so I think we'll be fine. Stay safe and strong everyone, and God Bless! Will be checking in on everyone when / if internet and phone service is restored. Wrench out. 🤙
  20. fishinwrench

    Air Rifle

    As far as pistols go the choices are few IMO Most are pretty anemic. I like my hotrodded 1322 but all that pumping gets old after awhile. The Maruader pistol is kinda sweet.
  21. fishinwrench

    Carry on the tradition

    Not sure if these were part of the set, but the one (which appears to be a half hitch tool) looks to be made from goose or turkey quill. The other is obviously a bobbin threader.
  22. fishinwrench

    Carry on the tradition

    Very pretty! Take a gander at this Heirloom. Even the spool is walnut. My Papaw had it buried in a box of fly tying odds and ends. No clue how old it is.
  23. fishinwrench

    Trout opener article in the St Louis Post

    My favorite trout park happening of all time was this old dude that had just stoked a big ol' Sherlock Holmes style pipe and got it all fired up real good, then while dicking with his tackle the pipe slipped from his teeth and he dumped it right down the front of his waders. The more he danced around cussing and pounding on himself the further down that 1/4oz. of burning tobacco ran down his legs. Once he finally got it all put out he just gathered up his stuff and went limping off to his car. 😂 The other memorable one was this dude in a pair of hip boots that looked to be 2 sizes too big. He was walking along up by the spring hole at Bennett and had his fly box out digging through it while he was clopping along, and he had a trout on a stringer that was swinging around his legs while he walked. We were leaning against my tailgate eating a sandwich, and I pointed and said, "that ol'boy better pull that fish up or he's gonna ...." No sooner than I said that the stringer hogtied him and WHOPP! the dude faceplanted one of those benches that sit along there. I busted out laughing like a maniac and couldn't pull it together. The dude was bleeding from the face really bad and everyone around there was rushing over to help him ...and looking at ME like I had somehow caused it.
  24. fishinwrench

    hodge podge day

    Yeah 30 casts with an A-rig beats the heck out of 472 casts with a jerkbait.

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