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  1. Agree, there's really no need to weigh sub-legal fish. But at this point I'm just happy to see them stop relocating all the fish from 10-60 miles away. If you're only gonna weigh the bigger ones then OUNCES matter even less, so why even weigh them at all? Score by 1/4 inches and make it all much easier. It's ok if there is a tie every once in a while. I mean seriously, does a guy really feel that he's the better fisherman if he beats his opponent by 1 ounce? Or even 1 pound for that matter?
  2. While you're studying bass science let me know if you learn anything about removing bass from their familiar home areas and relocating them to areas where they are completely lost. Surely there's something worth learning about there, that can help OTHERS to understand the potential impact of 7000 tournaments per year on every lake in the state.
  3. My Berkley scale decides on a weight after a few seconds even if the fish is flopping around some. Oddly enough, if I clear and re-weigh, it is always within a ounce or two. Fussing over a couple ounces is not worth thousands of guys each hauling fish around 4-6 times per month on every lake in the U.S.
  4. Gotta admit....I didn't see any waves that a Charger couldn't glide smoothly over either. Whatever. It's hard not to make a judgement when you're given video evidence. And the boat shouldn't be a "total loss" by any stretch of the imagination, he's just gonna have to pay to have it recovered and repaired. People do it all the time, his wife just wants to see a fat insurance check 🙄
  5. I hope so! It should have been done long before now.
  6. Yeah I should be. If not just leave a message and I'll call ya back ASAP (likely within a few minutes). Snap me a pic of the port side of the powerhead, just so I can confirm the configuration.
  7. Nightmares? Yeah there's something creepy and just not right about that place.
  8. Something about that pond just doesn't feel right. Can't put my finger on it.
  9. If you wanted to flip a 20' bass boat on purpose.....How would you do it ? Cut 90° into a big oncoming roller and throttle up hard. That might do it. I bet I couldn't do it on the first try though. I'd have to keep being stupid until finally I succeeded.
  10. Yeah they make a Terminator plug, get this on the way.... https://www.amazon.com/Mercury-Mariner-10-41506-43453T/dp/B07MJ82LLY/ref=asc_df_B07MJ82LLY/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=241924658829&hvpos=1o3&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15139673312527494303&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9023493&hvtargid=pla-740423790437&psc=1 Some 1/4" drive metric sockets, side cutters, pair of needle nose pliers, screwdriver, and some tie straps. I'll buy your cap sensor, so actually you're gonna make money on this deal 😎
  11. Serial # ? I will need to look up the charging system on that one. Not yet familiar with it. There may be a relay in the circuit. Likely a stator and/or voltage regulator failure.
  12. Trying to imagine what it would take to flip a Charger. 🤔 Dang!
  13. Well you'd have almost 2 weeks to get it here, I'm 12 days backed up right now. Not difficult or overly technical to do. I could talk you through it...... but not today. 😊 Tues-Wed. if you wanted to grab your tools and stand on the port side of the motor, give me a call and put me on speaker, we could take care of it in about 30 minutes.
  14. I love the way the double fluke rig looks in the water, it gives me alot of confidence......But honestly I haven't had my day with it yet. And it doesn't "pitch" well, which is something I have to do here around docks.
  15. Absolutely. It's a crappy system that makes no sense at all unless you are in the habit of idling long distances, then running at 3/4 to full throttle for long distances, then idling for long distances again. If you idle a short distance then run 3-5 miles, then idle a short distance again.....the oil ratio is all wrong for the whole trip. Might as well split the difference and mix 65:1 for everything. That system with its plastic drive gear has caused more powerhead failures than anything else.
  16. The Niangua has always fished better for me when a little high, rather than a little low. Same with every other mid-sized river I fish. Smaller creeks seem to fish better when low and clear.
  17. What do you think this is, a book store ? 😂
  18. I hammered 'em once upon a time when it was 7' over normal pool by fishing the "erosion break" of the original shoreline with a jig (hula grub). It was the best day I ever had on Pomme, 17lbs and some change. They were holding tight to that eroded stairstep of the original shoreline.
  19. To hell with that. Did you know that you can auction off dirty panties for upwards of 5-600.00 a pair? Rub a power worm on a pair of undies and you can get rich off the pervs out there. There's no info in that book that you can't get for free watching YT videos. Don't be a sucker. 😉
  20. Powerbait was a hit, no denying that. He gets no points for being a scientist though. Because eventually somebody was gonna try sweaty soiled panties as a fish attractor, it was just a matter of time.
  21. Yeah, it could be the motion sensor detecting no movement in the oil pump drive gear. That will give the broken beep-beep-beep-beep tone. The motion sensor is behind the control arm just above the oil injection pump. If it is the o/i drive gear failing just terminate the oil injection and start mixing your fuel 50:1 before it eats a piston. Better have someone that knows what they are doing run a series of troubleshooting tests to make sure.
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