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  1. fishinwrench

    hodge podge day

    Took me all of about 8 minutes to figure it out. It's far from my favorite way to fish .....until I get tired of trying (unsuccessfully) to make them bite "my way". Then I'm suddenly all about it. The first time I finally decided to tie one on I swung 21 pounds into the boat in under 3 hours. That'll make a believer out of you right quick. It taught me that I was indeed in the right spot....they just didn't wanna bite what I was throwing.
  2. fishinwrench

    Trout opener article in the St Louis Post

    Well WE do. And we're not mistaken.
  3. fishinwrench

    Trout opener article in the St Louis Post

    He didn't say it mattered, he said it bugged him. Bugs me too. What bugs me even worse are these Nancy boys that say "What difference does it make how others choose to fish?" Nothing is more annoying than a person who loves people. 🤣
  4. fishinwrench

    FOR SALE: 2017 Topwater 2160

  5. There's two ways to think here .... Go light and move slowly, and you can hop out and drag the boat into deeper water if you need to. OR, go heavy, hammer down, and let the momentum of the extra weight slide you through. (What stops a Prius will usually not stop a Peterbuilt).
  6. My wife got one, and the thought crossed my mind. I can't imagine it being better than baked though, and it may turn out dry and rubbery.
  7. fishinwrench

    What's your favorite fish?

    If told I could only persue a single type of fish, as much as I'd wanna choose River Smallies I'd have to go with White bass, because let's face it.....a man has got to eat. And Whites can be found just about everywhere.
  8. fishinwrench

    Air Rifle

    It's going like crazy, been shooting a bunch. And I plan to get a squirrel hunt squeezed in before the season ends.....if the wind would just quit howling every day. Buying a Benjamin Fortitude .22 as soon as the Gen 2's hit the shelves. And I guess a hand pump. I'm not ready to spring for a compressor and tank yet. Also doing a Crosman 2100 project for my kid.
  9. fishinwrench


  10. fishinwrench


    The waiting is the hardest part. Just love those golden-eyed little lovelies. 😍
  11. fishinwrench


    Perfect 👌
  12. fishinwrench


    The migration. The Gathering. The Love Movement. The Klan Rally. White Pride week. Don't get offended, just show up and get ya some!
  13. fishinwrench


    I have 2 dozen Clouser's and a few other random patterns to fill in before the first of March.
  14. fishinwrench

    Back-to-back PB smallies

    High five on being a trooper. Good job! 👍
  15. fishinwrench

    Thinking of Trading. Anyone Interested?

    Those 90 Etec's must be bulletproof, as I have not even had the chance to lay my hands on one yet.
  16. fishinwrench

    Time for a new username....

    11 years and only 174k ? Dang, you're county lines are even shorter than mine !
  17. 70% crushed Ritz crackers, 30% corn meal, coarse ground pepper. Beat some eggs with a splash of beer. Dip, Dust, Fry. Yum! 😋
  18. fishinwrench

    River Is Up And Not Wanting To Go Down

    Well, until she learns to act like a princess you'll have to keep her on a leash with the other pets.
  19. fishinwrench

    River Is Up And Not Wanting To Go Down

    You're plum crazy. Anything below 2.0 at Windyville and 5.0 at Leadmine ....isn't high! I think you got too accustom to fishing it when it's exceptionally low.
  20. fishinwrench

    Trout opener article in the St Louis Post

    Agreed. If you're gonna open up a package of bacon then just eat bacon.
  21. fishinwrench

    Trout opener article in the St Louis Post

    Yup. Takes them about 6-8 months away from the hatchery to start tasting like fish.
  22. fishinwrench

    Trout opener article in the St Louis Post

    Yeah, that's called Hushpuppies. God stuff. 😋
  23. fishinwrench


    When you shoot a banded bird are you supposed to call it in, or log on to some website and report it? Otherwise what's the purpose of banding them ?
  24. fishinwrench

    Fuel line ?

    100% possible, because that happens alot. But that won't be the cause of the condition being described here. He says that once the primer bulb is pumped up then it starts and runs fine for a short time. Besides, if it is a 2016-17 Pro XS then I don't think it has the troublesome 804533 diaphragm.
  25. fishinwrench

    I might go try to catch a trout.

    Nice ! That top one has serious potential.

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