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  1. What criteria determines whether something is or isn't a "gamefish"?
  2. He didn't specifically "buy it", it was on the boat that he bought. The ability to adjust motor height on the fly is not necessary unless you wanna win a race. Are you a racer or a fisherman? Who has time to be both?
  3. That's the way to do better with hookups on stock hollow body frogs.....but I don't have that kinda muscle memory so I tweak the hooks a bit (bend them up and out) and that cured that BS. I may hang up occasionally, but by golly when a fish eats it he gets stuck right now.
  4. Is that legal ? Never considered it, but bowfishing for bluegill on the beds would be fun !
  5. Wow, that's thought provoking. How long can a rose bush live ? We drove by my grandparents old place awhile back and I noticed honeysuckle and gooseberries along the property line that was there 50 years ago when I was still peeing in my pants.
  6. Almost positive I have read it, therefore I must have it.... somewhere. The author's name doesn't ring a bell though, so maybe not. All of the alleged "science" concerning bass fishing that I have studied over the years hasn't helped me at all. Not even one little bit. Bass don't play that "scientific approach" s--t. 😏
  7. Very nice. I like those. Actually I like anything that lasts awhile. Peonies and the like are too short lived.
  8. Yep, nothing is quieter or has less emissions than a motor that won't run. 😂
  9. Yamaha's don't meter oil into the the fuel, they inject oil behind the carb venturi and the fuel vapor carries it through the ports and into the cylinders one tiny drop at a time. All unburned oil drains down lubricating crankshaft bearings along the way, and then is recirculated by vacuum to the top crankshaft bearing where it makes its way down over the crank bearings again....over and over until it is all burned up. No unburned oil can make it's way into the exhaust tube unless a spark plug isn't firing....and then it's just the very small amount carried in the unburned fuel. It's arguably the best 2-stroke oiling system ever designed. It can't over-oil at any RPM, like EVINRUDE VRO and MERCURY O/I, because it is controlled by intake vacuum BEHIND the carbs. School's out, Beer thirty !
  10. Somebody dumped Dip-n-dye on him.
  11. Fuel, oil, water. That's the only choices you're allowed. Raw liquid oil in the exhaust is highly unlikely, and even if it was... you wouldn't see it leaking from the lower cowling.
  12. I've been banned from dishes. The dishes I do always look clean when their wet, but after they dry there's chunks and spots on them. Therefore I don't have to do dishes, but I do take out trash and do all the yard work without being told to. 😊
  13. What the hell is "unburned exhaust oil" ? If there's oil in the exhaust then you have other problems as well, and it would be seeping out around the prop hub, not the lower cowling. I can't tell for sure by the pic, but it appears that you have a fuel leak somewhere. If it isn't a hose then it's possible that a carb float setting is wrong or needle valve is not seating and fuel is overflowing through the vent, or running out the carb throat when the motor is tilted.
  14. IMO a rod for WTD baits need not be expensive at all. A regular old medium action 6'6" IM6 rod from Walmart ($30.) with decent guides and a handle design that you like is perfect. Mine is a Quantum that I picked up on sale (got 2 of them for under 50.00) several years ago. $5000.00 couldn't buy a better rod for fishing spooks, poppers, light buzzbaits and square bill cranks. I have one rigged with 12# and the other rigged with 15# line.
  15. This ! ðŸ’Ą I shoulda known. ðŸĪŠ
  16. Hands that soft and clean have no business in the garden. And look, your fingers are in the SUN. ðŸ˜ē Be careful,dude! We want you around for awhile. I hope you didn't breathe in any of that deadly pollen. ☠ïļ
  17. Set it and forget it. Unless you're into racing. The feel of the boat and the way it handles in turns, changes whenever you alter the engine height. So unless you are into peak performance everyday your best bet is to set it where it feels and responds good.....then pull the fuse on that jackplate.
  18. Dude, go to page 5 of any thread, and let me know if you can find a single post that has anything to do with the OP. 😄
  19. Not sure what Ardent butter and grease is made of, but the fix for the old Shimano wet binding issue that plagued the river wading guys was a good cleaning, thorough drying, and then using only SILICONE LUBE.
  20. Healthy dinners, cakes pies and cookies, fresh clothes, and other things. I sometimes miss the days of bachelorism, but I obviously wasn't totally content with that lifestyle or I would have stayed in it. 😊
  21. Me too! I never thought the day would come when PWC owners complained that the lake was too rough to ride on. But that started happening about 6 years ago. I thought they loves waves! Turns out there's a limit to that. 😅
  22. Nope I can't in good conscious blast anyone because I used to do it for a living (if you can call existing on that degree of income "living"), but that was back before there was 60+ tournaments on every lake every month. Sure don't wish to deny anyone the sport of competitive fishing, but I hope to convince enough people that it has grown way past the point where a change in scoring methods is needed. The question that I can't get anyone to answer is.... If the current amount of fish relocation isn't a problem now, then at what point would it be? Would having 100 tournaments per month make you say YES? 150? How much more fish hauling would make you say "Good God, this is not cool anymore"? I have been at that point for a couple years now.
  23. Before Sugarbritches came along this was a cool little pond with a "spring" running into it and bass, bluegill, and crawdads. Now it's a flower garden 😁
  24. Someone has likely used something (like hot sauce) other than silicone lube on the bushings and bearings. Disassemble the reel completely, clean everything completely with brake cleaner, dry it out completely, then reassemble with silicone grease and silicone reel oil ONLY.
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