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  1. fishinwrench

    Shallow Bite Continues 12-8-18

    Not too shabby. What did y'all do, relocate them to Coffman or have a fish fry?
  2. fishinwrench

    It's that time of the year

  3. The reservoir under the cowling should never be low. If it is then you have an oil leak or a crankcase air pressure leak. There's no oil level sensor in the main (big) reservoir.
  4. fishinwrench

    Gun questions

    If the one shot lands in the head/face/neck it will. A .22 is cheap enough to shoot ALOT.....which is something that anyone who plans to use it for defense should be doing instead of painting their nails. Set up a bucket full of sand 10 yards from your porch, then catch her off guard sometime by telling her "Put 3 rounds in that bucket NOW" and see how quickly it happens. If it takes longer than 8 seconds then trade her the gun for some nail polish. 😉
  5. There is no audible warning for "low voltage" so I don't know what they are thinking there. Most likely the low oil sensor on the engine mounted reservoir. (4-6 beeps every few minutes). The sensor is built into the reservoir so the fix requires replacing the reservoir and re-purging the O/I system.
  6. fishinwrench

    Gun questions

    If it's primary purpose is to kill someone with then I'd go as cheap as possible, since if it ever gets used you'll have to hand it over to authorities and may never get it back.
  7. The fact that nearly everyone that works maintenance is ALSO a fireman/first responder just goes to show that no matter how many prevention classes you attend there's just no preventing a 3 a.m. blaze.
  8. fishinwrench

    Tackle HD Hellgrammite

    This is really cool. I hope that a floating lizard is next. 😊 🦎
  9. The other 38% were reading a sign instead of watching the road.
  10. fishinwrench

    the weather outside is cold

    Not bad fellas! I was gonna go out today.....but then Sugarbritches says,. "Baby it's coooold outside". 😯
  11. fishinwrench

    Gun questions

    It would suck to get whole kernal corned in the face!
  12. It was the maintenance building on O. Prolly cost 6-7 million to replace 🙄
  13. fishinwrench

    Gun questions

    True. Considering guns "Weapons" is what got us all into the mess we're in where Guns are concerned. A dude on the airgun forum always calls them "weapons" and I'd like to shove a dirty sock down his throat so he can call that a weapon too.
  14. fishinwrench

    Gun questions

    I can't help but get pissy everytime someone calls a gun a "weapon". It isn't a weapon until you use it as one.
  15. fishinwrench

    Jigfest weather

    There needs to be a yearly competition to see which ones are most accurate over a 4-season time period. Maybe hold the championship in Vegas.
  16. Even though I drive as little as reasonably possible it seems that I experience a "close call" once a month or so. Either a deer or some idiot veering into my lane or pulling out in front of me. The last one was a dumptruck....and that would have ended bad for me for sure if he hadn't "woke up" and jerked it back into his lane. Reoccurring things like that just totally take the fun out of driving. Can't just relax and cruise, I gotta be all tense and prepared every second of the way, always planning an escape route with every single vehicle that I pass because there's no magical spirits out there looking out for me. I hate that.
  17. Sooooo freakin' booooring ! Until you find a pod of fish. Then after they quit biting(10 minutes).......more boredom.
  18. fishinwrench

    Full of dinks.

    We spent another day in the park yesterday. Strictly fished drys all day, and determined shortly after lunch (Hillbilly Burger is a chithole btw) that the pattern was irrelevant as long as it was a #16 on 6x. Zone 1 had some fairly decent sized fish, but Z2 is absolutely loaded with greedy little farts making it rather annoying. I did stick one nice brown in Z2 but he took me so by surprise that I blew it on the first run and he broke off. That was the only brown we saw all day. We walked the hatchery raceways, looks like they are operating at 1/5 of their capacity and the size of the fish in the raceways is very small. I wonder why they expanded their operation so much... but aren't utilizing it? Seems like such a waste. What's the problem? We didn't see anyone toting a stringer, and come to think of it....the weekend before when we were there I didn't see anyone keeping any either. So where are all the fish going? 
  19. fishinwrench

    Sous Vide question

    Not sure where different states get their beef but the entire time that I lived in Georgia I never had a steak that wasn't excellent. In Florida though....after about 6 trys I never had one that was even decent, so I quit trying. Here in MO the better restaurants seem to get consistently good cuts of beef, but the grocery stores are a gamble. I can't look at a steak and judge it.
  20. fishinwrench

    Full of dinks.

    Everything old is new again. Except the skid plate 😊
  21. fishinwrench

    Sous Vide question

    I was following this thread until I saw this ....and immediatly bailed.
  22. If there were as many planes in the sky as there are vehicles on the highways and streets there would be a constant barrage of aluminum and corpses falling out of the sky. And they have endless room up there at varying levels.
  23. Yeah they're full of crap. The world was alot more dangerous when we were kids. We had lawn darts for God sake!
  24. Well it's a good thing I don't fly because I've got something that's twice as big as everybody else's, and I don't want them messing with it.

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