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  1. Nah I'll never be a champion drinker. Both of my parents were such big drinkers that by the time I was big enough to try alcohol I was already sick of it. Cocaine and/or weed will probably get the nod. They need to hurry up and legalize both. ๐Ÿ˜
  2. No doubt that I'll have to give it up someday. It is pretty stupid. Got any suggestions for a new bad habit? Since smoking is the only bad habit I have, I need to do something else to keep from being perfect. ๐Ÿค”
  3. So no discomfort or displeasure when burning brush/leaves/trash/wood or when sitting behind a diesel waiting for the light to turn green ? But tobacco is some kinda different devilish plant matter that just instantly takes years off your life ? The plant with roots in hell it is ! Dude, that crap is all in your head. None of it is "good for ya"..... but none is any deadlier than the other.
  4. That's hilarious ๐Ÿ˜† One of my oldest daughters friends is a "born again virgin". We have alot of fun with that one. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. Yeah I can't understand it either. For some weird reason it makes it easier to unwind and think clearly, and I'm a big "thinker". I can't understand guys that chew since I've never done it. Driving around with a cup of slobber and tobaccy juice in their truck makes me wanna puke.
  6. I ain't denying it. But if you're standing close enough to smell me then I'd appreciate it if you'd back off anyway. My wife, kids, and dog are the only ones that have any reason to be that close to me. ๐Ÿ‘ƒ
  7. Trim down fully and take a hard turn at speed, you'll see. No further explanation will be necessary. Actually you probably have a trim limit pin that prevents you from trimming in completely.
  8. I haven't even been out in "my area" lately, but I can catch fish just fine.....but numbers of keepers and definitely fish over 3lbs are getting fewer and fewer each year up here where there's no weigh-ins. It all cycles. After a few years of guys making the run up here and blanking they will go elsewhere and in a couple more years it will start to get better.....until they start hauling them 20-30 miles away again. 3 and 4 years ago the upper Gravois was loaded with 3-5 pounders and they all got hauled to Coffman and beyond. If those fish could have been scored and released immediatly the fishing up here would be much better. Don't ya think? Back in the mid '90's the upper Osage (Bollinger to Cole Camp) was a genuine hog factory. It was well known that if you had sun you ran the river. So many fish got hauled back to PB2 that it eventually made the choice of running up the Osage a poor decision. And the people that live and fish up there just had to deal with a good day being 3 keepers. It is just now starting to show signs of being truly good again. Almost 20 years ! Bottom line, Seth ...... I may not be KVD but I'm a good bit better than average, and when an average guy can't catch a few keepers.....then the fishing isn't what it should be. Can we agree on that?
  9. Cutting the throttle doesn't cause bow hook, poor hull design does. Some of the lighter boats like Allison's, Checkmate, and Bullet will still get reverse rockers in the hull from being on a crappy trailer or boat hoist, but for the most part "bow hook" is a term from the 1980's. Boat builders make way better hulls now.
  10. Now that is worth bragging about ! Let hear the details. How far? The setup?
  11. It isn't good for you, no doubt about that. But what is? Everything that a person eats, drinks, breathes, or is exposed to throughout their life is risky.
  12. If you just have to compete in the fishing game, then get creative. Casting competitions where some true skill is involved would be cool, no? Extreme boat handling events? (Trolling motor race in 3 foot swells) Knot tying? Backlash picking? How fast can you rig 7 rods? I can tell if a guy is a good fisherman without ever seeing him catch a fish. Can't you? Honestly there's no sense in this constant relocating of fish and passing back and forth the same 200.00, it's just stupid, and it's turning all the green bass over 15" into open water stripers that are wandering around in schools, completely lost. They don't even act like real bass anymore.
  13. Anything that works, and doesn't involve hauling fish all over the place, is great. As for anyone concerned about someone "cheating".....if you are afraid that you are competing against cheaters then WHY are you even doing it ? Just because they are bringing in fish to the scales doesn't mean the odds of them cheating is any less. I mean most tournaments don't even do livewell checks at take-off anymore. Ketchup and I found a fish cage with a boat bumper tied to it, back in a small cove when we fished that benefit derby last week. If guys are gonna cheat then they are gonna cheat regardless.
  14. Dude, you're a fisherman. You stink too, you just don't notice it until you quit playing with fish, scented jig trailers, and powerbait. My wife doesn't smoke, never has, and I told her that if my smoking ever bothered her to let me know. She bitches about everything else I do but has never said that I stunk. I only smoke in my shop, on the deck, or in our kitchen which is somewhat isolated from the rest of the house. I don't smoke in the vehicle unless the windows are down. That being said, I can't stand being in a smoke filled bar or in a room with 5 guys all smoking.
  15. I used to ride bikes with a couple guys, and they'd get to the top of a bastard Hill and there I'd be smoking a cig. They were all....Are you crazy? WTF is wrong with you? I said, hey I'm just killing time waiting for you "healthy" jackasses to catch up to me!
  16. What kids? 3 months ago I said, "Don't come out of that room until it's clean". Ain't seen them since.
  17. I will. I like when the grass goes dormant and I don't have to mow and weed-eat every week. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  18. I can't understand why burning leaves and brush, burning trash, sitting by a campfire, or sitting behind a diesel truck at a stop light has no hazardous effects.....but just walk past a guy with some tobacco and you're doomed ? People are freakin' crazy. ๐Ÿ™„
  19. Well they (MDC) are either going to limit the number of tournaments allowed per month, or they (Anglers and tournament organizers) are going to change the way fishing tournaments are scored. I'm not gonna quit kicking off crap until they do. I'm ramping it up real soon and making this my new hobby. ๐Ÿคจ I don't care how difficult it makes things, or who believes it can't be changed. It is going to change.
  20. Yep, and 8 out of 10 boats that come to my shop have the little clippy things stuck on the motor cowling and consoles. Everyone is gathering footage. I often wonder if I'm being surveiled when working on their boats, so I make funny faces and do special dances around the boat just in case.
  21. They seem to be able to program their sonar and mapping units just fine. Kinda reminds me of my kid who can master the most complicated video game ever designed in a single evening.....but can't load a dishwasher right, or get all the conditioner rinsed out of her hair to save her soul from hell.
  22. Let me get this straight.... A doctor said there's permanent muscle and nerve damage that can't be fixed..... but everything should work ok now. But more tests need to be done $$$,$$$.00 This is why I don't go to doctors. ๐Ÿ™„
  23. It's easy, just take it to someone that knows what to look for and get an educated opinion. I can't speak for any other outboard tech's or the places they work for, but My shop doesn't charge for diagnostics unless the work that is needed is taken somewhere else. And if it is then the charge is only 40.00
  24. Well if a bearing is failing then it will certainly get worse. If nothing you can see is rubbing something....then about the only thing that could be causing a squeak/squeal is a dry or deformed bearing, a vacuum or pressure leak, or a split reed valve. But like I said in the beginning, everyone's definition of a "squeak" is different and I'm not sure what YOURS sounds like.
  25. Kill switch lanyards should have been on their way out way before now. Even my 1992 lawnmower shuts down if I leave the seat when it's in gear. If you're bouncing out of the seat then you need slow down anyway.
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