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  1. Just don't bring BANANA's like Ketchup does and I think we'll be ok. 🙄
  2. Head upstream until it isn't a problem.
  3. Come over Sunday or Monday evening and I'll put you on to them. Bring Patfish with ya, he knows the way.
  4. Well on this lake the fish can't jump the humps and get up into the creeks when the lake level is lower than 657.5 And for the last 3-4 years the Dingle Berries at Ameren haven't been allowing the lake to start filling up until later in the season.
  5. I have one rigged up for Ketchup's derby on Saturday. 😎
  6. F1 and F2 twisters always do that dancing around business, and usually you don't even hear them coming. They just hit like a bolt of lightning. It looks like it almost went F3 for a few seconds but then lost its steam.
  7. Oh hell yes! Hookup percentage is about 50/50 but man is it fun. 😁
  8. I think I'll stay home and work. Wife and kids will be there I'm sure.
  9. Why are there daily and possession limits then ? You look across that lake and see all that water, and you think it is all productive fish habitat just because it's wet ? If the whole lake is just full of fish, and no matter how much you shuffle them around it has no ill effects.... then why is everyone burning up a full tank of gas on every tournament day? Their words contradict their actions. Why would a tournament angler not want to score a fish immediately instead of having to babysit it all day, and then stand in a bag line ?
  10. Oh I disagree, it's definitely an answer to the alleged problem. 90% of these guys nearly have heart failure and lie to their wives regarding a 400.00 repair bill. They darn sure aren't gonna fork out over 1k per month in tournament entry fees unless they really feel confident in their ability to finish in the top tier of a 20 boat event. It wasn't the fees that made me stop, it was the fact that it is way easier for me to take their money (and more of it) by fixing their boats... than it is to CONSISTENTLY beat them at the fishing game. There is some hella good fishermen out there, and I might beat them occasionally, but odds are I'm not gonna beat them most of the time. I fish because I love fishing. I have no need to try to prove anything to anyone, because I already know how it's gonna work out...and so should 98% of the guys that are crowding the weigh-in lines. Back when I was making a living by fishing T's and guiding I was in the line to get a check nearly every single event I fished, but it still wasn't enough to pay my mechanic and realize a decent profit. Eventually I got smart and decided that instead of being a pro fisherman I wanted to be the guy that was getting all of my "winnings". 😊 I'm giving good advice here, you can dispute it all you want but one day you will realize that I'm right, and you'll wish you had all that money back that you pissed away trying to be a "Hammer".
  11. I don't want tournaments banned. I want them to stop the old school scoring method because at the level it is being done these days it is NOT COOL ANYMORE. If they are going to continue on with the current format, then they should hike the entry fees up to the point that it clears out the rif-raf, and the winner actually gets a substantial amount of money. There's no reason to move all those fish around just so a few guys can win enough to buy dinner and drinks. (Turn those 200 boat events into 20 boat events that actually mean something, and all the 30-50 boat events into 5-10 boat events). If you really think you're a stud.....then put up some actual coin to prove it ! Piss on this 50-100.00 entry BS. That's child's play.
  12. When they start constantly relocating one of my favorite fish species to a level that depletes some areas of the lake, and stockpiles others. That's when! It is unnecessary. There are other ways to score these things that do not negatively effect the fishery, and do not negatively effect anglers that practice TRUE C&R. There is no need to relocate fish 20-40 miles away. No need for that at all. It wasn't a big deal back when there were only a couple tournaments per month. But look at the regatta list for each month NOW. It's a big deal now.
  13. When I was a dedicated tournament competitor there was 1 (sometimes 2) larger (good money) events, and 1 smaller club type event each month. Now there are from 56-72 open events EVERY SINGLE MONTH on this lake. And IMO that is severe overkill. All are hauling fish around, and even on "pre-fish" days many of the guys are putting fish in the livewell (sometimes 10 of them) so they can take a picture at the boat ramp later to put on Facebook. The "guides" are doing the same thing so they can do weekly Facebook updates. And guys that have lakefront homes are always bringing all their keeper bass back to their dock in a pathetic attempt to sweeten their cove. Seriously, instead of each guy relocating 200 bass every month I'd much rather the same guys just go ahead and kill 12 (a possession limit), put them in their freezer, and then QUIT moving fish around until they ate them. None of these guys are making any money! Hell I make more money in one day at my shop than I could make in a month if I won every tournament I fished. It just seems so stupid to me. I'm not clear on who is being impressed by any of this. Take all that tournament entry money and go buy a double-handful of lottery tickets every month. I guarantee you'll make more money....that you can then use to buy gas and help make boat payments and fish for FUN.
  14. Love the fist bump. Those guys won't be happy until they are both dead. I know the type all too well.
  15. I've never experienced motion sickness but I've been way out on the great lakes when it was rolling, and across Okeechoobee where you can't see land in any direction.....and I don't care for that one bit. Makes you feel really small and insignificant.
  16. She only goes on trip's that she knows I won't go on. I think it's the whole absence makes the heart grow fonder thing. If she doesn't get away from me periodically she's afraid that my banter will start making sense to her, and she'll lose touch with her carefully screened version of reality. Therefore I just booked a cute little cabin in Pigeon Forge TN so she and her gal pals could go hang out with Dolly Parton for a week. 😏
  17. A righteous testament to the tempermental nature of anything that floats on the water.
  18. A 36 hour boat ride? No freakin' way! People actually pay to do that?
  19. Doesn't this make the power boater responsible to avoid the kayak? Only if a woman is driving. 😎
  20. It would be if I didn't have to depend on (and pay) so many other people to make it happen. I'd have to literally rain money from Gravois Mills to the coast and back, like a trip to the world's largest strip club. Just for a tuna salad sandwich.
  21. Ok. But let's make the new one a long shaft Stihl.
  22. You got it. 🙄
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