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  1. Hi, I'm Bill and saw that you flyfish a lot especially for white bass on the Osage. I was wondering what flies are best for the whites. I know clousers and maybe some woolly buggers, but there are more I'm sure. Would mind sharing some names of the flies you use with me. Won't get much fishing done this year, maybe, but would like to start working things up for next year. I'd appreciate it.  Thanks


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    2. BillT


      I think 7 weight would be the way to go.


    3. fishinwrench


      There are alot of good flats up that way.  Cole camp creek, Turkey cr. and big/little Buffalo cr. get good spawning runs in the Spring.  The thing to do if you really want to learn their haunts is to get on them during the spawn when they are easy to find, and then follow them back out as they retreat afterwards.    You will end up with a milk run of areas where you can almost always find them.    A section of rocky bank amongst the mud flats is almost always going to have some Whites hanging around it.  

    4. BillT


      I've seen the flats when the lake was so low on google earth. I'm in Deer Creek and I'll be doing a lot of exploring. I'm sure I'll be working something out as I go. Thanks

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