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  1. Good point šŸ‘ I approve of that method of moderation. It's a truly good one. Possibly the best ever.
  2. Are you the moderator today? I didn't go there, but I can't just sit back and let this turn into a Trump bash when it obviously isn't his fault.
  3. It all went down in real time. He shared his feelings about it at the time, and he wasn't the only one who felt that way. So a "best" president would have not addressed it openly at all until all the facts were in? The only difference is that you got to see/hear it unfold from the beginning. Your best president would have reacted the same way....you just wouldn't have ever known about it.
  4. What has HE done wrong? What would a "best president in history" have done ?
  5. Not too sure that it matters, but I only carry 2 colors. Green pumpkin, and Pumpkin pepper (basically deep dark green, and/or tannish brown). How you work it is probably more important. I just slowly drag it....we call it "counting the rocks".
  6. Here's a Lake O tip for ya that should be perfect timing. As it warms up to near 60Ā° water temp and the lake is still at winter pool levels the crawdads that burrowed under seawalls and big rocks when the water was up last fall/early winter begin to wake up and will crawl to the edge of the waters new level. Wiggle warts, hula grubs on stand-up heads, or a 3/8 football jig worked from dry ground into the water and down to about 3-4 ft. is a solid pattern. Bass will cruise those rocky banks at a depth that is just out of sight and will pounce on anything that enters the water from the shoreline. If your casts are landing more than a couple inches from the waterline though.... you're screwin' up. My personal fav is a 5" Chomper hula grub on a 5/16 Mitch Fields jighead, or a 1/4oz. mushroom style standup head.
  7. We're on it šŸ‘ I'm thinking Kabobs šŸ˜‹ Need to find some mushrooms first, we have everything else.
  8. Well, like I have to remind many of my customers......Fishing doesn't require a boat. More than likely you began fishing long before you had a boat to do it from.
  9. The closest thing I have at the moment for an example is this Nissan 90 lower unit. Where the exhaust tube goes is a rubber seal. If that seal is damaged or missing it will cause backpressure in the exhaust and you'll have poor idling and a lousy hole shot. Not sure if your Suzi has an exhaust tube seal, but if it does you might oughta inspect it. Improper carb linkage sync will cause the same running condition. It's important that the throttle plates open and close at the same rate and are all in the exact same position at all times. No sense in making any idle mixture adjustments if the sync is off even slightly.
  10. Your main (big) oil tank has 2 hoses, one has a blue stripe and goes from the main (big) reservoir to the engine mounted gravity feed reservoir. This is your OIL hose. On the starboard side of the powerhead, down low beneath the starter, you have a crankcase pulse fitting (nipple). That is your AIR hose, and it goes from the crankcase nipple to the main oil reservoir. Remove the hose from that fitting and blow 6-8psi of air pressure into the hose while the cap to the engine mounted reservoir is removed. This should force oil from the big tank into the little tank. If it doesn't then you have an air leak somewhere, a pinched/kinked hose, a loose cap, cracked cap, missing cap gasket, or the pickup screen in the bottom of the main reservoir is clogged. Very simple system once you understand it.
  11. I've never desired to partake in international travel, and if the rest of you felt likewise this issue wouldn't have happened. It's everybody with the whole "grass is greener" mindset that just can't be content staying (or vacationing) on the same side of the earth they were born on that brought this on. If you wanna go to China, Japan, Guatamala, Africa, ect. then go....and STAY. Otherwise you're just a mixing stick. Pangea doesn't exist anymore for a reason.
  12. If it's a nasty place then don't go! If questioned why.....tell them the truth. "Your place is disgusting and I don't like being there even when there ISN'T a nationwide pandemic".
  13. Closing ANY OF THEM just makes the others more crowded. Kinda defeats the alleged agenda. Mark Twain and Truman have closed COE ramps, or so I've heard.
  14. Kinda like how they purposely turned "peaceful protests" into NOT PEACEFUL ANYMORE protests ?
  15. Exactly. Did they not foresee that ? šŸ™„
  16. Pretty much agree. Certain snippets are hilarious, but to set and watch all that attempts to go on in between.....I haven't the patience.
  17. It's gonna rain here tomorrow, or I'd throw some sticks in the fire ring and put a scald on something.
  18. Awe man ! Don't throw away a perfectly good rant.
  19. I remember being "woke" after 9-11. The belief before that was that total privacy was a thing. Yet amazingly they had record of every word of every single phone call and text message that was made just prior to the event.
  20. Who is hiding from who ? Surely there's a little box you could put a phone in that would kill the signal, no?
  21. I wasn't sure if you were wanting me to answer or not, thought I already did, but your post was right under mine....and nobody else was answering. No my mind hasn't changed, other than the daily back and forth. One day I'm concerned about getting the virus and surviving....and the next day I'm more concerned about how the effects of worrying about it are going to change our lives for good. The no more handshaking and no more crowded places..... I'm happy about that. Yee Haa! šŸ˜Š But the everybody being broke and not able to work part....bad bad BAD. How much different is the effects of this vs.the effects of a hostile country launching a missle at us ?
  22. Who are you talking to? I don't think anyone ever said it was a sham. I feel it's still a little blown out of proportion. Not the being careful and SD part, but the hoarding, panic, and throwing in the towel part. The nationwide reaction to this is going to put the entire country in a bad way. Surely there are ways to work around this that don't involve STAY AT HOME orders, and a sudden halt to all business. I think it needs to be determined whether or not China is truly responsible or not, and if they are.......
  23. She's full of beans. This "stay at home order" changes nothing. Hardware stores still open, auto repair shops still open, Car/truck dealerships still open, fabric and craft stores still open, ect. Outdoor activities are still allowed, and encouraged. A genuine STAY AT HOME ORDER would result in mass domestic violence.
  24. *Tick* crank 'em in. *Tick* crank 'em in. *Tick* crank 'em in. For some that just never gets old. But for me, once my freezer is full, I'm done and ready to move on to something that jumps or pulls harder. About as entertaining as picking mushrooms. šŸ˜…
  25. Yep, that area of Shawnee bend was some of the best deer/turkey hunting in the state before they started selling property there. The only access was via foot/dirt bike/4-wheeler. Castaway's resort off SB2 was the last resort on the west side. It was nothing but game trails and forest between there and Shangri-la.
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