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  1. Here's where I am now..... So I ordered a Crosman 1300KT in .22 from the custom shop, that was originally gonna be just a beater for bike rides and such, but then when I got it and realized how insanely accurate it was I went full tilt with it. Installed a flat top valve and piston, a BOSS transfer port, and all the goodies to make the trigger amazing. Also beefed up the pump linkage. It will now blow through a Lake Ozark area phone book easily at 35 yards with 12 pumps and is dead nuts accurate. The new valve and transfer port can take up to 27 pumps before it starts retaining air. No idea on FPS yet but an infrared chronograph is on it's way from China 😉 Ok, so my first PCP was gonna be the new Gen2 Benjamin Fortitude regulated .22..... but then I learned that regulated guns (except for the extremely expensive ones) have this thing about always throwing off the first shot. Well that's fine if you're just target shooting but that little personality disorder would totally screw you in the squirrel woods, so since I had really fallen in love with the light weight, compact, easy to carry 1300kt style I decided to make my first PCP the Benjamin P-Rod. Added a WAR moderator to keep it whisper quiet, a Hawke 3-9x40AO optic, and I have all the goodies to hotrod it after I get my chrony and can compare shot strings. As it is right now, bone stock, it is only shooting about 14ft/lbs. but OMG is it ever a tack driver. The little sticky note (the size of a squirrel head) contains the shots from a full magazine at 40 yards, and that's shooting off my knee not even a bench rest. Keeping it properly pressurized with a hand pump is no problem at all, less effort than jacking up a bass boat trailer to change a tire.
  2. I worked hard enough today to raise the temperature in Gravois Mills by 3 degrees.
  3. Tell them @shrapnel ! Explain the whole seniority thing to 'em. Who needs a job ? Any unemployed wrenches in here ?
  4. FML! Spring has sprung, and here I set with a yard full of boats and people calling every 10 minutes to ask "is it done yet?" I'm gonna throw a shoe myself, pretty quick, if everyone doesn't just settle down.
  5. That's pretty awesome! I would have thought as many tornado's as they have in that region that anything designed to catch the wind would be as doomed as a trailer park. If we had earthquakes as often as Kansas has tornado's then YEAH that would be a real problem for dams.
  6. Dirty water heats up like the dash of your truck when the sun is on it.
  7. Whaddaya make of a bunch of guys that throw a fit about you being a "welcher", and then when you, WITHIN MINUTES, say "Fine, I'll pay right now", they then say...... Nope, I don't want it ? 😶 It's like arguing with a bunch of 13 year old females. And the hell of it is.....I didn't even start the argument to begin with, I was just defending my right to have an independent thought.
  8. Ok, PM me some addys, or Venmo ID's And y'all can KMA from here on out. Enjoy your dinner, hope ya choke on it. 😎
  9. Ok, wow! I don't think I'm welching... BUT if I can get 3 people here to say that I am, then I'll pay up and shut up. And JFTR, and in case you haven't figured it out by now.... I couldn't care less whether you respect me or not. 😋
  10. Y'all ain't playing fair at all. 🖕 If you can't do any better than that then you can come chase fake news Whites with me and I'll make you a sandwich with dirty hands. 😜
  11. So since it works in flatlander country then it can work anywhere.... Y'all can afford to give up half the states land mass for wind farms if ya want. Do they still plant around them? How often do tornado's take them out ? I bet the insurance premium on those bastards is kinda high. They had to replace 2 turbines at Bagnell a couple years ago. Not sure what the cost was but the ones they replaced were 70+ years old. I'm sure they had more than paid for themselves.
  12. Honestly, I'm inclined to believe that if wind generators were cost effective and a wise investment then the folks with big money and investment options would be all over it. I'm sure they've looked into it and decided "oh hell no"!
  13. No No. You wanted a pic of me with my purse. That's what THAT was about.
  14. Is there a comprehension problem ? I said it is my understanding. No BS there.
  15. Did I say that ? I just spouted off the words "wind generators never pay for themselves" ? I don't think so. Try again. Why do some of you have such a problem with people freely sharing their thoughts ? If it bothers y'all that bad then I'll stop. Just go ahead and tell me you're sick of seeing my posts, and they'll stop immediately. No hurt feelings or anything. 😎 Last thing I wanna do is irritate a bunch of people, MoCarp style.
  16. Opinions are just opinions. But there are always reasons for them. I'll definitely stand behind the reasons.
  17. That's the time to spend a few days making rock piles. 👍
  18. The only thing that works is getting the whole thing off, cleaning and prepping both surfaces, warm everything up with a heat gun, and reapplying. I've used this with good success.
  19. Speaking of lottery......Now THERE'S a business that's ripe for a fraud investigation ! Wife's friend scratched a 1k ticket, had to drive to JC to cash it in, took over 2 hours, and it was only worth a little over 700.00
  20. Everybody I ever knew of that got burned for tax fraud left prison with more money than they had when they went in. I always wondered how that worked 🤔
  21. Well, since I'm clueless on what all an audit entails, maybe I should retract. But only because I don't wanna piss away a good fishing day having to round up invoices for the last umpteen years. But I'm quite sure I'm 100% innocent of anything that possibly could be considered fraud, or illegal activity related to my income.
  22. I beg your pardon. I don't believe I've ever made an untrue statement on here. You find one and I'll send you and the wife to Applebee's for dinner tomorrow. And don't start off by dogging Applebee's.....or I'll change the offer to White Castle. 😁
  23. I know a couple of banks that there is absolutely nothing special about, not near any channel or anything, no unique rock size or depth changes, no brush, nothing that would make anyone want to fish them at all. The only thing special about them is that they are absolutely LOADED with crappie during two times of the year. No clue as to why. I thought maybe it was just the angle that the sun passed over them, but both are different by compass headings and other banks situated the same way are always a bust.
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