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  1. Curious as to which motor is on the new boat?
  2. This is why I always try to add something a little "off" to all my posts. My article writing days are being reserved for future retirement activity. 😊
  3. I've yet to experience handcuffs or a night in jail.....So yeah, so far so good. 😋
  4. I don't feel unsafe navigating at night BECAUSE I have a spotlight and I'm not ashamed to use it. I'll be able to see, and be seen, just fine... That's the point. And yes, laws that defy common sense will be broken. Copperheads in my yard either get shot or chopped up too fine for kraut, and I bet they do in your yard too. I'd welcome a robbery attempt by you. Go for it 😁 Headlights don't hurt anyones "night vision" on the highway on a dark rainy night. Matter of fact it is against the law NOT to have them there, so why is that any different ? Your snide pissy comments, and your perception of "navigation laws" are just ignorant IMO. The #1 rule of navigation is: Don't run into things, and don't get run over by anyone else. I mean, I understand that you don't need a spotlight to putt around the dam area of TR or LO (who does?) but come up here where I fish at night and see how you do crossing these stump filled flats.
  5. fishinwrench


    And if you were the last guy that worked on it, regardless of how long ago it was...... you'd better lawyer up !
  6. fishinwrench


    It happens all the time. This is why I quit working on inboard and I/O (inboard/outboard) boats. They are fire traps. When you take a fuel tank and complete engine system....and then tightly bury it all under upholstery so there is no natural ventilation whatsoever..... don't act surprised when they blow up !
  7. Personally I don't have a problem with spotlights and I think every boat should have one if navigating in the dark. Everybody complains about it "killing their night vision" .... but apparently their night vision sucks because they keep running into each other out there. Myself, I don't care whose night vision I harm, or what alleged "laws" I break. If I can't clearly see what's in front of me then the spotlight gets plugged in.
  8. Nice! I'm so jealous of that PJ I can't stand it.
  9. Noway! Bouncing around on the moon while pooping in your pants? I can think of alot of things that have benefitted mankind way more than that.
  10. It's probably like getting me to leave my 5 county area. I've been to the outer-space and determined that there's no good reason to go back. Especially if it's gonna cost alot of money to go there. We've learned that we can bounce around in white suits just fine right here where we are.
  11. I've been seeing that thing also the last few nights. Too big to be a star, not sure what it is.
  12. Glad you guys are all ok, but if something the size of a boat is in front of you.....and you can't see it.....then WTF were you doing moving at anything above idle speed? There could be anything out there adrift, and you can't depend on everything (logs, docks, trees, some kid on a inner tube, ect.) having lights on it for your convenience. There are people out there running down the lake at night with their eyes on a glowing GPS screen. I have to assume it's those people whose kids are the ones eating Tide pods. 🙄
  13. It's all about the brush right now. You can run the points like everyone else if ya wanna fight the waves, but truthfully if you just hit all the 10-18' brush piles you can find.....whether out on the mainlake where the current is, or back in a sheltered cove , you'll likely do ok. Start out fishing fast, usually no need to sit on one pile shaking and jiggling for 5 minutes trying to make one bite. If he's there and catchable you'll get the bite right away. Everybody is fired up about fishing mainlake points in the current now (or at least that's what they are all crowing about) but I promise you that the current don't mean squat.
  14. That's the old "made in Mexico" blanks. They were sweet.
  15. I actually know of more 18+" fish coming from Muleshoe and above, than from the rest of the river below. Spotted bass become rare above Green Ford and it's pretty much all Smallies from there up.
  16. I always do better by fishing my way UPSTREAM. True predator fashion. Only dead fish go with the flow. 😊
  17. Yeah I get no credit for buying 10 ply BFG's so that having a flat is out of the realm of possibilities. I could get hit by a train and the only thing recognizable would be my tires still on the wheels.
  18. I dunno, you could knock the spit out of your wife's mouth if she got lippy, and she'd still cook you dinner and bend over the wash tub that evening. There are days that I'd trade patching a few tire tubes for that. 😅
  19. Cool stuff! I recently purchased 2 additional acres adjacent to my property that was overgrown and rough. After clearing it down to bare earth I see all kinds of holes that I assume are yellow jacket or some kind of bee nests in the ground, but nobody is home at any of them. Where do they all go, and why so many holes in such a confined area?
  20. Yes, the number of inexperienced people with enough money to buy a powerboat is increasing. One of the few negatives of a booming economy. 😏
  21. Glad you're getting after it.👍 Is the water super low, or not?
  22. When I go out it's usually for 4-5 hours and I always shoot for 5 fish that will go 12lbs. Typically I fall between 9 and 11, but I bust 15+ often enough that I'm not surprised when it happens. 20+ is cause for a celebration, a few phone calls or text messages to brag about it, and several pics. 17-18lbs. just pisses me off because I know it was just a tiny little smidgen of bad luck that kept me under 20. And of course I'll buckle down and go the next day.....and I'll be lucky to top 10lbs. 🙄 Fishing, with a goal in mind, is just a recipe for frustration. I don't even know why I do it.
  23. I've got a clue ticket, and I'm saying that 15 is respectable, and 20+ ain't easy and doesn't happen for the same guy day after day. I'm good for maybe two 20lb. days per year while fishing where I do, but if I fished the Glaize area enough to know it just as well as I do the Gravois I'm uber confident that it would happen way more frequently. But I don't compete and I don't care to fish for handicapped bass just because they are bigger. It's akin to the difference in fishing a trout park vs. fishing a river far from the hatchery.
  24. Not too surprising really since they haul good fish into that area on a daily basis. Make them all stay in the Gravois, Niangua, or upper Osage arms, away from release areas, and I bet you won't see weights like that very often. Those are Grand Glaize area fish that are totally lost. Not nearly as impressive as it may seem.
  25. If that ever happens again just loosen the lug nuts 2 turns and drive it on the wheel until you feel it let go. You're gonna destroy the wheel anyway, might as well get 500 yards closer to home.
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