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  1. Just like we know your snake identification skills are similar to your city girl cousin's. 😂 "fangs in a bluegill underwater" 🙄 😊 Get them catfish!
  2. According to "biologists" stripers need a long flowing river to successfully reproduce because their eggs don't sink, and if they get swept into a dead water eddy they won't get enough oxygen. I'm not sure what they consider "long" but it seems like 3-4 miles (under the right conditions) is long enough.
  3. It's just the nature of I/O design.... Fuel tank level above the engine so that any leak automatically siphons raw fuel into the bilge area. Engine, batteries, and electrical systems all buried tightly under upholstery so fumes and heat can't easily escape. It's a recipe for an explosion even when maintained in an OCD fashion. Straight inboard design which puts the engine midship is alot better/safer, but I/O boats blow up around here on a daily basis. They are, in my opinion, an engineering FAIL.
  4. There is some natural reproduction in the Gravois I think. I catch little ones every Fall and I know for sure they aren't stocking any up here.
  5. Oh YES!! I'm totally doing it. 🤣
  6. It's easy, just join the National Guard, hurt your toe, and then you are a disabled veteran and exempt from radical family support enforcement. My wife's ex is in arrears over 20k, they take a portion of his wife's tax return every year and send it to us, but otherwise he is free to do whatever he wants. If he had never signed that marriage license they would have been better off. 😂 Dumb@$$!
  7. Only rare because most of them caught fire and burned up. They were a fairly popular boat here on LO in the 80's. The guy I buy most of my Johnson/Evinrude parts from still has one I think.
  8. I went through two divorces, the first was mellow only because my in-laws loved me and threatened to disown her if she didn't treat me fair. The second was a genuine nightmare and it nearly landed me in prison. On my third now, and although we had a real "WEDDING" I refused to sign into a contract with the state. We are both perfectly happy without that piece of paper and I can't imagine why any man would choose to sign a marriage license. There are much better and easier ways to assure security for those you love. If the woman doesn't trust you, and enjoy you enough to stay then she knows where the door is and can leave without all the unnecessary drama.
  9. I couldn't care less, but if WM was truly doing it to PROTECT US then they should have stopped selling it IMMEDIATELY, instead of waiting until their current stock was sold out. That right there tells you that it's the money (profit) that takes priority.
  10. Why can't they charge the ex-wife with the crime of "screwing a deadbeat", or "failure to prevent pregnancy"? I mean since she didn't report a rape or anything. Consequences always fall on the man whenever a male/female act goes wrong. That's BS! If you don't think it's BS then the next time your wife comes up with a plan, you tell her "Noway, forget it"......and see how that works out for you. They act as though a guy that remains married can't be a deadbeat SOB. You only get charged with failure to provide for your children if you're divorced. Crazy!
  11. Blaming genetics on every action (or stupid decision) is opening up a whole new train of thought for me. I need more time to ponder this. 😅
  12. Well he sure ain't gonna pay his child support while he's in jail....So now you get to pay for his kids and his ex wife, PLUS pay for his room, meals, legal defense, and medical care. At least when he was free and fishing he was feeding himself and stimulating the economy somewhat. 🤔
  13. Poachers never worry. If they were worried then they wouldn't poach.
  14. There's always stripers at Tonka. Legend says to hit it on the full moon in December.
  15. They have hidden surveillance cameras down there now, but as far as I know they are only monitoring the parking areas. I wonder who sits and stares at those monitors and runs license plates? I know a couple years ago they busted a guy with a warrant for non-payment of child support.
  16. The way things work around here is that if only one parent tells them to knock it off then the command isn't valid. It's only valid if both parents gang up on them about something. Apparently that's the way it works with DAUGHTER'S. So since my wife didn't back me up when I told them to "QUIT", it is HER fault. And that's why I didn't lift a finger to fix the Christmas tree mess, or clean up any broken glass. I did fetch a band-aid, but technically I wasn't even required to.
  17. Yeah, completely sober too. 🤔 I don't understand people that just keep on going at speed when they cannot see what's in front of them. The very instant that you realize that you can't see..... Phucking STOP! When my kids were little, one of their favorite things to do was throw a towel over their head and take off running across the house 😡 The object was to keep taking turns doing it until somebody was bleeding or bawling. One went asshole over appetite down the stairs, another knocked over the Christmas tree, and then a mirror got broken and nearly cut her nose off. Still they kept being amused by that game. That's evidence of brain damage ! Same deal with flying down the lake in total darkness.
  18. What part of the lake ? The upper Osage has been excellent for blues all Summer. Haven't heard anything in the last couple of weeks but nothing has changed so it's probably still good.
  19. I thought gauge height was set (zeroed) by elevation (MSL). Is that not the case? Surely they aren't just measuring the depth of water at a given location, as that information would be useless.
  20. You know what spoiled my infatuation with Johnson's ? That the last run of them were 4-stroke Suzuki's I mean....of all the audacity ! 🙄 Thankfully those are all dead and gone now....and the old School 2 strokes remain.
  21. Who'd ya hear that from ? Shouldn't be any need for overtime, the stream isn't that crowded.
  22. That's exactly right! They are better looking, have better jobs and bigger johnson's.
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