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  1. Some models have a separate vacuum nipple. Yours gets its vacuum via the back mounting area (pill shaped gasket). They sell a fuel pump rebuild kit, but those pumps are kinda fiddly.....just replace the pump. www.marineengine.com for parts. As for the pic....looks like a carb 😎. The remote idle mixture link rod is on the wrong side (should be going straight up instead of slanted off to the side). Just pull the white plastic bushing straight off, flip the outer knob to the other side, and realign it.
  2. Hey wait a sec......is it my eyes, the pic, or are the reed stop plates upside down on that reed block in the bottom pic ?
  3. They work on the theory that pushing the Reed blocks further into the crankcase "takes up space" inside the crankcase, thereby putting the crankcase into a state of vacuum sooner, and actually increasing initial intake vaccum during that split second that the reeds open up. The downside if using synthetic or carbon fiber reeds is that it creates extra stress on the reed petals. And if the motor ever backfires... .or gives a hard snort while cold starting....you may very well split a reed or blow a hole in the fuel pump diaphram. I have stuffed crankcases on some manual start Evinrude 2-cylinder motors to help "wake them up" a bit, but I'm a bit leery on doing it on anything with electric start. It's a volume vs. pressure thing, and to be honest I'm not sure that taking from one and adding to the other is a good idea. As with all performance upgrades there is always a reduction in reliability. Sometimes worth it....but more often not.
  4. The brown stuff on the choke lever is 50 year old grease. I was thinking that 1973 was CDI ignition, but it isn't. That one has points/condenser/coils under the flywheel (which probably need to be checked out). That fuel supply hose and clamp are ancient. Fuel pump is more than likely in bad need of a rebuild. Those are really good motors, a testament to what a REALLY good 2-stroke outboard should be....but yeah she's crying for some love.
  5. Oh to live on a prairie 🤗 30 miles around HERE would be a bit much. These hills have no mercy and are twice as far up them than they are down them......both ways.
  6. Grab your wrenches, side cutters, and a screwdriver, and get busy! 👍 You've got this 💪
  7. As a general rule when I get my hands on a motor of that age here's what I do, or what I recommend.... If there's a fuel system problem then go ahead and rebuild/refresh/synchronize the ENTIRE fuel system (carbs, fuel pump, fuel supply line and ALL fuel hoses) and make sure the fuel tank and it's fittings are 100% good/clean/tight. Just go ahead and eliminate all possibility of a fuel system related issue for the next 5-10 years. Refresh the cooling system completely. Don't just slap in a fresh impeller. Refresh the housing, the water tube grommet, thermostat, and any associated gaskets while your there. Gearcase seals? Absolutely! Those things are probably 30-40 years old and made of rubber. Refresh them and fill with fresh gear lube. Don't wait for a seal to blow.....gearsets aren't cheap. New spark plugs....the RIGHT ONES, Champion's, not the NGK crossovers that O'riellys are going to try to sell you, and gap them at .030 Now, if you've done it all right, and the powerhead and ignition system is good, you've got a motor that will start and run dependably .
  8. Not since September. Currently we are 5' low, so it would be real skinny and covered in ice right now.
  9. See Al ! Y'all should have gotten out of the boat on those fast spots instead of blowing through them. 😊👍 I honestly haven't been on it since 2017 but I've talked to several that have, and I have seen videos that were made since then. I think there are still plenty of fish there, and the hiking/wading looks like it is a bit easier now. On the NFoW if you are right on the verge of getting swept off your feet then odds are you are standing in a good spot to catch a fish.
  10. You can make it STOP ? I've learned that if I do what she's harping on me about, the NEXT THING will be even more difficult/expensive/time consuming. So by procrastinating I at least have a chance at taking a knee and running out the clock.
  11. Those weight conscious guys would drive me crazy. Fussing over 1/4oz. Lighter gearsets, or being indecisive about a seat post because it weighs 6 grams more than his last one. There are actually guys that want the decals and valve stem caps removed to reduce weight. You aren't one of those guys are ya? I pump a BEAST 29er Trek Marlin. That sucker weighs as much as a refrigerator 😂
  12. That's right I forgot that you did the bike shop gig. We need another bike shop around here, the last one seemed to be doing good....but for some reason they gave it up. I could enjoy doing that if there was any money in it.
  13. What did you do before you became a iron pimp ? Did you ever run a paper route on your bicycle? Give us a work history on you, I wanna know all of your skills.
  14. Got it, thanks. You don't want that headache anyway. Can't get critical parts for Force outboards anymore. Best to stay with the big 3 (Johnnyrude, Yamaha, Mercury) in that order.
  15. I always just use my hat. Maybe that's what's wrong with me.....fungus spores too close to my brain.
  16. As awesome and rare as a raging boner can be, I still don't understand how that might motivate me to accomplish the things (workwise and fishingwise) that I have previous intentions to do. I've been intending to swap out our bathroom faucet for going on 3 months. Have the replacement in a box in the laundry room just waiting. The next time Sugarbritches "reminds me" about it, I'll tell her that I can't stay hard long enough to get it done. Her reaction to THAT should be way more fun than her reaction to me telling her to go move all the towels and crap out of the cabinet so I can have some room to work on it.
  17. Yessir, that whole "it's your upbringing" theory has been proven wrong SO many times. Also, some of the most rottenest kids grow up to be the most responsible adults. Ya just never know. That's why I'm a firm believer in rehabilitation in prisons. Don't write off anybody because of their past. Alot can happen to a persons mind in 24 hours.
  18. 44" hull (not wide enough). You'll definitely want more horses for a 1648 or 1652 I thought this was gonna be the perfect Niangua/Gasconade boat, which it kinda is, because it's easy to manhandle when you need to, but I'm just not 100% happy with it. The motor starts and runs great.... but it is a wimp.
  19. What's it got on the back of it?
  20. Well I've got one. The 25 Merc just isn't enough. It gets the job done, but only because I know it's limitations and I'm careful not to get myself into a bad situation. Heading into a spot with less than enough @$$ to get you through it can put you in a dangerous predicament. I've had a couple of close calls.
  21. Since we're discussing interactions with "famous" people I have had quite a few. Crystal Gayle once bought me lunch at a truck stop in Monteagle Tn. Met Sammy Kershaw at longhorn steakhouse in Atlanta and we just clicked. (I had never even listened to his music beforehand). Ran limb lines on the Osage river and bird hunted (unsuccessfully) with Mel Carnahan (former Mo. Governor). Had the pleasure of rubbing elbows with a large number of big name B.A.S.S. guys and quite a few other famous fishing people, either through hanging around the Hibdon's or through doing boat/motor repairs. All are, or were (some have passed on) just regular people that appreciate being treated like regular people. I tried to do a freebie 10 minute electrical repair for Mark Zona, cuz he's a cool dude and I like him alot....but he wouldn't have it. Notoriety doesn't change people, it just changes how OTHER people react to them.
  22. Like a Cadillac axle! Cat couldn't scratch it! But no really, what does my shooting pool with a wet dish rag have to do with my failure to execute the most well laid plans? Is it a testosterone thing?
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