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  1. Trolling motors and sonar units actually fared better back when they didn't weigh so much. The heavier the objects you bolt to the bow....the worse the damage they can cause. It might seem cool that your new trolling motor mount is built like a tank, but that SOB is HEAVY, and it's bolted to a plywood-backed fiberglass cap....which is attached to the hull with some 3/16 rivets and some silicone. Start hammering that hull around and something is gonna give. Used to be the transom was what you carefully inspected before buying a used bass boat. Not anymore! The thing to do now is grab hold of that rub-rail up front, pull up hard and twist on both sides, and see how much slop the top cap has. If the boat has had a Fortrex or similar badass TM mount bolted to it.....I guarantee you'll have some movement up there, and it's gonna get worse with every wave you cross.
  2. Listen. That person has enough money in the bank, and enough investments and holdings to sustain him for a good while, possibly the rest of his days. He can escape this "peril" overnight. I'm trying really hard but I just can't feel sorry for him. Move on sir, go enjoy the fruits of your success that you've been working your whole life for.
  3. If you've got money laying around that you don't/won't need.....then bygod don't let another day go by without one. If the day comes that you regret doing it....then go naked sta-puft though a BLM protest demonstration.
  4. I haven't been out since memorial day. I'll be lucky to score a 15 incher.
  5. ...that doesn't deserve a mansion. Transport the royalty to the nearest trailer park ! 🙄
  6. fishinwrench


    If they abduct ME, I'll probe THEM, take control of their ship and land it in your yard....and say "take me to your hybrids".
  7. They can move. There's plenty of Missouri where that Idiocracy isn't happening.
  8. No, I'm out there with them, doing whatever I can/whatever it takes to right the wrong.
  9. I don't think it's acceptable that the mayor HAS a mansion.
  10. Let me guess..... The "law" allowed that crap to happen, and possibly orchestrated it, so that you'd realize how badly you NEED THEM. 🙄
  11. East STL gets a bad rap, but we used to go through there twice a week and never had any problems. South Memphis was way scarier. Chicago (Joliet) is another one that you always hear about, as far as being a good place to get kilt. Seemed reasonably tame to me.
  12. Figures. I get tired of listening to "the news" so I quit.....then truly interesting things start happening. It's such a trap.
  13. fishinwrench


    Oh, was that all me? 😎
  14. Oh! Didn't know that. So they are are doing open carry ARMED protests now? That should get interesting. 🤔
  15. Short ride over the hill. Just far enough away that we won't smell them.
  16. fishinwrench


    They aren't alone, we are ate up with them too. It's those aliens we were discussing on that other thread. 🤔
  17. That's what Raemi said. "Oh great, they've gotten into the Redbull..... it's gonna go bad NOW!"
  18. Using guns (flashing them around) to scare people is wrong. Pointing them directly at unarmed people is even worse. I can't think of a situation that makes those 2 statements incorrect.
  19. fishinwrench


    Yep, because they are being hired to fill the courtrooms every day. There isn't a single day in this tri-county area when the courtrooms aren't completely full and don't have people standing in the hall waiting to be let in. Their goal is to have every single person that breathes, in their database with a criminal record of some sort. Every plate that gets run over the scanner has "last conviction" info attached to it. Everyone is a criminal. It's getting really old.
  20. Nothing has changed around here. People coming and going from all over mid-america. Nobody wearing masks, and everyone eating out, partying, dancing, hugging, kissing, and shaking hands..... Still nobody I know of has gotten sick (other than hangovers). We were supposed to be a major hotbed for COVID19 here at LOTO..... Hasn't happened. The whole thing seems more and more rediculous to me each day.
  21. I'm going to have to declare war on a family of coons I guess. I kinda liked having them around to take care of fish guts and other things we chuck out of the fridge....but they are starting to get into my customers boats, and I can't allow that to go on. One of them popped open a can of Red Bull in one of the boats out here, and it took 2 hours to get the stain out of the carpet. Plus they routinely empty my squirrel feeders. They're going down!
  22. fishinwrench


    WTH is a wolf worm ? Is that like a buffalo gnat?
  23. I don't think anyone is ruining anything. The posts I've seen are all from guys that strictly C&R and pick up any trash they find along the way. You can't knock'em for wanting to share with their buddies the pics and a story about a really fun day they had. I'd much rather run into a few guys like that then to run into some grumpy old crankbait slingin' jackass that thinks your invading HIS special secret creek. Piss on that dude!
  24. The movie making thing has become a very popular hobby, and alot of guys/gals are getting really good at it. I have almost a dozen channels that I follow and enjoy watching their stuff alot. Beats the hell out of watching the crap on TV (fishing shows included). I would love to do a YT channel on boat related stuff with some fishing thrown in from time to time. We have a blast here around the shop and I know alot of people would get a charge out of it....lots of laughs. But I don't have the skills or patience for setting up camera's, editing and compiling the footage into something enjoyable to watch.
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