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  1. When those guys are out there fly-fishing the flats for bonefish, and a 6' shark homes in on the bonefish they just hooked....... What's the protocol for that? I mean they are 1/2 mile from dry land for Christ sake.
  2. Yessir. Apex predator chicken! 👍
  3. I only wade where the Apex predator is ME.
  4. When I look out across a vast area of water like that I just wanna throw my rods away. The attempt to find a specific species of hungry fish feels like finding a soda straw in a hay field. Casting practice.
  5. Sounds very romantic! Girls were so easy to entertain back then. The hook-up spot for us when we were young was the library. Because that's the only place girls were allowed by their parents to go without supervision. We were such good kids....just studying away at the library day after day, well into the night. 😇 We are all very well read. 😊
  6. Winters seem to be getting milder in these parts. I don't mind it so much when we have these 3-4 day periods in the 50's+ to break up the monotony. I haven't experienced any cabin fever yet this winter.
  7. You don't have to turn the pump on for water to get to it. Your better off if you DO run it.
  8. I've never had a problem with mine, but they were framed in when the house was built. If your placing them where a door frame already exists then it shouldn't be too hard to figure it out. No electrical outlets on that wall ?
  9. What do you call a girlfriend that does kegel exercises? Your main squeeze. 🙄
  10. Beings as how the average life of a livewell pump (alone) in saltwater is 7 weeks, you're money ahead to buy your seafood. Saltwater boating has to rate right up there with the most expensive hobby's you could possibly have.
  11. Hmmm tough choice there. Do I want to house a pet nympho that I can't keep satisfied, or do I want Alice the live-in maid ? If nobody is getting any, INCLUDING ME, then she shouldn't make a sandwich for anybody else, and if she does, then by her standards she is cheating. What did she marry you for, the uncontrollable need to do more laundry ?
  12. If your wife doesn't find you handsome then she can find you at your girlfriend's house. 😊
  13. If a boat that comes in for service has been in saltwater I can tell right away. A simple thing such as refreshing a water pump or changing gear lube can turn into a 3 day long ordeal. The mechanics that live and work on the coast seem real casual about it....but it would absolutely drive me to do hard drugs. Nothing is more frustrating when you're trying to work on something than a bunch of seized fasteners.
  14. How did I miss this? Bob, are you still popping in here?
  15. Nooooo. See? Hidden Valley's everywhere ! It's on the south side of the river off of hwy.100 a ways. Kinda close to New Haven. Old strip mine area that has been turned into a plushy little private resort thing. I tried to Google it but came up empty. It's kinda hush hush I think.
  16. If you're a single 30-40 year old.....you really should. 😉
  17. Hidden Valley! That's what it's called. What a creative name, right? Wonder how many "Hidden Valley resort"s there are across the U.S. ? And also wonder if all of them are a sanctuary for extra marital affairs.
  18. I know, right? People begin loosing their mind when it hits 661 here. They'll actually start filling sandbags and calling in to work. And the entire lake goes NoWake at 662 🙄
  19. High water or not, there should be no shortage of adult shad in Beaver lake.
  20. Red Green has an answer for everything.
  21. As long as I can have clean clothes and a warm shower every other day I could live in a tent just fine. Winters would suck though, no denying that. Mostly because of the short days and a wife that doesn't get "in the mood" near as often as I do. 😏
  22. Ameren even lies to these people, just to keep them from freaking out. The actual current LO level is 660.2 but here's what they are telling the locals
  23. Oh my people are gonna try to dump....but when they do hopefully your people will fill us right back up. 😃 https://www.lakeexpo.com/boating/the_lake/lake-of-the-ozarks-is-still-higher-than-normal-here/article_52851a6c-3882-11ea-b7ba-63bd68fbaf9f.html
  24. Yep that's it. 😊 There's fish in it, it is a pretty little creek. There's another one over by Swiss that is just like it. And what's the name of that place near there that has a couple lakes and they sell time shares? They even dump trout in there during the Winters. I stayed there once (skinny dipped in it) during my internet dating phase, but can't recall the name of it. Pretty place.
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