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  1. Those are fun. Way more entertaining than these monsters that run here, if you ask me.
  2. What's the fastest speed recorded on Taneycomo so far? 244 is still holding the record here on LO
  3. fishinwrench


    Gotta be careful around a man that keeps his guns cleaner than his weiner.
  4. He got good and pissed at a fruit tree for not having anything to eat on it. 😅 Apparently didn't understand how plants work. So judgement based on ignorance was also a flaw of the almighty.
  5. It's marketing man. Feeding a very large family from the hallucinations of generations of brainwashed individuals. It would indeed be interesting....if it were real. The interesting part is that it continues to work. Look, with all of their intelligence, how easily some can be steered. Votes gathered, and doctor misdiagnosis ignored.
  6. Right. At least we actually learned something from Humpty Dumpty. We no longer set eggs on a wall, and we no longer send horses to perform medical procedures. Had God given them thumbs then the story could have had a much happier ending. 😟 But he didn't. And why? Because that's just the way he planned it. Humpty was supposed to perish, and so was Adam and Eve. And so it goes.... The fruit could have easily been cultivated out of reach, and I never understood who was there before Adam to teach the serpent communication skills....and why can't we teach them to talk anymore? God didn't even want the snake to talk in the first place.....thus the punishment for doing so. Crazy crazy crazy business that folks just can't let go of. Blows the mind. Everything gets related to a fairy tale.
  7. If you can show me the cross-section of the cowling gasket I may have a strip of it that can be cut to size from the cowling graveyard.
  8. Oh definitely, things always work out for the best. I just find it amazing that whenever a couple splits up there's always a female victim that totally got taken advantage of. You never hear of it happening any other way.
  9. As usual with Mercury, the carb is NLA and so are many of the carb components (jets, screws, float, ect) so don't drop or break anything or the whole motor will be scrap. They don't offer a "kit" but a bowl gasket and needle valve can still be bought (quite expensive). http://www.marineengine.com/parts/mercury-outboard-parts/35/64223740-and-below-m/carburetor
  10. fishinwrench


    It's all fun & games until someone gets charged with a felony. 🤣
  11. Sounds like an honest way to make a living to me. If I was hung better I'd shitcan this outboard motor gig.
  12. I'm afraid I am, but we could probably work something out if you'll allow me to subcontract. 😊
  13. A dog that is fed nothing but Science Diet for the first 3 years of its life will still chase a rabbit, and pounce on a chicken without hesitation. Truly wild fish will typically be more aggressive feeders than recently stocked hatchery fish. Hatchery fish do tend to stay gathered in groups, whereas wild streamborn fish will be loners. The pink meat thing doesn't mean anything. I'm not sure what causes some trout to have pink flesh, but truly wild fish can have white flesh, and some hatchery fish can have pink flesh.
  14. The thing about FB fishing groups that I can't leave alone is the guys that haul fish around all day just so they can have a photo shoot later. And the "Guides" are the absolute worst about it. I can't help but ask them WHY they keep doing that. It's like I'm the only person in the world that believes it is beneficial to release fish back to the same area where it was caught. The guides actually think that if they take the pic where it was caught that someone will recognize the area. Gimme a freakin' break! 🙄 Then just don't take a pic then. Is it really that important to prove that you caught a 4 pounder? Drives me absolutely crazy.
  15. The new definition of "Being Taken Advantage Of": A person comes into your life, does nice things for you.....and then decides to leave before you want them to.
  16. But wait.....You don't even know they exist until they do something stupid. 🤔
  17. You make the guys sound like the evil ones. The guy NEVER comes out ahead in the end. THEY are the ones needing support and protection, it aint the females! 😄 I hooked up with a gal online, we hit it off real well. Next thing ya know I was mowing her rather large yard once a week, moving furniture, building fence, assembling a Bow-flex, installing a pool and a trampoline, entertaining her family and workmates, teaching her kids to shoot guns and bows, took them bike riding and fishing, replaced the gutters on her house, and even rubbed her fat little feet at the end of her shift. Then....she started skipping work and meeting a New Florence Cop. When her family and friends asked "What happened to Wrench", she told them "the relationship turned toxic". 🤔
  18. I don't understand anyone getting upset about something someone says. If they actually DO SOMETHING that's one thing, but just saying or posting things is free range, and always has been. Stick and Stones, and all that. I don't wanna be shielded/sheltered by the things that are on other people's minds. The more I know about what you think....the better off I am.
  19. True! Drinking too slow is a problem that hurts the economy. 😂
  20. I'd blame Kevin before the canoe seat.
  21. Responsible drinkers? The ones getting wasted don't bother with koozie's because the beverage isn't outside their body long enough to get warm.
  22. Nah, he has pretty much ghosted me. Not in a bad way though, he's just a family man with his priorities where they should be.
  23. I bet there's a fun story connected to that, let's hear it. 😃
  24. You're never gonna ban (or throw extra regulations on) wake boats, so everyone needs to just get over it and learn to cope. Wakeboarding is a cool sport. Way cooler, and healthier, than fishing if you wanna know the truth.....but let's not go THERE. 😄 If wakeboats make it impossible to relocate fish from one end of the lake to the other, then good! Because there's too many people doing that anyway.
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