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  1. Everything about the Etec is proven pretty much rock solid. Not so much by any high tech new engineering but by actual results over time and use. The best proven bearing placement, ring gap, cylinder to piston clearance, block material, lubrication points, seals, solenoids/relays, and starter. The best, longest lasting water pump, charging coils and regulators. Nearly each and every component on those engines are chosen or copied from the ones that over many years have proven to be the most die hard, longest lasting components that OMC and BRP ever produced....or had produced for them. Very little of the Etec is "new". It has some of the old bulletproof 90° crossflow charactistics, and even some of the failed FICHT designs (the few truly good ones). If there are any design or programming flaws in the Etec it is only because of emission requirements. Over time I'm confident that you'll see the Etec's lasting much longer than any other outboard produced. The 4-strokes that they are allegedly "competing against".....As I said before, on the average motor the powerheads won't even last as long as the original set of spark plugs that is put in them before needing a complete rebuild (which will invariably cost double what the motor is even worth). So if a good 4-stroke tech tells you that it's time for a fresh set of spark plugs then you'd better start shopping for a new motor. 😉
  2. Oh I'm enjoying it. Don't ever think I'm butthurt over a good ribbing.....I live for it. This place would be as boring as Facebook if we didn't get to roast each other from time to time. I hate semi random parts-swapping to find the problem with a motor though. If you don't fully understand what your doing, and why, then it's impossible to have confidence in a repair. This one here, even though I feel like I understand the system perfectly, is downright screwy. I'm anxious to know what is going on with it.
  3. Me either. And neither do the guys at MDC who decided to spend millions of our dollars on them. They'd rather eat spaghetti. 🤔
  4. So now you're gonna pretend that you weren't being sarcastic? With your snide smiley and all? 🙄 Ok darling, my apologies. Yes honey it is a 2 stroke engine, but there's no real difference between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke ignition/charging system. They both do the same thing the same way.
  5. It's an ignition problem, ya Goofball. 2stroke/4stroke is irrelevant. 4-stokes don't even live long enough to have ignition failure 😂 You can't even wear out a spark plug on a 4S before it's ready for the graveyard.
  6. I'm not gonna be satisfied until ANOTHER new stator is tried. After that I'm stumped unless I can go one on one with it.
  7. Ok you're good. I guess the replacement now converts it to Quik-Start. I didn't know that. So no spark at all now? Zero (or very low) primary voltage from the Ppack?
  8. Orange wires? On a 1990 60hp ? That's not a Quik-Start/SLOW system ! Gimme the model # I think you've got the wrong parts on that hussy. Your stator should have a brown and brown/yellow, and 2 bigger yellow and yellow/gray leads, and that's all. The Ppacks and stators with orange wires are for motors equipped with Quik-Start and SLOW.
  9. I have quite a few Amish/modern Mennonite customers, they aren't supposed to own boats....but they are allowed to be PARTNERS with someone who does. All are good people with very polite wives and children, and they always pay with cash. 😊 Of all the religious lifestyles out there, Amish is the only one I admire and have deep respect for.
  10. I can tell you this for sure though:. Let's say that you are away from home on a fishing trip and have problems, expecting warranty repair from the closest Evinrude dealer......If the warranty is expired on a 2016 then you are gonna get charged full parts&labor unless you contact the dealer you bought it from and THEY work it out with the dealer you are trying to get service from. Which will undoubtedly be a vacation ruining nightmare.....ifyouknowwhatimean.
  11. That is indeed a 2016 motor. The dealer titling it as a 2019 may actually be commiting "fraud"?..... but don't quote me on that because I'm not a dealer, have never been one, or worked for one directly, so I'm not sure what they can/can't do, and can't speak for what is considered "normal". In 2012 BRP changed their model number system so that all parts/service is done by referencing model numbers instead of the Year-Model like they have always done before. Supposedly they did this to assist their dealer network in inventory and service bulletins, but being the Red Pill guy that I am, I think I know the real reason. Everything else that is subject to being titled and registered is expected to be manufactured in the same year that it is titled under......Now maybe outboard motor dealers, since not all states require that outboards be titled and registered, managed to pull that little shinanigan off legally, but nevertheless it is a shinanigan. So I guess my next question is, did you pay a 2016 price? If you did then no harm/no foul....until you try to sell it.
  12. You've got it right. The trigger and switchbox (together) do what POINTS AND CONDENSERS used to do back when life was simple.
  13. Sounds like you need a stator and a switchbox. Low stator voltage likely killed the switchbox. Trigger is probably fine, but if it has a degrading harness, and you aren't broke yet.....then you might as well get a fresh one. Timing will need to be checked/reset after replacing the trigger.
  14. What is your coil primary readings? (green to ground on all 3 ignition coils with everything hooked up) How "low" was the trigger output? It actually only takes 0.4v to fire the switch box.
  15. I love those skiffs too. I amost traded for one a couple years ago that would have been perfect for fly-fishing these flats, but me and the owner just couldn't agree on numbers. I hope he blows a gearcase or a powerhead someday soon and then we can sit down with a beer and a checkbook and work things out a little better. 😂
  16. Yep, random killing just because a person's life sucks and they have no empathy for others will continue to happen until the population is reduced to the point where people actually become lonely and long for company, instead of being so closely surrounded by other people that they are nauseated by their presence. If that douchebag had been alone for a month or two without seeing another person then he wouldn't wanna kill anyone. Instead he'd wanna talk, play chess, or screw.
  17. Spiders are jackasses, they don't play by any rules. That's why I hate them.
  18. True. Local lawmen shot and killed a unarmed guy on his porch awhile back. Not even a whisper about that incident or the ongoing court proceedings on the news. A Casenet search shows no criminal record on the guy whatsoever.....so I guess you had to be there to know exactly WTF went down. The family of the guy act like they are afraid to talk about it. Pretty strange. If he had had a gun holstered on his side then he would probably have been considered "armed".
  19. Hell I dunno, I'm still living in the '90's 🙄 Let me just say.... Anywhere that sells switches, resistors, capacitors, and such. If Radio Shack is no more then I'm sad. Not that I ever need anything from there, but it was a cool niche store.
  20. Everybody wants to carry a gun, but nobody wants to wear kevlar. I mean.....If the threat is REAL then I'd want both. I'm not one to go sparsely prepared, if I'm concerned for my life then you can bet I'll be TRULY equipped to win the game. You wear a PFD in a boat, but haven't even considered a vest that stops bullets...... you're just gonna carry more of them. I just don't understand the mentality of that. Maybe a weekly Roman Candle fight out in the yard with your wife would be good practice. 😊
  21. You can actually make a peak reading adapter with cheap parts from Radio Shack and use it with any digital voltmeter. I have the diagram and parts list somewhere, but I'm sure if you just Google it it's there. Here's Stu walking you through it...
  22. In a drive-by situation having a gun is no help, and will probably just end with YOU in jail, and definitely with your gun confiscated. If someone shoots at you and then immediately drives or is running away you can't just return fire, because at that point they are no longer a threat. You can't use your gun to "retaliate", you can only use it to protect your life in the moment of the attack. Everybody wants to pack a gun around, but I don't think they are in touch with reality. You, as a citizen, do not have "STOP OR I'LL SHOOT" authority, no matter what someone just did to you, and no matter what you are afraid they MIGHT do.
  23. There's an island below Fort Niangua, you can make it either way but I always go right. There's a bit of a drop (tiny waterfall) that can be tricky, I've almost dumped there, but it's not "dangerous" at all.
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