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  1. Fuel quality? (Ditch the additives that you are probably being sold....and dumping in there) Temperature of the air/water? (as it relates to the length of time it takes the engine to warm up/cool down) Load on the motor? (weight of boat, amount of current) Something changed. My biggest hangup with 4-strokes is that once a little wear happens the fuel mixture and exhaust relief changes. After that happens it is impossible to get the performance back to what it once was. Valvetrain seats and guides are friggin NYLON PLASTIC so if the motor ever gets a little too warm for a short period of time you can bet they'll become distorted. And to go in and rebuild/replace them costs as much as a new powerhead. And guess what condition exempts your warranty? That's right..OVERHEATING ! If they can find any signs of overheated plastic your "warranty" ain't worth a spit.
  2. Why is there never any mention of black or white in those color visibility graphs ?
  3. Well yeah, they were gapped at half of what they are supposed to be. That doesn't mean that the plugs are bad, it just means that they aren't set right. It throws the heat range off when the gapping is not correct. The plug has to get hot enough to burn off wet deposits.
  4. Those plugs aren't fouled, they look fine....other than the gapping. Brush them off, gap them at .040 and put them back in. So.....yet another dealership letting the floor sweeper/trailer wheel bearing guy do their warranty work. 🙄
  5. If you mean yours ? Probably not. Yours is a Suzuki designed powerhead with a Mercury designed ignition system, charging system, and fuel system. A Frankenstein. But maybe. Who knows? Only time will tell. It's been good to you so far, and that's a good sign. How many hours would you guess it has on it now?
  6. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the consideration of UV pigmented colors, and the use of such, is not going to improve anyone's angling success noticably. Dr. Loren Hill spent his whole adult life (as did several others) studying and tinkering with colors and color pigments as they relate to fish, and the best thing they ever came up with was a gizmo that you might still find at a garage sale for $2 or less today. No sense in trying to reinvent the wheel, it's a waste of your time.
  7. Mercury has lost a good percentage of retail buyers in THIS region. The only guys I personally know that are running the new Merc's on bass boats, are the guys getting pro-staff deals and trading up every 2-3 years. The only retail buyers now (that I see, anyway) are the tri-toon crowd. Retail sales on Evinrude is growing rapidly, and Yamaha retail sales is absolutely killin' it. That 4-stroke Yammie, as bad as I hate to admit it, is showing signs of being one hell of a good outboard.
  8. No, they had Opti cowlings but they were actually 3.0L EFI's. Can't tell you how many times I have had folks call and say they were bringing in an Optimax....and when I pull the cowling, guess what? It ain't. That was a bit of a dealer scam for awhile, back when the general public was programmed to believe that the Optimax was the greatest outboard to ever come along. Buyers didn't know an Optimax from a Duramax, so if it said Optimax on the cowling they thought they had the $#!t. 😎 As it turned out.....they were better off if it wasn't.
  9. IKR ! When that boat was rigged though, those motors were reported to be the fastest and most fuel efficient 3.0L outboards available. After it was done and we took it out for a test run I was rather disappointed in its "speed". About 64mph was the best I could get out of it, with nothing but 2 occupants, 4 batteries and some fuel. It did slice beautifully through the big waves however.
  10. The real question is....Is that a dog, or a fuzzy seat cover?
  11. Naw, the dude that pulled it here from Pensacola whipped that sucker in there like a pro. Not 4-strokes, they were triple 225 2-stroke motors, one was blown and all 3 were ate up with saltwater corrosion, the steering arms were reduced to about 3/8". The restoration on that beast was one hell of a project. Drug confiscation buy.
  12. It's so hard to stop. Just a constant barrage of thoughts and questions. Let's just quit before Phil gets mad, or someone accuses me of being a child molester or something.
  13. Which God said that ? Was it just the one we in America were taught about.....or was it all of them ?
  14. It's hard to say, because most of the people studying it were only doing so because they wanted to sell it. UV Icedub seems to have some magic associated with it.....but so does plain old black and blue, and plain old chartreuse and white. We'll never really know.
  15. Me too apparently. I'm not apologizing for it though, cuz that's the kinda prick I am. 😊
  16. No doubt. Touche ✌️😊
  17. I haven't studied it, so you got me there. My point is still valid though, I think. 80 years ago ? Honest valid reporting? Mitch ! C'mon now. Gulf of Tonkin, JFK.......alot of BS has been sold to the people since then. ALOT ! I think the fact that there are darn few athiests in prison probably would have been a better point to make. Nobody can deny that one.
  18. That's exactly what I do. But I'm not going to just ignore the fact that I have trust issues with my neighbor who swears he has seen ghosts multiple times and believes that spirits keep opening his mailbox.
  19. Yeah keep going. 😊 You had to go back a long ways, and the teachings of history are often full of slanted viewpoints and ignored/dismissed facts. How about since better, more reliable information sharing became a possibility ?
  20. When was the last time your heard that a group of radical athiests caused a catastrophe ? Very very rare. It's always some religious organization behind it. Dead fish.
  21. When your judged on it, it matters. When you're not allowed to question it, it matters. When someone says you suck at your job, and wants your business to suffer because you are honest about your questions and beliefs, it matters. When you are being strongarm controlled by people who don't seem to be thinking clearly or have the ability to think freely......it REALLY matters.
  22. Where we came from wasn't a talking point of the conversation. Whether or not there is an entity controlling things in our behalf, who has a plan for us after we die is where my curiosity lies. Mostly because the book that you derived that information from is just loaded with unbelievable (and horrible) stuff. My goal is to believe as many true things as possible, and to continue seeking truth if I'm unconvinced. Currently I'm still unconvenced. And even if I eventually become convinced I'm not exactly sure that I want to be spiritually or otherwise connected with any "being" that condones slavery, and punishes for not believing based on bad evidence. You don't get to choose what you believe.....you either believe it or you don't. I'd love to believe all the cool happy things that make life easier, but I gotta be honest with myself, my family, and my friends. I just don't buy it. None of it. It all wreaks of a cruel way to control society.
  23. Well it is 2019 Above all else he must protect the anonymity of the whistleblower. 🙄
  24. Whenever you point out things that have no apparent foundation, and make no sense, there are always people that don't have answers but are offended that you asked. Only dead fish go with the flow. I knew the pile of crap was there, I just wasn't concerned about stepping in it. Terrierman took it to a new level though, so I'm not gonna be done here until he follows up. Still waiting on his reply, but I'm betting he'll have nothing more to say. It will be one of those....."I'm not lowering myself to your level" kinda BS retreats. 🙄 Which is fine, I ain't mad.
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