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  1. JFYI I fornicated in the pool. So if you swam in it..... you're a cocksucker by proxy. šŸ¤£
  2. Aside from true wind effect, even in totally calm conditions, you're very likely to have a significant windage error at long range if sighted in at a mere 50 yards. Consider that 4 clicks is hardly measurable at 50, but is a significant adjustment at 150-200
  3. While that probably works fine (close enough) in most cases, your way better off setting your windage adjustment at your furthest range. A zero at 50 could easily be 2' right/left at 150.
  4. I didn't either. They made the mistake of mailing us our diploma's 2 weeks before the walk.....so my buddies and I were floating the Meramec on "graduation day". We partied at the Finn's motel in St.James. šŸ˜Š
  5. Can't fault them for being smart I guess. If I could draw a steady check without doing anything, I'd jump on it too. And I'd also think of a way to justify it so my conscience was clear, and so I'd have a rebuttal if anyone ever slammed me for it. šŸ˜Š
  6. Definitely fishable. Lake level is 655.6 so you kinda gotta know your way around.....and dodge the snaggers. Crappie are on šŸ”„
  7. I was the same way on graduation day.... but this kid LOVES school. She actually gets severely pissed on snow days.
  8. Ouch! We are dealing with this in the Wrench household. Have one very upset Senior upstairs. šŸ˜Ÿ
  9. Oh bullspit! Your "scud" looks alot like a glo-ball šŸ˜‚ "Watery Olive" šŸ™„ šŸ¤£
  10. Download the Strelok Pro app and play with that awhile. If all your input data is correct it will be 100% balls on.
  11. I told ya ! That's just from 1.5" of rain. The ground can't hold any more.
  12. No kidding! Freakin' Quacks šŸ™„
  13. No, use Devcon 2 ton epoxy (takes longer to cure, but that's the good stuff). I never throw an old busted rod away just for that purpose. I have tons of guides. If you were close I'd match one up for ya.
  14. There needs to be a better way to score that doesn't involve relocating the fish from the cove/area they were caught in....OR there needs to be WAY fewer tournaments. That's the only smart options.
  15. Wrong. I fished them back when there were only 2-4 per month. Now that there are 50-75 per month on every lake in the country I am wise enough to realize, and not too selfish to admit that it is TOO MUCH. If the amount of constant bass relocation going on now is not considered excessive, then at what point would you admit that it IS excessive? 200 per month? 1000? Just please answer that simple question.
  16. You can replace just the ceramic ring if you're good at doing fiddly things like that. I've done it many times.
  17. Anytime doctors postpone a "treatment" doesn't that kinda show you that the treatment wasn't really necessary to begin with?
  18. fishinwrench

    What's Cooking?

    Oh God šŸ¤¢ I'm sorry but that looks like cat puke. Prolly tastes good though šŸ˜Š
  19. Oh BS! Doctors get paid the big bucks because they are supposed to be smart. You can't convince me that a powerhead is blown when it isn't. But I kinda understand, because occasionally I'll have someone bring in a motor and claim that "something just ain't right" and try as I may I can't find a single thing wrong with it. I've found that it works better to do SOMETHING, even though it's totally unrelated to the issue they are claiming, than it is to say "Look dude, I think you're imagining things because I don't see anything wrong and I can't make it do what you're saying it does". Then a week or so later they'll call or stop by and say..... Whatever you did fixed it. šŸ™„ I totally gave the motors owner a placebo šŸ˜… But I would never say "yep your right, SHE'S BLOWN" and offer them 200.00 for it. šŸ™„
  20. Full of mutts, hu? I'm glad you aborted them. šŸ˜Š
  21. I'll tell you what I hope this episode of crap puts an end to. Hand shaking! When you think about it that is the stupidest thing ever. How did that BS get started anyway? Guys don't need to hold hands, bump elbows, or touch each other at all for that matter. I don't feel the need to squeeze anybody's hand, and if you knew where my hands had been you wouldn't wanna squeeze mine either. Can we all just knock that rediculous $#!t off ? I wish people would quit sticking their paws out for me to grab ahold of..... knowing full well that I'm gonna grab it just to keep from INSULTING them. That's so freakin'stupid!
  22. Well, I'm "social distancing" (doing my part to help as best I can). I certainly don't want it. Do I think this crap is going to carry on until July-August like some are saying? No. I think the spread will stop immediately as soon as it's warm enough to open our windows and doors. I don't understand why Italy got hammered so hard by it. Are things really crowded there?
  23. Well before you decide it isn't worth worrying about, put the big pile of rice on the top in an hour-glass......and go check again after your frozen pizza is done. 2.00 to cross a toll bridge is no big deal, until you see the size of those bags of cash being taken to the bank the next day. 2 dandelions in the yard today..... tomorrow you have a yellow lawn. I'm out of examples. šŸ˜…
  24. I only carry scud patterns in 041 tan, and a few in Dead Orange. One of those 2 colors always gets the job done.
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