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  1. I think I know the problem. It's a code 14 (operator error). You aren't holding your tongue right. 😁
  2. To each their own, but spending a day figuring out the bite on one river, then moving to a whole different river for the next day seems more like a sight-seeing trip than a fishing trip. You'll get dialed in better, catch more fish, eat better/sleep better, and reduce the chaos factor by 96% if you pick one river and stay with it both days. Save the other river for another trip. With 8 guys you're gonna have at least 2 that get stone blind drunk, 1 that falls and gets injured, 2 that tempt hypothermia, 2 broken rods, and at least 1 that comes down with the Kung flu and is puking every 3 hours. Best to keep the trip more simple IMO.
  3. If you ever get tired of a relative just loan them some money. A couple hundred bucks should do it, and it's often worth twice that much to get rid of them. Family values!
  4. Amen! I hate weddings, funerals, and graduation ceremonies, so the fewer relatives I have hanging around, the better.
  5. That's because every 10-15 years you get a new generation of Shot Callers with fresh new ideas on how to make the world a better place. It doesn't matter that the way water moves downhill hasn't changed at all, and it doesn't matter that weather prediction (in spite of advanced technology) isn't any more accurate these days......They have to TRY to reinvent the wheel. 🙄
  6. You're looking gooood! I'm getting pretty anxious myself.
  7. I'm sick of it. Everything is a sloppy muddy mess around here, and the temps just cold enough to keep me indoors. This winter vacation can't be over soon enough to suit me, I'm ready to get back to work.
  8. Everyone keeps saying that..... BUT there has been plenty of opportunity during the last 7 months to evacuate all that water they've been holding. Has there not? If flood control is your priority then you should never elect to hold miles and miles of excess water when downstream conditions are perfectly suitable for you to flush some out. It's as if they were predicting a severe drought or something.
  9. My father's gig was buying up defunct nursing homes across the country that were in financial trouble or on the verge of loosing their license. He'd get them all fixed up, running well with a great reputation, all on the up and up....then sell them. He urged me to follow in his footsteps, but as a kid in my early 20's that was the LAST THING I wanted to do with my life. Turned out to be a stupid decision because if I had I would have been comfortably retired 4-5 years ago with enough money to do whatever I want, whenever I want, and have a little black book full of smokin' hot nurses to play with.....like he did. 😊
  10. Oh hell, what's 2 minutes out of your day? Many years later you'll remember THAT, but you won't remember how many fish you caught.
  11. We had a couple of 70 degree sunshine days a couple weeks ago, and at a house right on 5 hwy., right out in the front yard on a lounge chair not 30 yards from the edge of the pavement, and 1/4 mile from the entrance to the elementary school......Boom! I'm surprised there wasn't at least 2 head-on collisions and a few mowed down mailboxes. The guy that works the quik-mart in town said he only got asked about 15 times who lived there. 😁
  12. Boobs are so free around here that they've lost their shock value. Wait, what did I just say? That's a lie. Nevermind. 😎
  13. Nice rig! BTW, I have a new Bimini just like that one....but in BLACK, has a cover and everything. If anybody wants it just be the first one here to grab it....and bring me a Subway sandwich. 😊
  14. "Dock that chink a day's pay for sleeping on the job".
  15. Beautiful! Al Agnew, eat your freakin' heart out. 😎👍
  16. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. 😊 I bet when you decided to order that new set of binoculars...you shopped for the best price. You can't blame companies for trying to get the most work done for the least amount of money. That's not being "hateful to your employees"...... it's just business.
  17. Ask him....."Why, were you fixin' to buy me a set for Valentine's day? If so I can return them".
  18. No sense in charging them. All they would have to do is tell the judge that the dog just showed up where they were at, wouldn't quit pestering them, and some random person told them that they thought the dog lived THERE. And they were just being a good Samaritan and attempting to return it. Which may very well be the case. There's no evidence proving otherwise. Obviously they aren't terrible rotten people or they just would have dumped him any old where and sped off into the sunset.
  19. Oh I can justify it 😎 I have a buddy that throws those big 3/4oz. Thumpers with painted blades the size of Datsun hubcaps. One of these days he's gonna start putting on a clinic from the back of the boat.....and I'll need one BAD. 😁 I'm ready for that day.
  20. I actually only have 3 that are my go-to's. Carry about 60......but only ever reach for one of those 3
  21. When it comes to big river smallies.....the Meramec gets the prize. Why is that, do you suppose? I'd expect the Gasconade.
  22. That sounds aweful. Spinnerbaits are a PIA. The best "system" I've ever used is just heavy ziplock bags on a ring.
  23. Where determines when. I'll probably go somewhere close to home Monday 😊 You're always welcome. And guess whose boat is NEVER down? 😂
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