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  1. Up until 2006 had a whole fleet of bass boats (3) until a F2 tornado ate them all, my OT canoe and favorite paddle survived it though and I only had to replace a seat and a thwart. I kinda took that as a sign and just can't keep a bass boat around for long. I've bought a couple, fished out of them for a month or so...then sold 'em. Still water just doesn't do it for ME anymore. God bless the ones it does though, 'cause they make it possible for me to eat and pay my bills.
  2. LOL, I can't believe you said that. That is exactly what was going through my mind during the last 1/2 of the book. My reasoning being that alot of old timers used to refer to river-bass as Green Trout. Also the fish he stalked were always described to be holding in what sounded more like like smallmouth haunts (never in the fast water, ect.). I would have concluded that was the case except for the discription of the flys he bought at the hardware store ....those were definately Trout flys. The way he described his buddy getting blown up with a hand grenade was unlike anything I've ever read before, he was definately a talented author.
  3. Adding weight to the front of the boat is going the wrong direction if you are trying to eliminate excessive porposing. What you want is a LIGHTER front end, not heavier. Porposing is caused when the motor is trying to lift the bow....but can't quite keep it lifted, it is doing a juggling act between plane and plow. Engine height on the transom, trim angle, prop bite, and raw torque (in that order) are how you diagnose porposing problems. If you also blow out on sharp turns you may need to drop the engine 1 hole, which will probably cure both the blow out problem AND the porposing. If it doesn't blow out on turns BUT the only trim angle you can maintain (without porposing) is one that causes the boat to plow, then you either need a better bite at the prop, OR MORE HORSEPOWER. You can have a good prop shop add a bit of cup (lift) to the blades, that will noticably help. Hydrofoils (IMO) are just a crutch to compensate for poor rigging. And much the same can be said for jackplates. A properly rigged 115 (turning 5500 rpm) should push you darn close to 50 mph in ANY 17ft. bassboat.
  4. I sold a bunch of old props (in not so bad condition) back when scrap prices were up, and I'm not sure what's left, but I'll dig through my bone pile here in a few days and see what I have, if I come up with something I think you can work with I'll shoot you a PM. Here's a new one going pretty cheap...no bids yet: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/JONHSON-EVI...essoriesQ5fGear
  5. You have to dial in what you need, but these sites are pretty good. I use the first one for topo's and the second one for roads (just keep zooming and they all appear). http://mapserver.mytopo.com/homepage/index...FTOKEN=45211882 http://www.bing.com/maps/?vendor=google&am...mp;pkw=missouri
  6. Here is OEM info part#0763745 PROP,8X7.25 2BLD $136.45
  7. Early Fall is a great time to fish L.O. Cool spells seem to put the dinks off, but the keepers still bite ok. Just pick a creek arm that you like, and stay there 'til you figure out a workable pattern. Then work that same pattern in similar creek arms, and you should do ok. Lots of 2-5 lbers being caught now, and some really FAT kentucky's on a topwater bite. Good luck, Wrench
  8. For Smallies and river bass: Zara Pup, or a small buzzbait (on top) unweighted Case Jacks worm (in between) Slider worm (around cover or near the bottom) As far as gin clear still water in a lake...I avoid it like the plague, and will burn some fuel to find a creek arm with some color to it.
  9. I don't think it would be cost effective fuel wise at 6 amps, and your auto alternator is not going to charge it to full capacity, since the voltage regulator in most auto's diverts the remaining charge to ground once 12.3-12.6 volts are indictated. A good group 27 battery needs to go 14+ volts during a charge cycle.
  10. Oh, ok. I stand corrected then, thanks. I remember a debate in the past when I looked into it, and on the Bennett park store website the wording regarding C&R Winter fishing was "all fish"..... I remember that clearly, but oddly enough I can not find that link (Winter C&R rules and regulations) on their website now. The earlier debate spawned from someone knifing a limit of Smallmouth in Z3 during C&R season.... I wish it wasn't legal, but maybe it is.
  11. If every campground in the area is already booked solid I wouldn't wanna be anywhere close to there that weekend. I've never participated in the Holland derby, I didn't know that it drew that big of a crowd. Wow ! Have you checked with Riverfront ? (417-588-3386)
  12. I simply do not possess Walleye mojo. I've never been able to catch one on purpose.
  13. Next time he tells you that, get it in writing....then have at it.
  14. Is that an oxymoron, or the early sign of alzheimers
  15. Rules say ALL "fish" in the park must be released immediately during Winter C&R.
  16. One Hybrid, a few Whites, and a dozen or so dink Crappie. The water was up around 14ft. and backcasting room was non-existant. Ever try to "steeple cast" a Clouser? .....Dangerous ! I like fishing Bagnell but I gotta tell ya, the scent coming out of that tailrace during the warmest part of the day made me crave a good hot shower ASAP. Gov. Nixon says he's gonna fix that. Ya reckon ?
  17. I hit it from the bank this morning with the fly gear, I only saw one boat below the dam, was that you, right up by the gates ?
  18. Baked, not fried....right ? Remember your Vitamin D (do I sound like your mother?) LOL
  19. They lay claim to a pretty good stretch of the Big Piney. But I guess AUE is going to open and close floodgates....on demand, or per request. Maybe I could call bagnell and say "yes, this is SFC Fishinwrench of the ANG....gimme 35,000 CFS immediatly please".
  20. I'm all about touchy subjects It will be even more amazing....if the 9 ton POS has to be extracted from the bottom of the river. That would be a good "exercise" for'em.
  21. I was referring to the "back ends" (as in the backend flats) .......I know nothing about Dock ends. LOL Where I've been catching spook fish, you can see the bottom. Are you catching them over deeper water ?
  22. http://www.lakenewsonline.com/lake_ozark/x...r-training-spot I guess if Taney was closer they'd commandeer it for their games ? This is BS !
  23. lonkm, I can get them and mail to you if needed, but a quicker option would be to fabricate your own from stainless steel, or aluminum roll pins, via your local hardware store. If you have the prop wrench that comes with it, pry the pressed on cap off the handle of the wrench and you'll find 2 spare drive pins inside it. If you need me to send you some shoot me a PM with the make, model# and serial# and I'll hook you up.
  24. The Fall turnover will put the skids on it. And that normally begins within a few days (+/-) of the Daylight Savings Time switch, every year. So you've got a good month left before it goes to crap on the main lake.
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