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  1. Right. But oddly enough if the guage reads less than 3' it's going to be skinny. It fishes and floats best at 4.5 - 5. The big Niangua on the other hand is on the verge of being blown out at the same headwater guage height. And knowing CFS on the big Niangua above Bennett and the few other springs between Windyville and there is useless info. Again, it's whatever you choose, I was just saying that for ME it works best to know guage height. I'm never in the mood for excessive math. I am rather fond of my old school "stick in the mud" technique. 😊
  2. I never said that. I said....."I can tell you that any river with a guage height of 1.5 ft. is going to be low and barely floatable in spots. "
  3. I suppose you need me to point out that neither Dunning, nor Kruger, ever cured anyone. πŸ˜… How else does one rate the success/integrity of a psychologist? What's the clinical term for someone who speaks to people after they have left the premises ?
  4. I'm dying to know who the "few others" are. Pretty chickenshit to call me out but leave everybody else wondering if they are in the same league....and then bail, never to post again. I feel bad for all the rest of the OA community, it sucks to be left in limbo. Sorry y'all. πŸ™
  5. How can y'all have read βˆ†βˆ†THATβˆ†βˆ† and then rip me to shreds for claiming to know everything ? I clearly said that I didn't know.....and was just wondering if they did either....cuz it doesn't seem like it. How do all the rest of you look at this floodwater mess and say...."oh yeah, no problem, they are doing just fine, they got this" (?) If you don't look around in your world and see bonafide idiots in charge of very important jobs....then you're freakin' blind. Don't rip on me just because I occasionally have doubts and openly voice them. Especially when YOU don't have the answers either. So there.....Check! 😊
  6. If all proceeds go to charity it shouldn't matter who buys them, they should strive to sell as many tickets as possible, regardless. Great deal though, somebody could spend 1-2k on tickets and have a real good chance at making some serious dough. πŸ‘
  7. Plenty. Redington or Hodgeman are both pretty good and fairly cheap.
  8. Me too! 2 skunky pointers in the back of a Bronco for 30 miles. Windows down but still so strong our eyes were burning.
  9. The owners (family) are still in the business though. 😊
  10. I'm not turning myself in for rehabilitation. If what I post is offensive or bothers you in any way then there are options built into this forum to avoid seeing it. What sucks for me is that when something that has to do with fishing or your boat makes no sense and frustrates you, then if I have the answers I stay with the explaning until you're satisfied and "get it". But when ol'wrench can't make sense of something .....Boy what a jackass he is ! Y'all can be such c**ts sometimes. πŸ€•
  11. Oh great! Now look what you FEW OTHER PRICKS have done !
  12. Didn't know that, thanks. So having never seen the river......if you see 250k CFS you'd think "cool sounds perfect"....then you get to NFOW and come across a washed out bridge and flooded fields. πŸ˜‚ I don't care what you say.....you gotta be somewhat familiar with the river for any of it (guage height or CFS) to make any sense. Most river guage apps don't even show what the median flow is, gotta go to the USGS site to get that info (and often FOR ME that site won't load). 150 CFS on the little Niangua is good (perfect) but 150 CFS on the Mississippi is a bummer. We'd all be in big trouble if that happened. πŸ˜…
  13. If you aren't familiar with the river then CFS is useless too. Some streams are easily floatable at 95 cfs, while others aren't. Same can be said about the median flow since some streams can only be floated when they are high. Floatability and fishing conditions don't always jive with each other. My concern is always how the fishing conditions are going to be, not whether or not I can float it without a portage.
  14. Craziest thing I've ever heard you say. 😊 I can tell you that any river with a guage height of 1.5 ft. is going to be low and barely floatable in spots. There's no "minus" when measuring guage height. Zero means DRY. When camping on the river I drive a steak in at the waterline or make a little rock pile. Way easier to tell the degree of rise/drop by looking at that than it is to glance at the nearest riffle and guess the CFS flow compared to my memory of yesterday.
  15. Oh boy, here we go...πŸ™„ Question the operating procedure of a government entity and all of a sudden you're a jackass pot stirring know-it-all.
  16. The selling of products and commodity's is a tough game, somebody can come in and steal your business overnight. The service industry is where the money is at. Provide a useful service and be pleasant to deal with...... you'll never starve.
  17. Depends on where the critters I'm hunting are at. They don't care who owns the land.
  18. Technically no, because it may be hard to identify a fish by a piece of meat. Never heard of anyone getting busted for doing it though.
  19. We don't use an app here, we just do a group text. It usually goes like this.... "Hey can somebody run me to town to pick up my car?" "Has UPS been through yet?" "Anybody got 4 eggs and a stick of unsalted butter?" πŸ™„
  20. I just don't compute it that way. 6" is 6" regardless of whether the stream is 10 feet across, or 1/2 mile across.
  21. Lake levels are always a hot topic for me during this time of year. I actually want it to rain so godaweful much that they can't keep this lake down. I love fishing during the spawn and for the last 10 years they have always screwed it up with extreme lake level fluctuations during those times. After retirement I'd love to move to a natural lake where some douchebags with a "guide curve" can't jack up mother nature.
  22. fishinwrench

    What's Cooking?

    We went out to eat at a FuFu restaurant the other night and there was a Russian family sitting across from us. When ordering they spoke perfectly clear English in a soft and pleasant manner, but once the waiter walked away they all conversed in highly amplified Russian language.....which is IMO very annoying and unpleasant to listen to. By the time we got our salads eaten I was pretty much irritated enough to throw a chair at them. It was my wife's idea to "go out to dinner" in the first place, so as we left I said "I hope we got THAT $#!T out of your system for awhile. Next time you don't wanna cook just let me know and I'll make us soup and grilled cheese".
  23. Everybody always talks CFS in regards to river/stream conditions, and I get that if you've never seen the river before and are clueless to its relative size. But for the rivers I fish and already am familiar with, guage level in feet is what I want to know. With lowest flows always being between 1-2 ft. it is way easier for me to know at a glance what it's going to be like when I get there. Checking/monitoring stream flow in CFS does nothing but confuse me.
  24. fishinwrench


    I've never heard the story so you got me there. Isn't there a movie about it?
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