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  1. I can see why snakes would wanna be in a blackberry patch, the woodpeckers and bluejays were working our patch over real good this morning. We still got 4 cups of ripe ones a little bit ago, which is about what we've been getting every for the last 5 days.
  2. For whatever reason, mosquitoes are never bad here around Lake O. Years ago, when I was a kid, they would spray diesel fuel along the shoreline to combat the mosquito hatches, but they quit doing that a long long time ago. The skeeters just don't like it here I guess. I'm thankful.
  3. I was looking through old school pictures awhile back and was quite taken back. My kindergarten teacher was HOT! 😲 Apparently you don't notice such things until 2nd grade.... because I remember being excited about my 2nd grade teacher who was also a real looker.
  4. I don't believe in him either 😋 His existence, if real, would kinda debunk the whole importance of having "faith" wouldn't it?
  5. We have a horsefly here that violently attacks anyone that gets in the pool. His name is Gerald.
  6. What does the sheets on your air mattress have to do with it ?
  7. I have seen hatches like the ones in those videos on the Salt river. Turns the fishing off like crazy, I assume the fish just gorge on them until they are so full they can't eat another bite. My grandpa had the window cracked open on his station wagon and they literally filled the car overnight. It was pretty nasty the next morning, they even suffocated a lit Coleman lantern.
  8. Yep, they have run me out of my shop every evening for the last 4 days. The whole town of Gravi is covered in them. Happens every year but usually in August and never as severe. So they are early and HEAVY!
  9. We have cucumbers that are huge, but white as a sheet. Do you leave them to ripen on the vine....or pluck them and take them indoors ?
  10. And Blah, blah, blah. Lots of sweat and cussing, and hangups on getting paint, a console, and various other items that ordinarily wouldn't be a problem at all (thanks to COVID fearing suppliers across the country). Anyway, she's done and ready for taxes and registering at the DMV.
  11. I started with this... Originally wanted to keep it a tiller but the Merc 25 had been run with no oil and it was too far gone to save for a reasonable cost. I couldn't find a long shaft tiller 25/30 so plan B was to put a console in it and install this sweetheart that has been hanging in the back of my shop for 3+ years Framed a front deck w/storage area and plumbed the livewell and covered in SeaDeck (the lightest color available to keep things cool in the sun) Installed some LED front lights because light posts and flyline always wanna make love to each other in the middle of a double-haul.
  12. Be mindful with your berry pickin'.
  13. Erin Brockovich wannabes. 🙄
  14. fishinwrench


    I don't like kids either....unless they are working and being somewhat productive. Which is even more rare than a good dog!
  15. fishinwrench


    I somewhat agree, even though I have a "pet". Orion doesn't hunt, and he really doesn't work either. He does do a pretty good job of keeping an eye on everybody's boats around here, and he entertains customers so he gets a pass. 😊 I did have to dock him a day's pay for sleeping on the job last week when the coons had a RedBull party in one of my customers pontoons. Usually he keeps a close eye on things around here.
  16. fishinwrench


    Yeah, of all the breeds to choose from, pitbulls are the choice of all the crackheads around here. I don't have a problem with them except for the fact that I can't let MY DOG get around them. I couldn't care less if my Lab scraps with a Shepherd, Doberman, or another Lab, the worst that can happen is a torn ear or something.....But I don't want him fighting a pitbull, because they don't play by the same rules. Pitbulls will go for death with other dogs.
  17. fishinwrench


    Where you get into trouble is trying to be "polite" to the owner. I treat all dogs like they belong to me, and have never had a problem with anyone's dog. If they need to be kicked in the head then I just do it without waiting for the owner to "correct them". I get immediate respect from all dogs. I also don't hesitate to pet or play with a friendly one. I love dogs.
  18. You're just jealous. If you could lick yours you'd never leave the house.
  19. My grandpa thought diesel fuel was the cure for everything. It does do wonders for bee/wasp stings, and mosquito bites. Butter (the real thing) is great for burns....of course that's after you've rubbed diesel fuel on it. 😅
  20. I wonder how long before "Hillbilly" gets the axe ?
  21. Yeah, nothing like a micro-dose of cyanide to get your immune system kicked into gear. 😅
  22. Except for cigarettes, right? 😂
  23. If money is not a big issue to you then you will probably be happy with a new motor that will give you good service for 4-5 years. Over time a number of little things happen to an outboard that cause it to run less than perfect. I'm a big fan of Johnson/Evinrude mainly because all of those "little things" are relatively easy to diagnose and repair at a reasonable cost. Even a complete rebuild of that 3 cylinder 70 (should it need it) isn't that expensive to have done. And if done correctly the motor is 100% as good as new....and ready for another 15-20 years. Yes I am on the Westside of Lake O (Gravois Mills) If you decide to buy a new one just tell me what they are allowing you on trade and I will beat that and take it off your hands. Just swing by and I'll remove it and write you a check while you throw a ball for the happy hound. 👍
  24. Big brown Mayflys are hatching in the evenings right now, so it doesn't surprise me too much that a little Wally ate a popper.
  25. I knew I wasn't crazy. I googled it and found this: The stems, unripe fruit and leaves are all toxic to humans. Cyanogenic glycoside and alkaloid in these parts of a black elderberry produce stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting and potentially coma in those who ingest them. Skin irritation may occur from touching elderberry in susceptible individuals. Why do people like you always wanna be eating something that's destined to kill you? 😂 Have you tried Stinging Nettle yet? That stuff is supposed to be the healthiest thing on the planet. Got plenty of that around here too.
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