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  1. You want a "deal"? You can probably dig a nice project out of this pile. Help yourself. Just please kill any spiders that you come across. 😊
  2. The guys trolling those little Arkie crankbaits out in the middle of nowhere are doing pretty good. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, just throw them out and start idling around in circles wherever you see suspended fish and shad on the graph. It might be 15 feet or 70+. I couldn't do it, it would drive me crazy, but it is definitely working for them.
  3. 😄 Yes I was. But what the hell.....try unhooking YOUR rectifier too. 🤣😂🤣 I mean....Full Moon, Friday the 13th.... it's worth a try. 😆
  4. There's a screen on the bottom of the pickup tube. If it becomes clogged then the primer bulb will suck in and won't spring back out. I'm guessing that you don't have that going on, or you would have mentioned it.
  5. Ok....CDM. Things just got alot easier for you. Just verify that compression is good, verify that you have good strong spark on all 3 cylinders at cranking speed, and verify that the charging system is doing its job.....Then you can know for sure that it is a fuel system issue. Inspect all your fuel hoses for kinks or leaks, and if there is none then it's time for a carb rebuild job and to refresh the fuel pump diaphragm.
  6. It's ok, we do that around here 😂 Wrong tag, but I can tell by the pics which one we're dealing with now. Whenever you tilt the motor up you loose a few drops of fuel/oil out the carb throats so the dampness in the attenuator cover is nothing to be concerned about right now. If it is excessive it could indicate a problem with the reeds....but let's not jump that far ahead just yet. Let's verify compression and ignition output first. Still need the serial# so I can look up whether it is a CDM ignition or standard CDI. Until you get me that, or a pic of the starboard side of the powerhead, we are just gonna talk about whatever. 🤣
  7. Have you tried only disconnecting the gray tach lead ? A bad tach can cause weird things. Does the tach work?
  8. He needs to swap that stator, then it'll be fixed. And if not then I give up. I ain't making his problem MY problem. 😂
  9. Since yours, if I understand correctly, is only loosing performance above 1/2-3/4 throttle the output on the stator needs to be DVA tested. Without a serial# I can't know which ignition (CDI / CDM) your Mercury has. It's that whole memory thing again. 😊
  10. Oh ok. I can't keep all the people and boats straight in my memory anymore. Either there has been too many of them, or Alzheimer's is starting to set in. 😊
  11. Need a Serial #. A 2002 75 could be a 2S, 4S, or a DFI. Sounds like it is lean on one or more cylinders, but it is best to start your troubleshooting by first verifying that cylinder compression, and ignition output is good on all cylinders. Eliminate any problems there first, and THEN you can attack a fuel system issue.
  12. If you ACTUALLY listen (pay attention) to guys that ACTUALLY fish and ACTUALLY know what they are talking about then you should do fine. And if you don't know who those guys are yet.....then you are not ready to consider doing anything. Figure it out. 😊
  13. I don't necessarily want them, but hearing them wouldn't ruin my day. It should make perfect sense. Babler caught that fish several days ago, and people are STILL upset because a few guys (I assume they are guys) poo-pooed it. I mean did anyone really think that nobody out there was gonna have the thought that a big triploid brown caught within a few miles of a hatchery doesn't somewhat taint the meaning of "a record"? If so then you probably belong in a nut house. 😂
  14. The lake is full, you're fine.
  15. Avoiding social media in order to shield yourself from the TRUE AUTHENTIC thoughts of the people that surround you, is a guaranteed way to live stupidly. If you can't handle reality then you just might belong in a mental institution, because eventually you're gonna get some news that will break you bad.
  16. I recall hearing (from the inner circle) about one that MDC shocked up and killed at Taney that at the time would have beaten the state record by a long shot. It didn't recover from the shock so they put a hush order on it, and swept it under the rug. Anybody here know exactly how big that one was, and if it was a rainbow or a brown? I think that would be a good place to redirect the ones bellyaching about Mr. Bablers fish. 😊
  17. It's not even worth thinking about. Bill is the state record holder for Missouri Brown Trout. And that's all that matters. Personally since she didn't make it, I'd have her mounted and display it in my home or place of business.
  18. They closed it to camping too ? So now it's just a place to pull off the road and have lunch? How lame!
  19. Wonder why herons never stab SUCKERS ?
  20. Pete, he eats PUSH PINS ! 🙄 I love him...but he's an idiot
  21. Eberlin's has sold alot of outboards. One of the (if not THE) oldest outboard dealers in the state. I see thier stickers on motors dating back to the '50's. I'd love to see a business profile on them. They obviously did something right.
  22. fishinwrench


    I can get real serious about bluegill fishing. Just gotta find them pushing 10" and I'm all about it.
  23. I've always heard a bird dog that won't hunt called a "Roop". This here is a Roop
  24. I'm not a Ford guy.....but a buddy from high school had that very same truck and it was a beast in the mud. Light front end, and geared perfectly. I had a '68 Chevy CST with a big block 396 and he pulled me out of the bogs more than once.
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