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    "setting the hook DOWNSTREAM"

    Ah yes I've heard this all my life it seems, and I've heard it from guys I consider way better anglers than myself.    Here's the thing though.....If the bite occurs DOWNSTREAM of your position then a downstream sweep of the rod is rediculis. No matter which direction you wave your rod that fly is gonna move UPSTREAM. 

    The best way to get a fish stuck is by line control during the drift.....Just enough slack for the desired drift attitude BUT with enough tension that as soon as anything stops the motion of the fly things begin IMMEDIATELY tightening up.  Think of your drift as a FISH TRAP, and set/maintain it accordingly.   Granted this can't be done very well with a bobber.

  2. When it's all about finding and catching trout I'm all about drifting Leech style flys (Mohair if it's slow&clear, Pine squirrel if it's fast&dirty).   Sometimes they want it dead drifted, other times on the swing, and yet other times just held steady in a run or stripped up or across stream.   

    It can get boring though..... fishing the same fly all the time.... So when I have caught a bunch and tire of it THEN I'll start experimenting with other flys and techniques.   They'll ALWAYS eat that Leech though, never fished anywhere or under any conditions that it didn't do the trick.

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