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  1. http://www.flyfisherman.com/fly-tying/the-bulkhead-deceiver/

    Here's the basics.  I do an actual Deciever tail (saddle feathers) on mine. Some guys don't, but if you don't then you shouldn't call it a Bulkhead DECIEVER !   Right?

    I've started using the body tubing on them like Gunner B. does and that's a good move because it eliminates 2 big wads of bucktail... so it doesn't take 30 minutes to get it soaked and working right.  

    Mine turn out like this....   IMG_20171202_225801010_LL~2.jpg

    Those are #2's that I use for Whites.  I use a bigger one for Smallies and trout.

    They aren't anything pretty to look at but the fish will flat kill 'em.   Use a loop knot.... very important

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