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  1. A 60HO would be 65hp (63-64.8 actual)

    A 115HO would be 124.2ish

    Basically an 8% increase across the powerband.

    As far as I know it is all in the mid-section exhaust and software tuning....so a little louder and a little less fuel efficient.  Bore, stroke, and porting are the same. 

    I would expect that a 60jet could automatically be considered "HO", but with a rev limiter programmed into it I'm not sure about that.  I still have alot to learn about the new age computer controlled systems..... I'm slowly (reluctantly) getting there. 🙄

  2. 7 minutes ago, Old plug said:

    I am the  the oldest of two families Patricio of two failures if that is spelled right. Do not care to to gather with then. It will just be a airing of how great they all are and mostly bull so Ido not care. 

    nd you mr wrench better not miss that graduation this year graduations this spring .  That girl deserves every bit of your pride and praise


    Oh I'm not gonna miss it, we have 2 graduates this year.   Throwing a big party at Coconuts May 17th.....starts at 5:00 

    Come on down ! 😊

  3. 12 minutes ago, dgilchrist said:

    I'm hoping to float and fly fish the Eleven Point and North Fork of the White in the Stealthcraft Hooligan this spring if the water levels come down and before the recreational boaters hatch begins in force. Like Mark - I love wade fishing a remote section of river. But after kayak fly fishing a couple of years, I got to try a Stealthcraft Hooligan raft and it's been an absolute game changer. We float Taney, Bull Shoals and the Norfork frequently and absolutely love these fishing rigs. Smithfly and Flycraft also make similar rafts. You can stand and cast floating or anchored in various waters. And throw a sweet little 2.5 hp motor on the back for lakes and slow sections of a river with a headwind. Ya'll should check them out. 

    Those do look pretty sweet, but doggoneit when I study them I keep seeing something that's priced about 2700.00 more than it should be.  Not that that is a shocker when looking at things that float.....but still. 😅

  4. Well let's see..... First job that I worked for a reasonable length of time was at a music store, moving pianos and general grunt work.  Did some construction and plumbing work for various contractors. Drove a big boy truck for Global Vanlines for awhile.  Then hooked up with Schatz Underground cable construction in Pacific, Mo. and ran all over the country for 7 years as a crew foreman working for them. When that job hit a slow spell I started as a TCI cable TV installer climbing poles in Jeff City, then got a better offer with Falcon cable as a subcontractor installing cable TV which is what brought me to the Lake O area.  Falcon eventually got stingey about paying subcontractors and offered a lame in-house job...of which I declined, and then I started full time fishing for a living.  That was doing "ok" until I found out my girlfriend was pregnant and then it suddenly became time to get serious about having a future career.  Hooked up with a marina that was willing to put me through school and training as an outboard tech.  Bailed on them in 1998 and started my own business (felt kinda bad about that....but hey, gotta go where the real money is), and here we still are. 😊 

    I figure I have another 4-5 years in this business and then I'll either have to obtain a boat/motor dealership, OR sell out, buy a piece of riverfront property with the kids and open up a campground.   I have ZERO retirement fund nest egg at this time, so it's getting close to time for me to either croak, or begin preparing for THAT.   

  5. The XR2 was/is the reliability winner. 2.0L.

    The XR4 is a 2.4L steel bore version of the original Black Max, but with a different ignition system.  

    The XR6 was the first 2.5L, with taller gears, and is the hands down performance winner of the XR family. It was the XR6 block that was chosen for the first run of EFI Merc's (and they were great).   The weak spots of all the Merc V6's has always been the oil pump drive gear, and the cooling system.   Why they never attempted to improve either, over time, is a mystery. The only change they ever made was going from a 1 piece o/i drive gear to a 2 piece drive gear....which didn't improve anything that I am aware of.  

    You can eliminate o/i failure by terminating the system and mixing your fuel, but there's nothing you can do to keep running temperatures even and consistent throughout the RPM range.   The biggest killer of Merc V6's was the popularly of the HOTFOOT.   I believe that if those things had never become "a thing" then a lot less Merc V6's would have blown.  

  6. 4 minutes ago, aarchdale@coresleep.com said:

    Full well, fairly full tank me and a buddy it is a little sluggish but has never let me down.   I got it full of tackle and way to many rods and other BS.    My dad pretty much only had a crappie rod and one 3700 plano lol.    Ill probably leave it alone.  I spent way to much money on my last boat chasing 2-3 mph.  not really worth it

    Nope, it sure isn't.    That XR6 is gonna puke a piston or two, no matter what, anyway.   😊

  7. 42 minutes ago, aarchdale@coresleep.com said:

    Dang,  i need to do some work, Kinda wanted to get a jackplate before i mess with props.  When it was my dads boat he didnt have hardly anything in it and the best i ever saw alone was 5700-5800

    Close enough.  Does it have a hole shot problem?   If not I'd leave it alone.


    Maybe your Chris Carson Crankcase Stuffers will get it there 🤣😂😅

  8. Cool stuff.   Lots of neat history associated with the railroads.   According to my grandma, bands of gypsy's used to ride the empty rail cars too.   She hated gypsy women.   I don't even know what defines a "gypsy", and wouldn't have known one if I had seen one,  but I remember being told as a child to stay AWAY from them.  😅

  9. 3 minutes ago, tjm said:

    When they built the first RR. There never has been any public RR in the USA as far as I know. Feds gave lands to the RR far in excess of what they needed so that the RR could sell those lands to fiance construction. Continuous mile wide corridors with the RR owning every other section on both sides of track in a checkerboard pattern. Only in the settled east were private lands taken.  

    Hobo's used to prowl the town I grew up in, the trains stopped at the brickyard and the bean mill.   My grandpa was chief of police, and if a hobo caused any trouble he'd escort them back to the bean mill or the brick yard and tell them to get GONE on the next train out.  

    Was my grandpa operating in a federally illegal fashion ?

  10. 9 minutes ago, ness said:

    There are signs posted at RR crossings all over the place that say it's private property and no trespassing. 

    from https://www.modot.org/railroads-general-information

    There are some tracks close to my home that I walk on all the time to get to the store. Is it against the law?

    Yes, it is against the law to walk on railroad tracks, and you could be arrested for trespassing. Railroad tracks and right-of-way are private property with access strictly limited to railroad personnel and persons who have been granted permission from the railroad. Anyone else on the track or grounds of the railroad is trespassing. Even though you might think that you are safe, more than 1000 people are either killed or injured each year in the United States while trespassing on railroad tracks, yards and other railroad property. For the first time, in calendar year 2004, the number of people killed while trespassing on railroad property exceeded those killed at rail/highway crossings.

    Ok, but in order to be ARRESTED, CHARGED, and CONVICTED there has to be a complaint on record.   Someone from the railroad would have had to call the county sheriff and report that a trespasser is on their property.   

    Otherwise they have no jurisdiction to approach you and demand identification.   It would be an illegal arrest.

  11. If you wanna get all constitutional and lawyerly about it.....Nobody can legally tell you to leave any place that isn't clearly posted, unless they have the property deed in their hands at the time. 

    Otherwise I could just go threatening trespass charges everywhere I go just so I can be alone.  And beings as how I hate crowds......

  12. Well if it is indeed private property then whoever owns the property would have to report you as a trespasser.   Since it's highly unlikely that anyone from the railroad is going to call the sheriff on you....then the sheriff has no jurisdiction there either.   So theoretically you are safe.   

    The power lines in Georgia were private property too, I suppose, which is probably why the law couldn't charge in on party's there.  Nobody from Georgia Power was complaining.....so I suppose we were exempt from any legal action while on the property.  

    @snagged in outlet 3, who was it that ran you off from being along the tracks?   If it was anyone besides the owner of the freakin' railroad you could have told them to go kick rocks. 

  13. 15 minutes ago, BilletHead said:

                   Correct 100 percent. Actually it is a felony if they want to push trespassing. In our concealed carry class we learned it. Cant have a felony and carry. One of the multiple examples we were given.  It does depend on what state you are in.

    Seriously?!!!!    Crap, who knew!  

    When did that law go into effect?   

    I just watched a video recently where Brian Wise, Steve Dally, and another dude we're hiking down the railway in Arkansas.  It was cool footage as always.    Bunch'a freakin' FELONS ! 😎 

    How can it depend on what state you're in?   That makes no sense to me at all.

  14. When we were kids we jumped on a train slowing down through Mexico, and hopped off when it slowed down through Centralia.  Goofed off in Centralia all day then hopped another train back that night.    That was a blast! 

    Hanging on the side of a railcar when it crosses a creek trestle is a major headrush.    

  15. 6 minutes ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

    I don’t think so.  It’s private property.  I’ve been run off of plenty of them.  Either rabbit hunting or trout fishing.  Back East it is definitely private property and we pay to use their Spurs.  Try shipping via rail into NYC, New Jersey Connecticut Massachusetts....  You are going to pay each family who owns a small section of rail.  A lot!!!!

    Really?   Hell I grew up hunting, fishing, hiking, and riding dirt bikes along railroads.  It was always assumed free reign.  Never once had a problem.  

    In Georgia the power lines were open land, anybody could do anything they wanted along the power lines. The law wouldn't even mess with you.  You could run them for a hundred miles totally unbothered.  Railways were the same way when I was younger....or so we thought.     The world sucks now. 😕

  16. 7 minutes ago, wily said:

    Wow...that might be the problem...my supply line comes in from the bottom about 530...and the outlet is right out of the top almost...about 2 o’clock

    Yeah that's no good.    Somebody may have attempted to overhaul the pump and assembled it wrong.   

    There's a tab on the plastic part of the pump with an arrow....and it says "UP". Anytime your fuel tank is sitting lower than the motor...it matters.

  17. I just installed one of those cheapies from Amazon on a 6hp for a guy today.  I had to take it apart to swap out the back piece because the Chinese one was too thick for the mounting screws......other that that all of the internals look, feel, and smell identical.   

    My test tank is still frozen so I can't test it yet, but I have no reason to believe that it won't pump fuel just as good as the OEM ones.    Just don't throw your old one away, because you might need to use the thinner aluminum back piece from your old pump.   

    The 4-6-9.9-15 all have the same pump.  The 18-20-25 do have a different part# but I have had all of them apart many times.....and if theres a difference I sure don't know what it would be.   Just make sure that the pump mounts with the fuel outlet nipple in the DOWNWARD position.   Adjust the inlet cap nipple so it is either down or off to either side.  Never Up.  If either nipple is oriented upward then you'll have an air bubble that you can't purge out.

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