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  1. 10 minutes ago, Will S. said:

    There is VERY little room under the front aluminum deck to attach washers & lock nuts for the mounting plate.

    It's a little tight, but there is room to do it.  You'll cuss a bit and will probably drop a couple of washers/nuts, but you'll get it.  

    There are rubber coated compression nuts you can use for places where you absolutely can not reach.... but don't use those unless you have to because they don't last long and won't take rough water very well.

  2. The most annoying part for me is when they ask you questions then verify each question to make sure you're not lying.  Why bother asking if you're not going to believe anything I say ?

    Guess we just need that RFID chip so they can just scan you from 50ft. away and immediately know everything they think they need to know.  Instead it goes like this:

    What's your name and date of birth?


    Show me some ID.

    Do you have any weapons?


    Raise your arms behind your head.

    Do you have any illegal substances on you?


    Empty your pockets right here.

    Have you had anything to drink today?

    (Just sweet tea)

    Here blow in this.


    I mean we can at least get this over with in half the time if they just immediately started demanding things without the BS interrogation exam.  

  3. I don't like them messing with people unless there is reason to believe they have broken the law.  To just randomly hassle someone is not cool.   Most kind citizens say they don't mind because it doesn't happen to them very often....but if it happened every time you went fishing I guarantee you that crap would get old, whether all your ducks were in a row or not.    

    The WP randomly checking folks is a sign that there are incentives for racking up as many citations as they can.  And that's the crap that got Brandon Ellingson killed.  Apparently they didn't learn anything from that after we (the taxpayers) paid $30,000,000.00+ to the Ellingson family.  

    The officers that do that always get all pissy when you don't RESPECT THEM.... But bygod if they interrupt my day for no reason at all then WHO began the disrespect?  

  4. Let's clear up the difference between "tearing up the hull", and putting a little scratch on it. 😄 

    Is it a fishing boat or is it an investment being preserved for resale value?   Pull that thing up on the concrete ramp long enough to park the truck and go fishing for crying out loud !     Use an old piece of carpet, piece of driftwood, or the floor mat from your truck if putting a little scuff on it bothers you.   

    Not trying to be a jerk, but people that treat their boats better than they treat theirselves are not ENJOYING owning them.   To them it is just another thing to worry about.  It's a tool, use it.

    I see guys spend 400.00 getting a hull protector installed.....then they worry about scuffing the hull protector.  I mean WTF? 😂

  5. 9 minutes ago, Bushbeater said:

    On the plus side there's been a decent green bass bite last few days.

    Yeah we had a pretty fine day of Froggin' the backends mid-day Friday after that cool rain.  Some pretty fair quality fish were biting.  Then we hit the flats for Whites in the evening and could have loaded the boat real good if we had gotten to them a few hours sooner.  Pretty sure those Whites were biting good all day under that blustery sky.

    Here's Slothman with the FOD IMG_20190816_154600258~2.jpg

  6. They look good!

    This reminds me of the squirrel baiting thing I've been doing all Summer.  Come Fall this mess of squirrels I'm planning to shoot will have cost me about 250.00 plus labor. 🤭 I could have bought way more of something alot better than squirrel to eat.

    But hey, I'm having fun and learning some things.  

  7. 2 hours ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

    You’re probably handling them wrong.  But I’ll let the pros tell you that it’s you not the fish. 😆

    I didn't even handle them.  I was netting them because I don't trust them when they have 2 treble hooks on their face.  Unhooking them in the net with pliers and dumping them back in the lake.  As soon as they come out of the water they loose their bowels.... forcefully.   I don't think they are getting enough fiber in their diet.

  8. 1 hour ago, tjm said:

    See, no freedom.  The right to free speech only means the guberment can't arrest you for talking politics, but they can still get you for sedition or inciting a mob. 

    Your perception is all jacked up, bro.  

    You're FREE to either shut up, or leave.  Nowhere on earth are you free to just do/say whatever you might feel like doing/saying, no matter what, without consequences.

    I say things quite often, knowing full well that I could catch hell for saying it.  And when I do I man up and accept it without thumping my chest about my "right" to free speech.   

    Of all the rights you have, the right to run your mouth about whatever you feel like is the most insignificant one. So who cares?  Until telling blatant lies becomes illegal then the right to speak freely has no merit.

  9. 11 minutes ago, tjm said:

    Not complaining, it's a thing all forums do at times, but, it appears to me that it is the same thing that started this thread off. It is censoring. There is no free speech, never has been.  Saying offensive things used to get people killed, censoring saves lives.

    The right to free speech is as intact as it ever was, but so is anyone's choice to not listen to it. Whether that means by leaving the area, turning up some music, or dictating the types of conversation that can be had at any given place. 

    Start openly discussing genital mutilation at a restaurant and you're gonna get told to shut up or leave.


  10. 38 minutes ago, tjm said:

    Ask 'em. It really is the only way, with some New Order and some Old Order of each and with different customs in each community within those orders.  I went to school with Mennonite kids in the 1960s that dressed in store bought clothes for school and rode the school bus, I've met some since that were as strict as any Amish I've seen. 

    As long as they pay their bill with me it's none of my business. ☺️

  11. 28 minutes ago, ness said:

    In another thread I think you said Amish can be a partner in a motorboat but can’t own outright?

    That's the way it is with the ones around here.   They can drive company trucks also, but aren't allowed to own one.  The way I interpret it, it is kinda like a "don't feed the revenue system" kinda thing.  The kids go to public school but take their lunch, don't participate in any after school activities or sports, and NEVER are involved in any mischief or disruptions of any kind.  

    I was speeding once and passed a trooper that spun around in the road and came after me.  I pulled into an Amish home driveway because there was no shoulder and I knew he was gonna pull me over, the trooper caught up and pulled in behind me.... and here came "Papa" right quick to run that trooper off his property IMMEDIATELY.   

    Saved me from getting a ticket 😊

  12. 56 minutes ago, oneshot said:

    Really have never seen Amish on the Niangua seen plenty Mennonites. Not saying Amish don’t fish it because I have seen them around. They do have cars so they can get around.

    Catch a lot of Smallmouth and Goggle Eye if I’m fishing for them.


    Unless you know them from church, how do you tell the difference?

  13. 1 hour ago, ColdWaterFshr said:

    Seriously dude . . . . that was awful.  I had to look them up to make sure it wasn't Weird Al Yankovic doing a reggae spoof.  It appears that stick Figure has borrowed from the play book of Vanilla Ice, or Eminem . . . . trying so hard to be authentic and so tough and serious . . . . . lets get high and play a reggae riff with a beach/tropical vibe as if that has never been done, only we're white and we'll sell it to some dumb kids who have never heard the real thing.  The poor dog needs to find a new band!  This might be worse than Kenny Chesney.  

    Ya know what you call a reggae singer without a girlfriend?

    Homeless. 😁

  14. 10 minutes ago, ColdWaterFshr said:

    And this guy isn't stoned out of his gord?  What is up with the trippy opening sequence of the dog between his legs?  And why do I feel like I feel like I just vaped a diet root beer flavored synthetic CBD or some crap

    Be honest, you liked it.  Listened to the whole track, wanted to pet the dog and do a bong hit.  I know you did !

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