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  1. This is probably a crazy place to share this, but the mention of wakeboarding brought it to mind.....so here goes 😊

    My oldest daughter and one of her college professors are plugged into the virtual reality network and my daughter insisted that I "experience this", so I did.  A few weeks ago I successfully helped fly a rocket to the moon to collect samples and even took full control when my partner (who was instructing me) passed out for 15-20 minutes.  

    I also did some very extreme wakeboarding behind a boat full of drunken pirates and was stranded afloat in the middle of the ocean while sharks circled underneath me until they realized I had crashed and came back for me. 

    Did some other very cool stuff as well, and afterwards I was sitting there, heart pounding and nearly out of breath, discussing how freakin' REAL it all was 😳  Seriously if you've never done this before it is worth ALOT to do it.  

    So anyway I'm sitting there, mind already blown, and her professor says "Not to suggest anything, but JFYI there is porn 😁 Would you like an hour alone with Jennifer Lopez ?   

    Ginger or Mary Ann ?"

    I looked at my wife, who was all 🤪 and figured I'd best pass on that.  😭

  2. 2 hours ago, TableRockBoater said:

    It seems like those with disposable income are always looking for a new way to dispose of it. 

    You ain't a woofin'!   

    I was paid 800 to upgrade a stereo system in a wake boat awhile back, the total bill was just shy of 4k.....and if you could have heard how awesome the factory system sounded before that project began you'd have been truly concerned about your ears.  To me it sounded better BEFORE the "upgrade"...... but they are sure happy with it, so WTF ever! 🤔


  3. I've pretty much mastered catching a reasonably consistent limit of 15 -17" bass in a 4-5 hour period, but I still consider the bigger fish "luck", with the exception of the "hog time" bites in late Winter and mid-Spring.   

    When I am on a pattern of good fish (2-3 pounders) I have no clue at all what I should do to catch 4-7 pounders.....other than to just keep hammering away until I get lucky.

    Take me somewhere (different lake) that I am not intimately familiar with and I need a minimum of 3 days to get properly dialed in. 

  4. 5 hours ago, kjackson said:

    I've been wedded to CL for what seems like ever...there are boats that will work, but most of them require a compromise on what I really should get. I can live with most hulls, but too often the outboard is wrong. However...there are possibilities. I'm jammed with work the next 10 days or so; after that I'll be kicking tires with the intent on getting on the fall walleye bite.

    The best way to end up with what you really want, when limited to the USED market, is to find the boat and trailer you want....and don't concern yourself with what motor is on it because regardless of what it is you can almost always run it until you find the "right motor", then sell it or part it out and repower the boat with your "perfect motor".    I don't even bother titling or registering the outboard if I know I am going to unload it soon (it's perfectly legal to use a "BORROWED" outboard as long as it is registered to SOMEBODY).

    Play it right (smart) and you can come out like a fat rat. 🐀

  5. 1 hour ago, BassMaster#1 said:


    For the weekend anglers this is good, but if I'm watching professional anglers fish I want to see what biggins a lake has to offer

    It doesn't take "professional anglers" to showcase that.   The BBB is an all amateur event that always has more big bass brought to the scales than any of the professional circuits do.  

    I "hobknob" with professional anglers all the time, and I promise you that they have more crap days than killer ones by a large margin!  

  6. 59 minutes ago, aarchdale@coresleep.com said:

    Im tired of the whole "growing the sport".  The lakes are busy enough as it is.  

    I'm blown away by the number of guys that wouldn't fish at all if it weren't for tournaments.   

    Their "love of the sport" truly has nothing to do with fish, it's the LED numbers on those scales that fill their dreams.   Kinda sad....to me.  I can't relate to them, and as I get older I am finding it harder to respect them.  This is what y'all are bringing to the table with all of these high school & college fishing "teams".

  7. 48 minutes ago, kjackson said:

    Thanks, Wrench.  I'm leery of old Mercs/Mariners/Trackers based on some of your NLA comments.  How do you feel about older Evinrudes that have had their skegs sandblasted to about half of the original depth?  

    The problem I find is picking up the hull I want with the motor that's acceptable. 

    The only old Evinrude's that I run from are the early 70's models with the hydro-mechanical lower units.  Those are bastards, but they only produced them for a couple years.  All the others are sweethearts IMO.

    Damaged skegs can be repaired (for 40-80.00) so as long as the prop shaft isn't bent that isn't a deal killer.   

  8. 5 hours ago, Chief Grey Bear said:

    You are putting boat owners above kids in Special Olympics?

    Do even know anything about Special Olympics? 

    Yeah they are the parents and grandparents of the kids, and the makers of wheelchairs, learning aids, medication, and prosthetic limbs.  Without them there would be no special Olympics.  

    Why can't I appreciate them for a minute without you jumping on every opportunity to make me look and feel like a douchebag?

  9. 13 minutes ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

    They aren’t reporting squat that’s not a warranty claim.  

    They darn sure aren't gonna spend time reporting warranty work, it only pays 1/3 of their normal shop rate. 😏

    Besides, sharing warranty details with an outside rating/survey entity would be a good way to lose your dealership to someone across the highway. 😅

  10. Went out on the shallow flats after some Whites yesterday evening and failed to connect with any, but did catch 3 keeper LM and 6-8 shorts (where the Whites SHOULD BE) in no time at all.

    No brush or cover anywhere close, so they are just cruising the shallow open water.  I was hucking streamers on the 7wt., but if I was looking to catch a limit of green bass today I'd get out there and fan cast a 1/2oz. RedEye Shad over 3-7 foot of water.

  11. Rather than give you a list of certain outboards that I wouldn't want to own personally, I'll just say that all of my Johnson/Evinrude customers are noticably happier, not seen nearly as often, and they trade motors way less often than all of the others.

    I used to be able to say the same for Yamaha 2-stroke owners ....but lately it is getting harder and harder to find parts for them.  Had a blown Yamaha 70 in here last Spring that I couldn't buy pistons or a replacement powerhead for.  Could get RINGS but no pistons 🙄  We found a slightly older blown Evinrude 70 with controls CHEAP, rebuilt it, and I haven't heard from them since.  He sends his neighbor's and friends to me so he must be happy. 😊

  12. 2 hours ago, Mitch f said:

    Nice looking jigs!

    Keep in mind that you cannot base your jig colors on half digested craws barfed up in the live well. The gastric juice of a Bass always makes the craw turn orange.

    While I don't doubt that, I gotta mention that we saw some live craws in the river last weekend that were as heavy on the orange hues as the chunks in that pic.

  13. 7 hours ago, siusaluki said:


    I have no idea what the example means.  I've never had you work on my equipment and would never take my equipment to you.

    Who said anything about working on your equipment ?  

    This whole pissing match is about claiming that something has been done.... that clearly hasn't been done.   Not to anybody's satisfaction anyway.   

    I can catch Stripers when there are Stripers to be caught.  I catch some here, quite a few actually, I've posted pics.  But they didn't get to my neighborhood from Wigwam or Roach.   That's all I've been saying.   If they have been working towards maintaining a striper fishery on LO for over 25 years then it's time to piss on the fire and call the dogs because they are failing miserably.   My claims that they are not actually gives them more credit.

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