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  1. What were those things that had the 3ft. straps and a pouch to put a rock in, you swung it around either sideways or over your head and then let one side go?   Was it just called a "sling"?  

    My brother made one and he actually got pretty good with it.  He was trying to teach me how to use it and I hit the side of Mom's terquoise Chrysler New Yorker with a rock the size of my fist.  BLAM!!!!   

    She came running out of the house ready to lop both of our heads off, ran over to inspect the damage.....not even a friggin scratch.   Boy they knew how to build cars back then.  That car was a TANK!   

  2. 14 minutes ago, Bill Babler said:

    We are really on the verge of Ranger, Nitro, Phoenix, Bass Cat and Skeeter and yes I know there are some upstarts, but those are the big boys and they are going to get their share off the top.

    I had to call Skeeter about a month ago to ATTEMPT TO get some info on a guage cluster panel they used a couple years ago and I got the impression that they are not long for this world either.    

    They offered no information whatsoever, and made no attempt to give me any directions or ideas on what to do. 

    They were just like.... "Hmm, nope, can't help ya, sorry".

  3. 21 hours ago, Flysmallie said:

    I think once a quarter is best. Every month and it get's old quick. 

    Big fish is okay but longest 5 would be cool. Wrench's idea is kind of neat but then I think it turns into more of who has the most time to spend on the water. 

    Guess it depends on how bad you want that shirt or hoodie.  😅 

    Bygod, I'll skip lunch for it ! 

    I might even just piss my pants while I keep casting.  


    Can we have a trophy added to our avatar for each one we win?  😊

  4. 4 hours ago, MickinMO said:

    First boat I bought in the 90s was a '78 Ranger with a 115 Evinrude on it. Same model year. We nursed that thing along and kept rpms low based on advice from by buddy's dad. Guy who bought it from us tried to run it all out and blew it up within two weeks. We tried to tell him when he was looking at it because he kept asking how fast it could go. Well, it can go about 45-50 mph, but you want to keep it around 30mph and run a max of 5000 rpms. He didn't take our advice.

    No reason for that, other than you had the wrong guy working on it.   😏

  5. 1 minute ago, 45acp said:

    It's very possible that my boat mech is full of bull puckey.  Not that boat mechs are known for that.  lol

    I think maybe he is a Suzuki guy, and  thinks Evinrude's do what Suzuki's do.  

    I believe there is a Suzuki 4S that does that.....but I wouldn't know because I don't work on them.  

  6. 13 hours ago, Gumboot said:


    Wrench...you need to pick up some G1/G2 e-tec diagnostics, got 2 of them that'll need a mechanic sometime in the future.

    I'll have it when I need it.  So far I've been able to diagnose everything with the WINKY-BLINKY'S that are built into the EMM.  

    I ain't paying 4k just to tell you how many hours are on it, unless you don't mind paying 800.00 to know.  😅

  7. 10 hours ago, merc1997 said:

    first, at least glad, bpr will continue to provide parts.  but, the bad part is the big hit in the pocket book that every e-tec owner just took because your trade-in or resale value of your rig went to about what the boat and trailer value are.  pretty sad.


    I don't quite think so.   Probably just the opposite is true.  

    There are enough die-hard Evinrude enthusiasts out there that it's quite possible your Evinrude just doubled in value overnight.  

    If anybody has one they'd like to unload, hit me up.  

  8. I like the Jersey/hoodie idea.   That's a perfect trophy.  

    Bass, bluegill, crappie, white bass, catfish.....whatever..... I'm in. 

    Is it going to always be "biggest single fish" ?     Or could it possibly be a race to 50 (or 100) inches, or something along those lines, where it would last, however many days, until someone hit the mark.  

    My mind is a raging torrent...... 😅

  9. 16 minutes ago, Seth said:

    Cowtown just got the Etec G2 jets up and going and now this happened. I’ll be curious to see what they end up doing. They were one of the few dealers that strictly sold one brand of outboard because they truly believed it to be the best product on the market. What a deal.....

    Yeah I'm glad I stayed strictly in the service business and never made the grand slam jump into a dealership.  

    Tech classes are still on the future schedule so BRP fully intends to continue parts sales and service bulletins for many years to come.  

    Evinrude outboards will be around for quite some time yet.  You don't have to be NEW to be awesome. 😉

  10. They attempted a line of 4-strokes under the Johnson name, by teaming up with Suzuki....and then Tohatsu, but that all went bad so they cut ties with the Japs and just let the Johnson name go away.  

    Everyone talks crap about the FICHT era, but the design wasn't much different from the Etec design of today (or yesterday).   None of the 4-6 cylinder outboards, regardless of brand, that were produced during the big emissions squeeze (2001-2006) were very reliablle, but you can blame 80% of that on the popularity of the HOTFOOT throttle control that became popular about the same time.  Boats don't coast like cars do, and marine engineers never took into consideration that if an accelerator pedal was installed that people were going to attempt to drive their boats like they do their cars/trucks.... therefore testing was never done in that fashion during development.  

  11. 10 minutes ago, rps said:

    Wow. If I were not 70 and on my last boat, I would buy a Vexus with a brand new ETEC and fish the next 15 years. I may do that anyway.


    Still the best plan in boating, regardless.  

    I am being assured that aquiring parts in the future is NOT going to be a problem.  

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