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  1. Wish I had a boat, since I don't we gotta fish it from the bank. Would I have better luck fishing at Aldrich ramp versus steel bridge?
  2. Wanting to take my kids to catch some whites, they still running in the rivers? Taylors or Steel bridge still a good place?
  3. I have seen shad hitting the banks up there recently, especially around the first bend from the dam. I know ppl say blugill works, and I am sure it does, but my experience has been shad works better and prduces more bites. I caught this 40 lb 42' blue catfish in my profile picture up here last year, in june. used fresh cut shad. our poles with bluegill produced nothing. I was using set up fishnwrench refered too as well. If im not mistaken, catfish bite shuole be really hot right now too...i mean super hot! Good luck!
  4. yeah, went monday night...top water bite was insane. I caught 9 in about 30 minutes then had to go. All of them were big, 3 sows with eggs still packed tight. No small whites at all, all very nice sized. I was using a silver popper, as I saw shad popping the surface. Retrieve it by popping 2-3 times, let it rest for 3-4 secs, repeat. Was so much fun. Saw other guys catch a couple on silver/blu jointed xrap. the popper was by far the hottest lure there at the time though, at least 3-5 guys switched and started catching em.
  5. been down to the darn this week, but hearing they are catching them at beaver creek too, any confirmations?
  6. I went saturday, didn't catch anything until after 4pm (when generators came on) bite was extremely slow...but did catch 1 big sow (6 total fish in all) that was FULL of eggs, and packed tight.
  7. thank for all the info, good education for me!
  8. Thank you! I will definitely give it a go...any one access better to put in at than the other?
  9. ROFL....walley on a crappie pole. That is funny. Glad you landed it. What lb line were you using?
  10. I live in Springfield, I am looking for the closest body of water to catch some smallies in. I have a john boat, and would love to find a river that could accomodate the use of it, however I am not opposed to bank fishing either. I really just want to tie into some good action with some SMBass.
  11. I couldn't agree more. I have tried multiple brands/styles, and no matter what I always come back to a Zspook. It probably boils down to confidence as well, and I have an overabundance in the Zspook. I use a the Bullfrog one and the Silver/pink....thats it. 9/10 that I use it, I catch fish.
  12. Has anyone ever used Bottome Bouncers for Walley below power site? Ever use em from the bank? Seperate from that...If you have used them (which I have not), could you make recommendations on harness choice and so forth? I am very curious about this set up as I have recently heard it is pretty successful.
  13. bank fished from 3-4pm...caught a limit of whites and a few crappie using..well, anything. Popper, roostertail, swimming minow.....plain dry hook(not really, but didn't try...may have worked) The whites were biting anything and everything. got in the boat, tied up to an extending tree in the water...caught a crappie limit in a couple hours there. Went home. Crappie were hitting minnows....was just drop shoting to the bottom, lifting up 10"-12" off bottom and letting hange...really light bite, didn't feel it, saw the line start moving side to side and set it.
  14. went to powersite lastnight. Fished on Forsyth side. Fished from 515-845pm. no spinnerbait in my tackbox worked for crap...and i tried every one of em. switched to plasstic crawfish (i used a YUM green with blue flek, and a red/black). start killing the bucketmouths. none less than 13", only 3 keepers (15", 17"x2)..all in all caught about 6 in an hour. Got close to dusk, switched to Rogue (black back/orange belly), first cast got a 19" walleye right when it hit the water. It was a bit, hooks were in his mouth, not snaged up. 3rd cast 18" walleye...retrieving slow roll, no stop and go business...just slow and steady. then i caught a 14" brown trout...i put him back. caught a couple more short walleye and went home. I was happy with the evening seeing as it was in the 40s and overcast, with 5-10mph wind from the north.
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