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  1. Thanks for the update! Been waiting for that. See you this weekend Tim!
  2. Thanks again Kevin, I think we will have to give that a try sometime! I really appreciate the feedback. Tight lines, Lou
  3. Thanks guys! Just been going to RR all my life and am scared to chance a trip on something different.
  4. Yeah...specifically in Backbone State Park is Richmond springs
  5. Thanks a lot kevin! So you would say that the fishing in general is just as good. Had a friend a RR last week and he said he couldn't remember fishing that good. There are areas in backbone that you have to hike to or canoe to? That might be a nice change from RR. What about the amount of fish over 3#? Any one place better for that?
  6. Anyone ever been? How does it compare to MO trout parks?
  7. I've fished MO trout parks all my life and was wondering how it was similar / different. Any info would be great. Would also like to know what you've heard about it.
  8. I've fished MO trout parks since I was a kid and was wondering if anyone has ever fished up there. Looking for differences ect. Thinking about checking it out.
  9. I've always fished RR since I was a kid and talking with a friend from IA he was telling me about Backbone State Park and the troutfishing there. Any instite on differences / similarities from RR to this place?
  10. Well...I guess I better get out there then! Thanks!
  11. Been seeing some nice pics of big crappie caught in the last week. Planning on getting out there soon.
  12. Nice report and pics! Glad to see someone on here posting about smithville. I live here and follow alot of the reports for trout parks. Looking forward to the whites going shallow later this fall. They are a blast!
  13. inflated night crawlers have been working. My family and I fished this body of water for the first time this last weekend and had luck with that technique. I also had some luck with powerbait eggs at night time. Good luck!
  14. Thanks for all the tips gentlemen! I did get to fish Sunday morning for about 3 hours. Missed a couple of fish first thing then hooked a nice little brown drifting a midge. Even just with that fish it was totally worth the trip, and I'd have to say not bad for my first time down. Thanks again Lou
  15. Thanks guys! I flyfished just down from the 1st outlet yesterday for a few hours. They were running 2 generators and the fish were layin there pretty good but did only get 1 to commit fishing a pink san juan worm about 2 feet under a scud about 3 feet below an indicator. Thank for the advice and look forward to tonight, maybe gonna try heading down there for some night fishing
  16. I read one of your articles in the fly fishing section that was very helpful. With no gereration it sounds like you can pretty much step in at the top and wade and walk all the way down to the narrows yes?
  17. Thanks Phil! Look forward to stopping by your fly shop. You guys were full so I'm staying next door.
  18. Sweet...sounds exciting! What do you mean by "highsticking"?
  19. Thanks Lancer thats good to know. I've checked the generation schedule and it doesn't look like they are going to be running much. What about night fishing? I've never done that always having fished at trout parks before and want to try. I've heard woolyburgers at night? I'll also check out the water before dark to see where I'm going.
  20. Ha! You can fish for about 5 min then watch out right! So any generation at all will make it hard to fish without a boat? Thanks for the input.
  21. I am headed down this weekend with the family and have never fished the area before. I've fished mostly in the trout parks in the past. Excited to not have a siren telling me when I can fish . I am going out on the lower portion with a guide on Saturday but would like to try flyfishing the section from the dam to fall creek the other days. Any tips I should know? Is it all wadable..depending on the generation? Can you flyfish without wading in spots? What section is a good bet to start? Flies?
  22. Just wondering the water conditions and fishing report? I heard it rained there over the weekend and was wondering how it affected the water? I'll be headed down early Friday morning and plan on fishing Friday and Sat.
  23. I will be down there the 10th......T minus 6 days... man I can't wait. Sad to hear the bite is slowing on the big stuff. What are good patterns for bigger fish if the larger buggars aren't working?
  24. Man Tim, sounds great. I am soo ready to get down there and chase em. I'm one of those unlucky souls that had to work yesterday. It wasn't quite as warm here north of KC but great weather non-the less. T minus 10 days..... Please don't give em all sore mouth so they will still be willing to take my fly
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