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    Fishing for bass,crappie,trout and hhunting for deer and turkeys.Pretty much anything anything that has to do with the lake and woods.

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  1. Ranger520vx

    2001 Yamaha 225 Vmax lower unit for parts

    Yeah may get ahold of them just wanted to see if any OAF member had a use for it first.
  2. Ranger520vx

    2001 Yamaha 225 Vmax lower unit for parts

    If anyone has a use for any of these parts make me an offer.
  3. Ranger520vx

    Crappie Fishing

    There is timber sticking up along a lot of the bluffs and in a lot of the coves some are just at the surface so got to look for them. I mainly fish the Pomme arm and think there is more timber on the Pomme side. But can say from years of fishing here brush piles generally produce better in the summer than the standing timber most but not all of the time. At least it seems that way for me.
  4. Ranger520vx


    Sorry but think there will be plenty more. Think they are just getting started.
  5. Ranger520vx


    Yes found them at Pomme.
  6. Ranger520vx

    Goes good with crappie

    Found these on the Corp ground this evening.
  7. Ranger520vx

    Fishing in a Crowd

    That's why generally unless I'm fishing a tournament I don't fish on days that start with S
  8. Ranger520vx


    Found these on the Corp ground this afternoon.
  9. Ranger520vx

    Crappie in Lindley Arm

    My boy and a friend of his went for a couple hours fishing from the bank and caught their limit of crappie in the back of a cove on the Pomme side.
  10. Ranger520vx

    Crappie in Lindley Arm

    No problem hope your turkey hunting and fishing are productive for you when you are down Alaskageek. Also let me Know a day when you're going to be out on Pomme and I will try to get out there and meet up with you. That also goes for you too KC Steve. don't
  11. Ranger520vx

    Crappie in Lindley Arm

    A friend of mine and his wife said they found a spot and were catching crappie one after another right on the bank this morning on the Pomme side.
  12. Ranger520vx

    Older 12 volt Motorguide

    I have an older 12 volt 36 lb Motorguide foot controlled trolling motor replaced it with a bigger one. Works and runs quiet. Make me an offer
  13. Ranger520vx

    Pomme De Terre Newbie

    Went out and fought the wind for awhile this afternoon. Didn't do very good caught 3 one about 3lb on a jerk bait and two on RC they were 1 lb and 3lb all we're caught in 5-10 fow. May try again tomorrow see if I can find them.
  14. Ranger520vx

    Pomme De Terre Newbie

    Can't really help right this minute but if I am healed up enough from my broken ribs by Wednesday and Thursday I plan on going out. Need to get out and fine tune my boat after doing some work on it but definitely plan on doing some bass fishing. If I do will report back on how it goes.
  15. Ranger520vx

    Boat Insurance 101

    Ketchup if you're over here at Pomme I have my policy if you want to look it over.

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