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  1. Last Wednesday it was 70° haven't been able to make it out since then.
  2. Nope fuel lines all good it will run forever as long as the rectifier is unhooked.
  3. Didn't mean to hijack your thread. But to answer Wrenches question no tach but does have the grey wire but have had it unhooked since we started messing with it.
  4. Nice report Brad. I've been finding pretty much the same thing on the brush piles.
  5. I agree with you wrench I think it's a stator problem. We did put the new stator they sent us on it still same problem runs with rectifier unhooked starts and dies with it hooked up. That's as far as we got. Going to put the original one back on when we get some time . Like I said original one checked good just had big crack in the plastic and was bulged up but going to see what it does.
  6. Lol we haven't had time to do much with it lately. Hopefully we can get back to it before long.
  7. Hope you do well. I want to try to do some bass fishing next week early in the morning then hit the crappie.
  8. Water clarity is good not sure exactly how many feet, water temp is running right at 80. I've been picking on the crappie lately but have heard top water bite has been pretty good early.
  9. That's what he said. Going to put it back together today and see what happens.
  10. Just got the parts back today. They didn't have a motor to put them on so sounds like they just ran ohms tests on everything. Said everything checked out except the pack was stuck in quick start. Sent new pack and the tech said he was going to send a new stator also said it checked good but thought it looked a little dark on charge coils. He said timer base also checked out. I really think the stator is the problem. Hope to put it back together tomorrow and see what happens.
  11. I'm like you Wrench it does act like something is shorting in the stator. Only difference between the earlier symptoms and the symptoms after installing the new pack is now it won't stay running with the rectifier unhooked. This motor has the magnets made in the flywheel not the glued or bolted in magnets.
  12. That's exactly what tech support at CDI said that thing is screwy. I don't like parts swapping either I want to know what is wrong and why it's being replaced. CDI wants me to send them the stator, pack and timer base so they can see what's going on.
  13. Yeah I was like you before putting the new pack on made more sense that the stator would be the problem. But tests and CDI tech support pointed to the pack. Going to see what tech support has to say about getting another stator to try.
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