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  1. Yeah I will be glad when the water gets back to normal also. Thanks for the reports guys. Hopefully the fishing will get better.
  2. I noticed a few floating a little over a week ago. I hope we are not going through another white bass kill. They just started coming back good last year from the last die off.
  3. Hey Ketchup how did your tournament go. I talked to some guys that prefished a couple of days and they said it was really tough.
  4. Yeah we just had a lot of wind and heavy rain. Still blowing some but rain has really slacked off.
  5. I live on Pomme and all the reports I have been getting are not good for bass or crappie. I can't say first hand since I haven't been out for a week.
  6. Was a lot of big stuff out there a week ago kind of like running an obstacle course. But that was last Sunday and fishing sucked so bad haven't been out since then.
  7. Like ketchup I fished the flooded stuff fished bluffs the original shoreline and sat the boat in 45 fow on points and threw a Carolina rig thinking they might be there with the water pulling across them but just that one top water bite is all I had.
  8. Not sure on the xr6 but did one for a buddy of mine on an Mercury don't think it was an xr6 but probably the same control. If it is these are the pieces you will need to replace they are under the center push button cover. The bad news is you have to disassemble the controller to replace them. Tried putting in pictures won't let me says to large. The parts are a plastic plunger and a metal ramp that that moves a detent ball to engage and disengage the shift cable linkage.
  9. Sorry to hear about you getting skunked. But makes me feel better lol. We put in at Wheatland about 8 and took out at 12 had one fish hit a top water in a flooded field and didn't get a hook set. We fished pretty much everything and that was it one hit.
  10. I caught it on a main lake channel swing point in about 10 fow on a lucky craft pointer.
  11. Thanks I have caught several this spring all while bass fishin. 22" was the best till this one. It was 26" and was 6 lb. 12 oz. Actually caught it last Thursday while prefishing for a tournament.
  12. You will only need 1 ground and 1 power wire going to the battery but you will have to make sure that they are the ones running to the posts in the plug that your new motor uses. Not hard to do if you have a volt meter.
  13. Like Shockley said trading post at Carson's corner and the Triangle on the west side by Wheatland ramp both open by at least 6:00 and have bait.
  14. Oh OK thanks I overlooked that.