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    Fishing for bass,crappie,trout and hhunting for deer and turkeys.Pretty much anything anything that has to do with the lake and woods.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day with family and friends. Hope to see some of you on the lake. Looks like a few good days next week got some deer in the freezer may have to chase bass for awhile.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to All

    Hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving
  3. Minn-Kota repair

    Really good advice
  4. Price reduced !! 1986 179 Stratos with 150 Yamaha

    This boat runs great and he is open to any reasonable offer.
  5. Got Schooled

    I'm a big fan of braid on my crappie rod, been using it for the last 5 years. It seems to me like it almost doubles your ability to feel the bite.
  6. Minn-Kota repair

    You're right no reason to cut corners on the trolling motor.
  7. Looked on SEI website I couldn't find a complete lower unit for this motor. I alsochecked into the GLM gear sets but when I called to check on them they said they didn't have one for that motor. Hoped they would they were about half price.
  8. Yeah I am going to replace pinion nut. And didn't use a pipe wrench I used a crescent wrench on the flat for the water pump key and a box end wrench on the nut. Its actually a 2:1 13/26 I have checked into a rebuilt lower unit but I can do it myself for about half the price of a rebuilt one.
  9. Minn-Kota repair

    If you are around Springfield area Marine repair center more than likely has everything you need.
  10. Minn-Kota repair

    No problem glad I could help
  11. Minn-Kota repair

    There should be no water getting into the motor housing. I would clean the housing good where the o-rings seal replace the o-rings and the seal on the prop shaft. It won't last long if it keeps getting water in it water and electric motors don't go well together. Also check the end caps for any cracks.
  12. I figured it was pretty low hours they bought it from a lady I know and she only had it a couple years and she bought it from an elderly gentleman that bought it new and just used it to drift fish on Taneycomo. Will talk to my folks think they only have liability but not sure. It's on a pontoon they bought this summer. Parts are pretty pricey, boats.net has about the best prices I have found.

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