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  1. Maybe everyone should stay away sounds like all the fish are going to die. I will let you know the fishing gets better.😁
  2. That's kind of the reports I have been hearing.
  3. Was out Monday afternoon there are a lot of big floaters on the lake. The water was surprisingly clear from Wheatland ramp towards the dam had probably 2-3 ft. of visibility.
  4. Glad you had a good trip despite the weather. Hopefully can get by to see you in July. The week you were here was not a good week for visiting between the monsoon things I needed to get done and babysitting the grandson didn't get far from the house.
  5. Will run by your camping spot and see what's going on. Hopefully going to try and get out after some Crappie next week.
  6. Glad to see your going to make it back over this way Alaskageek. I have been mostly fishin for bass which by the way has been tough for me this year. May have to to start trying some Crappie my boy and a friend caught 10 keepers from the bank in the back of a cove in a about 2 fow so it should start getting fun. Also been finding some mushrooms. Good luck and hope to see you while you're here.
  7. We fished the USA bassin tournament the 23rd and out of 30 boats there were no 5 fish limits. Over half the boats had 0 or 1 fish and only took 11 lbs to win. Going to try and get out some this week and hope it picks up.
  8. https://joebassteamtrail.com/pomme-lake-standings/ Here's the results for the Joe Bass tournament Saturday. There was also a Reeves Bros. Tournament but haven't found results for it.
  9. Definitely was brutal. Expect better fishin this time of year but with muddy water and the water falling 5" or so each day didn't really not surprised it's tough. Hopefully can find some that want to bite this week. Been a long winter and ready to catch some bass.
  10. Went out this afternoon fished about 3 hours never got bit. Water temp around the dam area was 45-48. Water had about 2 ft visibility around the dam but up the Pomme arm around Lightfoot it is about 8". UAW had a tournament Sunday and the guy that won had one 15.5" fish and what I heard that was the only fish weighed in. Not a great report but best I got.
  11. The only crappie tournaments I know of on Pomme are the Crappie slayers tournaments and I don't see any listings on the Regatta permits for them. Shockley32 I believe runs them. Maybe Brad will see this and chime in. I haven't seen a post from Brad for quite awhile hopefully everything is ok with him. You could try sending a message to Shockley32 and see if you can get ahold of him.
  12. They have definitely made a pretty good come back we were getting into them good last year. Most of them were only 8-10 inches long with a few bigger ones thrown in. But sure was a blast getting into them with a tiny torpedo.
  13. Haven't heard if they are catching any walleye below the dam or not. I haven't noticed a lot of cars parked down there, but with the Corp running water like they are right now there may be a few to be had. With the lake coming up like it is be careful going up in the river there will probably be a lot of trash coming down.
  14. Most of the people that I know that chase the whites in the spring go up the river. Don't really know about the walleye up the river I usually catch several this time of the year while bass fishing the lake. I know they catch several walleye and crappie below the dam when they are running enough water for the walleye to get up there.
  15. RangerR83 I sent you a pm.
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