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  1. I have a friend looking to buy a 25 hp motor for his aluminum boat. So he would be interested in the motor but I think he's looking for something older as I'm pretty sure he only wants to spend around $600.
  2. Where should be 3 or 4 screws that hold the carburetor to the top of the fuel tank and 2 bolts that attach it to the motor take them out and lift the carburetor up and out of the tank.The rigid line you're talking about is the breather tube from the crankcase vent. The fuel pump is part of the carburetor the plate on the side of the carburetor with 4 screws holding it on in the 2nd picture is the fuel pump. The carburetor has 2 pick up tubes coming out of the bottom of it that go straight into the tank that's where it gets it's fuel. Like aarchdale said pull it off and take it apart and clean it they are simple little carbs. Also while you have it off you can remove and clean the tank. If it truly is not firing the plug you may have to pull the recoil starter cover off and clean up and check the gap on the pick up coil and may just be the plug.
  3. Had a few friends tell me yesterday that the Corps of Engineers had called tournament directors advising them that they were cancelling all tournaments. Was wondering if Mopanfisher could offer any more information?
  4. I fished the USA Bassin on Pomme last year. Willie runs the Stockton tournament and is a great guy. Can't remember how much membership fee was but entry fee was $70 a boat.
  5. When we do fish for Walleye we do best trolling crank baits that will dive around 12-15 ft. an long flat points or big flats and following the break lines right around 15 ft deep. Never claimed to be good at catching them but we usually catch a few.
  6. Welcome to the area I live just outside of Galmey. Get with me if you need anything. Also if you need lumber I can usually buy it just as cheap locally at Pitts lumber between Carson's Corner and Hermitage.
  7. Price reduced for OAF members $16500. If interested give me a call 660-679-1417 Scott
  8. X2 on the suspending jerk bait usually catch a few in March and April fishing Pomme on jerk baits while bass fishing. Good luck to you.
  9. Terrible tragedy prayers go out to the families. Really makes you think about all things that can happen.
  10. If it has really heavy oxidation you may have to wet sand it first then buff it out. I had a Procraft at one time that I had to do that to.
  11. I have a new in the box Lowrance Sonic Hub 2 with two speakers for sale also and would consider making it part of the boat package.
  12. Moonshining would be better 😁
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