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  1. Is there any Crappie biting

    Crappie have been good around Wheatland park. Been catching them on 1/24 oz. jigs today all came off brush piles in 14-16 fow pretty much equal numbers of shorts and keepers. Water temp this morning was 80 at 7:00.
  2. Trolling Batteries

    I have been running Ellis group 27 batteries 1 cranking and 3 trolling so far nothing bad to say. They have 1 year full replacement and 3 year prorated I believe that's what they said.
  3. "This forum's dead . . ." Is the lake dead too?

    I haven't been out lately, but from what I have heard bass are just so so and still a lot of short crappie. That is about all I can tell ya.
  4. man this forum is dead!

    Bass fishing hasn't been that great for me lately. And same crappie report as everyone else can catch the heck out of 8- 81/2" crappie just can't get on many keepers. You can catch them on trees and brush piles. Haven't seen crappie fishing this bad and this good all at the same time.
  5. Bolivar Landing

    Sorry for the late reply been busy and and done a little fishin the last few days. To answer your question when I made that post I mostly keying in on chunk rock main banks with some submerged timber or brush piles. But the last two days I bass fished a little and wasn't finding near the numbers or quality. I mostly tried for Crappie and the report on them is the same as in the crappie slayers report. I caught close to 100 fish yesterday off of brush piles in anywhere from 9 fow to 23 fow on jigs and only had 2 keepers. Good thing is most of the ones I caught were about 8" so will be good population next year.
  6. Booyah

    Never heard of that either have to give it a try.
  7. Bolivar Landing

    No they are a plastic bait made by zoom. I fish them Texas rigged. I like the baby brush hogs.
  8. Bolivar Landing

    I been throwing brush hogs in various colors and a brown craw colored RC. Catching most of my fish on main lake chunk rock and gravel banks. Hope that helps a little. Good luck
  9. Bolivar Landing

    Went out in Wheatland area yesterday morning caught 20 or so bass had 2 over 4 lbs. Several in the 2-3 lb. Range and a few shorts. Went out this morning and ran up around Bolivar landing nothing over 3 lbs. caught around 10. Both mornings caught pretty much equal numbers on Texas rigged plastics and 12 ft diving crank bait. Most of the ones I caught were in 8-12 fow. Not much floating debris between Wheatland ramp and Bolivar landing water temp 79°.
  10. Bolivar Landing

    A friend and I made it out this morning about 6:30 caught around 8 to 10 keepers most of them 2-3 lbs. My friend had one that was 5 lb 12 oz. Was real good for the first hour then just died. Only could find shorts after that. Caught all but 1 on plastics in 8-15 fow and one on RC. Water temp was right at 78 floating logs aren't bad around Wheatland area but get into a lot more towards 83 marina.
  11. Bolivar Landing

    Haven't made it out yet looks like it will be later this afternoon. And hopefully early tomorrow morning.
  12. Booyah

    I just use straight vinegar on mine does good on the water scum.
  13. Bolivar Landing

    Don't know about Bolivar landing I'm on the mid lake area. Brother in law and I did pretty good on bass for a few hours Saturday evening on plastics in 11 fow or so. Hope to get out again tomorrow. If I do will let you know how it goes.
  14. Storm Coming

    Yeah I will be glad when the water gets back to normal also. Thanks for the reports guys. Hopefully the fishing will get better.
  15. White bass kill???

    I noticed a few floating a little over a week ago. I hope we are not going through another white bass kill. They just started coming back good last year from the last die off.

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