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  1. Ranger520vx


    Been doing good on brush piles and standing timber in 16-25 fow on 1/24 oz. Bobby Garland baby shad in shad colors. Most fish have been around 10 feet down. Not a lot of big fish but plenty of keepers.
  2. Ranger520vx

    Any crappie?

    Crappie fishing is still good. Been catching them off of brush piles and standing timber. Caught 15 keepers off of one tree in 25 fow yesterday morning. Been using 1/24 oz jigs.
  3. Ranger520vx

    Sad Sight

    Up by the dam yesterday a lot of dead fish starting to pile up in the mouth of the Harbor. Most of what I seen floating out in the main lake yesterday were drum.
  4. Ranger520vx

    Crappie 6-10

    Yeah it's brutal after about 9:00
  5. Ranger520vx

    Crappie 6-10

    Got on the Crappie and white bass the last 2 mornings, white bass have been going nuts about 7 in the morning east of the Wheatland camp ground on the point at the North end of the bluff
  6. Ranger520vx

    Crappie 6-10

    Got into the white bass again this morning by Martin's Flats right in the middle of the lake. Caught a few bass also but nothing to brag about.
  7. Ranger520vx

    Shaws bluff

    But I don't believe a buoyed restricted area is the same as a no wake zone. A restricted area would be an area where boats aren't allowed like a swimming beach or the area below a dam.
  8. Ranger520vx

    Crappie 6-10

    Haven't been out since last week. Hope to get out in the morning if it ain't raining again. Will let you know how it goes if we make it out.
  9. Ranger520vx

    Crappie 6-10

    They were doing it again this morning but scattered out more.
  10. Ranger520vx

    Crappie 6-10

    The white bass were tearing the lake up around Wheatland camping area this morning.
  11. Ranger520vx

    Crappie 6-10

    Brother in law and I went out this morning put in at 5:30 had 2 limits of crappie and white bass but 8:30. Was a great morning crappie using jigs on brush piles and white bass on tiny torpedo they were schooled up big time.
  12. Ranger520vx

    Crappie 6-10

    I tend to do better vertical jigging just drop to the bottom then reel up real slow. Sometimes casting and letting it swing down to the brush pile works good but sure get hung up a lot more. As for the fronts it don't really seem to bother the crappie. Wouldn't think it would bother the wb much either. I know which cove your talking about have to check it out. Haven't been doing much fishin boat was acting up found out got 2 bad coils waiting on them to get here so can get them put on.
  13. Ranger520vx

    Crappie 6-10

    I caught most of mine this morning on a pop r because I had one tied on from bass fishing. Usually use a tiny torpedo on top because you can work it faster and like you said they wanted it moving fast. Also caught some on a Marabou jig, it had to be moving fast too. They are definitely fun when you find them busting shad like that. The shad they were chasing were tiny only about 1/2" long.
  14. Ranger520vx

    Crappie 6-10

    White bass were going ape monkey dodo this morning.
  15. Ranger520vx

    Crappie 6-10

    Yeah we were just trolling 1/8 oz. Marabou jigs white with chartreuse wrap and red head. Been using these for the crappie.

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