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  1. That's what he said. Going to put it back together today and see what happens.
  2. Just got the parts back today. They didn't have a motor to put them on so sounds like they just ran ohms tests on everything. Said everything checked out except the pack was stuck in quick start. Sent new pack and the tech said he was going to send a new stator also said it checked good but thought it looked a little dark on charge coils. He said timer base also checked out. I really think the stator is the problem. Hope to put it back together tomorrow and see what happens.
  3. I'm like you Wrench it does act like something is shorting in the stator. Only difference between the earlier symptoms and the symptoms after installing the new pack is now it won't stay running with the rectifier unhooked. This motor has the magnets made in the flywheel not the glued or bolted in magnets.
  4. That's exactly what tech support at CDI said that thing is screwy. I don't like parts swapping either I want to know what is wrong and why it's being replaced. CDI wants me to send them the stator, pack and timer base so they can see what's going on.
  5. Yeah I was like you before putting the new pack on made more sense that the stator would be the problem. But tests and CDI tech support pointed to the pack. Going to see what tech support has to say about getting another stator to try.
  6. Yes it is freakin crazy I have performed DVA tests on several friends boats and most are straight forward to diagnose but this thing is driving me to drink 🤪. When you can get it to run for a few seconds the DVA on stator brown and brown/black wires is 240 or so then it will start missing and voltage will start falling until it dies. Voltage on the orange and orange/black wires will be 14 drop to about 8 then jumps to 14 or so at the moment it dies.
  7. If you're cranking it it will jump a half inch on a spark tester a few times then quit firing. The primary voltage while cranking will start at about 100-110 volts not the 150 it should be then drops to around 40 when it quits firing.
  8. Model number is E60TLESM. The old Evinrude stator had a brown, brown and yellow, orange, orange and black and 2 yellow wires
  9. Finally got around to putting the new pack on if anything it runs worse won't stay running with rectifier unhooked now. Went through all the DVA tests again timer base checks good, stator output between the 2 brown wires 240 volts when you first start cranking then drop to 40 volts when hooked to the pack unhooked from the pack 240 volts until you stop cranking. Output on orange stator wires 14 volts and drops to 8 volts while cranking hooked to the pack unhooked it will hold 14 volts as long as it's cranking. Orange wires to the coils only around 100 volts cranking and fall off to around 20 volts. According to the CDI trouble shooting guide those figures point to a bad pack since the voltage is right when you unhook the pack. But can't believe would have gotten 2 bad packs think the stator is opening up and only shows up when it has a load on it. This is the first time that I have gotten the voltage to drop off like that.
  10. It's been tough for me too. Can catch a few shallow fish early but can't get on a deep bite after that.
  11. He had a group 24 sealed marine starting battery. I had a extra group 24 marine cranking battery with the caps where you could check the acid and it runs the same way on both of them. Just got the new pack hopefully we will get it put on Sunday and see what happens.
  12. What you are saying about the stator and the pack for sure makes sense but if they are willing to send me a new pack we will put it on and see what happens. I will definitely let you know where this all ends up.
  13. Also I called CDI tech support this afternoon and went through all the DVA results. He seemed to think that it is the pack. They are sending us out a replacement so guess we will see what happens when it gets here.
  14. The DVA readings on the old one actually checked out but the outer plastic covering was bulged up and cracked. So my buddy said he wanted to replace it.
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