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  1. I'm warming up to your idea guys! I have a house full of stuff, and a farm house that furnished as well, so I don't have any use for a 3rd set of home furnishings. Place has a full kitchen, new fridge and stove, washer and dryer, really nice kitchen table and chairs, 3 couches, TV, queen bed, 2 really nice bunk beds (full on bottom and twin on top), plus all the stuff you'd have in a place that makes it a home. If I posted a "big sale" on the Lebanon craigslist, do you think folks would show up and buy the contents? Cheap! I'm clearly a motivated seller. I tried to post pictures o
  2. Agreed, not a "gun" issue! I'm sure that was just a joke, or I'll hope that was a joke. I had a hard time last year getting time from the local sheriff to allow me to winterize the trailer. I don't think he'd get involved unless a crime was being committed. One thing you don't know, moving the trailer would most likely ruin it. It's a mid 70's model manufactured home that's been in the same location since the late 80's. I'm 99% sure that moving the trailer would total it, if it could be moved at all without cutting down trees and building a temporary bridge to get across a 3' deep
  3. Update on Circle J, now the Bennett Springs Campground.... We have a friend that lives in Lebanon, and they drove by the campground and found some activity. I've been calling the old Circle J phone number off and on for months, and a month ago someone answered the phone. She told me that they opened on April 1 (kind of), and are ready for business. She also told me that they had been trying to contact me, and that I owed 3 months back rent plus money to set-up electrical service again. Oddly enough, there's a 6' wide FOR SALE sign on the west side of the trailer with my phone number on
  4. Anyone know a cheap or reasonably priced lawyer???? Or is there such a thing????
  5. I've left 3 messages on that number, and never got a call back. That number used to ring a few times, then go to voicemail. Not any more.
  6. The "good" folks at Circle J are square with the IRS now, that's why the place was sold at auction. My beef is with the new owner, Don Gibson. He's holding my fishing cabin hostage, and I don't have any way of contacting him to pay the ransom....
  7. I spoke to the IRS, and this saga began years ago. The Johnstons have known about the seizure for a long time, but never informed any of their guests. Bottom-line, the IRS just wants their money, not a broke down old RV camp that now they'll have to sell for less that what is owed. I was in the Circle J store in late September of 2014, and the place was nearly empty and was out of almost everything. Coincidence that the IRS showed up a week later? I don't think so! I was able to winterize my mobile home in October after talking to the Sheriff in Lebanon. He was very understanding of
  8. Anyone getting information or updates from the new owners? I have a mobile home in the park, and have never been contacted. I'd like to open the place up and start staying there and fishing again, but I keep hearing "the place is still closed". Have tried to contact the owner, but get no response. Seems to me that he should start contacting folks to start collecting rent. Anyone know what's going on, or who to ask????
  9. My $.02.... For a site that's alleged to be full of "drama", I've learned a ton about tactics, flies, areas to fish and avoid, tippets, fly tying techniques, night vs. day fishing, etc. Along the way, I am continually entertained by the comments and wit that accompanies the advice. If the posts were just dry fishing reports, I wouldn't take time most evenings to see what's new! I'm 4+ hours from the stream, and have only been there twice in 2006. My next trip, likely in 2007, will be substantially more productive thanks to the open and honest information posted by a host of seasoned a
  10. Terry, what color....size....bead....etc is your favorite disco midge? Googled "disco+midge" and found thousands, all different....
  11. I see it plenty in the trout parks, some guys strictly fish the "scud monkey dance" method....or so we call it. I was looking at a trailer to purchase and noticed the guy had 6 or 8 realy nice trout on his wall. Was impressed, until I ran into him in Zone 2. Found him fishing with a 4' leader of 8 or 10 pound test line, and had on a huge red and white maribou jig with a shotgun cleaning patch on the hook. I think the "gut fisherman" are no different than the shufflers. Matching the hatch doesn't include white gun patches and digging in the gravel! That's no different than going to the gr
  12. OK, I'm a rookie, but I have caught a lot if fish in my 2 trips to Taney this year. A friend turned me onto this fly, and it worked well, so I guess it's my favorite. I fished it with a 6X tippet down about 3 feet deep using a small round strike indicator. The bead is tungsten, so that was plenty of weight. Had best luck when the water wasn't running. At Bennett, this is a 60 to 80 fish per day fly....no kidding.... http://www.thetyingbench.com/recipes/fall2...ester_midge.htm What's your favorite? Post pictures or URL's please, along with how best to fish. Thanks....
  13. August 31st....first time on Taney since the early 70's. Not bad, huh????
  14. The carpet in my boat isn't slippery at all....
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