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  1. You’re welcome. Glad we could help.
  2. Coming down this weekend and wondering if the water was still high. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Wilson, Melvern? Maybe best not to say, but those are nice.
  4. I went out from 5:30 to dark last night and caught 6 or 8 bass. One nice largemouth pictured (over 18”) and one fat barely keeper. Caught a spot or two that were over 12”. All on a stick bait. I was at the 7mm or so. Pretty decent couple of hours. Saw shad tails hanging out of the gullet in a couple of them.
  5. I caught this one two weekends ago at night on a big worm. 11:30pm. 5lbs 1 oz.
  6. Ha! First thing I tried to determine.
  7. Buddy and I cleaned 29 crappie yesterday and caught and released several other keepers. Pulled up on one dock and probably had 15 or more keepers. Shooting docks. It was windy and cold, we found some less windy stuff and caught them pretty darn good. 50-51 degree water. Deep side of dock sitting in about 12-13’ and bites were coming in what must have been 8’ deep water up under a lift.
  8. Correction, I just looked at their website and they do have the color like you were using (along with about 50 other colors as well).
  9. I loved that old Table Rock Shad colored Lucky Craft you were using. They don’t make the color like that anymore, at least they didn’t use to. They changed it to chartreuse sides instead of the off white.
  10. Not, me. I did watch it and got a serious jonesin’ to do some shooting though. Haven’t been to LOZ in a while.
  11. Gibson, Tony's. In the past, haven't tried recently. Had a buddy that used to live at the lake and used to find them on a somewhat bluff/rock bank to the SouthEast of coconuts with no socks on it. Surprisingly you could catch a decent amount of crappie along that stretch too.
  12. I have had the same pair of costas for going on ten years now. I Always have them on a lanyard so they don't fall in the water. Dont get me wrong though I have lost upwards of $1,000 worth of prescription glasses in the water though.
  13. I would guess the salt content in the senko causes easier breaking and quicker sink.
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