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  1. Awesome. Gonna shoot Monday morning while the family does some zip lining
  2. I do miss Savannah and Beaufort. Great shot
  3. Anyone know if this is open right now? The parks website isn't telling me anything.
  4. Does this mean I can have your mushroom field?
  5. Other chair force terms I don't see. "The air conditioning isn't working" "What do you mean I have duty on the weekend" "I am NOT going to p.t. that early in the morning" "What do mean we have to get our own chow?" Semper Fi
  6. Thanks. How bad did you hurt and how long were you down?
  7. Way back in October, I thought I suffered rotator cuff damage and it was diagnosed as a partial tear. So for 4 months I had cortisone shots, physical therapy only to have it still in constant pain. Got it re diagnosed as a torn bicep tendon. Surgery scheduled for the 25th. Is switching casting arms that difficult? I will be off work for a couple of weeks and I would like to get on the water. Oh this will be fly casting.
  8. Does anyone know anything about this? It is going on near the Grand Plaza hotel.
  9. Went out one night last week only to find the top 3 inches of my 7 wt broken. (darn kids) is there a way I can repair it without sending it back to the company or can i just sand down the broken part and add a new tip to it? will doing that affect the action of the rod very much? thanks
  10. Well we know where to look next time someone finds an empty worm box up there.
  11. With only 2 agents for taney county, they get spread pretty thin. What guides?
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