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  1. They stocked Hickory Creek today with trout. I didn't see any of size but did see one small brown trout.
  2. Didn't need a camera last night for sure. I think the one I had on was thinking about killing itself and changed its mind when I got it to the bank. I'm going back until I catch a good catfish
  3. I'm going back tomorrow and will take a camera with me.
  4. woodman that would be fun for sure. I have a hard time walking and fishing from a canvas chair is all I can do. That fish I had last night would have taken you for a heck of a ride. I'm on the way to wally world to get some stronger line and back I go.
  5. I went to the campground this evening and rigged a rod with Secret 7 stick bait and threw it out and had a seat in my canvas chair and about 10 minutes later I almost lost my rod. I was using a 6 and half foot spinning rod and reel had new 12 lb line. The fish went where ever it wanted for at least 10 minutes and I had a young man come over to help me. The catfish finally rolled over and got it to the bank and it was a few feet to the water edge the young man climbed down and as soon as he grabbed the line the fish took off and broke the line. The young man said he had never seen a fish th
  6. I always had good luck with buzz baits this time of year on the north west bank working my way back. I cast paralla and worked back
  7. I'm wanting to do some bank fishing for catfish and thinking about the camp ground by undercliff. Any one have experience catfishing in the creek?
  8. Anyone fishing at Capps creek?
  9. I was there when they turned the trout loose. Nothing like seeing it with your own eyes.
  10. They stocked today and a lot of fish and some really nice size ones
  11. Anyone go to Hickory Creek today? I saw a 5lb caught last year on opening day and just wondering if anyone went today
  12. Thank goodness its almost fishing time. Has anyone been on Hickory Creek to see if it has been stocked?
  13. Any other day than Sunday and I would join you and maybe learn something
  14. Bo I'm glad you have such a great jig. I'm Tommy Davis who we have had several good fishing trips together on the rock. You were working on a better jig many years ago.
  15. WoW the creek is loaded with trout. I mean loaded
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