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  1. I call people who gripe about conditions in the good old USA Whoopie wannabe's. Whoopie was one who claimed she was going to move to Canada if Trump got elected. But yet she remains here and continually bitchin. Seriously, if you don't like things here, then by all means move to another one of those great countries that you claim to be better than the USA. Then report back on this thread in 5 years. Can't wait to hear from you.
  2. sorry, n9(and Phil), but things must be kept fair and balanced, especially when objects that are thrown are very far from the truth of the matter.
  3. from yesterday's weekly State Emergency Management Agency conference call today with several other public safety entities, county commissioners, and city mayors. "GPS tracking of cellphones shows that the number of people visiting big box stores is increasing, which is why a limit needed to be implemented." another thing that makes me go hmmmmmmmmmm........... below is a complete copy of the meeting summary the Ironton Police posted on FB. Ironton Police Dept Post - We participated in the weekly State Emergency Management Agency conference call today with several other public safety entities, county commissioners, and city mayors. The following is a brief synopsis of topics covered during the call. •750-800 participants on the call Approximately 23,000 tests completed to date. The positive hit rate is around 8 or 9%. 90% have been negative, and there have been seven outbreaks in skilled nursing facilities. •Outdoor recreation, Governor Parson encouraged everyone to get outdoors – hunting, hiking, fishing, running when possible, but do not congregate in groups and follow social distancing guidelines. •The statewide order relating to how many people are allowed in a grocery store or box store. In rural areas where there is not a fire code, the Order equates to 1 person per 30 square foot (Workers and delivery drivers are exempt). Governor Parson will release those details later today. GPS tracking of cellphones shows that the number of people visiting big box stores is increasing, which is why a limit needed to be implemented. •Discussion relating when and where to wear a mask. Dr. Williams (Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services) advised that if people are practicing social distancing, you do not need to wear a mask. If you are going to be in an area where social distancing might be an issue (Grocery store, hospital, etc.), it is recommended that you put on a mask. Dr. Williams reiterated that COVID-19 is NOT an airborne virus and advised there is misinformation from non-creditable sources circulating, and the information is just not accurate. Social distancing must be adhered to statewide. •Police officers and fire personnel do not need to wear facemasks unless they will be in a confined spot with several people. •Director Karsten (Director of Public Safety) stated that they have had several questions regarding travel documents. Karsten advised those documents are not needed. •Anti-body testing has provided evidence that once a person is exposed to COVID-19, it is not likely they will get it again. Still, more testing is needed in the coming weeks. The common flu has two or three different strains, and that is why you can become ill multiple times with the common flu. Remember, we are all in this together, practice social distancing and look out for neighbors and others that are vulnerable. Tensions are high; people are losing jobs, etc.. Wave or say something nice (Maintain a social distance, of course). In the end, we will eventually get through this, and our neighborhoods will be that much stronger. Stay safe and Healthy!
  4. here is a copy and paste from Iron County's order ------ I live in another County with a stay-at-home order, but I want to engage in outdoor activities in Iron County. Can I? No, not unless the activities you are referring to are business activities as part of an essential business. While we are normally a tourist destination for the beauty and ruggedness of our outdoor areas, now is not the time for travel to enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy the outdoors in your own county of residence. Outdoor recreational activities are not “Essential Activities” for nonresidents to be entering Iron County. I am not a lawyer and never will be, but this sounds almost unconstitutional ???
  5. I was reading Iron County's shutdown order and it said that people from other counties can't come to Iron County for Outdoor recreation opportunities. Maybe I read it incorrectly, I will read it again after some more coffee.
  6. I will probably get crapped upon for this comment, and I know it has been talked about since the first Lowrance green box came out, but do you think it is possible this newer electronic technology could possibly allow a lake to be fished out?? Especially of species like crappie and white bass which hardly has any catch and release mentality at all? Maybe not fished out per say, but as the guy mentioned, make the fish so lure shy they won't bite. Go ahead, hit away at a guy in isolation.
  7. I would guess that they were all destroyed or the family is holding on to them and for some reason don't want them to go public.
  8. FOUL! You used a reference to politicians and logical in the same post.
  9. I think that's the only Virgil Ward show on the internet. Several times I have searched and that is the only one that I have ever found.
  10. I would sure like to find the old Virgil Ward shows on YouTube or somewhere. Anyone know if they are out there somewhere?
  11. please, please, please.........nobody "quote" the post above.
  12. just curious, watch out for what? Looters?
  13. those flu shots really work, don't they. I can just imaging how a corona shot will do, followed by a glass of whiskey.
  14. neat video! Thanks.
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