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  1. Jerry Rapp

    A bat in the house.

    my old tournament dip net with the extended handle would have been much easier to use, and probably would have caught it before the dog pissed.
  2. Jerry Rapp

    darn wind

    thanks Bo for the detailed explanation! It makes it a lot easier to visualize your techniques. There is more detailed information in your answers than in 99% of any fishing article I have ever read.
  3. Jerry Rapp

    Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

    this was an interesting read on Bass Fan this morning... http://www.bassfan.com/docktalk_article/19476/balog:-industry-winds-shifting#.XAB_nYtKjIU
  4. Jerry Rapp

    darn wind

    Bo - what size line do you use to help feel the lure in 60 feet of water? I assume you make about a 100 foot cast, peel off line to get it to the bottom? 160 feet of line out to begin with. 50+ yards of line. And when you get snagged, do you get directly over the bait to retrieve it? Just trying to visualize fishing that deep and maintaining contact and feel.
  5. Jerry Rapp

    Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

    Not only is Toledo Bend big, 180,000 acres, it has massive shallow areas(called flats) that are shallower than 20 feet which makes for a tremendous amount of habitat for largemouth.
  6. Jerry Rapp

    What to expect? cape fair to pt 12

    I see the number of replies, but not the view numbers.
  7. Jerry Rapp

    What to expect? cape fair to pt 12

    just curious, where do you see "views per post"?
  8. Jerry Rapp

    Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

    well, it is obvious. Stock Florida largemouth and Minnesota smallmouth.
  9. Jerry Rapp

    Giant mutant goldfish caught (102 lbs.)

    is it legal to shoot goldfish?
  10. Jerry Rapp

    communicating with the mdc

    wouldn't a longer length be a better indicator of a fish's age? Making it older and wiser and more difficult to catch, thus making the person with a longer fish a "better" angler?
  11. Jerry Rapp

    communicating with the mdc

    about how many "under" fish do you catch in an average day on these lakes?
  12. Jerry Rapp

    Wappapelo Fishing Advise

    the lake is summed up pretty well by Al and Bushbeater. In October the lake will still be at summer pool. The main channel between Chaonia(cabins available) and the dam(several places to stay in this area) is marked by buoys in the middle of the channel. Above Chaonia follow another boat a time or two to learn the channel. October is usually pretty tough fishing, unless there is water moving through the dam which is pretty rare. A good starting point is to chase the wind on the lower half of the lake and throw rattle traps and small cranks. usanglerschoice.com holds a series of tourneys each year so you can get some ideas on weight. 15+ usually wins, but 5 fish limits weighing 5 to 8 lbs are the norm. Yet MDC says no length limit is needed.
  13. Jerry Rapp

    Caleb Sumrall is in my Phoenix

  14. Jerry Rapp

    Lost Thermocline and High Blue Did Me In.

    bassmaster.com has day 1 info from the Open Championship. 15+ is leading, but weights fall off fast. Be sure to click on the blog. Good pics and info.

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