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  1. just remember to always drink upstream of the herd
  2. well, at least most folks have smart phones now so they at least don't have to do the math in their head.
  3. I am guessing one foot per second, just like every other bait ever made...........😎
  4. https://app.myoutdoortv.com/category/fishing they have a monthly subscription, $9.99 I think , you can watch the Bull Shoals event if you don't have the Outdoor Channel.
  5. Thanks, I got to thinking about him the other day. He took me on the best smallmouth trip I ever had back in the day, it was even on my birthday. And he even let me catch a couple.
  6. our guard cats are always on the lookout for bad guys in Arcadia Valley
  7. New years day 2000 I was at Montauk, also dreading a Y2K call about computer crashes at work. It was a semi warm day, the trout were biting, and I finally got the guts to call the office at 3 pm to learn that nothing bad happened.
  8. yes the fillet knife, mostly from two factions. Those who fish off docks and immediately fillet any length bass they inadvertently catch while crappie fishing, and folks in boats who do the same thing to undersized bass. Hey, it's only illegal if you get caught.
  9. was thinking the same thing when I saw the subject of this post
  10. Jerry Rapp


    I always wondered if Santa goes from west to east or east to west. I guess this answers that.
  11. Jerry Rapp


    it doesn't really matter since the world is going to end in 10 years.
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