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  1. Jerry Rapp

    Caleb Sumrall is in my Phoenix

  2. Jerry Rapp

    Lost Thermocline and High Blue Did Me In.

    bassmaster.com has day 1 info from the Open Championship. 15+ is leading, but weights fall off fast. Be sure to click on the blog. Good pics and info.
  3. I refuse to vote for 99.9% of all proposed tax increases. I worked for the federal government for 32.5 years, and the waste of $ is unbelievable. Every ballot seems to have a 1/4% increase here, a 1/2% increase there. It won't be too long before we are taxed 75%+ overall when all taxes are combined. But then I guess that what socialism is, and sadly we are headed toward it. Tax it all for the NEEDS of the people.
  4. Jerry Rapp

    SURVEY for Freshwater management class

    MOcrap is trolling again.
  5. Jerry Rapp

    I love this planet.

    ditto. That's why I use woolly worms for predicting winter.
  6. Jerry Rapp

    Lure Identification

    #4 is a Water Dog by Bomber?
  7. Jerry Rapp

    Man down!

    how did you manage to to get "hooked up" in the first place? The only thing I can imagine is that you were hung up and and pulled on the line and got the old slingshot effect when the crankbait came unsnagged? Please enlighten.
  8. Jerry Rapp


    is this one? Around 4 foot long, near K Bridge on Black River.
  9. Jerry Rapp

    snake ID?

    posted it here because we saw it crossing the road about 2 miles from Black River on gravel road in the K Bridge area.
  10. Jerry Rapp

    Best Angler in the world contest

    crappie, bluegill, gigging, bowfishing, gar, whites, hybrids, catfish????
  11. Jerry Rapp

    Just Kicking and Stewing

    has there been a reduction in hydro power generation?
  12. Jerry Rapp

    Fishing Taney in the year 2035....just saying

    interesting topic. Thoughts on the future of fishing. I am 61, and was raised in a boat since I can remember. The first rule was never get on a bank that another boat was fishing, no matter which way they were going. Never fish a point another boat is on. Never go past another boat on plane. Idle only. Be nice and courteous to all other fishermen. The future? Some thoughts at random. All lakes will be put and take for all species by 2050. You already see people requesting more stocking for a lot of lakes, for all species, including carp😂. There will be designated days of the week for fishing, designated days for wake boats, designated days for skiers, jet skis, etc. It may even be designated days for people with last names beginning with A-M, N-Z, and such. Crowding will be a major issue. Boats will be all electric powered, probably some form of nuclear, hydrogen, solar or combination combustion. Regulation of all lakes and rivers will be done at one control point, operated by a Federal Agency, with strict guidelines using artificial intelligence. There will be no local control at all, with no public input. Electronics and equipment? The skies the limit here. I have several other thoughts and ideas from time to time, but it is time for dinner. I am sure others like to "look" into the future. Other thoughts should be interesting.
  13. Jerry Rapp

    FLW Costa

    he hasn't weighed in yet

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