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  1. those 3 lakes always produce good crappie, year after year. How are those lakes managed to achieve this?
  2. in the last 7 days we have had nearly 6 inches of rain in Arcadia Valley. The ground is soaking it up pretty good. Stout Creek is up just a little bit, and Black River is still behaving.
  3. Jerry Rapp

    Great Books

    Lucas Davenport and his buddy Virgil Flowers are always good reads. John Grisham books are very enjoyable for me. Tom Clancy (and his post death follow up writers using the same characters) are good. Lee Child and his Jack Reacher books are good.
  4. the pump back is never used. Fished the re-reg pool a couple of times about 20 years ago. Caught some nice smallmouths back then, but have no clue what it offers these days. Sounds like an adventure trip of the kind that I used to enjoy. Looking forward to your trip report.
  5. it has been a few years for me to fish Mark Twain, but I was looking at the bass world results and the winning weights have been decent. bwsta.com The lake is still being drawn down, but it will soon be back to "normal" and the flow will shut off, which historically means the bass fishing will decline quickly with the lack of water movement. If I were to go this weekend, I would fish the lower end and basically point hop. 10 inch worms, carolina rigs, deep cranks. Usually a spook along the dam at dawn or dusk would produce a few fish. Lick Creek, the indians, and spalding area all have decent points and drops that sometimes hold fish. Easy to find on maps. Lake level here at bottom of page. http://www.mvs-wc.usace.army.mil/dresriv.html Good luck.
  6. Third world problem for sure. This is a "Who Gives a rat's behind" question. Arguing about what is legal to catch a fish in a barrel that was raised for the sole purpose of stocking to be caught. What is the rule's purpose anyway? So stocker fish don't die by swallowing the hook? If so, just stock a few more, eliminate this stupid law, and concentrate on more important issues like stocking paddle fish and sturgeon. Geez.
  7. Daytime... LOZ....Summertime flotilla.......LOL!
  8. they looked at both those lakes, and several others, but they need about 100% cell coverage for their streaming.
  9. how about 1/2 of the qualifiers get in via most overall weight, and 1/2 get in by best 5. That could make for some interesting choices during period changes if your initial plan was not working out. Do I keep fishing for numbers or alter my strategy to go for five biggest.
  10. they should limit them all to Beardsley
  11. better be careful about wishing on boat number limits. It might actually come to fruit where fishing boats are restricted to days ending in Y and pleasure boats the other days. Be thankful for what you have, seriously, I don't think anyone wants to be limited to certain days for fishing access. I think this is the case on same california lakes.
  12. you can build more golf courses way easier than you can build more lakes. I think most agree that usage of the existing lakes is about maxed out.
  13. my opinion exactly, and I use Big Game exclusively. FC has just never done it for me, and I have fished with enough other people who use FC that I am convinced there is no advantage what so ever. In fact, the hassles of using FC (knot tying, breakage, cost to respool) justifies using plain old mono much easier. In my opinion, FC is one of the best salesman pitches the fishing industry has ever seen. But if you like FC, by all means use it. Heck, one of the best fishermen on this board has stated line size/color doesn't make a difference other than to effect fall rate of the bait,, and Don Carrow, the original founder of Crock O Gator Baits used to always use bright green mono all the time, even Bull Shoals, so he could see the line better.
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