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  1. ha ha. Put out a new pile once in a "secret" place that was going to be a killer spot. Sunk a bag of dog food in a potato sack 2 days before the tournament. First cast tournament day, 8 lb fish to the net. Flathead. Never caught a bass there, that day, or ever.
  2. I was a pile builder for many years. And at least one of those guys is a pile builder, learned from the same person I learned from. First one I "built" was at Lake Killarney back in the mid 70's. It produced bass and crappie at least until 1980. Is it ethical? Good question, but then MDC builds piles every year and provides the public coordinates, which just encourages the public to build their own. Does it help the fish population. Maybe a little overall, but MDC thinks so. They do concentrate the fish, making them more accessible. Here's a question for you and the others. Almost all tournaments are held on public waters, built with our tax money. Is it ethical for people(tournament organizations) to make money off of them? A lot of the other users of the lakes don't like tournaments at all. NASCAR, etc don't hold their events on public roads. I've been thinking about this quite a bit especially since I got out of the tournament thing. I know a small permit fee is required, but is that sufficient, especially when several organizations make their "living" off of public waters that we paid for? I personally don't know if it is right or wrong, just wondering if any others have thought about this.
  3. ah, the old leadership thing. I get it.
  4. don't know why spot lock is such a must, but I sure would be getting something that fits my desires so that I could fish w/o drifting or tieing up to a tree. Get out there and enjoy what you do, I miss your reports! Good luck.
  5. if that is your definition of very safe.............Thank God those crews don't case out houses and little kids, just go around and looking for unlocked vehicles. Must be some good Kool Aid you get from those Dierberg stores.
  6. you are simply amazing Coldwater. You know everything.
  7. Gardner is going to try to blow this thing way out of proportion. https://www.foxnews.com/us/st-louis-gun-couple-investigated-clash-protesters
  8. they might need to hire another social worker or 2
  9. at least two of the protesters were armed
  10. so if someone breaks through your front door or front gate, you wouldn't defend yourself? You must have private security like the Minneapolis Council members.
  11. this..........and as I have said from day 1, "scared people are easily manipulated". Good bye common sense.
  12. before all this crap happened, black unemployment was the lowest in history. Maybe if the media had actually reported the news things would be different.
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