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  1. Gloom And Doom Hits Home.

    Government needs to worry about defense and infostructure. And let the states do the rest.
  2. What Color Line Do You Guys Use For Largemouth

    Maxima!!! Green
  3. Cool Humminbird Pic

    I still have, and use my flasher every time I go out. But I am an old school kinda guy. But still have the new tech as well.
  4. Back On The Water For Some Walleye.....

    Fished 3 hours last Thursday with no luck. Still a little early I think. It's not going to be long. Water was petty muddy.
  5. A Hello And Some Information

    I have great luck with an 1/8 oz. marabou jig tiped with feeder gold fish. They cost a little more but seem to work well when Wally is playing hard to get.
  6. A Hello And Some Information

    P.S. the ramp at the camp area by the suspension bridge is still an easy launch.
  7. A Hello And Some Information

    Thanks for the update RPS! Your about the only one that has the drop on that streach of river. I was there last Thursday and the muddy water has really slowed things down. Please keep the posts coming. Hope things get better and you get on the water. It's not going to be long before that area really gets going.
  8. Trolling Motor Cleanup

    I agree wrench. I have tried sanding, oxidation remover, wax and it keeps coming back. I appreciate all the help. Think I'm going to look into a wrap.
  9. Trolling Motor Cleanup

    What's your opinion on a boat wrap?
  10. Trolling Motor Cleanup

    That's what I was afraid of. Thanks for the reply. You are the man!
  11. Trolling Motor Cleanup

    I know this is off the subject.But I was wondering (fishinwrench) if you had any tips on getting rid of oxidation in fiberglass?
  12. Back On The Water For Some Walleye.....

    Heading to holiday island tomorrow to see if Wally is there. I'll give a report tomorrow.
  13. Water Color

    Thanks for the update Ron. I was thinking with the low water and rain it might be muddy.
  14. Water Color

    Hoping someone can tell me if the water around Holiday island is stained,muddy,or clear? Thinking of heading up this week. Thanks!
  15. Cabela's Prices

    I did luck into a brand new humminbird 898c for 700.00 in the bargain cave.

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