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  1. Kyle Kosovich

    Dawt Mill Dam

    An exert from USFWS Recovery Outline of Hellbenders... http://www.fws.gov/midwest/endangered/amphibians/ozhe/pdf/ozheRecoveryOutline.pdf a) The present or threatened destruction, modification, or curtailment of its habitat or range (Factor A) - The construction of several impoundments in the 1940s and 1950s in the upper White River destroyed potential Ozark Hellbender habitat within inundated river reaches and downstream of the impoundments, effectively isolating Ozark Hellbender populations. Ongoing adverse effects from impoundments include: isolation of the Bryant Creek Ozark Hellbender population from the North Fork of the White River, increased sediment and gravel deposition upstream of reservoirs, and increased exposure to predatory fish immediately upstream of impoundments. Wouldn't designing a way for hellbenders to populate upstream reaches be important to USFWS as a way to improve genetic diversity within the NFOW? While many hellbenders do not move much and may live under on rock their entire life they a few have been documented to move over 900 meters in one years, about the distance to the next riffle upstream (Nickerson and Mays, 1973). https://ag.purdue.edu/fnr/discover/HerpetologyLab/Documents/Nickerson_StudyOzark.pdf
  2. Kyle Kosovich

    Dawt Mill Dam

    My post on FB. Kyle Kosovich Are there any other the purposes of the dam other than historical aesthetics, keeping people from traveling down river in boats, and fish from migrating up river? When fixing it at least design a fish ladder and boat portage shoot when repairing it. Thus allowing increased economics through boating options and fishing opportunities through increases in biological diversity. While it is likely that a gradual widening of the hole is possible, the overall total failure is unlikely due to the current hole releasing much of the pressure imposed by an intact dam. There is also published research that highlights the benefits of opening dams to improve stream ecology. There are many successful old mill dam removal projects around the country that are largely aimed to improve the quality of the fisheries. Contrary to urban legend, there is research that shows that striped bass feed predominantly on crayfish and other minnow species and do not specifically target trout. Therefore, at the very least, allowing safe passage of fish and boats is benefiting the greater good of the river and those who enjoy it. Rebuilding totally is loosing an opportunity to implement possibly the largest improvement to the river in recent history.
  3. Kyle Kosovich

    Brown-a-saurus Trout

    No secret just a T&A leech. Though I don't think it mattered. Just big ugly and fast moving. It's more of a reflex instinct strike at that point. No time to decide if it's food. Just eat it or it will get away. Have fun! For instance I saw a guy pull a big brown like that out the day before at Blair. Big yellow spinner thing. Thru it in the back of the truck to cookem up. Justin. I'll find ya next week. Yes trout are still spawning. I've seen them since thanksgiving weekend on redds.
  4. Kyle Kosovich

    Oaf Member? Look Here!

    I, I Capt'n
  5. Kyle Kosovich

    Brown-a-saurus Trout

    Okay. It was a nasty rainy day on Saturday. Perfect for catching fish.(as I see on the elevenpoint too) There has been alot of talk on stripping the big nasty junk on the Fork. So this is my story. First few casts and hooked a sweet brown that gave the fin and thru the hook. After shaking in my waders about what just happened I didn't set it down the rest of the day. While standing in my Buffalo I shot LONG cast across to the far banks and stripped as fast as I could. Then a shadow would form below the fly and WHAM! Fish on! Caught 3 this way and got to see each strike. This was freaking awesome! Never had I had such a sore arm and had such adrenaline rushes. Well the day was winding down and I hadn't hooked the big one yet and I was loosing hope, for I felt that today would be the day. With three previous fish I thought for sure a beast would rise and eat this. As I was standing stripping and casting a brilliant crescent of of autumn yellow and orange flashed from a deep run. WAHooooooo a hog has hit! not knowing just how big but pulling the boat downstream I gave a loud Yeti cry.......Landed him shortly and this is why you strip big meat alldaylong.
  6. Kyle Kosovich

    Rainbow Spawn Alert!

    Good read... I'll side with Brian. I grew up on this river and the fish here are wild. Like Justin says these fish don't mess with hangin in the "unfishy" water like stockers. (stockers that holdover for years or are born in the stream hold the same even in parks) one of the things I see with guiding people is they spend time in mediocre or poor water. Wait for it....like Taney and trout parks. Fishing in 2" of water with no structure to hold fish in the previous places. Not on the noth fork. They don't live there. The ones who try get munched by eagles,ospreys,hawks or rounded up by otters. (there's another topic huh) survival of fittest. Find the deepest fastest water and throw the biggest chunk of lead and fly you have in there and keep a perfect drift to fool these fish with a fly rod. Or cast the biggest nasty you got and strip it as fast as you can for a whole day and land one or two, pigs that is. It all boils down to the Fork is one of the best in the midwest. Strong. Fat. Wild. Trophy fish. It will keep you guessing and work down to the bottom of your wadders. You can be a US fly fishing team member or a newbie and both will get skunked on the Fork one day, catch a few the next, and then tie into one that tears you to your backing. Then one day you land a fish of your dreams and it happens on the North Fork all the time... That should keep it going....
  7. Kyle Kosovich

    Late December

    Look me up. I'll be down on the Fork around that time and maybe swing a streamer with you. Should be a fine time. If a cold front moves through and its clear and cold afterwards wait at least 3 days.
  8. Kyle Kosovich

    11-29-09 Trip, Video

    its after their spawn so they are HUNGRY and not messing with crunch little stones. they want meat. Olive is the only color I carry in mohair Great video!
  9. Kyle Kosovich

    Update On Water Patrol Cuts

    Justin, Thats great! Glad to hear that he'll be around still. Sounds like he'll have to be conservative with his bullets with a lower equipment budget. To comment on the trash situation on the NFOW, it is nearly zero. when we participated in the stream clean up this summer (4 boats) we only found 6 bags of trash and it was mostly cans. NO tires, old cars, or any double sided purple dildo, like the Finley River one year. Yes, believe it, all of those were found in the river a few years ago. It's the craziest thing I've ever heard of being pulled out of the river....
  10. Kyle Kosovich

    Spawning Browns And Big Streamers

    The browns should start to do their thing NOW that the water is down. I'm not sure how to get them to take a fly off the redd but would want a big rod, heavy line and a super sharp hook. Sad to say though I think it will flood again by the weekend and that will be the end of that. Lets hope I am wrong....
  11. Kyle Kosovich


    Wow, that is a sweet rainbow! look at the crimson gill cover....
  12. Kyle Kosovich

    Float Trip

    Thanks Phil for the great pics and the report. It was a great day on the North Fork for Sure! (No fish can resist the Marabou Jig style that Phil possesses.) Yes the drift boat and longboat are way different. The longboat handles between a drift boat and a canoe. I've ran the longboat on water from the size of bull creek to North Fork tail waters and the Gasconade. As long as you don't get it sideways you can travel any water that is over 2 inches deep and 34 inches wide.
  13. Kyle Kosovich

    Hows The Fishing Late Sept Early Oct?

    If it were me and I had that chance to spend a week alone with the North Fork, I'd go as far up stream as possible and make it an epic journey all the way to Dawt Mill or Tecumseh at the Forks of th North Fork Lake. Put in at Twin Bridges at the least, perhaps even farther up. Around Hebron you will have to get out and drag but if your dragging then there isn't going to be any canoe rentals shuttling people up that far either. Or if your there during the week it will be less traffic as well. Fishing would be great I suspect. Once your on the water that long you are bound to strike gold. Thats my suggestion.... Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.
  14. Kyle Kosovich

    The James Or Eleven Point For Fly Fishing?

    If your looking for a guide on overnighters check out my site. Its my specialty... I would definitely vote for the eleven point in October over the James. I float it myself with family every October because it is so beautiful. There are trophy smallmouth and rainbow trout in the entire river so anything is possible. early October is going to be beter for smallmouth though and the rainbows happen anytime. Good luck and I'll have a report on the Eleven point after this weekend. A few photos from the Eleven Point last year.
  15. Kyle Kosovich

    Something Worth Fighting For

    Last few days to submit your comments! July 31 is the end of comment period! please take 20minutes to tell them what you think...

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