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  1. The my knowledge from researching the subject for a Facebook thread. You only have to register it if it's gas powered. Electric motors/ man powered craft under 16ft were exempt. But I would consult a licensing office to double check.
  2. Even if Powersite doesn't generate, it will come over the top.
  3. It looks to be clearing up as of yesterday.
  4. With the dam maintaining 62k flow, I would fish the coves and creek arms. It's still a pretty swift flow in the main channel and probably wouldn't do any good while drifting at 10+ mph.lol
  5. Wayne at Ozarks Extreme Outdoors might be able to help. He's our fly tying guy there. Here's the store number if you want to call and see if he's available. 14172720389
  6. Actual moving water. I fish creek "arms" in the Dam area all the time. The James is actually the closest to me, but I'm sure most fish will be sore lipped from the Bronzefest tournament on the 7th. So I'm not interested in the James.
  7. I'll be taking a personal vacation while the wife and baby boy are in California for over a week. I'm planning on the May 12-14 weekend and thought about hitting a creek or river on the east side near Shell Knob, and I've never fished anywhere in that area. Any one have a decent stretch with good fishing they would recommend?
  8. I don't know where George lives nor do I have his number, but I'm curious as to what is available.
  9. Here's the Top 10 results from Saturday's tournament. Big bass was a 18.75" Largemouth bass caught by Levi Panting.
  10. We are about a week away from the Stockton Lake Tournament. We are expecting to see a lot of new faces this year so I wanted to throw together a post to cover a few details. Stockton Lake Tournament Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/735311573302177/?active_tab=about https://showmekayakfishing.org/2017-tournament-schedule/ Location: Stockton Lake State Park Marina When: Registration - Starts 1 hour prior to sunrise Captain's Meeting – Starts 20 mins before sunrise Tournament Times: Start – Immediately after the captain's meeting (approximately 7am) End – 3:30pm (Final Submissions into iAngler) Return to check in by 4:00pm Tournament Directors: Head TD: Eric Hansen Onsite TD: Brian Hillman Boundaries: Army Corps of Engineers boundaries http://www.nwk.usace.army.mil/Portals/29/docs/lakesites/stockton/2011BrochureST9-7.pdf How do I register: https://showmekayakfishing.org/2017-tournament-schedule/ Online registration closes at 10:00 pm the night before the tournament. If you miss the online registration deadline, you can pay the morning of at registration (CASH ONLY.. No Exceptions!!) Do I need a Membership: No, you do not need a membership to fish in the Mo-Yak Tournaments. However, non-members do not qualify for the following: 1. Angler of Year 2. Classic Championship 3. Online Tournaments 4. Nationally sanctioned tournaments through Mo-Yak Fishing Series (KBF National Championship and Tournament of Champions). 5. Discounted Tournament Fees 6. Sponsorship Discounts Tournament Submission Application: iAngler - If you are not familiar with iAngler, I recommend downloading it to your phone and getting familiar with it prior to the day of the tournament. There are several YouTube overview videos on iAngler. Unique Identifier: We will be using the KBF cards this year. Tournament codes will be posted the evening before the tournament on the Mo-Yak Fishing Series Facebook page. We will have cards available at Registration or you can download them here. https://showmekayakfishing.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/2017-KBF-ID-Form8.pdf Tournament Rules: https://showmekayakfishing.org/mo-yak-fishing-series-tournament-rules/ It is your responsibility to know the rules! Ask questions prior to the tournament. "Best darn Tackle Box": Bring a (new in the box) lure or package of plastics to be entered into the raffle for Best darn Tackle Box! $5 or higher value. We will draw for the winner at weigh in. Big Bass Pot: $10 paid online or in cash at registration Post any questions here. We are looking forward to Saturday the 22nd and kicking off the 2017 Season!!
  11. First kayak bass fishing tournament of the season for the Mo-Yak Fishing Series. This will be a roadrunner style tournament leaving from the Stockton State Park Campground. Captians meeting will be the morning of the tournament 20 mins before sunrise (roughly 5:30 a.m.). Check in and registration will begin 1 hour before sunrise. Register the morning of the tournament or online at www.showmekayafishing.org. Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/735311573302177/?ti=cl
  12. I've worn Hoo-rag brand (available at Ozarks Extreme Outdoors) for 3 years now. Winter or summer (I wet it in the summer) and it's done the job. They even help with "wind burn" too, either a windy day in the kayak or blasting down the lake at 60mph in my buddy's Skeeter. They help at night with keeping bugs out of your face too.
  13. Sorry bud, I haven't been down there since September. I had my own "leg weight" preoccupying my time too, at least since Halloween day.lol
  14. Here is the schedule for the 2017 Mo-Yak Fishing Series. Stockton-April 22nd Table Rock-May 6th Online Memorial Day Points Only (Friday thru Monday) James River-June 3rd Lake Taneycomo-June 17th Pomme de Terre-July 22nd Lake Taneycomo-August 12th (KBF Trail) Bull Shoals-September 9th *Top 6th Finishes Counted Toward AOY* Championship- Table Rock Classic-October 7th (KBF Trail) For any info regarding rules and regulations, go to showmekayakfishing.org and look under the Mo-Yak Fishing Series tab
  15. The guy that bought it (a tournament angler from Texas) does plan on tossing it a few times, but it will end up in a glass case.
  16. They said big swimbaits didn't work on Table Rock either... Its entertainment from the "Live Entertainment Capital of the World", it's not perfect but it's rolling and should air this summer on the Pursuit Channel I believe.
  17. They've been filming since last August, so lures can be used in their prime season. I'll being filming an episode for a swimbait company out of Louisiana within the next few weeks.
  18. They're from a company in Louisiana called "Category 5". It's one of their Suicide Croakers. I'm testing them out and will be fishing them for the company on a TV show, that will air this summer.
  19. I saw the wind blowing into one of my favorite coves on TR yesterday afternoon and found them stacked in there. I initially threw a single 5" prototype swimbait in the area and had a football shaped spot come from behind and grab the tail, I got excited and pulled it from it and the bait was pulled down the hook. I switched to the A-rig with some smaller baits and on a short cast to check the rig, 3 fish swarmed it and I caught that SM pictured in the middle. Believe it or not, that's a 3 pounder, I had so many layers on that it made it look small.lol The fish were not that deep either, the one fish nearly hit the rig at the surface pulling it out of the water. It was on a bluffy bank, if I were in a boat/kayak I would definitely figure 8 the rig once it's close, that's how I caught 2 of them. I landed 4 and missed 6 in about 30 minutes.
  20. It wasn't so much of a plug as it was a piece of media showing those who might own a action camera that there is a device available that will aid in recovering their entire camera boom/suction cup setup (that the backdoor float doesn't keep afloat). If I was plugging, I would have included the website and pricing... otherwise PM me for those details.
  21. Here's a review of a retrieval device from a company I represent called Savur Outdoors. This one replaces the "long" screw on action camera mounts.
  22. Post kill is a 8.69lbs LM on a River2Sea S-waver 200, March 2014, in the Dam area. Pre-fish kill, my dad did alot of the lunker catching, most of the bigger LM were in the 6lbs range, and SM/Spots were in the 4's / low 5's. I have seen Spots in the 5lbs+ range, unfortunately they were trying to annihilate my biggest baits by bull nosing them at the surface, in the spring. It was like watching Shark Week when they tow around the seal decoy. The biggest spot I saw at that time, came out of the water and flipped over the bait, it had to be at least 22" long.
  23. In areas where there's already alot of "noise" in the water, there's really no stealth advantage. But in shallow areas, 15ft or less, in the back of coves, rivers, and ponds, I would say there might be an advantage. I know some the west coast big bass hunters will use sonar to locate fish, but once they find them, they turn it completely off. And on calmer days, they turn their trolling motor speed down too (higher speed, more water turbulence on blade startup/electronic noise) and creep into spots. With a kayak, all the fish will hear is splashing, which typically they are used to hearing. Plus the gas, maintenance and insurance bills are much cheaper with a kayak than a bass boat.lol
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