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  1. Any jerkbait bite or is the water too swift? About 10 of us will be down there this weekend
  2. That’s a great day. I was down there mainly to clean up the boat and organize tackle but I fished for 5 hours at the dam and caught 3 just one keeper. There was a few boats but with that many boats in AiA they must of been towards the river arms more. I tried the arig in all usual spots and caught those three off one location in between docks that had a rock shelf by a channel swing and they came in a jerkbait. Some days you just don’t have it but I thought I would catch more. After looking at the results I really stunk it up.
  3. Whoops that would help. I added it in the post. $29,500.
  4. My dad is selling his boat. Boat has been garage kept besides early spring through early summer when it’s sits on a lift and covered. Boat has been well maintained and taken care of. Serviced every year and have had no issues what so ever. Boat has caught lots of fish haha. I have more pics if interested. Asking $29,500. Here are the specs. 2011 Nitro Z9 250 HP Mercury Opti Max Pro XS with SS Prop and Transom Saver (Approx 250 Hours) Humminbird 998 CI SI flush mount – Dash Humminbird 798 CI SI flush mount – Bow (Transducer mount on Trolling Motor) Motorguide 24 V 80Lb thrust Tour Edition Trolling Motor Dual Consoles (Passenger Side Removable) Oxygenerators (2 each) Auto Bilge Pumps (2 each) Bike Seats (2 each) Fold Down Seat Dual Pro Battery Charger Tilt Steering Wheel Remote Trim Level on Steering Column Remote Oil Fill Trolling Motor Batteries (2 each) Starting Battery Custom Matched Tandem Trailer (Brakes on all wheels) Retractable Ratchet Tie Downs Custom Two-Tone Pro Cover (New)
  5. You didn’t catch any bigger ones because I was up there and caught them all 😉
  6. Did they got give you physical therapy or exercises to do at home? You usually get some elastic bands that are might resistance to start with.
  7. All valid points. The jaw looks like it extends past the eye and the coloration is why I thought it was a mean mouth
  8. What do you guys think? Smallmouth or Meanmouth? Saw this posted on LOZ Facebook page and was caught a few years ago. I said meanmouth because of horizontal line and scales but have been blasted for it.
  9. Here is the link not recent numbers though https://www.swl.usace.army.mil/Portals/50/docs/tablerocklake/Pool History- Table Rock (4).pdf
  10. Anybody remember where you can find the historical numbers on lakes? I remember a year or two back there was a chart that showed the high and low numbers and maybe avg height since table rick was built
  11. Those fish are smart. Somebody stops and fishes that point I swear every hour.
  12. Hey stay off that point leading into my cove haha
  13. Champ see a good chiro first before anything invasive. You would be surprised how much they can help you if you grind the right one.
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