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  1. Has anyone had trouble with livescope draining your cranking battery when everything is turned off? We have never turned off our master switch and never had a problem but last two times we have came down to fish cranking battery was basically dead. I don’t know if the black box is drawing power somehow even when it is off. Turned off master to see if it makes a difference. Hoping it gets charged tonight and we don’t have to trade out battery in morning. Battery is brand new when we bought new boat this year
  2. I would go in November if you could. If you can’t then last week in October.
  3. Well Vernon I should say tough when compared to how fishing has been for us for the last month. Yesterday and Friday we only caught a handful of fish a piece. When the Ned bite was crazy we were getting 50+ a day. We were spoiled for sure. Like Dave likes to say the smallmouth have had stupid syndrome for a while haha
  4. Fishing has been tough for me the last few days. Wednesday and Thursday were better on ned. Seemed to switch and could not get bit in bottom much but did manage a few LM over 5 and some nice 3+ tank SM. Floating worm was fun up by bank and in the junk. Had lots of chasers and hooked up with some. Lots of big ones up there that came out and missed more than I could count. Yesterday and today bottom bite was done. Tried deep and shallow with Ned shakey and also swimbait. Got lucky and found them boiling off a point with whites on top water but that was all the fun for today. Couldn’t get them fi
  5. How far was the moss out? It usually ended in 8ft in a lot of spots we fished
  6. Moss is hit or miss. If there was a bunch I moved on to different area. Some places it came out to 8 ft others spots hardly any.
  7. Going to try the swimmer more this weekend. Got kind of tired of throwing the ned but they were eating it. All the smallmouth we caught were just flat mean. I could tell a difference in their attitude form the week before. They would jut dig dig dig and some even jumped crazy. Moss was bad in some spots but others not bad at all.
  8. We got it from Blake at Pros choice in Warsaw
  9. Fished with my Dad and they were on fire. Caught 82 on Thursday and over 50 on Friday. 90% were on Ned. Caught a few on swimbait and couple on top water. Caught them anywhere from the bank out to 20ft. Fished basically everywhere from main lake backs of coves/pockets. It was a blast. We got a new Z-21 3 weeks ago and have been down 3 straight weekends. This was the best weekend so far. Caught some smallmouth pushing 4 lbs and some huge K’s. Had a couple big LM jump off. Can’t wait to get back down.
  10. Any jerkbait bite or is the water too swift? About 10 of us will be down there this weekend
  11. That’s a great day. I was down there mainly to clean up the boat and organize tackle but I fished for 5 hours at the dam and caught 3 just one keeper. There was a few boats but with that many boats in AiA they must of been towards the river arms more. I tried the arig in all usual spots and caught those three off one location in between docks that had a rock shelf by a channel swing and they came in a jerkbait. Some days you just don’t have it but I thought I would catch more. After looking at the results I really stunk it up.
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