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  1. Fished with a good friend yesterday. Only had 7 keepers. Tough fishing. We had to scrap our plan midday. Winners had 23lbs. Think most fish were caught on jerkbait yesterday. Caught most of ours shallow besides 2 that were 30ft on jig. Ice didn’t leave guides until around 10 AM. Here is results.
  2. Nice fish. Toby looked like he wanted on some of the action.
  3. Whoops. I only caught 2 jerkbait fish that trip, the rest were on a jig. I didn’t take many pics because I was by myself and when they bit you could catch a few more on consecutive cast.
  4. These were all caught on Nu techs a few weeks ago. Bo’s jigs are great
  5. I can’t hardly stand to wear gloves and fish but I have golf cart gloves when I’m driving which work great. If it is cold enough I wear Nike running gloves and they are thin but help a lot
  6. I’m okay if people want to or not get the vaccine. Lots of hospital workers refusing it around here in Rolla area. What makes no sense is even if you have vaccine they still require you to wear mask. Even governed has said we still need to social distance and wear mask after vaccine. If they are so confident in it then why do that? I’ve had it already COVID so I’m not getting vaccine. More trust in my immune system after having it then getting the shot
  7. It’s about a mile north of the dam on the east side of the lake
  8. My favorite past time is sitting on point 1 at table rock when the lake is low and watch how many boats go way inside the buoy and hit lower unit. 90% are rentals. I can’t count how many times I’ve been fishing that point and they run right between you and the bank in about 2 ft of water
  9. Best ned head other than Dave’s is the one by 5 fish lures
  10. I still have trouble in the wind seeing a small swimbait or jerkbait on the retrieve. I need someone to show me how to really dial these in. It seems when your small swimbait is 50ft from the boat it is hard to see until gets back. Wind was brutal this evening trying to stay on them and see my bait
  11. Glad you like it. Got down here about 330 today and caught a nice LM just under 4 on crankbait and small K on swimbait. Going to try and get the shallow bite working tomorrow if not I will try and head deep with the livescope. Found lots of bait with some fish but hard to use the livescope in the wind this evening.
  12. Wondering if the fishing has picked up at all and particularly in 20 ft or less. Last few times I’ve been down the the past 2 months it has been bad. Was thinking maybe coming down Saturday but may hold off until it gets better. Was hoping to get a jig, crank, and jerkbait bite going but it may still be a little early.
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  14. Has anyone had trouble with livescope draining your cranking battery when everything is turned off? We have never turned off our master switch and never had a problem but last two times we have came down to fish cranking battery was basically dead. I don’t know if the black box is drawing power somehow even when it is off. Turned off master to see if it makes a difference. Hoping it gets charged tonight and we don’t have to trade out battery in morning. Battery is brand new when we bought new boat this year
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