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  1. I was also up yesterday and after only catching one small bass and a bluegill after four hours I hung it up. I tried in the brush, in the very back of the brush, on points, flats and around bridge pilings. The water clarity is good around the Masters area but I’m afraid we are in the dog days of summer when it comes to fishing. Tight Lines....NOT! 😢
  2. Lifes2Short


    I was also out today crappie fishing and we ended up with only 8 keepers after 7 hours. 20 to 25 fow using shad colored jigs.
  3. CB radio or Marine Band (VHF) radio??
  4. Oh boy, here we go ........... 😶
  5. Roark Beach & Mutton Creek. Photos by Pete Fisher
  6. How were the water conditions? Is the main lake dingy and dirty yet?
  7. What did the water look like in that area, stained or muddy?
  8. Lifes2Short


    Back on the water again this morning out of State Park and ended up with a limit of crappie and two walleye over 20 inches! We tried trolling the flicker shad’s but really didn’t have much luck with them. All of our fish except for two came by trolling jigs in shad patterns in 12 to 20 feet of water. About half the crappie we caught were females that still had eggs in them, some of the eggs had hardened up and I think are starting to be reabsorbed. Water temps were 64 to 68° Tight Lines!
  9. it was a beautiful day on the water and the crappie we’re pretty cooperative. Ended up with a nice limit of keepers out of Mutton Creek. Shad color jigs trolled slowly in 10 to 15 feet of water on channel swing banks. Water temps were 64 to 70. Tight Lines!
  10. I’m right there with you Old Guy, just can’t squat & fillet like I used to. I’ve been using the ironing board for years and just mounted a 2x6 to it. I also need to get a brush tied to the board to help scrub it off when I’m finished. Tight Lines!!!
  11. Had a very cold and tough day up in Sons Creek. Only ended up with seven crappie. The water is shaping up pretty nicely, stained but not dirty way up the creek. — Based on the reports I’m reading for crappie I would go down and launch out of state park and fish main lake, it seems like the crappie are pretty hot on that end of the lake right now. It’s going to be very cold again tomorrow so good luck!
  12. Had a great 4 hours on the lake today! Released this girl but kept 10 for the oil. Jigs in 12 to 15’. Out of Roark Bluff.
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