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  1. My electronics don’t show crappie around the piles and my electronics aren’t good enough to look into the piles but that’s where I’m finding them. But again you have to be on a pile that’s active or you catch very few if any.
  2. I call those “One & done piles”, and I’ve had plenty of one-fish brush piles over the past month. But when you find the right pile.......! But mainly I think it’s hitting a pile when the fish are active, because I can promise you almost every one of those brush piles has a bunch of crappie in them. Thump Thump! 🎣
  3. Cooperative crappie on a beautiful day at the lake! Jigs on brush in 15 to 20 feet of water. Water temps 52 #solosunday #leftumbiting
  4. If you left your blades from your electric knife on the courtesy dock up at Mutton Creek North on Thursday I have them.
  5. Congrats on a great trip Steve! I looked for you on Saturday but it was pretty quiet on the lake. I’m headed up again this morning hoping to chases crappie around.
  6. I think we ended up with 18 crappie and about 10 green fish but it took us 7 hours. 😳
  7. Main lake clear & 53 degrees.
  8. Congrats lmt out!!! Retirement is a wonderful thing as long as you keep yourself busy. Best of luck with your next chapter in life. 👋
  9. Lifes2Short


    The boat runs, the fish are still biting and the mojo didn’t disappear. Life is good! Tight Lines.......
  10. Wrench, let’s just let this dog die. It’s over and I hope to have a limit of crappie by this time tomorrow. 😝
  11. Well as you said there are always two sides of the story. But also please note I never badmouthed the mechanic, I was just frustrated at the ongoing issues and reasons for this lengthy issue.....as I know he was too. That is the reason I reached out to this group, just seeking anything that might have been overlooked. He’s an extremely nice guy and I always enjoy my time talking with him.
  12. Whatever Smalls, All I can tell you for a fact is they called me yesterday morning and I talked with the mechanic and he said he finally isolated the problem, had the part, got it fixed and I picked up my boat. And if you were the mechanic he chatted with I thank you for leading him down that path to taking care of the issue.
  13. Actually Smalls they figured it out yesterday and had it fixed by the end of the day.....,thankfully!
  14. Lifes2Short

    114 today

    The whites are fun but don’t get me excited, after about an hour of those guys hammering whatever I’m throwing I’m ready for something different. Going to head up tomorrow and see how the boat runs, if all goes well I also hope to find some slabs!! Tight Lines!
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