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  1. Just an FYI that the muddy water has now reached Mutton Creek and it’s a mile on north of that and moving pretty good. There is a ton of shad in that muddy water but we couldn’t get anything to bite. However we did find some clear water today on north and ended up with 23 keepers. Tight Lines!!
  2. Awesome day on the lake, light winds and balmy temps!!! 2 limits of crappie by 9:20 with 2 keeper eyes and one nice bass....which is still swimming. Jigs in 35+ feet of 43 degree water. Even fed the wildlife at the ramp. Tight & thumping lines!!
  3. Lifes2Short

    Anybody ?

    Feel better soon Skeeter!!! Crappie fished out our State Park Tuesday and only had 3 crappie. You picked the perfect time to recoup!
  4. Lifes2Short

    Anybody ?

    Went up on Monday out of Mutton Creek and ended up with 10 crappie and 3 walleye. The bite for me is also slowing down, gonna head up today and see how it goes out of State Park. Everything caught yesterday was on jigs in 30+ feet of water around brush. 43 degree water which is actually 2 degrees warmer than I was showing just before Christmas??? Tight Lines!
  5. Three days on the water and three days of awesome crappie fishing! Time to take these fillets to CO for a Christmas family meal!!! Merry Christmas O.A. family! Thump Thump!!
  6. Well contrary to what I said yesterday the bite was definitely on today! Went up by myself and ended up with 27 keepers, kept 15 to take to Colorado for Christmas 🎄!!!! Sunday Thump Day!
  7. Beautiful day on the water today with very little wind, actually barely a breeze. The crappie have certainly started to slow down with water temps at 41. We hit at least a dozen brush piles today and managed to squeak out a limit of some nice crappie but they are moving into their winter patterns. The jig color today didn’t matter at all for the crappie. Also had a nice limit of largemouth today on swim baits! Tight & Thumping Lines!
  8. Happy Holidays to you too!! We still need to get out and hammer some crappie!
  9. I’ll be back late next week and can’t wait to feel the thump!! Meanwhile I’ll just have to put up with this everyday!! “The weathers here, wish you were beautiful.”
  10. Happy Turkey Day fellow Thumpers and Tight Liners!!
  11. Lifes2Short


    Another beautiful day on the water, the crappie were cooperating again today!
  12. Lifes2Short


    I fully agree on the 12 inch length limit, that would be awesome! Been on the water the last couple of days and will be headed out again tomorrow, the crappie fishing has been outstanding. Today alone we had over 60 keepers and would’ve easily had two limits of 12 inch plus fish. Here are some photos of a couple of 14 inch ones from today and a 15 inch one from yesterday, all of them are still swimming! Thumping Lines!
  13. My electronics don’t show crappie around the piles and my electronics aren’t good enough to look into the piles but that’s where I’m finding them. But again you have to be on a pile that’s active or you catch very few if any.
  14. I call those “One & done piles”, and I’ve had plenty of one-fish brush piles over the past month. But when you find the right pile.......! But mainly I think it’s hitting a pile when the fish are active, because I can promise you almost every one of those brush piles has a bunch of crappie in them. Thump Thump! 🎣
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