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  1. Had a great morning this morning out of state park on top water, the smallmouth and kentucky’s were smashing the plopper. Had a limit by 8:15!
  2. Another great morning out of state park today! Same baits as Tuesday.
  3. Over four months to get the two bridges repaired. Here’s a good article on what’s going to be done. https://www.modot.org/node/19778
  4. Got on the water at daybreak out of Mutton Creek. Headed up the Big Sac and had a ball on top-water and also gitzits. I was catching top water fish up until about noon when it got hot enough for me to come home. LOL
  5. The spots I have caught were on the rip rap at twin bridges. And I fished the main lake area down around the mile long bridge last week and caught a number of brownies. However I’ve not caught any brownies from mutton Creek south.
  6. I stand corrected, thanks Wrench!
  7. This stuff eats aluminum, please do NOT put it on that material.
  8. Bow to Stern? Is that some type of wax?
  9. A friend of mine told me about this product and I have to tell you this stuff is incredible. I have never cleaned the hard water deposits off my outdrive, splash well or engine cover and I’ve owned this boat for 10 years.. I’ve always used StarBrite Hull Cleaner on the boat itself and it’s always been tough to get deposits off of even the hull.. This stuff requires no elbow grease, squirt it on there and let it sit for a minute or two (and maybe a little bit of sponge action) and the stuff comes right off! Never ever did I think a toilet bowl cleaner would work on a boat but it’s an incredib
  10. They told me that there is resurfacing plans for this coming spring for the North ramp.
  11. Yesterday morning I had some pretty good luck throwing a gitzit and couldn’t get bit on a spinner bait at all. This morning I hammered them for the first hour on spinner bait and couldn’t get bit on a gitzit . Go figure......
  12. A big shout out and thanks to Stan over at the Stockton Lake Army Corps of Engineers. On my way home yesterday from fishing I called the main office and asked if there was any way they could fix the big potholes at the North Mutton Creek ramp and today when I got off the lake they had filled those holes. Now that’s some responsive work and great customer service!!!! 👍👏
  13. I would also say that I catch one short Crappie for every 20 keepers. Not sure what that means for the future but it’s amazing the size of the Crappie to come out of that like in the last couple of years.
  14. I also found a number of really nice slabs around Birch Branch and the Chicken Rock today! Got them on jigs in 15 to 20 feet of water. Ended up catching 36 and only a couple were short. Tight & thumping lines everybody!!
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