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  1. Finished a total of 14 hours between Monday and Tuesday, couldn’t buy a crappie and ended up with three bass. It’s as tough as I’ve ever seen it up there. Two bass on the jerk bait and one bass on the a-rig. I also saw 38 to 40° water between Mutton and Roark. Tight Lines....... didn’t happen. 😪
  2. Been there-Done that! 😎
  3. Went out of Mutton Creek and had a beautiful morning on the flat calm water. Ended up with 20 nice keepers, most caught in 18 to 20 feet of water on main lake brush piles. Jigs in shad color seemed to be the ticket again. Didn’t notice any ice on the lake other than the very back of Maze Creek as we drove over it. 36 degree water. Tight Lines!! —
  4. Been out the last couple of days, yesterday was pretty tough with the wind but managed eight nice keepers and today it was a beautiful day on the water with little wind and 16 keepers! Brush piles on the main lake, 20 to 25 feet of water, jigs in shad & electric chicken. Water temps are 38° and the water has cleared up really nicely in the mid-lake area. Headed out again tomorrow. Tight Lines!
  5. That’s him!!! Did you catch many???
  6. Just to the left of that huge sycamore tree on the point just north of the bridge. You will know when you are there when you see that loon in the water, the loon with the bad eye. If the loon is not around look for the stump that is located by the chunk-rock bank next to the old catfish float. Need I say more? Tight Lines! 😁
  7. I was thinking that also as I’m not showing the fish that were on the piles a few weeks back. Maybe the lower water temps might also have something to do with it??? What I have figured out is that some piles hold almost exclusively small fish and the piles where I am catching most all my keeper fish hold 99% keepers, most of those 11.5 inches and bigger. Tight Lines!
  8. Went out both Thursday and Friday to try and catch more slabs. Quite the chilly start to the mornings but calm and flat days on the water are always a bonus in January! Over the two days we ended up with 32 nice crappie and one keeper walleye. I have noticed that the crappie bite has really slowed down since really hammering them in mid December, I’m thinking they might have moved out to deeper water?? Water temps are 38 to 40 and we found the crappie on brush piles in 20 to 30 feet catching all of them on jigs. Tight Lines!
  9. Hard to believe how great the slabs have been biting!! What a gorgeous day on the water 💦!! May today there be peace within. May you use the gifts that you have received to make the world a better place. Pass on the love you have been given. Allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance and love. Merry Christmas to my Ozark Anglers family. Tight Lines!
  10. 15 to 25 deep over brush. Slowly reel up off the bottom. Jigs in shad colors. Early bite. Good Luck!
  11. It’s been great playing Santa and getting friends and family fresh fish!!! Headed back up tomorrow since we will celebrate Christmas on Wednesday.
  12. A little chilly on the water but the crappie were cooperating again today. Also caught a few healthy bass on swim baits and soft plastics. Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you! Tight lines!
  13. Nice job redshad!!! We were out today and had a couple of limits of crappie again but it took us until 1 o’clock to get them. We also picked up a couple of bass on crank baits and creature baits. Merry Christmas to all of you!! Tight Lines in 2019!!
  14. Yeah it’s been an awesome seven or eight days of fishing!! Have found some serious crappie including a double limit again today and hopefully another limit again tomorrow before shutting it down for the Christmas season. I feel really blessed to be able to have such consistency in such an inconsistent sport. 😃. Tight Lines!
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