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  1. Lifes2Short

    I think they are headed for deeper water, maybe

    I’ll be in CO in late July for a reunion and back in CO for a wedding up by Estes Park in September. It will be nice to be in the thin air !! 😄
  2. Lifes2Short

    I think they are headed for deeper water, maybe

    Dutch, that sounds almost exactly like our day last Thursday. I would say 80% of our fish were brown ones but our green ones, on average, were larger. I’m headed back up tomorrow and I’m going to concentrate on deeper water and see if I can find some bigger fish. That’s crazy to see the water 💦 that warm already, scary to think what it’s going to be in July. 😲
  3. Lifes2Short

    5/21 Bass report

    Great job Skeeter! We were also out on Monday out of Hartley and had a great day catching about a dozen crappie, keeping six, and four of those six had eggs. We ended up catching at least 30 bass one that went almost 5 pounds and one that was about 3 1/2. The bigger girl came out of some brush in about 8 inches of water, just blew up on what we call a Boy Howdy. I’m headed back up tomorrow also, putting in at Mutton Creek so if you head that way I’ll keep an eye out for you. I couldn’t believe how clear the water was, I dropped my crappie jig down until I could just barely see it and then lifted my rod tip and I had at least 10 or 12 feet of line out! Tight Lines All!
  4. Lifes2Short

    Spawned out?

    I was up yesterday and the water in the main lake down by the mile long bridge I could see my crappie jig in 10 feet of water easily. We ended up catching about a dozen Crappie and of the six we cleaned five still had eggs in them.
  5. Lifes2Short

    Check this out!

    Now that is a slab!
  6. Lifes2Short

    Out of Roark-Crappie!

    I found the Crappie bite better the last 2 weeks. Put the boat in 12 to 14 feet of water and cast towards the bank and reel back very slowly.
  7. Lifes2Short

    Out of Roark-Crappie!

    Wonderful morning on the water with my good friend Everett Hayes! The crappie were really on the bite today! Sons Creek, 10’ deep, jigs, color didn’t seem to matter. Mostly nice females with eggs....still. Tight Lines! #dbllimit+ #itswhats4dinner
  8. Lifes2Short

    4/26. Mixed bag

    Sounds exactly like the day we had up in Son’s. Lots of Tight Lines!!
  9. Lifes2Short

    April 24 crappie report

    They have to get out of their trucks after they park, people would have to be blind not to see that their trailers are taking up two spots. Some people‘s kids........ There we’re at least a half a dozen spots that could not be parked in yesterday in the main lot because of the way people park their trucks and trailers. I can only imagine what this weekend is going to be like up there, I think I may stay home and let the madness continue. 🤪
  10. Lifes2Short

    April 24 crappie report

    Great job Skeeter!!! I should have looked a little harder for you today, we had another great day on the H2o!!! Now if we could just get folks to park their truck & trailer without taking up two spots.....what a mess!
  11. Lifes2Short

    Water Clarity/Temps

    55 degrees and clear around the twin bridges area.
  12. Lifes2Short


    Ditto! I’m taking George L. on Wednesday and hope to get him on the whites and slabs!!
  13. Lifes2Short

    And so it has begun........

    Bring them on!!!
  14. Lifes2Short


    We were up today out of Roark Bluff and caught over 65 whites and 20 nice crappie. 90% of the whites were busting at the seam and had very rounded bellies. The 6 whites we kept and cleaned all had eggs.
  15. Lifes2Short

    Fun Day!

    Went out of Roark Bluff today along with a bunch of boats. Ended up with 33 bass but only 3 keepers. However caught this 24”, 4# beauty on a jig in 18 feet of water. Mostly jig fish today but a few on a crankbait and spinnerbait. #theeyestillswims #thecrappieareonthemove

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