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  1. I haven't had mine out it those conditions but I doubt it would be a issue as the DC system is under the side plate and sealed. I agree with the other's they are a neat deal, I have 2 and will probably get more. They are really just a Curado k with it's own version of the DC braking system and a 150 size spool.
  2. It's my understanding the the new lowrider series will be made off shore as will the reintroduction of expert. I believe the lowrider will have a price decrease . The expert will be close in price to the Cara
  3. I'll second that . I've caught my personal best spot and smallmouth out of the back of Champs boat... It ain't because of my skill.
  4. Got a bit of a late start , on the water around 7:30. The first couple stops didn't produce much, a couple shorts flipping a Gambler Why Not into the bushes. Once the sun got up we backed off and started dragging a 1/2oz. Jakked football head with a speed craw through the bushes a did really well, most in 12-15 feet. I don't think they are going to leave the cover anytime soon. We saw lots of bait up shallow. I was really surprised at the amount of boat traffic. By 10:30 it was time to head for the barn.
  5. Would like to talk to you about the elite. My number is 314-397-1852 Thanks Dale
  6. Had a fog delay until 8am or so, but we managed about a dozen with 2 solid keepers and one that would have been close. All the better fish came on a spinnerbait , with my wife catching a bunch on ol' ned. They seemed to be hanging around the first drop in the creeks and a couple around the backs of docks. I don't think we caught one over 6ft. deep. Including a nice Brownie. Back on the lift at 12:30.
  7. Had a enjoyable day with my great friend champ 188. We would have liked a few more keeps but that's fishing. He also put me on the smallmouth of a life time. I'm grateful.
  8. Is K dock the closest marina to Branson ?..Any others within 30 minutes or so ? Thanks
  9. Personally, I would recomend Danny Vasquez, He is at the Ranger dealer in Branson West .
  10. I've always bought the Dixie Jets directly from Tom Murphy the owner. He also has a web site basswishes.com. . Tom is a great guy and a heck of a spoon fisherman.
  11. Thank you again James..!... What a awesome day we had . Of course it's great to get on a bunch like we did, but best of all the company and story telling was top notch. I'm grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge with me... Lets do it again soon...
  12. I've been through a bunch of crankbait rods over the last 25 years or so...I remember having the old lews and browning silaflex. Been through several loomis cbr's also. And those are some great rods but i like the big crankster as well as any i've ever had. It's heavier than a graphite rod for sure but the retrieve is smooth as silk and it handles fish at the boat well.. I throw DD22's 6 xd's and the norman nxs on it mostly.
  13. I bought the kinami version at ozark bait and tackle back a few weeks ago..
  14. I would like to support the local guys as well, not to mention avoiding the parking hassles at branson landing. where are some of the local shops ? I think I have seen one near the Kimberling city bridge any others ?
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