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  1. Fishing

    Very Nice! What did you catch them on? I need to get out there, I have cabin fever!
  2. Boat ramp question

    I used sand yesterday. Worked well!
  3. Fun cold day crappie fishing

    Nice job, Great report!
  4. Frozen?

    Ended up putting in at CC. Caught a few short crappie very deep on jigs. Did not last long. Too cold. The only place I will be this weekend is by the fire.
  5. Frozen?

    Thanks for the input guys. Will try it.
  6. Frozen?

    Thanks Dan, I need to work on my winter crappie skills
  7. Frozen?

    I had planned to head up to fish this Friday and Saturday. Before I make the 90 minute drive does anyone know the ice situation? I had planned to put in at either Greenfield or Ruark. Thanks for any info you may have.
  8. I have never fished this tail water but am itching to give it a try....Great fish!
  9. Another annual fall trip in the books.....11/2-11/4

    Great Pics! Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great time!
  10. Last chance terrestrials

    Nice pic. Not good seeing the otters though. I did not catch many a few weeks ago when I went but black buggers was the trick then as well
  11. Last chance terrestrials

    Hope you had good luck. Should be nice down there right now.
  12. Fall outing

    Thanks for the pics. I was up there Friday afternoon fishing from the bank. Did not catch much but you are right, it was beautiful with all of the trees turning
  13. Fishing report 10/25 and 10/26

    Thank you very much for the info. I appreciate it. Hopefully after Friday I can report some success.
  14. Fishing report 10/25 and 10/26

    Very nice success and pics. Can I ask what you caught them on and depth? I am heading up there this Friday. Thanks
  15. Creek Level

    Thanks for the input. I ended up going down and fishing Friday. Did not see another fisherman. Fished the lower section and it had good water. Caught a few but need to work on my stealth. I spook too many

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