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  1. Thanks for all the great pics. Looks like you got into them!!
  2. Dkman

    Little Sac

    Nice stringer! Thanks for the pics and report
  3. Dkman

    CC Hwy

    Thanks for the report. We are heading to CC on Friday. We are going after anything!
  4. Dkman

    Trip report

    Thanks for the report. I do not even remember what fly fishing is like it has been so long. I need to get back down there
  5. Dkman

    Greenfield access

    Thanks for the report. I will be heading up there next week. Can I ask what you caught the walleye and crappie on? Thanks again
  6. Dkman

    Gotta love Stockton.....

    Thanks for the great report. Good to hear they are starting to heat back up!
  7. Dkman

    Sunday 9/9 report

    Nice Fish!
  8. Dkman

    Have a question

    While it is always nice to catch fish, I have always used a guide as a learning experience. And I have always came out a little bit better than I was before.
  9. Dkman

    Trip Tuesday

    A pretty fish, looks like a mini tarpon
  10. Dkman

    Stockton Bluegills?

    Thanks for the great report. I need to get my little nephew up there and give them a try.
  11. Dkman

    Trip Tuesday

    Nice idea....my biggest issue at Crane is I am very impatient and not as stealthy as I need to be
  12. Dkman

    Trip Tuesday

    Can't wait to get back down there. Have been holding off for cooler weather.
  13. Dkman

    Trip Tuesday

    Thanks for the report. beautiful even when they are small
  14. Dkman

    7-15 Crappie

    Nice report in this heat!
  15. Dkman

    Best day trolling

    Thanks for the report and great pics. Trolling cranks?

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