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  1. Dkman

    Hitting creek Monday

  2. Dkman

    Hitting creek Monday

    trythis, walking down the tracks to the bridge from the ball fields, I thought downstream from there was private land? is it okay to fish. Thanks
  3. Dkman

    Hitting creek Monday

    Can I ask, when stripping buggers there, what size tippet do you use?
  4. Dkman

    Hitting creek Monday

    Wow, great trip. Nice fish!
  5. Dkman

    Hitting creek Monday

    Good luck! I have been wanting to head down myself but cannot get all of the family commitments out of the way
  6. Dkman

    Two mornings of jerking Taney

    Nice! I have got to get back down there and try form the bank!
  7. Dkman

    It was a bit breezy

    Reading this report had me thinking about hitting the catch & release season which I have not done in a long time. Went down Friday in the cold and rain. Hardly anyone there. It was great! could not keep them off of the black buggar!
  8. Dkman

    Crappie in the drizzle! 12/13

    Great pics and report. Glad someone is having some luck!
  9. Dkman

    It was a bit breezy

    Thanks Flysmallie for the report and beautiful pics!
  10. Dkman

    Friday Bust

    Anyone else happen to fish this past Friday the 30th with any luck?? We put in at CC and it was a bust. We tried everything! I am a novice and still trying to learn cold water fishing but thought I would at least stumble into some! Was still worth the trip though! Watched two bald eagles feeding on a fish on a mud flat. Pretty cool!
  11. Dkman

    11-16 report

    Nice batch of crappie. I hope to head up next week.
  12. Thanks for all the great pics. Looks like you got into them!!
  13. Dkman

    Little Sac

    Nice stringer! Thanks for the pics and report
  14. Dkman

    CC Hwy

    Thanks for the report. We are heading to CC on Friday. We are going after anything!
  15. Dkman

    Trip report

    Thanks for the report. I do not even remember what fly fishing is like it has been so long. I need to get back down there

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