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  1. Dkman

    latest on stockton

    Thanks for the recipe
  2. Dkman


    Thanks everyone, sounds like I need to head up for a few days. Will report
  3. Dkman


    I have been waiting for the crowds to subside before I head back up for a few days of crappie fishing ( or anything else that bites ). I know by waiting they will be off the banks but I hate fighting all the boats. Curious from you all if you are still seeing the parking lots still full at CC & Ruark? Thanks in advance
  4. Dkman

    Friday trip may 11

    Thanks for the report, stream looks in good shape
  5. Dkman

    5/8 Report - First Time at Crane Creek

    Very nice report and pics. That is one jewel of a stream and you should feel good about catching fish your first trip. I am heading down there next week and hope to have the same success. Thanks again for the great report.
  6. Dkman

    latest on stockton

    Could you share your microwave trout recipe ? Thanks
  7. Dkman


    Good day! Especially braving that wind! I may head up this weekend and has planned on CC area as well.
  8. Dkman

    new boat

    Nice Rig!
  9. Dkman


    Great Fish! Like liphunter, I have only heard stories of smallies that big. I have not caught anything close
  10. Dkman

    Water level at 160 bridge at Turnback

    I was up there Friday as well. Plenty of water to take a boat up then.
  11. Dkman


    The Greenfield Access area. Shallow pea gravel points
  12. Dkman


    Got into them a little Friday afternoon. Got 11. Largest was 2lbs. Caught them on the main lake on a pea gravel bank with the wind blowing hard straight into the bank
  13. Dkman

    2/26 fishing report

    Very nice bonus walleye!
  14. Dkman


    Very Nice! What did you catch them on? I need to get out there, I have cabin fever!
  15. Dkman

    Boat ramp question

    I used sand yesterday. Worked well!

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