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  1. no doubt Yadi is one of the best defensive catchers ever. But he is nowhere near the offensive player as those two. Heard an interesting debate on the radio about whether Yadi is a hall of famer or not. Offensively, no...but does 8+ gold gloves get you in? Cardinals fans undoubtedly will think so
  2. I thought it was kind of nice to not have to listen to some "politically correct" postgame speech. The ol' "they were the better team today" speech you hear all the time. Cam got his butt whipped and he wasn't happy about it, nor should he have been. Im no Cam Newton fan at all and he could have handled himself in a more professional way, but the dude was pissed off because he just lost the SUPERBOWL and I have no problem with him wearing his feelings on his sleeve.
  3. good lord that was awful. Kim won't be around long at this rate.
  4. BATCAB27


    Well, here we go again. It's been an unbelievable run the past couple of months, all of which will mean nothing without a win Saturday in Houston. Chiefs opened as a 3.5 point road favorite and are clearly the more talented team. I think the arguement could be made that they are the best all around team in the AFC. So many unanswered questions...Can Alex Smith put this team on his back and be the guy? Will Andy Reid screw something up? Can the Chiefs shake their playoff funk or will this be another post season let down?
  5. I hear Odom has decided to not keep Kuligowski on his staff. Sucks to see coach Kool go
  6. You're right, it was probably a lot more than 10k. Shoot, he stroked his mistress a check for 20k so she could get a new car.
  7. That's because Petrino had money on his games. I mean, I know it's difficult to believe that a class act like Bobby would do something like this. It use to be a joke with me and a friend. We'd be watching a Petrino coached game, they'd be 28 point favorites and be up by 24 with 5 min left. I'd say "think Petrino is gna run out the clock?" He'd say "hell no, he's got 10k on this game!" Sure enough, starters stayed in and the playbook was open. maybe he was just in with the mob.
  8. the "former alum with no D1 head coaching experience" experiment is happening on the hardwood. I don't know if I can handle it on the gridiron. We all knew the basketball program was in rebuild mode and were ok with giving Anderson the opportunity to do that. But I don't feel like the football program is rebuilding, I want to win football games now. Not that I think we should get him but Chip Kelly's name has been flying around today.
  9. The guy is 110-32 with a national championship in the last 10 years for god's sake.
  10. I'm sure those poor folks were made aware that christmas was the only day BPS was closed when they were hired and accepted it. And I would assume that they are getting time and a half holiday pay as well. Now if Santa has to work there on Thanksgiving thats messed up
  11. BATCAB27

    gary pinkel

    I don't think he stays at houston. He's only been there a year, they don't draw a crowd and the money will be just as good elsewhere. MU's obvious advantage is that AD Rhoades just hired him at houston before his move to mizzou. Fuente from Memphis will also be going somewhere. However, don't underestimate the pressure being felt from concernedstudent1950
  12. BATCAB27

    gary pinkel

    Tom Herman, coach at U of Houston is a name I keep hearing being thrown around.
  13. BATCAB27

    gary pinkel

    Sad to see him go. Hopefully he can beat the cancer. Nobody could have imagined where he took this program and I doubt we see it back there for quite some time. So, who's the best black coach available?
  14. Also, I believe it was Michigan ST in the final four last year, not NDame. Speaking of MI St, I believe this is the kind of program Al is referring to. Izzo doesn't get 1 and done players. Mainly 3-4 star recruits that become studs after a few years in his program. There's a reason they are always a tough out in the tournament. Hopefully MU will give Kim the time he deserves to see what he can build.
  15. And Wisconsin was led by Frank Kaminsky, national player of the year. 3 star recruit out of IL.
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