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  1. brother and i had the same luck all 3 days over the weekend. got on the water at 6am fished till 10 or so getting a limit each day. the bite on saturday was a lot better but the size was all 9.5 inchers but we found much bigger fish on sat and sun with some 13 inchers mixed in. chartruse was the best color but about any color would work. they had no interest in minnows at all which suits me anyway. hot though.
  2. Well the crappie bite is still on or at least it was up to last weekend. fished sat and sun and limited out both days. still not much for size but they are keepers and they are fun. sat I fished trees and caught all of them near the bottom in 23 foot of water. sunday I fished shallow brush piles and caught all fish about 6 foot deep. both days was mostly jigs with a few on minnows. i would say that over half of the fish had bloody eggs like they are getting ready to spawn.. I have heard talk of winter spawn. any comments? I will keep fishing through the winter if the wind doesnt blow. I can take the cold but not when the wind blows much. good luck and happy holidays everyone.
  3. been limiting out on pomme every time I go lately.....not big but keepers.
  4. sandbc


    same story this weekend as I reported above only we cleaned 25 crappie this time although most were just barely 9 inches.
  5. sandbc


    the minnows at trading post has been running small lately but their count usually make up for it. they must have got a new batch late on friday because my brother bought some friday morning that were real small but when i bought on saturday they were a bigger size. the way the little crappie are biting it doesnt seem to matter. 100 little ones maybe 5 keepers. oh well its fun and promising for next year.
  6. well I have the same story as everyone else on catching tons of short crappie but it is finally starting to turn around I believe. for the last four weeks my brother and I have caught a boat load of shorts and each week a handful of keepers with the handful getting a little bigger each week. last week we cleaned 8 with a couple of nice ones. this week we cleaned 14 with at least 5 nice 12 inchers. he went back out today and told me he cleaned 13 with one being 13.5 inches long. most were caught in 20 foot of water around trees between 8 ft deep and the bottom on minnows or vertical jigging chartruse. crappie should be plentiful next year. good luck
  7. I will agree that stockton has for the most part bigger crappie as I used to fish there solely but have since bought a weekend lake home on pomme and do all my fishing there now. I understand your comment about the size of crappie on pomme but it is not always that way. ever since the water got back down close to normal the crappie bite has picked up considerably. the only problem is they are all in the 8 inch class. for the last month we have caught a boat load of crappie but only catch maybe 5 keepers. the funny thing is all the little ones are black crappie and the keepers will be whites. the keepers are hiding out somewhere but I have yet to find them but they will be back. the nice thing is that the future looks excellent for keeper blacks next year.
  8. brad will post the results soon im sure. i fished it and there were 18 boats but apparently I didnt read the flyer close enough to see that the weigh in had been changed from 2pm to 1 pm so we missed the weigh in which probably didnt matter because we only had 5 fish at 4 lbs total to weigh. I was told 6lb+ won. It was very tough for us and heard others as well but it is a fun group.
  9. crappie tourney on pomme this saturday. great small tourney good bunch of guys and guys. see pomme forum for details..
  10. hey brad. just to be clear with the new rule is it weigh 7 per boat or per fisherman? hope to be there. stacey
  11. I have a minn kota power drive v2 for sale. 12 volt 55lb thrust 54 inch shaft. I bought a lake house last fall which came with a boat. This is not the trolling motor I want for this boat. It is a 2014 model and has less than 5 hours on it. the previous owner didnt hardly use the boat before we bought. I did not post any pictures because you all know what it looks like but I can text some pictures to you if need be. This model sells for $650.00 and I am asking $400.00 for the same as new unit. It is currently located at pomme de terre lake still mounted on the boat but I go up nearly every weekend. If interested either answer post or shoot me a PM or call Stacey @417 848 6930.
  12. havent been for couple of weeks but friend told me of some friends of his that limited out on crappie not long ago. we couldnt find any last time we went. gonna try this saturday though. good luck
  13. sandbc


    I have a same as new power drive v2 12 volt 50 maybe 52 inch shaft. It came on a boat that I received when I bought a lake house last fall as a package deal. The boat only had 12 hours on it so I know the trolling motor was barely used. Its not the motor that I would like to have so was getting on this site to post it for sale when I saw your ad. Let me know if your interested. I can text you pictures. thanks stacey carter
  14. For Sale bushnell range finder elite 1 mile arc asking $300.00. new is $700.00. call or text and I can text pictures. 417 848 6930
  15. looked like a new truck sitting in your drive the other day.

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