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  1. Daryk, The name and the whole thing I dreamed up with my daughter. We thought it would be a great thing to fish all the parks and Taney in the same year. I don't know of many that have done it. Something fun to do with one of my girls. We will never forget it.
  2. Yesterday my daughter and I finished the Grand Slam of Missouri State Trout Parks!! We fished Maramec State Park to finish our tour of all the parks. We even fished Taneycomo and counted it as part of the Slam. I'd never done it and it was a lot of fun and the best part is that I got to do it with my baby girl Julia. I thank God every day for all the great and beautiful gifts he gives me. We are blessed!!
  3. Got away from building rods with my youngest daughter Saturday morning. We stopped by Tim's for a minute as always. Always a wise thing to do when you haven't been down much. We made it to the river about 8. Went to the Fly area and there was plenty of fish in the river. Not to bad a size also. We caught a few and then it go hot!! We are sure going to miss the cool weather!! Good day, good fish, good time!!
  4. Boys and girls I just got a blank from New Zealand. It's the Epic glass rod and It's really impressive!! I hate to say it out loud but "dang good blank"!!! My customer made a great find!! He's going to love it!!!
  5. I did get to go fishing this last Saturday and the fishing was really great!! I caught several nice fish. I think they were having a contest of some sort. I watched around and not many fish were being caught. I had about 6 people ask me what I was fishing with. Met my best friend there and had a great day!! Now I'm going to have to fix the hole in my waders! Catch and release will not be any fun with the boys wet and cold!!
  6. Mic, I've got them numbered in my book. I can tell you if you want? I need your real name. Thanks all!! I've got orders for three more now. I know three girls that know how to wrap eyes that are going to get some work. Yea right!!
  7. Sold number 100 rod for the year this week!! It's starting to feel like a job! Busy busy busy!!!!
  8. Love it Jeff!!!! God blesses us so much sometimes that we over look what is right in front of us!! Thank you very much!!
  9. Mic, If your still alive there's still time!!! Nothing is better than having your child look up and say "Thank you for bringing me"
  10. Took Julia back to Bennett on Saturday. There wasn't a lot of people fishing but enough. We didn't get there for the whistle but soon after. Julia caught 4 fish before I even caught one. She's getting pretty self suffecent now. I don't have to do much but keep her from falling down on the slick rocks. We had a great time fishing and catching!! Had some Hillbilly burgers for lunch and headed home!! Great day!!!
  11. I decided to run up and fish Bennett on Saturday. It was great. I took my 11 year old daughter Julia. The storms kept people off the river early but not us!! We went anywhere with no one there. Julia did great!!! We caught a lot of fish. She even caught a little bass below the rock bridge. She's even unhooking them herself!! That's my baby girl!!!
  12. Your 11year old or the waders?
  13. I'm looking for pair of youth waders in Med size. My 11 year old daughter went with me to Bennett last Saturday and she loved it!! Let me know where I can find a cheap pair. Thanks!!!!
  14. Laker67, I wish I could but I don't think it's going to work out. Good to hear from you!!!! Sales are really great right now and I've got 7 rods to build. Sold one to a man in Singapore!! Really weard!!
  15. Nice!! That will keep you coming back and the rest of us dreaming!!
  16. Here's a picture of our last trip. You can see the fish in the water on this one. The wind kicked up and she got really cold but she wanted to stick it out for a while.
  17. We went back down this last Saturday and caught fish and she even unhooked a couple by herself!! She's a keeper!!! We built a fly rod together over Christmas for her and she got to break it in! Everyone that was down at the river would look at us as we walked by or walked up and just grin at us!!
  18. Julia and I went down for a while and had a great time! She's picking up on the fly fishing really well!!
  19. Hey Laker, Good to hear from you!!!! Hope your doing well!! This wood is from Russia. They say it got buried in mud slides and they dig it out from about 200 to 500 feet down. It turns just like our Oak but is just black in color. I couldn't get it glass smooth but still looked good. Thanks!! Merry Xmas!!!
  20. This is my first build with my new 0wt 7'6" blank!! Casts great!!! A 7lb trout tried to take it away from me at RRiver a couple weeks ago!! Matched it up with a nice TFO reel from Tim!! SWEET!!!! The reel seat is piece of 5500 year old Bog Oak.
  21. The custom built rod will be $170.00 and the blank will be $65.00.
  22. My new 0wt 7'6" 4pc blanks will be in the first of next week!!! I built one from one of the samples and wow!!! It feels great!!
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