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    Sac River Jim got a reaction from magicwormman in Aunts Creek   
    My whole point and the only reason I got involved in this is there's a right way and a wrong way to do things I don't wanna see anyone get a ticket when its preventable. Weve discussed how to separate fish a few times on the Stockton forum because a lot of guys take friends and family out on pontoons and all catch there limits and have learned how to keep them separate. That's what I call educational and productive. I just wish these kind of arguments wouldn't happen I've learned a lot from everyone on this site and just hope someone new don't get a bad taste in their mouth and leave over threads like this that take a bad turn. I want them to have the same opportunity to improve both their knowledge and skills as I have. Thnx for your input and point of view smallie. Bottom line is not everyone is going to see eye to eye but we can respect each others opinions and try to get along.
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    Sac River Jim got a reaction from dprice in Rain, Rain, and more Rain.   
    i was on the lake when it hit last night. hardest rain i ever fished thru i ran bilge pump every 10 minutes an it would run for 5 minutes, the drain in the bottom of the ole ranger looked like a toilet bowl swirl lmbo!!!!! It had to have rained an inch an hour i'd say. Didn't bother the fish one bit. i had a good bag but unfortunately two other guys had better of course we only had 5 boats hahaha!!!! the others that usually fish with us had better sense i guess, darrell i found fish again similar pattern, same presentation and same locations as we got on em that first time. only difference they are strictly staged on those main lake points, nothing on the banks in between them. its best to skip point to point then turn around and hit em again.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to Champ188 in Release more crappie with eggs!   
    About 20 years ago, the COE pulled Lake Ouachita down about 10 feet below conservation pool and mostly held it there for 5 years. The result was a world of new shallow-cover growth, which led to a rebound of crappie and largemouth bass populations.
    While Ouachita is also a flood control reservoir, it might be that this would be impossible with Table Rock because of location, weather patterns, etc. But new cover is never, ever a bad thing.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to dtrs5kprs in Kings River - Beware   
    Yep. Lots of them will be mostly submerged with maybe a single stick poking out of the water, and very hard to tell how long they are. The few sticks you see could be the root, the tip, or some part in between. Dangerous stuff. Bad timing for it too, with all the recreational boaters, casual boaters, infrequent boaters, and folks generally not familiar with the lake. I see a lot of folks from out of state running around like they are on a big MN lake.

    Even the mid lake can get bad, have seen some very nasty ones around Baxter at times.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to Skeeter ZX190 in Bass report 6/16   
    I don't believe I've caught any meanmouth. I might have and just didn't know any better.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to Champ188 in Release more crappie with eggs!   
    Any such group of people would likely lack both the intelligence and numbers to do any real harm. So carry on, wayward sons.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to MOPanfisher in Release more crappie with eggs!   
    Simply closing a spawning area or changing length limit isn't going to do anything. Something is lacking, How is the shad population on TR. Crappie are shad specialists, bass will happily eat shad and bluegill or if they are in short supply bass will happily eat smaller bass. Crappie don't have mouths big enough to eat little bass, so the small shad are a critical link in their food chain.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to Pepe in Kings River - Beware   
    There is a lot of big timber at and just below the waterline. It has made it past Lost Island. We saw 2 boats that were damaged today (talked to one of them) and I hit several submerged logs at fast idle.

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    Sac River Jim reacted to Bill Babler in Indian Point to Baxter 6-15 6-16   
    What a difference a day makes. Have really not had time to post much as this is the busy season. Been going from one to two trips per day weather permitting.

    Most days up until the middle of last week, had been really successful with between 20 and 30 fish to the boat on a 4 hr. trip with some really nice quality LM.

    For a lot of us, fishing the Indian Pt. Dam area, last week stuff really changed. Top water just about vanished and the fish moved off the bottom and suspended. We do have a thermocline at 26ft. but the fish are deeper, running about 35' and not relating to the bank or the drops, but over the deep trees.

    That makes it extremely hard, as some days they will scream out of the tree tops as soon as the dropshot is in the water and other days you can see them sitting over the tops and they will dive into the middle of the tree as the DS approaches.

    Surface temps the last couple of days have been the same from the Dam to Point 19 on the White River. 81 degree.

    Yesterday I had Matt and Ross a couple of really nice guys from the North. We just flat struggled, no matter how much ground I covered I just could not get them going. We only had 10 fish to the boat. 4 on the Dixie Jet and 6 on a dropshot. Had a couple more that came off, but just not enough bites. It just kills me when I cannot get folks bit, and yesterday was a work day.

    Today, I started at Kimberling and fished up the White River. Same exact conditions, overcast with a nice breeze. They bit like they were starved. Over 30 fish to the boat with a 5 a 4 and two solid 3's. Best 5 was probably 17.5 lbs. and all were on the Dixie Jet.

    Jerry and Warren got to be the "Wish you were here yesterday guys as they pounded them taking turns."

    Not on purpose to see who could out do who. One would catch 2 or 3 then the other would run off 4, it was just as good this morning as it was hard yesterday. Wish I knew the answer.

    Fish are much shallower from Point 9 up the White than they are back the other way. Fish up the White are still on gravel runnouts, out close to the breaks. Lots of scattered and suspended fish in both locations, but I really believe it is just as much about pressure on the fish. There are boats sitting on everything from Kimberling to the dam, and up the White we fished without seeing anyone.

    A week ago both Beck and I were fishing the Kimberling to Cow Creek area one day. He had fished a big runnout and had not gotten a bite. I pulled in 5 minutes later and we caught 17 off of it. He looked back and saw me over there and called to let me know he had just gotten off of it, so I would not spend a lot of time there. On my guys first throw with the 1/2oz Jet, all three were hooked up. I told him we were hammering them. Just simply a timing deal.

    When the fish suspend this time of the year, a flutter spoon is the perfect bait to not only find but search for scattered suspended fish. It is also a great bait to fish for chasing fish with. Perhaps not as dramatic as the topwater bite, but fish sure more profitable as they seem to like it sub-surface better.

    There are some tricks to fishing a flutter spoon as it is not a jigging spoon, it is meant to be casted and retrieved.

    Good Luck
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    Sac River Jim reacted to merc1997 in Kings River at 86 bridge   
    might make for some great daytime fishing.

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    Sac River Jim reacted to Quillback in Release more crappie with eggs!   
    I was just telling someone the other day that some people seem to want to keep bass out of spite.

    Sadly, that has just been confirmed.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to Phil Lilley in Release more crappie with eggs!   
    I really don't know much about this (warm water fishery biology) but I would think Table Rock is less inductive for crappie compared to Stockton and other lakes (like Oklahoma lakes) because of Table Rock's water clarity. TR will never be as good a crappie fishery as these other lakes because of it's clear water?
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    Sac River Jim reacted to Champ188 in Release more crappie with eggs!   
    Gack!! That's crazy talk!!! Then we'd have those big saltwater munching machines cruising around eating every baitfish that moved.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to Jason Essary in Release more crappie with eggs!   
    I caught more crappie this year from TR than I have in the last 3. Had a couple days where we caught dbl limits per person, of course only taking our limit. But yes I did take home my limit multiple times. I let this one go because I was bass fishing instead of crappie fishing and didn't feel like cleaning one fish. For me the fishing was great but I do most of my crappie fishing during February and early March. Once it gets nice enough for the crowds I let them have them.

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    Sac River Jim reacted to jcioni in Release more crappie with eggs!   
    biggest crappie I ever caught at TR was 17 1/4", chucked full of eggs, I took a good look at her, then said, this is an investment and put her back in the water. I only hope the next person who might have caught her, did the same.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to Feathers and Fins in Release more crappie with eggs!   
    I would love to see 12'' and 10 fish per person on all our lakes, they are capable of producing some true monsters. I base it off opinion that cleaning anything under 12 is not worth the time for the return on the meat and also it only takes 2 crappie over that size to feed myself and my wife so 10 would feed a family of 4 easily with other fixens.

    But people see or hear Crappie biting and thoughts of full icechest and freezers sends them in to a frenzy, Hey first few days of them biting good I load up but only enough for me and my wife twice a month till the great winter bite.

    That will bring in every Crappie Angler for 200 miles. Saying it sucks and or any Negative report seems to be like ringing a diner bell to crappie anglers.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to MOPanfisher in Release more crappie with eggs!   
    I honestly believe there is something else going on witht he crappie on TR, I am not sure what. Looking at the 2014 Annual Fisheries Report, shows a decent size to them but the numbers sampled were low and got lower during the last few years, coincidentally the number of bass went up. There is a terrible amount of abuse of the limits that go on with crappie fishing, however lakes like Truman and LOZ get more crappie caught from them by far than Table Rock and continue to produce, not sure if Table Rock suffers from a lack or cover for young hatch crappie or exactly what is limiting the population and reproduction but it is more than just fishing pressure, or predation.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to denjac in Release more crappie with eggs!   
    I wouldn't mind seeing a 12 inch limit on crappie. I believe that in itself would help alot.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to Phil Lilley in Release more crappie with eggs!   
    I'm not sure how MDC or any fisheries manage crappie...

    I believe in the spring when the "spring spawn" brings out every seasonal angler in search of the sacred white meat, they catch and keep ALL THEY CAN. I think there's a lot of poaching, double dipping, load the freezer going on. How can you manage anything when this practice is going on?

    I don't think enforcement can handle it either. It's too prevalent.

    The question is - can a practice by a few conversation-minded anglers (us) help the crappie fishery by releasing at least one female crappie with eggs on every trip we take in the spring?

    Some might already practice some sort of release... I'm talking about a public campaign to promote crappie fishing futures on Table Rock.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to fishinwrench in handling bass in warm water conditions   
    Here's the thing though....Yes cool water helps fish calm down, but eventually you plan to release them, right?

    When you release them back into the heat, that's when you likely do them the most harm.
    They might seem fine when you first pull them out of a nice cool livewell BUT they may not handle being released from there back into the 82+ degree water.
    You might wanna ask a BIOLOGIST to be "sure" (since you won't believe it until you hear it from one of them) but keeping their environment STABLE is probably best for the fishes welfare.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to Walcrabass in handling bass in warm water conditions   
    One more thing. After the fishes body has cooled down they have to be gradually brought back up to the lake temp before being released. It takes some time. A four pound fish does not adjust quickly. This is one of the reasons that a study done showed that 40% of the weighed in fish die after being released. Putting them in the livewell and hauling them around is just really tough on them. The paper trail tournaments are the best for the fish. But then honesty can get in the way if you do not have a certified ( that is lie detector test) judge in the boat.

    Sorry to be the bringer of bad news.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to Champ188 in Aunts Creek   
    Been known to be a butt myself. That's well documented. Return apology extended. As for being passionate, hey, that's a plus on both sides.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to Champ188 in Congrats to one of our own- MO State High School Champ!   
    Very good report, Darren. Thanks for sharing the details. I've seen that same "ugly point" pattern this time of year at Stockton and it's so hard to bring myself to stop on those not-so-great-looking places but by gosh it works!
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    Sac River Jim reacted to darrencombs in Congrats to one of our own- MO State High School Champ!   
    Thank you Dave for getting the pics uploaded for me. Champ I appreciate your kind words. I have to start by saying I'm a very proud dad. Secondly I want to thank Randy Conlon for putting together Teen Angler Circuit for these high school fisherman. Also to LEW'S for all their commitment in sponsoring the event.

    The event was last weekend at Stockton Lake. My son and his partner caught 16 keepers the first day but all were about the same size weighing in at 8# and some change.

    Sunday they started kinda slow and they finally caught on keeper then caught two more by ten o'clock. My son picked up a 1/4 ounce shakey head with a magnum finesse trick worm and made a cast. He got a bite and missed it on the hook set. We were talking about the bite and he threw it back out and said well there's another bite. As he set the hook and when I say set the hook my son gets his money worth when he jerks. I could tell by the load on the rod that it was a good one. The fish came up and we got a look at it. You could probably hear all three of us screaming at this point. His partner got her netted and the celebration started. That fished weighed 6.50. They caught 5 more keepers after this fish. Their weigh was 13.20 for a total of 21.99 for two days. They bairly beat out a great team from Republic Gill and Durr by (.12). Pretty close!

    They caught a ton of walleye and drum over the weekend. They caught 25 keeps in two days. They caught over half on the Ned rig using Dave's head. Going between Canadian Crawl and Dirt color. Using 1/8 but more on a 3/16 due to the wind. My son also threw a finesse trick worm on a 3/16 shakey head. He would throw it out and more drag it rather than shaking it.

    We fished from Mutton Creek to the dam. We fished what I would call do nothing points. They would be more round rather than a bluff end. However there needs to be some deeper water close. Main lake points seemed better. We would set the boat in 25' of water. They would start every point with the Ned to get bit then when fish were locate they would throw a bigger worm. It seemed they would have to fish several points to find one with fish.

    My son is a freshman and the memories from this weekend were priceless. However, setting in a boat for 17 hours and not be able to fish is kinda tough ,but I would do it again this weekend to spend time with him. Thanks to all and I'm ready for another OAF get together.
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    Sac River Jim reacted to Champ188 in Congrats to one of our own- MO State High School Champ!   
    Donna and I met Dalton and his dad Darren a few months back at Danna's in West Branson. Absolutely first-class folks.
    Darren has had the privilege in recent years of fishing in team tournaments with Dave Barker, who has easily won more money and championships in regional tournaments than anyone in the Midwest. I'm sure Mr. Barker's knowledge has been passed down to Dalton.
    More importantly, Dalton reflects the values that his dad has passed along, including a very polite and gentlemanly nature. Congrats all around and continued best wishes.
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