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  1. I have a 75 gallon I'd be willing to sell
  2. Maybe he thought he had the whole cove reserved for his dumb a**.
  3. I have 2 Cabela's RLO combos, a 5 wt & a 8wt I don't think these combos come with good line so I'm looking to replace it. The 8 wt I will be using for bass fishing throwing streamers & poppers etc the 5 wt more for trout & pan fish. The local fly shop is having an open house in 2 weeks and one of the specials is bring in your old line & get $20 off any Scientific Anglers line. My problem is with so many choices what would be my best bet?
  4. I have fished in some ponds around here and the water in them looks nothing like Table Rock. I would say visibility is about 2-2.5 ft. Nothing big but I did catch fish on them. Took the wife and rigged her up with a Neds and she was, out catching me, I spent all my time taking her fish off and didn't have time to fish. I think PBJ is best color with the next being GP.
  5. Not really sure what makes a canoe solo but this one is made with Royale as AL mentioned not a Wenonah but sounds like a good deal. www.kcpaddler.com/inc/sdetail/785/116 it's a Nexus (Bell Canoe Works)
  6. Maybe he's a professional hunter, Fisher person............
  7. Went to Presler lake this evening after supper and through a nymph out off the bank into some old lily pads left over from last year. Hooked this little guy. At 1st I thought I was snagged until the tip of the pole started going from side to side. He didn't put up much of a fight and his little body was pretty cold. Nothing to brag about but it was a fish.
  8. That was cool, the look on her face was priceless. She'll have a story to tell the other kids when she gets back home.
  9. All the videos I saw on the Hobie they were in a lake. The Mirage drive lifts from inside the yak, not sure how heavy it would be to lift while sitting down. The Native Slayer Propel 13 is real interesting looking yak, the fact that it will back up is really cool. From what I can find they run about $2500 for the basic model, the you can add the accessories you want. Thanks for the tip Plastic-worm from what I saw I like it better than the Hobie. According to Native The Alpine Shop in Kirkwood is a dealer but they are not listed on their web site. Might have to run by there next week and c
  10. I know that trolling motors aaren't registered any more in Mo. Is something to think about.
  11. You did way better than I did today BilletHead, I was like Wrench I didn't see a thing and nothing was biting. Of all the people fishing I only heard one catch a fish and I didn't see it so I don't know how big it was. I have a 9' 5WT and had made some worm looking flies to mimick a senko. They would not cast worth a crap, I couldn't even roll cast. Granted I new to this fly fishing but I think my rod was to light for the flies I was trying to cast. When I went to a 14 wooly bugger it was much better. I'm thinking I need a 7 or 8WT. BTW very nice post and pretty fish too.
  12. That looks like it might be a Pflueger Trion which is there bottom of the line reel. I personally use Presidents and have some some Purist. If you want a large spool reel there is the Pflueger Arbor which currently is on sale at Dunn's Sporting Goods for $59.88, free shipping normally an $80 reel.
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