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  1. You are only allowed 4 over 18", not 20. Hate to see someone get a ticket.
  2. I think MDC needs to rethink their spotted bass numbers for this river. My unofficial survey says they are in the smallmouth management in increasing numbers. I'm guessing 10% of all bass I've caught there this year have been spotted bass.
  3. I also hit the river on Wednesday, first time winter fishing since my winterfishing guru passed away 13 years ago. I was fishing the ned rig for the first time and that wind was brutal trying to fish slow. Water temp was 40 when we started, did not check it again. Spent 11/2 hours in the1st hole,not even 1 bite. Came to the 2nd hole and my buddy hooked a 12" largemouth on a rogue. At the same time I hooked his twin on the ned. A double and I thought the bite was on. Wrong answer next bite was 21/2 hours later. Came to the 3rd hole and the wind died down for the first slow pass. I caught 2 16"ers and my buddy caught one the same size. We caught six smaller fish in this hole, and decided to take a 2nd pass. That darn wind came up again and we did not get a discernible bite. My buddy ended up with 7 for the day, I ended up with 12,8 on the ned and 4 on a pointer. Anyone have tips on how to fish the ned in wind? Also Al do you think the best winter holes are south or north facing bluffs,or does matter. I don't have enough experience to have an opinion, just something that popped into my head. That wind was rough, but sure beat working or sitting at home dreaming of fishing.
  4. I've gone to the fabric dept in WallyWorld before and purchased a material that looks like fine nylon mesh. Cheap way to make the hooks Chief is talking about. Had an old salt show me this trick. I was skeptical, but they do work.
  5. Go ahead and paddle through those long deep pools, just means I won't have to contend with enticing sore lipped smallmouth to bite my lure. I believe their dinner table is close to their lair.
  6. I can't answer for them, just from my meager thrashings. I'll be the first to admit that you will catch more smallmouth in and around current in the summer, but I've been pleasantly suprised too many times to ever skip this "dead water." Caught a 22" smallmouth in the middle of a 1/2 mile eddy on Friday. What was she doing there?
  7. They do. Smallmouth and largemouth also inhabit those pools. It is not "dead water".
  8. riverrat

    Lure Help

    A spook should work on the James, but I would much prefer the Zarra puppy. My Walmart has some on sale in the discount rack for $1.50. There is a learning curve in learning to walk the dog. I never move the lure with my reel, only with the rod. It should resemble a snake swimming across the surface when you have it right. Don't be trigger happy, let the fish take the lure. If you get a missed strike, just keep running the lure, sometimes they'll hit it several times before taking it, and this time of year smallmouth will run together. As much as you seem to enjoy fishing, one good blow up and you'll be on the dark side forever. good luck PM your address and I'll send you a few that are gathering dust in my basement
  9. Is that the Jerome access?
  10. The owner of the campground just returned my call. Both her and her husband work so the campground is on the side, just gettting started. They don't do shuttles yet. I invited her to this website to answer questions.
  11. The last 7 miles above Boilng Springs is jet boat central on the weekends. Most jets stopped at the Big Piney in years past, that is no longer the case. I floated from Hwy 7 to Schlict Springs the day before Memorial day and saw 22 jet boats. The river was flowing pretty good, but that was just crazy. They actually muddied up the river for 5 miles, never again on that weekend.
  12. Stopped by the campground this morning. Nobody was around, left a message at their number, no reply yet.
  13. I'm making a trip to Waynesville this morning and will check this place out. I put in at Hwy 7 about 6 weeks ago and didn't see anyone around the campground.
  14. What a fish. Come on Scott, give us the story that caused that big grin!
  15. I've dropped off the remainder of the decals sent to me at Toad's Sportsman Shop 12851 Hwy 63S Rolla, Mo. (directly across the highway from the fairgrounds)
  16. I don't have any Mega bass lures to offer in trade. I do have one xr10 in the silver black color. If you would drop down to the xr08 I have several different colors. I literally have hundreds of hard baits just hanging in my basement that I'd offer for trade. PM me if interested. God help me if I ever got started on Megabass. I have this addiction called "MY SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT LURE". Does anyone know of a twelve step program for me? Just joking
  17. Yes mic these are the same decals. D Chance I saved back a couple of decals specifically for you. Free delivery. A phone call away.
  18. They are free. You definitely need to check out that store.
  19. I received a generous supply of decals today. That was quick! On the way to the fishing hole I dropped several at the tackle store in Vienna, Mo. I was pleasantly suprised when I walked in the door. It's one of the best stocked small tackle stores I've ever been in and I've been in a few. Vienna Marine 202 Hwy 63S Vienna, Mo
  20. I live in Rolla and would gladly help distribute the decals. Phil, pm me if you want my help and I'll give you my address.
  21. Wow! What a class act you are.
  22. My most memorable fish was not even caught by me. I apologize in advance for this being a little long-winded, but background is needed to adequately convey what that fish means to me. I grew up in town and never fished in my youth. I was into sports, chasing girls, partying with friends. Back then I really enjoyed floating the rivers, but never with a fishing pole. My parents never fished, too busy raising kids and trying to make ends meet. I moved away from Missouri and got married, in pursuit of a "better" life. On my annual summer visits home, I noticed that my mom had become totally obsessed with fishing. So out of the blue, where in the world did that come from? She always fished with live worms and it didn't really matter where she was or what she caught. I really believe she would have fished in a mud puddle if she thought she could get a bite. After seven years I moved back to Missouri. I didn't realize how much I had missed the rivers. That first summer I floated every chance I could, but now armed with a fishing pole. I started catching smallmouth and like my mother before me, a switch turned on inside me. As my parents aged, I tried to take each of them on a few float trips each year. The last float I was able to take my mother on was on the Big Piney in the management area, shortly after it was established. This next scene I will always remember like it happened yesterday. The fish weren't biting well that day. We came to a hole where a small creek entered from the left. Just below the mouth was a deep hole with that green color that signifies depth. In the edge of deep water was a big weathered tree, lying parallel to the bank. I put my pole down to position the canoe. On her first cast into that mess I thought she was hung up. Then her line started to move. Then her pole started to bend. I backed the canoe away from the tree, knowing it was a nice smallie. I saw a look of determination on her face that I knew well. It was the same look she gave me when trying to convince her hard-headed kid to do what needed done. She brought the fish to the boat and I lipped it for her. I unhooked it and measured it. A skinny 18" smallmouth, not that remarkable. If you know me at all, you know how adamant I am on releasing all smallmouth. No matter my gentle persuation she was having it mounted. If it would have been anyone else, I would have won that battle. She had it mounted and it became the centerpiece of a living room wall, surrounded by portraits of her children and grandchildren. The reason she never floated with me again was she developed Alzheimer's disease. The last time I took her fishing was a white bass trip in the fall to LOZ. She just stood there, pole in hand, watching my dad catch fish. It was at that moment I finally realized this disease was actually taking her. Such a devasting disease to watch progress. When she finally passed, there was no question where her fish would reside- in my fishing room. I've come to realize that matter how big, or how hard the strike, or how epic the battle no fish will ever come close to that memory. A prized possession.
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