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  1. These are from last Friday evening. Lake is up at least 3 ft since then I think. First pic from the truck is where you can take a right to get into the upper lot. Most likely blocked by now I’d guess... they are always on the single swimbait for me. Had a few topwater fish as well. Good luck.
  2. Drove by today and the lights where on with the open Sogn on. Things changed here in SGF yesterday with what businesses can be open and do curbside. I’d call and check in with them.
  3. WWM

    Rain, Rain, Rain

    Springfield Lake dam tonight.
  4. Something like this.
  5. Yep. Definitely saw you. Nice new rig!
  6. I’m sure we crossed paths. I went out of Baxter at 6:45 and made it up to the shell knob bridge. Got off the water at 3:30. Had probably 15 with 6 that measured. Finesse jig, single swim bait, and drop shot. Lost my best fish of the day probably a 4lber. 👎 On to the next one.
  7. https://www.news-leader.com/story/news/2019/09/04/40-pound-taneycomo-brown-trout-just-shy-new-zealand-world-record/2208277001/ nice work Mr. Babler
  8. My whole trip with him happened because he couldn’t get in with y’all on Thursday! Did you get him dialed in? He was having one issue...
  9. My take for these guys and MLF overall is they all like catching bass big (duh) or small if needed ($). It’s more the pieces of the puzzle for them... They would go target big bass all day if they needed too but with the given format and a lake like our beast it’s a numbers game to $100k. Too much moving around equals elimination in most cases. Will be interesting to see if they change minimums next year up or down for certain lakes...
  10. Short update: got a call last week from Dustin Connell. He had just finished a MLF cup event in Arkansas and wanted to know if u wanted to go fishing. Well of course I do DC... We went out last Thursday and flat out caught them up all the way up the James. You could say I learned a ton about electronics and how he approaches different types of situations. After weeding through several schools of mostly spotted bass we (he) spotted a school of largemouth on the electronics and we went to town! It was crazy how he called them out as big largemouth and then caught a 5lber on his first cast. We were on the water from 11am until dark then I treated him to one last harter house filet before he headed out north Friday morning... Memories that will change the way I fish moving forward and last a lifetime, hopefully!
  11. This video is from stage 6 the first round here at TRL that Martins won. They stayed at our place for stage 7. Jacobs camera man does a pretty good job editing these videos considering he’s going off 3 GoPro’s and not allowed on the boat during tournaments hours.
  12. Through a series of fortunate events I got the opportunity to put up 4 guys for the last MLF event when it was changed from Grand... We had Jacob Wheeler, Dustin Connell, Mark Daniels, and Adrian Avena at our lake cabin for 9 nights. These guys couldn’t have been nicer! They treated our place with the upmost respect, left it basically just how they found it, and are definitely welcome back anytime! They welcomed me to hang out on a few occasions at the house and even took me along for the (mini) party on Wednesday night... All 4 guys made the cut to get into the money and took home almost $150k between the 4 of them. I have a feeling our paths will cross again. Thanks for the gear DC, Jacob, Mark, and Adrian! truly became once in a lifetime when Jacob won that $100k
  13. The outlet is LOADED with electronics of all 3 brands right now. Wish I had an extra $1500 laying around. They have big mix of lowrance units (live, carbon, ti2), mostly helix for birds, and a few garmin over by the taxidermy. Lots of good deals. Personally I have a original Ti unit with the big transducer. I really like fish reveal for trees. Also, being able to use an iPad to mirror and control the unit works out well for me with the WiFi in the unit. The graph is mounted on the deck and I use an iPad mounted at drivers seat to scan when idling. *If I won the lottery would probably switch to solix and ultrex. Seems like the best right now. Until I-cast that is...
  14. The weight series on YouTube that they are doing on googan squads channel is some great stuff! For anyone that hasn’t seen it I would definitely suggest.
  15. One source I know of https://anglerspy.com/table-rock-lake-water-temperature-ipm/
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