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  1. Make a trip and report back instead of waiting on others to tell you.
  2. chi0082


    Similar. Mostly males right now that are staging in the deeper pockets.
  3. Looks like a blast. Btw, are you still making anymore ned rig jigheads? I've been trying to message you but it says you can't receive messages so I'm not sure what the deal is. PM me if you still are.
  4. Forgot to mention we did better below blunks and further downriver.
  5. You're about a week late. We did great last week limiting out both times we went. Haven't gotten a bite last couple days. Weather sucks this year, and low water hasn't helped either.
  6. It's suppose to rain again tonight and this weekend. And I expect we'll get a lot more come April. The lake will continue to rise if we get more rain. I normally fish when I have time h3ll or high water. I don't always get to fish when I want so I make the best of every situation. The stripers are running upriver like they do every year trying to spawn. Finding them is the hard part. They don't stay in one spot very long. The rain won't help since it'll create runoff into the lake and dirty up the water. I'd wait 30 days.
  7. The whites are starting to come up the river. Catching a few males here and there. A few warmer days and they should start really moving.
  8. There's no bass in Truman. All the crappie ate them.
  9. It's gonna be busy, as is every year. I try to avoid opening day or opening weekend. Good luck to you and report back on how y'all did.
  10. Lots of people fishing. A variety of fish being caught. Lots of small crappie and small white bass and some catfish. A lot of amish people and other inconsiderate people that like to creep up on your when you catch a fish. It's combat fishing at it's finest. I believe the generation is up around 50,000 cfs so bring lots of lead and a long rod if you plan on fishing. Plan to lose a lot of jigs and lures on them rocks. Not many wipers are being caught. Mostly small ones. Did I mention a ton of people are fishing with tangled lines and evil stares if you cross someone's line or get too close to someone. Avoid this place, it's not like it use to be. Trash is everywhere. The game warden was out checking everyone's license and fishes so just a heads up if you go make sure you're legal.
  11. Go west my friend. The buzzbait bite ended a week ago down south. In Kansas they're getting hot right now on jerkbaits. Stripers are getting hot down south though. But everyone wants to fish TR. I haven't been on TR since the rain. And I see I haven't missed much.
  12. I eat largemouth bass and smallmouth bass too if that makes you feel any better. I eat the big fat females with eggs too.
  13. I always hated fishing high, murky, falling water and add to that a stinking bright full moon in the sky to kill all hopes of a striper bite and it almost makes you just wanna pack it up and go home. Glad I told myself....15 more mins. I was just tossing a 4" keitech fat swing impact (think it was gray/black) after dark on a flooded point that drops off into some deep water. I only had two bites off that point and hauled in these 2 guys. They bit right when my lure swam off the ledge into deep water. Guess they were sitting there waiting for it. These were back to back casts. Sometimes it just happens that fast. Rather be lucky than good I guess. (This was from last week during the full moon)
  14. By saying the lake is not unsafe by any means to boat on is in itself discounting the high probability of property damage, injuries, and lost lives with water this high. Anyways, I've had a good laugh at this thread. It only goes to show how dumb some people can be. How dumb you say? Well, while y'all were busy being all "diehard" trying to find fish to catch on this flooded pond, we've been killing the walleyes up north, crappies out west and smallmouths down south. Walleyes are in postspawn mode and are feeding heavy on the flats. Smallmouths are killing the buzzbaits down south in the early mornings. And crappie are spawning all over out west. But I ain't no diehard. I just fish between work and family time. Maybe some of y'all just need to get out a little and try something new.
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